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What will the world do if Russia and the United States throw away the magic spell? What about China?

Author: Yan Xiaodong (senior researcher of Chinese think tank, researcher of Eurasian Research Institute of the State Council Development Research Center, Deputy Secretary General of China National Policy Science Research Institute, national security Spec

huayujunshi @ 2019/08/23

J-10 C for the first time against western fighters, Pakistan iron to wait and see, or affect future export orders.

Eagle strike -2019 has been officially opened. According to the Reuters quoted the Royal Air Force in Thailand on August 20th, local air force announced on August 19th that the joint air force -2019 training between China and Thailand was officially launc

SDZJ-20 @ 2019/08/23

The world is so big. Why does Trump have to go against Greenland?

In recent days, the most frequent place in the media is Greenland. Big mouth Trump refused to sell Greenland because of Denmark's refusal to sell Greenland. This is a surprise even for many who have long been accustomed to Trump's "not playing the cards".

JJT180 @ 2019/08/23

Is it appropriate for a special battle tank list in front of Israel's 99A2?

The ranking of main battle tanks has always been controversial in the ranking of all kinds of weapons and equipment. The list of main battle tanks given by different agencies is also varied. Recently, however, a list of active service main battle tanks on

JJT180 @ 2019/08/23

Ministry of Commerce: if the US implements new tariff measures, China will have to take corresponding counteraction measures.

Clicking on the "economic reference daily" and paying attention to the spokesman of the Ministry of commerce at a regular press conference on 22 th, we said that there was no winner in the trade war. We did not want to fight or fight, but we had to fight

jjckb-wx @ 2019/08/23

Denmark refused to sell the island. Why did Trump react so much?

US President Trump has recently come to a head in Denmark, a Nordic ally. Before the early visit to Denmark in early September, Trump hinted that he wanted to buy Greenland in Denmark's autonomous territory. In a rage, he postponed Denmark's visit to Denm

interxinhua @ 2019/08/23

These days, one south, one north, thanks to you!

Since August 18th, heavy rain or heavy rain has occurred in the western and northern parts of Sichuan basin. In the early morning of 20, affected by heavy rainfall, landslides and debris flows occurred at different levels in Aba Prefecture, Sichuan. As of

CCTV-7_Junshi @ 2019/08/23

Is the US Army in the Korean War really a "young soldier"?

Author Zhang, our team, Zhang Shu: 1888 words, reading time: about 5 minutes. Is the US Army in the Korean War really a "young soldier"? A: during the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea, the US Army was a "young soldier". It often appeared in newsp

ailishi777 @ 2019/08/23

Buying and selling is not a quarrel. The idea of buying island by the Danish Prime Minister is "absurd", Trump: you can't talk to the United States so much

According to the US "politician" news network, after the Danish Prime Minister Frederickson approved his idea of buying Greenland, absurd, President Trump seemed to have no intention of letting go. On the 21 day, he called Frederickson's position "nasty"

wap-china @ 2019/08/23

The construction of the domestic amphibious assault ship is coming to an end. The launch will take 20 helicopters.

It may be a picture of a homemade amphibious assault ship. It can be seen that the ship is coming to an end. The picture shows that the domestic amphibious assault ship is near completion, and the launch is near. It is estimated that we will soon see its

qqmiljwt @ 2019/08/23

Geng Shuang anti choke foreign media reporter: how do 1 billion 400 million Chinese people's common will be manipulated?

On August 22nd, Geng Tan, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs, asked reporters. Q: some western government officials told the media that the activities of supporters of anti Hongkong demonstrations in Britain, Australia and other places were o

ckxxwx @ 2019/08/23

The reason why India suddenly started in Kashmir was that...

According to the Agence France-Presse reported on August 17th, after the UN Security Council held a rare meeting on the deprivation of New Delhi's Kashmir autonomous status, India and Pakistan launched a "fierce" exchange near Kashmir's actual control lin

zhczyj @ 2019/08/22

Russia's Soviet Union 30 was surrounded, and many NATO warplanes took turns provocation.

Typhoon fighters, according to Russian satellite news agency, quoted the British Defense Ministry's news on social media in August 20th, said that the 2 Su-30 operations, which belonged to the Russian air force, had been repeatedly monitored by the Britis

SDZJ-20 @ 2019/08/22

China's new 8.6 sniper rifle -- development or new mode of light weapons

China's new 8.6 mm high precision sniper rifle, China's 8.6 mm new sniper rifle unveiled. The development of light weapons will open up a new mode: the domestic 8.6 mm high precision sniper rifle uses 8.6 * 70 mm diameter, and launches 8.6 mm high precisi

qwqxjt @ 2019/08/22

The United States says it supports Russia's return to G8. How did Putin respond?

The G7 summit will be held in France in 24 this year. French President Mucklow met with Russian President Putin in 19 ahead of schedule, and was interpreted by some media as follows: France wants to build G7+1 and hope Russia will rejoin. Before leaving f

crionline @ 2019/08/22

The 075 type amphibious assault ship is really exposed. The island is innovative in design, and quite a new British aircraft carrier.

On the two days, with the exposure of many clear photos, the real capacity of the first domestic 075 type amphibious assault ship built on the berth of a famous shipyard in East China was first known by the outside world. From the photos we have disclosed

wulongfangwu1 @ 2019/08/22

The Ministry of foreign affairs in Hongkong urged the Canadian side to stop the "brush presence" of Taiwan Affairs immediately.

In August 22, 2019, a spokesman for the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the Canadian side had repeatedly made irresponsible remarks about Hongkong affairs and had brutally interfered in China's internal affairs. Th

ckxxwx @ 2019/08/22

Is Ge Corp going bankrupt? Can America panic?

Source: Thomas Edison, the founder of the lecture hall, was born in 1892. May Ge Corp be bankrupt? Recently, Ge Corp has been exposed to financial fraud, and its seriousness is almost beyond that of Enron Corp bankruptcy. Harry Markopolos, American accoun

AItists @ 2019/08/22

Rare! American mainstream media NBC bombardment X work

As you may recall, 20 years ago, when our Chinese government was cracking down on the evil law "X merit" that was harmful to society and human rights, a group of politicians from the US government and many American media jumped out to distort the facts. T

hqsbwx @ 2019/08/22

NATO warplanes approaching Russian key plane, can Russian fighters shoot down?

Shortly after the Spanish Air Force fighter approached the Russian Defense Minister special plane, Russian media commented that Russian fighters could shoot down directly. Then the question arises. If the escort fighters fire and shoot down other fighters

JJT180 @ 2019/08/22