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The history of the US "shake the pot": the flu originated from the Spanish flu.

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ifengjsnews @ 2020/04/06

This group of 90, 00 after sleeping posture screen, firefighters saw their photos after crying, he said...

They do not have superpowers, but they are heroes in our hearts. On the mountain, under the trees, on the roadside, the dark face, the rough hands, the sleeping face, recently, this group of special sleeping posture photos was called "the most beautif

ahsgqt1 @ 2020/04/06

330 thousand confirmed cases in the United States, this week usher in the "Pearl Harbor moment".

Local time on April 5th at 17 o'clock, the Johns Hopkins University real-time data show that the current us new crown pneumonia confirmed cases have reached 335524 cases, due to the new crown pneumonia death cases reached 9562 cases, 17266 cases were

capitalnews @ 2020/04/06

America in the Middle East: gradual withdrawal or adjustment?

Compile: source of rescue: Russia's "military and political analysis". In March 31st, the United States will further increase its pressure on Iran and Syria. In March 19th, the central command of the US Army transferred to the Iraqi army in th

huayujunshi @ 2020/04/06

I was asked if I would wear a mask, Trump: if I thought it was important to wear a mask, I would wear it.

According to the news from American Broadcasting Company (ABC), in April 5th, President Trump talked about whether he wore a mask. He said he would wear it if he thought it was important to wear a mask. Trump also mentioned that the first lady, mearen, li

huanqiu-com @ 2020/04/06

Trump's trip to the Imperial Palace

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan met with us president Trump and Mrs. May Rania at the the Imperial Palace Museum on the afternoon of 8 July. The two heads of state married a short tea in Baoyun Lou. Xi Jinping warmly welcomes Trump t

capitalnews @ 2020/04/06

The last Beidou three network satellite arrived at the launch site and planned to launch in May.

On the 4 day, the fifty-fifth Beidou navigation satellite, the last satellite network of Beidou three, arrived at the Xichang satellite launch center as scheduled. This marks the final stage of the Beidou global constellation network. The satellite is a g

dfjs021 @ 2020/04/06

To ensure that the second powers are encircled, US experts have come up with the idea of allowing sailors to be immunized on ships.

According to the stars and stripes in the US, recently, the US defense expert and former naval warship commander said that the US Navy should encourage sailors on the "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier to carry out group immunity instead of going ashore

tsjunshi81 @ 2020/04/06

Shock! The martyrs' cemetery, the highest elevation of the whole army, has never been forgotten by every hero who has been sleeping here.

The cemetery of the cemetery is the martyrs' cemetery at the highest altitude. More than 100 martyrs have been sleeping there. The frontier guards have reported to the martyrs. They have been the tradition of the guardians of the Karakoram. For more t

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2020/04/06

There are indications that the United States is about to "seal up the country" or to a global disaster.

According to the Global Times: Beijing time on April 3rd, the US State Department's Consular Affairs Bureau issued a tweets, calling on overseas Americans to return as soon as possible. "The US State Department urged Americans not to postpone thei

xugecj @ 2020/04/06

300 thousand confirmed diagnosis, more than 8000 deaths, Trump support rate against a record high?

The latest US epidemic data map, slide up and down (source: clove doctor) "we are in war, the real sense of war. We are fighting against the invisible enemy... " On the morning of March 22nd, at the news office on the west side of the White House,

SouthReviews @ 2020/04/06

The first class Taliban elite armed forces analyzed their weapons and equipment from the published photos (2).

The first class Taliban elite armed forces analyzed their weapons and equipment from its published photos. (1) in 2018, the propaganda of "red units" reached a new height. In 2018, they showed more American weapons and night vision equipment. The

jlhugewave @ 2020/04/06

Sure enough, Trump strongly criticized the captain of the Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

"I think it's too bad for him to write a letter. This is not a literature class. This is the captain of a large nuclear powered ship, "Trump said." a captain's letter of up to 5 pages is everywhere. That's not appropriate. I don

huanqiu-com @ 2020/04/05

The first new force of the US Marine Corps will be deployed in the Asia Pacific region. The equipment is still confidential, but it is likely to be used for this purpose.

According to the military website, the first three new US Marines will be deployed in the Asia Pacific region to prepare for high intensity naval battles. Dafydd Berg, commander of the US Marine Corps, said that the leading body of the Marine Corps will m

hqsbwx @ 2020/04/05

"The United States, the denial and the country of death" -- Paul Krugman's analysis of the underlying causes of the US epidemic

In March 31st, the New York Times website published the article "the United States, the denial of death" by Nobel columnist and Paul Krugman prize winner in 2008. Krugman pointed out that while thousands of Americans are dying, the president is sh

ckxxwx @ 2020/04/05

In one day, 5 foreign military planes landed in China, and they urgently brought up the epidemic prevention materials.

Destination: China! Just yesterday, there were 5 foreign military planes landing in Shanghai Pudong International Airport one day. The first day, 5 military aircraft landed in Shanghai. With the rapid spread of the epidemic abroad, China, as a big manufac

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2020/04/05

Straight 20 anti submarine type! 2 kinds of ship based uses are different, 055 and 075 are used.

Title: previously exposed shipborne general model, thanks to the original author. Shipborne helicopters, once the long and short board of our navy in the equipment system. Today, with the direct -20 new generation of 10 ton general-purpose helicopter equi

wulongfangwu1 @ 2020/04/05

Referring to the quick commentary, the open letter from the United States sends complex signals.

"Chinese factories can produce protective equipment and medicines needed to fight against the new crown virus, and Chinese medical workers can share valuable clinical experience in treating this disease; Chinese scientists can cooperate with us to dev

ckxxwx @ 2020/04/05

US media: in order to maintain the hegemony of US forces, US experts recommend that China's surrounding American ships carry out "group immunity".

Just as everyone was talking about the dismissal of captain Roosevelt, the netizen accidentally discovered such a report in Star Spangled Banner: experts pointed out that the Navy should make the officers and soldiers on the carrier form "group immuni

hqsbwx @ 2020/04/05