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This netizen almost late for work every day, because the original is home a golden retriever......

A dog to share with you about the interesting life since the golden raised child, many people are beginning to become Indoorsman Indoorswoman. Because of the dog, always want to spend more time with them, even before work will be reluctant to part. Look a

mqq559 @ 2018/09/26

The master test using this method, husky IQ, 2 Kazakhstan and deliver the goods...

In order to test the master home HUSKY is not really two so he deliberately put the ham sausage into the water to see how to eat two ha... Ha almost did not expect two Shui small welfare (red) open the Alipay search page "8817881", you

rcw2888 @ 2018/09/26

This is probably the most fat I have ever seen a golden retriever!!!

Master spoil, dogs and indulge themselves, body weight will dally up long, accidentally became a big dog. To introduce a fat golden retriever, they have 8 years old, traces of the years did not appear on its face, full play to the meat ~ friends said, his

xqq633 @ 2018/09/26

You in the pet trap which several?

The dog has become an indispensable to human life of the animal, they are already an important partner in our lonely accompany in our life. Because of this, many unscrupulous businessmen also took a fancy to the profits, so many real pets fooled, but this

atdq520 @ 2018/09/26

Why not eat bensa! It is the...... Ward?

Half past eight every night, white to accompany you to click on the top story Blue Angel Samoye dog "stupid" attention moves, often made us laugh. For example, the Bella kids, for the things we don't understand the glass up under the coffee ta

angel-samoye @ 2018/09/26

The difference between two HA with the huskies had so much, you understand?

The difference between the original huskies with two HA is quite large

hsqgx520 @ 2018/09/26

Samoye with the master for 12 years, but the owner with 300 yuan to throw it out... Helpless chilling.

"The dog put you here, I was pregnant, home firmly away, have 12 years, I can not bear!" Pregnant women dropped 300 blocks and the dog went to Li Jun. No matter whether Li Jun can afford, but regardless of keep so many years of her thoughts and lo

mengchongmeng @ 2018/09/26

After the accident Teddy every day in front of the door looking forward to Baba to pick it!

A pet sent Teddy attention, Tactic lost everyone together with you! My name is Doug is a 8 month old small injured Tactic! Because the bike accident led to rolling, left leg fracture, Baba was sent to the hospital, Baba introduced my name and age, after i

CPtaidi @ 2018/09/26

The little dog fell into the hole 10 meters deep, 2 hours of the fire brigade will it rain rescue, rescue!

Own the ball in a small park in Turkey, nearby residents when passing through here, hear the faint sound of dogs. He followed the sound to find, finally found a deep hole! He listened carefully to determine the barking of a dog is coming from, but because

mczys001 @ 2018/09/26

Love life, love dog dog, let us become better yourself!

After raising the dog slowly to know a lot of truth: for example, 1) to buy mobile phone memory must be big enough, or hold a lot (in fact see no difference) dog photos and adorable video ~2, must work hard to make money, to let the dog eat good drink fun

ruypet @ 2018/09/26

The dog this thing, you really choose the traction rope?

"I eat skewers yesterday, a poodle no rope ran was killed by a car." Friend is a little sad, I don't know how to comfort, is the normal running of the vehicle is wrong? The dog run or wrong? In fact, we all know, is not the wrong rope master.

boqiiwang @ 2018/09/26

The golden retriever was picking up Grandma lost after adoption, but did not take it home to wait for the host to find!

Share: this golden retriever called my soda, for no other reason, just because I love to drink soda, soda is my friend's home autotrophic golden children, then it can only see the little cute to no, then and friends back home for a small soda, is in m

whcwdrc @ 2018/09/26

Shenzhen's first Cat Diary Theme Pavilion should be carried out! They shoveled shit, net red cat, spree, CAT activities for you to roll!

The Shenzhen Raiders have no limit line "idle away in seeking pleasure from the media platform! Seeing the National Day holiday will come a lot of people can not buy tickets home if can stay in Shenzhen during the National Day attractions are all but,

szc011 @ 2018/09/26

The village encounters a stray dog, white adoption actually saved many lives

Some time ago to return to his home in the village, even to a dog lying alone in a haystack. The village almost every family dog, I did not care, but each passing there can see it, only to find that it is a stray dog. I came to tease it, little guy looked

CNchongpai @ 2018/09/26

The dog called the night master did not seriously, second days to see this scene master heartache!

The dog is man's most loyal friends, many dog lovers will put the dog as a member of the family, a rich family dog even eat are better than people. The dog is the human, it knows the master of their own a tiny bit. So loyal guard home, found a master

@ 2018/09/26

The cat saw himself in the mirror of the ears, it would be this reaction, ha ha ha...

The cat saw himself in the mirror of the ear should be this response is what is this? Now, I dodged it will not see the good magic... Haha laughed... He rolled a meow line: This is my ears too cute to guess you love: you know the cat every day with their

aimm2000 @ 2018/09/26

Don't let the owner hold children can hold their own, the dog hit: who is not natural...

Remember the history of the most will take this two ha? The thought that the master was born, it can play some nanny Wang, can not think of it... More and more sticky, as long as the owner of a small shovel feces officer hold for a moment, I must hold it

ggk365 @ 2018/09/26

Try holding the attitude raised only two ha, and then began the life on mars......

Husky diary to share with you about the husky hilarious anecdotes have a spirit called pollution pollution caused by the pollution source is two ha, try holding the attitude of keeping an evil kuangjuan two and kazakhstan...... Daily life in misery is not

hsqq366 @ 2018/09/26

In order to poison your dog, they set up a special organization for 8000 people!

This article from: pet Xingwen imagine that there is a group of people, every day in the forum group chat inside deliberately plan to kill you children, how to share the talk with eloquence to the lowest dose of poison, poison was found way kill your chil

dogsir666 @ 2018/09/26

A child when the little children grew up and what changes? Adorable attribute is not Oh

6 months apart when you see the dog every day, may not realize that with the passage of time, it changed much like our loved ones, together for a long time may have no idea. 4 months /3 years old /17 until you see the child's photo and now put togethe

@ 2018/09/26