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The parrot fell out of its nest and became paralyzed. However, a dog saved the bird

In the natural environment, if an animal has a disability, it means that its life is over, unless it encounters a miracle. Viviana Davila, a Puerto Rican hostess, has adopted a parrot with paralyzed legs, which her dog picked up for her. 01 two leg paraly

mumu8com @ 2020/07/10

Search and rescue dog working 10 hours! Don't know their good after the disaster

In the face of nature, we are always small At about 4:00 a.m. on July 8, a landslide occurred in group 3 of Yuanshan village, Dahe Town, Huangmei County, Hubei Province, resulting in the burial of 9 people from 5 households. There are six adults and three

meiriyigou @ 2020/07/10

Bitdog is about to be euthanized. A word from a 2-year-old girl has completely changed its fate

The story of the little angel saving the little angel -- Ohio, in November last year, mother Audra took her 2-year-old daughter, G, to the local animal shelter... G has loved dogs since she was a child, and her mother intends to let her choose a dog she l

rcw2888 @ 2020/07/10

It's a dandelion. I'm a dandelion

Dog lovers can only reply to Wang. How much dog hair did you eat this summer? When the hot summer comes, it is necessary to reduce the noise of beer, barbecue and ice cream. But Xiaojian estimated that at this time, there are hairy children's friends

menggoukong @ 2020/07/09

The dog takes care of the lost little seal, but netizens are a little flustered: can you take the stray?

This lovely little seal was found on the Bank of Lake Baikal... Because the baby is too young and weak to live alone in the wild. Local scientists began to take care of the little seal, and the dog came to help... Every day, he kept watch on the baby seal

rcw2888 @ 2020/07/09

The little orange cat played with the tail of the big cat and was almost swept to the ground

The little orange cat played with the tail of the big cat and was almost swept to the ground. When the cat turned his head, he thought it was too good for the cat to sweep the orange field.

lobocat @ 2020/07/08

Shovel excrement officials do not believe in evil, but challenge the intelligence quotient of the frontier herders. As a result...

By / tremolo: 124118559, didn't you say it was not allowed to be refined? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

bianmuonline @ 2020/07/08

Grandma raised two husky, laughing numerous netizens, one skinny, and the other...

Love pets 76 cute adorable small circle can grow together with you 13501 in the dog, hash is absolutely a magical existence, "high and low" color value and nowhere to put in the mouth to raise a dog in this piece, Grandpa and grandma is absolutely

mon0896 @ 2020/07/06

The stray dog hit the heart of the world's netizens with a move.

Kupata, a stray dog in Batumi, Georgia, attracted the attention of netizens around the world at the beginning of this year, when a group of kindergarten children waited to cross the road in front of the zebra crossing. Suddenly a dog rushed out to help an

gougou2016 @ 2020/06/27

Husky suddenly pounced on three children, and her mother was hurt by her body. The dog owner stood by.

The "Zhejiang voice" is set as a star sign. It is easier to find our source: Qilu Evening News, Qingdao news, and see the news copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact with us recently. Ms. Qu, who liv

zhejiangzhisheng @ 2020/06/27

Two HA alone at home, did not expect to drown the house, the owner went home ignorant.

Recently, I saw a netizen's crying almost killing me. She came out of the cage and went home a few hours later. She turned into a pond at home. It turned out that the goods had escaped from the faucet and found it wrong.

hsqgx520 @ 2020/06/27

Do you know any strange little knowledge that is useless?

Asimov said: "human beings are animals with more useless knowledge and more happiness." Therefore! Today, I would like to recommend a small knowledge distribution center for you. As long as you feel strange and interesting knowledge, you can enjoy

douban @ 2020/06/26

The toys have fallen down. The black cat hasn't found it yet.

The black cat tried to steal the orange cat's toys. But after a long time, the toys fell down, and the black cat had not found it. He continued to work for a long time before he realized that the toy had already been on the floor. Ha ha ha, the radiat

lobocat @ 2020/06/26

A window screen was used by the cat to play like this. Is this a house lizard? Netizen: it's awful. This house lizard is fluffy!!

A window screen was used by the cat to play like this. Is this a house lizard? Was it bitten by house lizard? By/FB/Takeshige Hidemi

mengchongmeng @ 2020/06/26

A pet pig was raised in a rented apartment, and the landlord was swept away, and the pig was confiscated.

It is often said that pets must be done according to their abilities. In particular, some people are not completely independent of their own economy, nor can they take good care of their lives. Keeping pets will not only bring trouble to themselves, but a

mumu8com @ 2020/06/24

When five little baby dogs were born, did Wang find themselves green?

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day, the person who is too cold, will have the day of meeting true love! There is a dog named "dumpling" in Korea. I

menggoukong @ 2020/06/15

Touching! Australian couples are attacked by monkeys.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day. Will stray dogs save people? The answer is, of course, yes. This stray dog shows that dogs are indeed good friends of h

menggoukong @ 2020/06/11

A new suit of clothes a day! This Chai dog has a high standard of living.

This happy firewood dog should be the envy of many girls. After all, do you have a new set of clothes to see your wardrobe?

gh_353bebf194dd @ 2020/06/09

"If a dog can speak, the first thing I want to do is apologize."

Love pets 68 cute adorable circle can grow together with you 13501 little want to ask if you have been dog mad to collapse? Most of the officials in the shit will have such an idea: "if a dog can speak, the first thing I want is to let it apologize to

mon0896 @ 2020/06/08

The family fought for the dog's name, so they used this trick directly, so smart!

Netizens like to adopt a puppy dog, but their family members are very fond of it. But when they call the dog a name, they all take their favorite name. No one will give in. However, they decide to give the right to decide the name to the dog, so no one ca

eee7769 @ 2020/06/01