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There is a kind of sprouting called golden hair when young.

There is a kind of sprouting called golden hair as a child. If the golden hair grows up is a big warm man, then they are definitely a little ball when they are young. They want to hug each other and lift them high wherever they go. In one sentence, it is

ajmgg520 @ 2019/12/22

The 14 year old dog's ashes were burned into glass. She saw the black and white dog faces on the beads and red eyes.

The husbands of netizens are already 14 years old this year. Unfortunately, the dog died in June 8, 2019. After she cremated her beloved dog, she wanted to leave her ashes around her as a souvenir and sent it to make a commemoration of the glass beads. On

q_catdog @ 2019/12/22

Meow star people fight for snacks for an hour.

The meow star is fighting because of snacks. At first, the situation is normal. However, the next second becomes the style of painting. Come on, hurt each other, you mess up my hair, I will disfigure you! Also played the long lost light fighting is still

mmasmxr @ 2019/12/22

Envy makes dogs unscrupulous, jealousy makes dogs totally different.

Envy makes dogs unscrupulous, jealousy makes dogs totally different, jealousy makes dogs lose their sense, jealousy makes dogs ugly. It seems that not only a mountain can not be two tigers, a nest can not allow two dogs! • end. Do you like today's spr

meiriyigou @ 2019/12/22

The girl volunteered for second days, and saw the cat that had been lost for many years. Net friend: fate!

15 year old Hannah Lenty (Hannah Rountree) in the second day of Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center volunteered at the shelter for her Christmas miracle. Hanna's parents run a family painting business and often need to travel across the country 3 years a

mengchongmeng @ 2019/12/22

Meow star version of the "temptation to go home", too Sao ~

Finally, licking my legs is really too tempting.

eee7769 @ 2019/12/22

Studies have found that dogs can reduce the incidence of schizophrenia, while cats raise.

According to the British Guardian reported on December 19th, American researchers found that when young dogs were raised, the risk of mental illness was 24% lower in adulthood, and when cats were young, the risk of mental illness increased after growing u

hqsbwx @ 2019/12/22

Two ha ate a whole bottle of Vaseline, was asked to play dumb, and did not think of second days...

The night before yesterday, the netizen came home and found that the two hats (meat bags) were quiet for a moment. He had a vague premonition. Indeed, when he came closer, he found that the meat bag was holding a whole bottle of Vaseline, which was almost

ihashiqi @ 2019/12/21

"Crash! My cat is growing more and more like a human being. What can I do? "

When netizens were shopping, they found a mysterious cat... It fell asleep in front of the window glass. And this cat face is impressive. I wonder if it will leak. So much sleep, can you feel comfortable? Little baby, sister is willing to raise money for

catwithlove @ 2019/12/21

The owner scare himself in the middle of the night. Net friend: do not lose heart on weekdays, do not fear the dog knocking at midnight!

Seeing this scene in the middle of the night, I really feel chilly. There was a sleepless sleepless night. When the urine came out, he walked out of the door. He did not expect to come out of the toilet, but he saw a sad face on the screen door of the bal

whcwdrc @ 2019/12/21

The forgotten puppy when moving is suffering in the dark basement.

Whenever someone appeared, the dog named Marx was very happy. Perhaps it could not be seen in this quiet dark corner, and some people could find it. This is probably the most exciting time for Marx. It's not easy to find it. Last week, when his owner

CNchongpai @ 2019/12/21

The host was too fond of the dog, and fed it all into a ball, and eventually abandoned it at the entrance of the shelter.

In real life, nothing can be too excessive. Otherwise, it will be extremely counter productive. For example, if we live well now, we should not eat things without moderation. Otherwise, eating too much will lead to more problems. The dog in the photo is c

mczys001 @ 2019/12/21

"The cat that hates people can survive!"

Love cat's warmest public number, good cat slave all pay close attention to it. Sometimes, for a stray cat, "relatives" may not be a good thing. Comics by micro-blog @DC- special mainland comics source: micro-blog @DC- special continent, autho

aimao1024 @ 2019/12/21

Liu Yifei, the crew of the drying crew, gave meow to the mew stars, so that he could feed him, so that he could return to the age of 18.

Liu Yifei, who travels mysteriously on weekdays, rarely shares her journey on the social platform. In December 21st, she rarely saw her giving the fans welfare benefits, drying out the seven palaces, and sharing the text, saying: "share the photos of

yul012 @ 2019/12/21

An orange cat in Japan has been arrested for its obstruction of public service. At present, it is stable. Netizens shout: that's a cute cat!

In a company selling fire apparatus in the island country of Osaka, there is a meow administrator who is responsible for public relations. He is very popular in the company. He is also a famous figure on the day. 4 years ago, the cat took the kitten out o

mengchongmeng @ 2019/12/21

A driver with a guide dog was refused to take a taxi. Driver: you can't drive a dog with him.

We know that raising a dog is a very troublesome thing, but because of the love of dogs, many people can not help but join in the ranks of shovel excrement officials. Not for anything else, only for a warm quilt when it's cold. There's a dog in th

mumu8com @ 2019/12/21

It's not cheating you to raise a dog, but finding out that raising dogs from an early age can reduce the risk of schizophrenia.

There are children in the family who are not afraid of ten thousand, so don't raise dogs. No, science is fighting again! According to ScienceDaily's report in December 18th, a study by Hopki University showed that raising dogs from an early age ma

gougou2016 @ 2019/12/21

The owner is drying things. The dog thinks it is delicious. After eating a piece, it changes its face instantly.

Friends in the bitter gourd dry ah Chai mistaken for what is delicious, hurriedly ran to steal a piece of it did not expect... Slip away, hide slowly eat, how do not have the meat flavor, forget it, or eat it, ah Chai: ah, boo!

eee7769 @ 2019/12/21

What pain points do we need to solve in China with one hundred million "shovel excrement officers" traveling with their pets?

With the change of tourism consumption concept, taking pets to travel has become more and more favorite way of tourism. According to the white paper on China's pet industry in 2019, the number of pets and cats in China's cities and towns in 2019 w

LvJieMedia @ 2019/12/21