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US forces blow up their bases and "turn around". Iraqi Kurdish forces withdraw from the border towns.

Reference News Network 22 in October, foreign media said that the U.S. military local time crossed the border from Syria to Iraq in the morning of October 21st, which is part of the US President Trump's withdrawal from the northeastern part of Syria.

ckxxwx @ 2019/10/22

Defense newspaper: Israel's fiber laser weapon technology draws attention

The US national interest website recently published an article entitled "iron beam" system: how Israel destroyed the enemy missiles in the war. It is pointed out that the "4 layer missile shield", which is currently used by the Israel Defe

ofweeklaser @ 2019/10/22

The US troops evacuated the northern towns of Syria and lost potatoes by angry Kurds along the way.

Reference News Network reported on October 22nd, Taiwan media said that in the past four years, the US troops stationed in northeastern Syria were welcomed by local Kurds, but when they evacuated these towns in October 21st, they were treated differently.

ckxxwx @ 2019/10/22

The Japanese sea has arrived at the scene of the joint exercise with the Chinese Navy Taiyuan ship.

According to the latest news released by Japan's Maritime Self Defense Force 21, the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force ships held joint exercises with the Australian, Chinese, Canadian and British warships originally planned to participate in the o

hqsbwx @ 2019/10/22

The Pentagon: US armored vehicles evacuated from Syria have arrived in Iraq

According to Fawkes news 22, a US Defense Ministry official said that about 100 American Armored Vehicles evacuated from northeastern Syria have arrived in Iraq. Earlier today in Afghanistan, US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that some US troops would

hqsbwx @ 2019/10/22

Russian Defense Minister: 12 prisons are unprotected, foreign militants will return to China

According to Russian satellite network 21 reported that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu (Sergei Shoigu) said on Monday, as Turkey's military operations in northern Syria, 12 detention of foreign militants' prisons were not protected, which

hqsbwx @ 2019/10/22

The US Army has been smashed by potatoes!

The armored vehicles were evacuated from Syria, and the Kurds shouted "not the US" and "American swindlers" in English, throwing the potatoes in hand towards the passing vehicles. 21 foreign media exposed a video of US troops evacuating fr

huanqiu-com @ 2019/10/22

So excited! Just this commemorative meeting, thousands of militia brothers and veterans arrived. Heart shaking

On the afternoon of September 26, 2019, thousands of martyrs' families, militia brothers and love people who had just attended the unveiling ceremony of the martyrs cemetery of the Nash Po cemetery, the martyrs' famous wall, came to the ancient ci

yanghuadm @ 2019/10/22

High energy ahead! The US bikini beach emerges laser weapons, and it is not easy to intercept anti-ship missiles.

Rainbow shot Kursk military information focus weapons field of military research to the author: Rainbow photo Kursk early headlines: South Korea once again showed super tanks, known as 1 cars can play 7 cars 99, but even the cement pier has been turned ov

asef15 @ 2019/10/22

Merkel finally wanted to understand. He did not play with Trump, he stood up to HUAWEI.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2019 (agriculture, September twenty-four), today's headline Merkel has chosen HUAWEI as the preferred direction, and Phoenix network has reported that German Chancellor Merkel has announced that Germany's relations with Chi

newcaimi @ 2019/10/22

In the Middle East chaos: there is no teaching, only Zheng (Zhi)!

Dong Manyuan = source of International Politics: the epitome of great power politics: Kurdish issue and the Kurdish issue in the Middle East are an old topic in the Middle East research field. In the past, scholars at home and abroad have conducted differ

Nights2001 @ 2019/10/21

The drug lords forced the president to let people go! Former senior officials in Mexico: our country may usher in a drug trafficker president.

Choquen Guzman, a drug lord of Mexico, recently, because the military power in his hands was too weak to fight against the domestic drug lords, the Mexico government had to release Orville Dio Guzman, the son of Choquen Guzman, under the oppression of dru

lirenjunshi @ 2019/10/21

The US Army transferred dozens of ISIS prisoners from Syria to Iraq.

According to Russia's Tass News Agency reported on October 20th, Syria Arabia news agency SANA said on Sunday that the US Army is transferring the dozens of "Islamic state" terrorist organization (ISIS) militants in the special camps in Northe

hqsbwx @ 2019/10/21

"Miracles happen!" The runner up of the Chinese military sports meet is very exciting.

These 500 meters make people see blood boiling! The five features of the military games, the military and the 2 hurdles, have been broken down. The Chinese soldier Pan Yucheng broke the world record and became the first person to run into 2 minutes and 10

banyuetan-weixin @ 2019/10/21

In Beijing, the United States, the Russian Defense Minister hard!

"The US plan to contain the deterrent force between China and Russia is the real reason for its unilateral withdrawal from the central guidance treaty." On the morning of 21 April, Russian Defense Minister Shoigu made a tough accusation against th

huanqiu-com @ 2019/10/21

Mercenaries get billions of dollars, hundreds of fighter planes are special, and the US air force is stronger.

In the Iraq war, the private military contractor represented by Blackwater company has caused a lot of controversy. Mercenaries, a special military force that has diluted the national color and wandered in the gray area, is now growing bigger and bigger.

wulongfangwu1 @ 2019/10/21

The US pullout pit is miserable, France, special forces are sandwiched in the war zone, evacuating the needs to help Russia.

After the withdrawal of more than 1000 U.S. soldiers in the Republic of France, France claims that the French army will stand firm and continue to implement anti terrorist operations in northern Syria. But only a few days later, the French could not resis

JJT180 @ 2019/10/21

Turkey sent troops to the north of the Syria because of this river.

In early October, the United States announced the withdrawal of some military forces from northern Syria, followed by Turkey's announcement of launching a military operation called "fountain of peace" to attack Kurdish settlements in northern

crionline @ 2019/10/21

The US initiated the "chain process" after its withdrawal from the central treaty.

Since its withdrawal from the central treaty in August 2, 2019, the United States has officially launched the "R & D deployment real war application" chain process after the withdrawal. In August 19, 2019, The Pentagon announced that it had te

drc_iite @ 2019/10/21