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This is the real minimalist design, the more the taste!

Enjoy Yirong design, customize your exclusive scheme, what is your first feeling of emptiness? Cold? Not warm? In fact, to define it as a more humanized, environmentally friendly, relaxed and pleasant lifestyle is more incisive and precise. Minimalism is

eronhk @ 2020/07/11

Muse patted your head | from the taste of summer!

Summer is hot, the most suitable is to have a little rural simple style of design style, here you can find free breath, enjoy the beautiful quiet moment. The interior space echoes the simplicity of the house, is suitable for intimate family gatherings, an

miusi_design @ 2020/07/11

2020 Heim langchen luodmont S60 imported quality enjoy luxury travel

"Lodmont" is a high-end RV brand released by Heim lanchen in China and Europe at the same time, focusing on the introduction and production of European high-end RV. "Lodmont S60" is a high-end C-type RV specially designed and developed by

cncaravan @ 2020/07/11

Good places to visit in 10 cities this week Chengdu

"Mars" is a good place to go every week. From the cities and cities, we should search for the places that are worth to visit. We hope this concise list will be your reason to explore the next city. This week's "10"

mars-app @ 2020/07/11

The kitchen sink is the best choice!

The full text is about 1414 words, and the reading time is about 6 minutes? Is it a shiny tableware? Or the pots and pans for cooking delicious food? I'm afraid very few people think of the role of the sink. However, the sink in the kitchen to underta

Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/07/11

There are three functional areas on a black wood "wall" in a minimalist white home

I'd like to share a design inspiration with you every day. He design studio has recently completed the renovation project of a private house in Ningbo villa district. The requirements of the guests are very simple: only three bedrooms are needed, and

insidehome @ 2020/07/11

Foreign design makes people can't understand, the stairs should be covered with cover plate, so it's not troublesome to go up and down stairs?

My friend, attention, had spent some time in a foreign country. I was very curious about how strange the foreign design was. In China, stairs are used to connect the upper and lower floors, but in foreign countries, a cover plate should be added to seal t

jiufujiaju @ 2020/07/11

Guanghua does not compete for prosperity and beauty. It is a humanistic residence for believers and their children born in the 90s

"Let light design architecture, architecture will not speak, but time will remember." light is an art, light is a hope, light is a kind of warmth. In the architectural carrier, light is full of infinite possibilities. While the light outlines the

PChouse2012 @ 2020/07/10

188 square meters, elegant design, intangible level

The sofa wall in the living room is decorated with light gray wall boards and freehand style decorative paintings. The gray and dark blue pillows become embellishment. The L-shaped corner sofa combined with the exquisite double match coffee table creates

jiawyk @ 2020/07/10

Start! This holiday city is more popular than Mount Mogan. It's a new "Little New Zealand" summer resort. Cliff swings and Paragliding are fun to scream

Anji Xinjin mountain valley deep resort beauty, backed by bamboo sea, mountain scenery, private lake, covering an area of 60 mu, contracted summer resort, only 15 minutes drive away from yunshang grassland, which is popular this summer, with cliff swings,

myjihelife @ 2020/07/10

Gray + log, salt system simple and elegant!

A new work of "grey white + log ze|workroom" covers an area of 70 m2. The combination of light gray and log color can not only restore a design drawing, but also integrate the exquisite home and ideal life through humanized thinking, so as to enjo

Milano04 @ 2020/07/10

A romantic style.

European style will not be out of date no matter in which era, and continues to maintain its own charm, in interior design, has its own irreplaceable position. European style design and decoration style comes from ancient Greece and Rome, including some a

miusi_design @ 2020/07/10

Retro wind is popular, arc door openings, the details are exquisite to switch.

The construction area is 125 square meters, the cost is 410 thousand (hard 110 thousand + main material soft loading 300 thousand). Project address: Chaoyang District, Regal Court, Beijing, completion time: at the end of 2019, the female proprietor likes

zhuangxiu33 @ 2020/07/08

Tani Kuramo, the new darling of indoor sliding doors, is really charming.

What the hell is the barn door? Why are young people crazy about it? The granary gate of the once crooked nut farm has changed dramatically in recent years, and it has become the new favorite of indoor sliding doors. The barn door, mostly used in foreign

chaoliusheji @ 2020/07/08

80. Modern Nordic style decoration, home is to have a comfortable sense of life!

After the update, many small partners said that they could not find greasy greed. In the vast sea of people, in order to prevent everyone from missing, please click on the "American style European style Chinese style decoration effect picture L" &

yuanbaomama889 @ 2020/07/08

In order to save money for the kitchen stove, the parents in law use only a thin layer.

Attention new house decoration because work is too busy to stare at, our husband and wife give money to let the father-in-law mother-in-law find a designer to design, and then decorate. How to know that in order to save money, the parents in law pay the c

jiufujiaju @ 2020/07/04

305, top level compound, city light luxury!

Honorable hotline: 400-639-7773 the best life, only to meet the most understanding of you! Light luxury, elegance, luxury, elegance, and beauty! First floor pattern two floor pattern living room Living room design: Alexandr Tyan pictures from the network,

dexinsheji @ 2020/07/04

Using marble floor tiles, black and white can also be very beautiful.

Enjoy the design of the private house, the private custom made your exclusive plan. The simple black and white gray tone and marble floor tiles together create a pleasant living space. The entrance is a black and white contrast white wall and frosted text

eronhk @ 2020/06/29

The beauty of design and the beauty of space

The modern design style is also decorated by many people. They pursue the fashion trend, pay attention to the combination of the use function and layout of the interior space, pursue the practicability and flexibility of the space, and use furniture or so

miusi_design @ 2020/06/29

Don't let these hazards ruin your kitchen. 99% of people regret not collecting them early.

These days, the watermelon rice play has changed from "The Legend of Zhen Huan" to a hit short play, "dear, I didn't expect it." They use the exaggeration of real scenes in real life to move to the play. It also uses the different pers

Yitongguojijiaju @ 2020/06/29