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Chengdu police Milo to send the traction rope to lead users praised: this approach, we support!

The dog all negative reports recently in water (such as the dog, Xi'an headlines) saw a very positive energy news: Chengdu City, Pujiang County, police Milo who carry the traction rope free streets advocate civilized dog... There is no leash dog owner

youtawang @ 2018/08/18

The dog was thrown into the mountains, the roadside waiting for the owner, see the car tail wagging kuangzhui!

No matter how long stay, the child will not see the beloved family. Tahu has a dog called black, I don't know why this paper is no longer the master loved you, was abandoned in the mountains of loss, the dog couldn't find the way back in the mount

CNchongpai @ 2018/08/18

Xi'an implement the most stringent dog, dog owners: policy loopholes, how to perform?

Not civilized dog five years are not allowed to raise again, how regulation? The dog can not do it? Don't rush nobody, a rush to find several...... Xi'an in the history of the most stringent dog "dog owners believe the controversy, some conten

jiaotong916 @ 2018/08/18

The host will husky beloved baby sun on the outside, a two ha care-laden face staring at.....

Husky diary to share with you about the domestic netizens hilarious anecdotes husky a husky, the goods are the other two ha like character, all day at home and home. But users have found a curious thing, is this dog very love a doll, that is the first gif

hsqq366 @ 2018/08/18

Two eagles circling in the air, a wild rabbit scared hid under the car on the highway! [NO278]

The ball animal rescue series 278th sets of their own. We received an emergency rescue call, a rabbit ran to the highway, so we immediately went to the scene. When we arrived, found the Highway Patrol has arrived at the scene, their two players quickly vo

mczys001 @ 2018/08/18

The legend of the cat... The cat? A great amount of information!!

Cat: wrong, wrong, wrong color change! Orange cat: Oh ~ legendary cat... The cat? A great amount of information!!

Lmaogou @ 2018/08/18

Today the Qixi Festival, girl dragon boat should do such a thing, a single dog here should applause!!!

For the matchmaker can quickly give you arrangement, holding red on the other half

mengchongmeng @ 2018/08/18

The owner has a second child, two ha been left out, so the two Kazakhstan began scheming rivalry!

Dogs help shoveled shit in here in many foreign countries, families with children will raise the dog, not only let the child a companion, also can cultivate children's love, build a warm family. A little brother had two Super Sticky huskies, in fact m

gougoubond @ 2018/08/18

Alone with the cat, shovel shit, piss the cat

The cat is sleeping, a big beer belly, very fun. See official shoveled shit, alone can not help but to play with the cat. At first the cat just refused to shovel feces officer with hind legs, let the officer come shoveled shit. Did not think the officer s

lobocat @ 2018/08/18

A 92 year old female veterans, why the Labrador as son view!

Is the 92 year old Annabel Weiss's grandmother, was called up at the age of 20, joined the United States Marine corps! Where she served for two years as a driver and aircraft engine inspector! Annabel Weiss strong to overcome the disease! Annabel Weis

@ 2018/08/18

Since the blanket tripped after wrestling golden made such a thing...

A foreign owner named Caroline Tillman, the family raised raised a big golden Gus this year, a year and a half. In "little devil" period of Gus is particularly naughty, love at home carrying toys and socks or something crazy run everywhere, never

ggk365 @ 2018/08/18

The master in the work to open the home monitoring, scared almost lost my mobile phone, this silly Kazakhstan really want?

The netizen raises a husky, it usually more naughty, often to do some silly things, so users specially in the installation of home monitoring, after all he is not 24 hours will accompany the dog around, it just in case. But just a few days ago, when users

whcwdrc @ 2018/08/18

The owner brought a horse ailling Rosinante, in all about to give up when it became a big golden power it live...

A dog to share with you about the interesting life golden when you're home for cats and dogs can live in peace and effort when the golden retriever dog has successfully captured a horse, do bestie. Momo as the master of work on the farm, its task is t

mqq559 @ 2018/08/18

The dog was stolen two times continuously have been returned, reason to laugh!

This dog named Knox, is a three year old pitbull, although a variety of noble dog, but was abandoned by the original owner, was a well intentioned people Thomas adoption. The reason of adoption is very simple, because it is very cute, but there is a probl

@ 2018/08/18

Plot: dog not rope, euthanasia...

All state owned state rules, then ask the housekeeper: have you heard of "residential law"? A while ago, Suzhou a residential property posted notices: no tether are characterized as wild caught directly sent to the police station. Residential prop

@ 2018/08/18

You don't love the dog, see Wang warm little golden, will deeply love it...

Send pet golden light, golden love don't get lost to the dog has always been not interested in my own life was hard enough to do it with a word, simply a mess mess. But people are more and more afraid of what... Good a friend suddenly transferred to a

@ 2018/08/18

Have you heard of the bait dogs? They are from birth is a tragedy!

Recommend dog lovers love adorable dog attention simply reply: Wang. More exciting content! Let you happy every day and do not know if you have not heard of a dog, since birth determines the fate of every day through other dogs can not be a lifetime exper

menggoukong @ 2018/08/18

Pets eat chewing gum and goats'milk bubble, the company will release two new products in the exhibition

Guide: "when you pick up a human when you chowhound Daquan, the master should also have a." "Pet anthropomorphic" is the pet industry development provides an innovative path to the pet industry development has brought the rich commercial s

chongyejia @ 2018/08/18

The dog show small belly...... Is not love you!

The dog for his master can be said to be absolutely loyal, so usually in play with them when they will make many similar act of obedience. We often say that a dog like we expose their stomach is a kind of trust, and indeed there is not much preparedness f

xgouxmao @ 2018/08/18

The big golden master collapsed the whole guard, but also because sensible and well behaved are an exception to the ambulance...

In a super warm Heilongjiang thing: when a hostess in the big golden walk, suddenly fell to the ground in a big golden retriever very anxious around the owner to turn... Until the ambulance arrived at the scene, the big golden retriever still guarding the

mon0896 @ 2018/08/18