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The cat made a doll for the cat with cat fur, and the cat flew straight after it: do not want to compete with this meow!

Cats are very common in people's lives, and people are very familiar with them. After all, cats have existed since ancient times and have been with people for thousands of years. In the old days, cats were small helpers for people's lives, and mad

mumu8com @ 2019/09/28

Teddy lost his family and was worried. The reason behind the reward was high.

There is no need for words to be loyal to a dog. Besides, they are very human. Therefore, every shoveling officer has a heart of being a father and mother. If their dog is lost, they will most likely become ants on the hot pot. Recently, the Jiangsu Nanto

CNchongpai @ 2019/09/27

Micro-blog hot search: "adopt my rescued cat, must accept home visits!"

The most warm public number of the cat's net, the good cat slaves, all concerned about the micro-blog's adoption of a hot cat's adoption request. At first, I thought that the general public began to care about the welfare of the wandering anim

aimao1024 @ 2019/09/27

"The automatic feeding machine, which cost a lot of money, almost starved to death."

Xiao Pei has something wrong with him again. This is an automatic feeding machine. Yesterday, netizen @ Xiong Xiao Mo micro Bo said, went out for two and a half days, bought less than a month of small Pei automatic feeding cabin door failure, causing cats

catwithlove @ 2019/09/27

The dog was tragically painted by a tiger. The owner thought he was mistreat it, but the reason behind it was...

Some shit officials like to make different shapes for their pets, but many of them are for their own fun. After all, helping these kids dress up is also one of the masters' pleasures. But sometimes the shape is too excessive, regardless of the dye may

whcwdrc @ 2019/09/27

The 11 year old dog even defies orders: sorry, listen to me this time!

Bailey, 11, is the first Japanese treatment dog. Now it is the grandfather level. It has served for more than 9 years and has helped more than 3 thousand children. Xiao Wei, a 10 year old girl, is one of them. Because she has been hospitalized since birth

gougou2016 @ 2019/09/27

Cokie took the subway to and from work every day and became the sleepy cub on the subway.

It is estimated that you have seen this picture - the most sleepy cub on the New York subway. Is it like you on the way to work? Xiao Ke's name is Maxine. Why is it so sleepy? Because it really goes to work, oh no, it should be accompanied by the owne

@ 2019/09/27

These three tips to clean up the ear canal? Are you sure you didn't cheat me?

The ear canal is very easy to hide dirt, and it is also one of the "dangerous" areas that need to be vigilant. In order to prevent ear diseases and ensure the health of children, every time, the shit officials have to personally clean up dirt for

bagongshushu @ 2019/09/27

The stray dog who explode his eyes "what did I do wrong?"

In December, 18 years ago, in front of a supermarket near a common residential quarter in Qionglai, Chengdu, a white string of dogs was lying on the ground. The original picture was bloody, and the good man near the code contacted Yang auntie, the head of

mumu8com @ 2019/09/27

I bought the automatic feeder at a high price, and I almost starved to death.

Last time, meow was the one who killed the cat in the cat's nest of Xiao Pei's house. Recently, Xiao Pei had another accident. This time it was an automatic feeding device. The following is the cat of the cat: the little panda makes the reveler an

mscat123 @ 2019/09/27

Dog owners: "our dog is very good." this sentence has become a nightmare for a little girl.

Recently, Xiao Bian wandered around micro-blog, and then saw a blogger of hundreds of thousands of fans (probably brushes) walking the dog without a rope. The fans of the other side told me that the dog was very good. Such words do not know how many times

caomeichongwu @ 2019/09/27

The dog was relentlessly abandoned by the owner, but finally rescued the owner in the accident.

This is a public service advertisement. In a flashback way, a dog is abandoned, but it still leaves behind the owner's story after the accident. They are not your plaything, but your family. You have more responsibility for it from the day you bring i

mon0896 @ 2019/09/26

What will a dog do if he suddenly fainted? The last one is almost invisible.

If the host is not sick, he is not sad, but just pretend to die and deceive these little lovable dogs. How will they react? In the face of the death of the host, the reactions of the dogs can be classified into the following categories: the intimate littl

rcw2888 @ 2019/09/26

A few months old puppy was abandoned in the garbage dump. There was a plaque hanging around his neck: please help me.

For pets, they are not human appendages. They also have life. Human beings are not entitled to trample on others' lives. Although humans are stronger than pets, it does not mean that you can decide their fate. Recently, a foreign netizen met with a sa

mczys001 @ 2019/09/25

Here we come! They're bringing the cat again!

From 1993, Australian firefighters have the tradition of making calendars. And all the funds raised by the calendar are used to support the children's Hospital Foundation. Last year we just saw the photo of the calendar in 2019 and saw that this year

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/09/19

It's like cats are masters.

The cat and the cat play the happy music. It seems that the cat's movements are very violent, but it has not been reversed.

lobocat @ 2019/09/16

Cat: it's too difficult for me.

Meow stars want to keep the image of high cold. Only when they are hungry, can they sell their seeds. But it's so hard for meow to be unreliable. After falling asleep, I didn't know anything. My posture became more and more bold. I was seen by the shit of

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/09/16

Two thousand yuan to pet dog modeling, was misunderstood to Mao Tiguang, a moment of beauty cosmetic disfigurement.

Taking a dog to a beauty salon is something that dogs and dogs both expect, but sometimes they will encounter trouble with their owners and pet beauticians. A master took a dog to trim his hair and spent 250 pounds ($2185) on the cosmetology. When he saw

mumu8com @ 2019/09/16

The golden hair of other people is a big warm man, and his family is a little ancestor.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! It makes you happy every day. Dog is a good friend of human beings. No one will dispute this, but recently many friends have questioned it. They

menggoukong @ 2019/09/16

Two ha saw his master fainting, unexpectedly fell into a hole, how much hatred!!!

The host pretended to faint and tried to try the reaction of two Hal. The result was that she had stepped on her body again and again. Two Kazakhstan: maybe she was not dead. By/dy/ lemon lemon lemon hind paralyzed dog little paralytic seeking help

Qpuppy @ 2019/09/16