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Danger is made into a coat! Sable has been rescued from fur factory, and now it is so...

Zhenya, a Russian schoolgirl, found that there are about 70 animal fur farms in Russia, and the demand for mink is growing. Many sable are made into various daily necessities. She felt that she should give her own strength. Such beautiful animals should n

Qpuppy @ 2019/12/06

In winter, my cat's life is from the stove.

@hanamomoact, a shovelling officer, said that every winter, the lives of two cats in the family were given by the stove. Look at the cat's cat from the scene. The cat baked the stove and lost it. Consciousness gradually blurred and slowly fell asleep.

lumaojiaoshou @ 2019/12/04

"The mother of a stray dog is thrown into the river to be cruel to protect children. Where is humanity?"

The tolerance of dogs in this world is always unthinkable, isn't it? 01 today, the hero is an aunt named Liang Ying and her "little flower". From Liang Ying's return, the dog is very different. Almost no other dogs interact with each other

mon0896 @ 2019/12/04

Worried about the two Kazakhstan family, the new yoga ball to give it, resulting in "tragedy".

A sister recently thought of a bad idea because she prevented the two Kazakhstan family. The owner immediately thought of the yoga ball that he had just bought. Host: it's very simple, that is to consume some physical strength. Then less than 3 minute

hsqgx520 @ 2019/12/01

The little Shih Shih, who had seen the red net all over the net, was later disabled.

Do you remember this Paningning, who likes to sleep in the belly? Little kid, from the bones of his childhood, he likes to sleep with his stomach on his back... A nest of three cubs, and the other two are sleeping together... And the goods themselves are

gougou2016 @ 2019/12/01

Teach you to distinguish cats from all kinds of noises. Mama is so cute!

Lovely to foul, today is also a day cured by meow star!

eee7769 @ 2019/12/01

Do you know what to eat?

"Everyone likes to play Teddy in a different way. Some people like to buy toys to make fun of her." some people like to buy zero for her to eat, to express that they like her very much, and others like to cook for themselves, etc., all of which ar

CPtaidi @ 2019/12/01

Adorable pets with knitted wool caps

We must lead the fashion of this winter.

mmggmcw @ 2019/12/01

Two black cats, a sticky orange cat.

Two black cats, a sticky orange cat, and orange cat are helpless. I don't know what to do to get rid of these two black cats. Black cat: fat orange, don't run. The shit officer says you'll have something to eat with you. Say you've been hi

lobocat @ 2019/11/30

I can't eat rice, and the dog has a rice in my hand, so the dog really loves me.

Dog lovers pay attention to the big AI Meng control only needs to reply: Wang. The content is more wonderful! Make you happy every day. When will you feel that the dog really loves you? I did not see you for a while. The big PP, which was frantic and twis

menggoukong @ 2019/11/30

Two ha saved his master's three lives and once again he smelled his master's cancer.

Stephanie Herfel, an American shovelling officer, is very grateful to the dog for saving lives: her husky Sierra has sniffed out her ovarian cancer three times. The first time in 2013, Sierra was abnormal, clinging to her lower abdomen, sniffing, and fina

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/25

The world's most art conscious cat!

Love me. Hold on to me. This is Jane private WeChat. Long press can add me as a friend. If you pass, ten orange cats, nine fat and one on the road, the orange cat will not only occupy the top of the food chain at home, but also grab C in the famous painti

yibaituansheji @ 2019/11/24

When the meal was found, two dishes were missing, and the dogs were sent to the hospital immediately.

The dog who shoveled the official's dog has a bad habit of jumping on the table to eat, so as long as there is food on the table, it will close the door of the dining room and prevent the dog from entering. But this time, the shit officials cook in th

gougou2016 @ 2019/11/21

Jin Mao was too happy to go home to play. He died 2 days later.

Do you know dogs? Do you know what it wants to say to you? Presumably, every shoveling officer has done well before raising dogs. They will only accompany themselves for more than ten years. And every shit officer, the only wish is to hope that dogs can l

gougoumcw @ 2019/11/21

After raising husky, you no longer want to have other dogs.

It's fun to raise husky, but no other dog can give it!

hsqgx520 @ 2019/11/21

When the owner passed away, the golden hair was sent to the hospice. After being accepted, he moved millions of netizens.

Every pet is an angel and yearning for an eternal home. The Kim Mozena Rezac, founder of Goofy Foot Dog Rescue in Tennessee, USA, shared the story of the golden Spaniel Regan recently, leaving millions of netizens reluctant to give up. So clever Kim Kim&#

whcwdrc @ 2019/11/21

Dog IQ ranked 10 in the last place? Let me see what silly dogs are.

When it comes to dogs who are the most stupid and stupid, many people will nominate husky. Indeed, in the dog world, husky used his two stupid name to fire out of the circle, and also made people's impression of it always "stupid, stupid" and

bagongshushu @ 2019/11/21

"Today is not a dog's death, but you die with a dog!"

Written in the end: early in the morning, nanmu saw this angry news. The old man walked around with golden hair, but in the end he met such a cruel family. After the golden hair ran away, it came back to protect the Lord. Those who beat golden hair are si

rcw2888 @ 2019/11/14

The Dachshund and the Chihuahua string up a small pink long ears pig. It's so rare.

This dog is called piglet because it has large ears and its whole fur is pink, especially the little pig Vigri, so it is named piglet. Although it has a unique and lovely appearance, piglet's fate is very rough. It was born in an underground breeding

wxrmxr888 @ 2019/11/14

Heart! Look at your name and cry out for your 7 diseases. Most of them don't need to be treated.

Source: cat doctor medical science micro signal: miaozhongrong666 amplification of ventricular tachycardia +600 amplitude ECG free send long, click below the two-dimensional code attention after dialog box reply "electrocardiogram" to receive info

doctorpda-xxg @ 2019/11/14