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The Swedish Air Force's first use of the "Eagle lion E" fighter first flew and the coating was obviously different.

According to "aviation international monthly" 6 reported that Sweden Saab company 3 announced that Sweden's first batch production of the "Eagle E" fighter has completed its first flight. The aircraft fuselage, numbered 6002, has a new

hqsbwx @ 2019/12/10

On the occasion of the important reform of the PLA, the grand parade leader will be promoted.

With the approval of the Central Military Commission, this afternoon, the armed police force promoted 37 generals, including 1 lieutenant general and 36 general general. Chang'an Avenue governor (WeChat ID:Capitalnews) noted that Gao Wei, director of

capitalnews @ 2019/12/10

Tonight, let's go to Macao troops to see the Sentinels under the neon lights.

20 years ago, in December 20th, the Chinese people's Liberation Army stationed in Macao took on the historic task of carrying out Macao's defense and implementing the great policy of "one country, two systems" and safeguarding Macao's

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2019/12/10

Is it about beating the United States before the end of the year?

North Korea or the launch of a rocket engine near the end of the year, the DPRK announced the successful implementation of the "major test". North Korea has repeatedly proposed the "end of the year time limit" to the United States. So what

jinriyazhou @ 2019/12/10

NATO seminar cancelled: speaker of us banned from criticizing Trump

Reference News Network reported on December 9th, US media said that the Danish sub committee of the the Atlantic Council said it cancelled a seminar on NATO and trans the Atlantic relations sponsored by the US government. The reason is that the American E

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/10

Hong Kong police raided the real gun. 105 bullets, thugs originally planned...

Yesterday (December 8th), according to intelligence, Hongkong police raided 11 addresses of the whole territory, destroyed a criminal gang, and arrested 8 men and 3 women. According to intelligence, the gang plans to use firearms to create chaos in the da

crionline @ 2019/12/09

Adherence to the twenty-first Century World War II veterans: the combat course of the M36 tank destroyer in Yugoslavia

After 1948, the Federation of Yugoslavia under Tito led to "Tito" and refused to obey the order issued by Moscow of the Soviet Union. So there was a great split between the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. In this case, the new Yugoslavia people's

jlhugewave @ 2019/12/09

Russian secret military satellite launched, and space fighter recovered? Specifically targeting non cooperative space targets

Even when the national strength is the weakest, Russia has never given up the pace of entering space. On the battlefield known as the "High Frontier", the preparations for the Russian people have not stopped. Compared to the "north wind" c

wulongfangwu1 @ 2019/12/09

Korean media: after North Korea announced a major test, the US reconnaissance plane flew over Seoul.

According to Yonhap reported on December 9th, aviation tracking website Aircraft spots sent a message on Monday that the US sent a reconnaissance aircraft over the Seoul area of Korea. Earlier, North Korea announced a very significant test at the West Sea

hqsbwx @ 2019/12/09

After "72 changes", India's domestic MK1A tank is ready for service.

According to the India express, on December 8th, India's domestic Mk-1A battle tank, weighing 68 tons, will join the India army and will be unveiled in 2020 at the Eleventh DefExpo Defense Exhibition held in Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh, India, t

hqsbwx @ 2019/12/09

Public provocation! Greek fighter planes simulated missile attack on Turkey frigate, and also locked out the screen.

In December 9th, Greek Air Force pilots released two pictures of their own fighter HUD (HUD) on the Internet, showing that he had recently driven a fighter plane over the Aegean Sea to fly across a Turkey frigate. At the same time, the information on its

qqmiljwt @ 2019/12/09

There are three layers of intention behind the huge sum of money purchased by Japan.

According to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government announced on the 2 day that it would officially buy a private island with 16 billion yen (1 billion 40 million yuan) from the private sector, and use it to carry out simulated take-off and landi

dfjs021 @ 2019/12/09

Trump spent 110 million dollars on "true love" in 3 years.

President Donald Trump's impeachment hearing has been going on for nearly two weeks, but this did not prevent him from making plans for winter golf. When he ran for election in 2016, Trump set up a "Flag" to his supporters at a rally: "I w

ENNWEEKLY @ 2019/12/09

There is a mystery behind Hongkong's black gun.

In December 8th, the police searched for a large number of dangerous weapons, including a compact Glock (Glock) 19/23 pistol and 105 rounds of ammunition. The bullets of this pistol are basically the same as those of the active police pistols. Observer ne

guanchacn @ 2019/12/09

The development of the "super soldier" in the US Army and Its Inspiration to me

In recent years, new technologies have been constantly breakthroughs, and R & D investment has continued to increase, pushing the research of "super soldiers" to a climax, and getting closer and closer to actual combat applications. Recently,

drc_iite @ 2019/12/09

US base killing Saudi Arabia Gunners have seen the video of the gun case, calling the United States an evil country.

According to Fawkes news network, an American official said on Saturday (December 7th) that the Saudi gunmen who killed 3 people on Friday at the naval air base in Pensacola, Florida, held a dinner earlier this week and watched the video of a large scale

hqsbwx @ 2019/12/09

Second times in 1 weeks, the "blood drops" of the US Army again fell from heaven: the terrorists were cut by the knife, and the scene was tragic.

On the 3 day, the so-called "flying cutter Hellfire" modified missile, known as AGM-114R9X, has killed a vehicle terrorist in Syria. On the 7 day, the "flying cutter Hellfire" missile again threatened to kill 3 people in another car, which

qqmiljwt @ 2019/12/09

Strong suppression! 10 carrier giant ships are leaving, allowing 1 billion 300 million of the populous countries to give up completely.

In December 4th, it was the Navy's day of San Ge. For this reason, the chief of staff of the three elder brothers Navy made a passionate speech. You know, the three commanders of the three armed forces are the chief commander of each armed force, so t

JUNWUKU @ 2019/12/09

Look and cry! Today, the troops stationed in Hongkong are crying out for barracks, and they speak their minds.

Today, the troops stationed in Hongkong are guarding the Pearl of the East through the Lok Ma Chau port when they returned to the mainland via the Lok Ma Chau port. Now they have forgotten the familiar barracks and left the barracks on their way home. Man

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2019/12/09

Putin worried about the US move.

US media said NATO, the United States and Russia have a new field of competition and conflict: space. Russian President Putin is worried that the US and NATO are militarized in space, and Russia's fears are justified. According to the US consumer news

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/08