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Designer's home, black and white alternative romance

APP Store, the number one household magazine owner, is a very young couple who love each other very much. Their definition of home is romantic. The true meaning of romance is not the bubble of dream, but the core of warmth. As Mr. Lin Qingxuan said, roman

PChouse2012 @ 2020/04/05

Light industry, private residence, minimalism + refreshing, so that no burden on vision.

In the huge enclosed concrete jungle, the buildings are towering to cover the horizon of the people, and the sky, light and green gradually disappear in life. With the alienation of man and nature and bold innovation of light industrial design, the space

jiasjmt @ 2020/04/05

150 flat and simple wind duplex building, there is a chess and card room on the two floor.

The floor plan is the apartment of the living room, and a small shoe cabinet is placed on the background wall of the living room sofa to meet the needs of daily replacement of shoes. Although the whole living room is not particularly spacious, but all kin

jiawyk @ 2020/04/04

In spring, these three flowers will grow to 1.8 meter in two months.

Introduction: spring is the peak season for plant growth. It is also a good time to plant flowers before and after Ching Ming. A small family with a courtyard can choose several kinds of flowers that can grow quickly and grow taller in sunny places, such

@ 2020/04/04

145 LOFT, like its French windows, with a warm personality.

Qijia Fangfang today wants to share the 145 square meter LOFT. Black and white is its main color, mixed into Haraki Yuanso, and enters the interior full of high sense. If you are also an avant-garde and fashion oriented person, such a minimalist design is

jiasjmt @ 2020/04/04

The design of the hotel is very simple and light.

Honorable hotline: 400-639-9973 the best life, only to meet the most understanding of you! Light luxury five star hotels are light and luxurious and fashionable. Every inch is graceful. Today, Mr. Xin will share with you the new works of Studio Hotel de &

dexinsheji @ 2020/04/04

102, four to a house, why can anyone break it off?

Breaking off and leaving space is becoming more and more popular, and is more in line with the practicality of modern life. The case is designed by Mu Jie space, which has been 16 years old. Before the owner moved in, it was a very traditional 4 room patt

Milano04 @ 2020/04/04

Humanity to metamorphosis! Japan's designed home for the elderly, the old man will also go to live. When will China be able to do this?

Source: ID:iamdesign, a popular industrial design station, saw a sad news that in recent years, in Japan, the number of criminals aged over 60 has increased dramatically. Many of them are curious to commit many crimes. Why do they rush to jail? The reason

ixdesign @ 2020/04/04

240, the loft of the loft is transformed into a great flat: it is also exquisite to live alone.

China designs micro magazines, focusing on "home, fashion, creativity" design, sharing design space, painting and calligraphy art, life aesthetics, design, clicking "space design", clicking on the top right corner "...", "selec

kongjiansheji88 @ 2020/04/04

Do not buy this type of toilet, waste money and effort to decorate and lose geomancy, regret to know late.

Do not buy this kind of toilet, wasting money and struggling to decorate and lose the geomancy. Sorry to know that late buying a house must be a very important time for everyone's life. There are too many things in the house, such as the quality of th

zhuho168 @ 2020/04/04

Ouch, the mashup style is really good.

No matter in the future world or in the real world, there is always a most suitable environment for living. It is an independent and full posture. The more comfortable it is, the more infinite it is for imagination. The design style of Mashup breaks the l

miusi_design @ 2020/04/02

A beautiful cabinet can surprise the whole kitchen!

Enjoy the design of Yi Rong, and customize your exclusive scheme privately. A beautiful cabinet can not only create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen atmosphere, but also show the taste and grade of the owner, bringing the feeling of food to the table. As

eronhk @ 2020/03/31

First! Hangzhou city treasure design hotel! Skylight, star view, indoor landscaping, 45 types of room are not tired of sleeping. 4000m space full radian design is super cool.

Sometimes we have never met in different cities, but we seem to be familiar old friends. I exchange words and pictures with you to share the joy and emotion of what I have seen and heard. On the road, we have only met the natural and quiet side of the mou

myjihelife @ 2020/03/31

French style design, romantic and simple.

The French style of modern home design is also a romantic and emotional design style that more and more people will choose. French style refers to the architectural and furniture style of the French country. It mainly includes French baroque style, Rococo

miusi_design @ 2020/03/31

132, simple, comfortable, three houses, light, warm colors, salt and sweet.

Home decoration interior design, daily collection of home and abroad to share the forefront of home decoration design, construction, building materials and other content, to become a good helper of your home decoration. This case is a three bedroom house

decorative-design @ 2020/03/31

"Subtraction" decoration wind is sweeping the home circle.

In search of a perfect home, all we have to do is listen and listen to our inner voice. The life you really want is in your heart. If you want to make your home your hope, you don't need to wait until you move to a new home, and you can start working

trendshome @ 2020/03/29

The originality of invisible door is so many!

Enjoy the design of Yi Rong, and privately customize your exclusive scheme invisible door is also called the secret door. It is a way to hide a space by hiding a door. Invisible door gives people a feeling of high-end atmosphere and mystery. Is it difficu

eronhk @ 2020/03/29

Beauty Feng Shui division's 150 home: distribute positive energy everywhere, home will never be depressed.

At the end of the week, Hangzhou had been raining for two or three days, and the plan was shelved. In cloudy days, the heart felt stuffy. Fortunately, the newly bought chamomile on the windowsill, and the aromatherapy of grass flavor, was gradually calm d

shaoyaoxiaojie @ 2020/03/29

Vanke 63 small small apartment hardcover room big transformation, high value, practical and accept all of us.

APP Store is the number one home magazine kitchen with compact space and no double door refrigerator. There is not enough area for washing, cutting, frying and preparation area. It is easy to live up to our daily food. As Vanke hardcover room, we initiall

PChouse2012 @ 2020/03/29

Greeting from the living room comes from a good day's mood.

No matter when you get up and walk into the living room, or when you finish working at home one day, you probably see the living room first. This can contain unlimited warmth, space and love. The design style of living room, according to everyone's di

miusi_design @ 2020/03/29