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Two dogs fought in Shanghai, the dog was not hurt, but the owner of the dog broke up. But also ten grade disability!

The woman went out to walk the dog, and the other dogs came to fight with their dog. The two dogs were all right, but she was injured because of a dog fight and was still ten grade disabled. What's going on? He led the dog out for a walk, but because

shquan001 @ 2020/04/04

Because there are no people in the aquarium, the two dogs are excited: will they be able to eat?

Because of the impact of the epidemic, many places of entertainment and entertainment have been closed, except for amusement City cinemas, and Zoo Aquarium. Some aquarium and zoo will put small animals out and let them visit each other. It is also a very

rcw2888 @ 2020/04/04

Because it was too silly to be euthanized.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. Content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day, who says that naturally born defects, can not get love? Every day is a happy life if you meet the right person. People alwa

menggoukong @ 2020/04/04

After 7 days of keeping a puppet cat, I really can't help boasting about it. What kind of immortal breed is this?

The first thing to declare is that the author does not sell the puppet cat, but this article is just a feeling of having a puppet cat. There is a saying that no field investigation, there is no right to speak, this sentence is very suitable for use in the

mumu8com @ 2020/04/04

Is it normal for dogs to sleep snoring? Don't take it seriously! The shit officials must know these.

Love pets 44 cute adorable small circle can grow together with you 13501 days ago, a lot of shovel excrement officials to ask questions, "my family's son has been snoring more and more recently, and it would not have been like this before. What

mon0896 @ 2020/04/04

When the dog suddenly had epilepsy, he knew it was not long. To avoid his master's grief, he chose to leave in the middle of the night.

Dogs are very human beings, especially dogs who have lived with humans for a long time. They are just unable to speak, but in fact, they understand everything inside. Xiaomin is a dog who likes dogs very much. She raised two dogs 10 years ago. She picked

mczys001 @ 2020/04/04

The 7 year old orange cat was abandoned and ran 20 kilometers to catch up with the original owner.

When cats are looked at, they are cute and sticky. When they do not want to raise, cats are even mistaken. Are they wrong? No, they have not changed. They have become cold blooded and selfish owners. Today we introduce a story about a cat who has been sen

boqiiwang @ 2020/04/04

Pessimistic face cat walks 1.6 kilometers every day to the hospital, the original intention is only because of this matter! Doctor: Although I am tired of the world, my heart is very good!!!

There is a 10 year old orange cat in Northumbrian, England. Its name is Yang. 4 years ago, Yang developed a habit of walking about 1.6 kilometers every day to go to the hksam general hospital to work. "If the weather is fine, Yang will disappear after

mengchongmeng @ 2020/04/04

Super warm heart! The golden secret is in the doorway every day, and the secret behind it is...

I don't know if your kids, apart from their family members, have secretly loved any "outsiders". Moss, a great golden man, has such a beloved outsider. Whenever he sees him, he can not help but give him a big hug. Moss and his parents live in

bagongshushu @ 2020/04/04

In addition to seeing eye dogs and search dogs, dogs have played so many roles in society.

Do not ask a shoveling officer what role his dog played, because once the topic is opened, it can not stop at all. Perhaps in most people's eyes, the role of a dog is a family member, a small partner. The little Biao shell playing the master! But in f

gougou2016 @ 2020/04/04

Battle, Wang Liang, Xiao Yan's voice, Zhou Ji 4, polar bears get lost?!

Cold little flame prompts: Audio point can listen to ~ weekly update Wang Shen Shi Xi animal novels, police dog cold fire 2 Himalaya Range monster, Shen Shixi animal novels, police dog cold fire 2 Himalaya Range giant beast Shen Shi Xi animal novels, poli

tongquchuban @ 2020/04/04

When Chai dogs see the same toys as themselves, how will they react?

Chai Chai: where do you come from? Why do you look so like me? Click on the border to turn out the video toolbar pet pie Meng pet circle online. Massive pet dynamic one-stop solution to the needs of pet care can also contribute to the sun, and let it beco

@ 2020/04/04

The stolen cat stolen from the whole community was actually sought after by the victims.

In those days, if you keep a kitty hoarding cat, it's really a headache for the shit leader. The Snorri, the famous orange cat in the US, is known locally as a "burglar". It not only makes the home's "trophies" pile up, but also be

eee3387 @ 2020/04/04

The whole family is against it! The 80 generation guy spent a lot of money to build a dog for him.

Teddy is a little bit concerned. Teddy and you are lost in the playground. It's a good place for children. Similarly, a puppy like a dog can only walk with his master every day. For a long time, the owner could only take his dog to the park to get a j

CPtaidi @ 2020/04/04

Such smart golden hair, many more perfect!

Pet posting and pet circles are online. Massive pet dynamic one-stop solution is needed to help pet. Let's wait till we move our little hands to join us.

@ 2020/04/04

Lovely kitten in pocket

I want to explore the world! Cook food with me in the kitchen! A cat and trousers merge into one's body and sleep well in the owner's arms. No one will want me to hide here, open my pocket and have a surprise. I am thinking that the cat is the big

mmggmcw @ 2020/04/04

The owner wanted to lick the cat's hair, and was ruthlessly abandoned. Cat: the metamorphosis of shoveling excrement, I am dirty!

Cat owners know that one of the cat's favorite moves is to lick their hair. They often lie down and lie down. Then they can really lick a wave of hair. Even a lot of time cats will lick their owners' tongue. They are full of barbed phobia. They ca

boqiiwang @ 2020/04/04

Finally, no cat and dog!

Compared to the 2018 dog years of frenzy. In 2020, it might be a first year of legislation for the protection of accompanying animals. Because today, Shenzhen has given us a good start. Around 4 o'clock p.m. on March 31st, the second plenary session o

dogsir666 @ 2020/04/02

Urgent! Thousands of stray dogs in the northwest of Gobi are in urgent need of help.

"Now there are more than 1000 stray dogs, too worried. The grain is simply not enough. Before collecting leftovers from the school, it has not yet started school. During the epidemic, dogs were also thrown away. On the phone, Bai Ru was more anxious a

@ 2020/04/02

The net red cat wanted to get out of the box and found that it was too fat.

Net red cat MARU wants to get out of the box and finds herself too fat. Ha ha ha, forget it. Let's go back to the box.

lobocat @ 2020/03/31