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Quiet and elegant artistic beauty!

Tranquility and elegance cast aside some glitz and precipitate the elements that bear the sight, making it a classic. Now, the Egyptian style has become the standing style of family decoration as well as simple style and classical style. The 110 square me

Milano04 @ 2020/05/25

The family living room, the whole house is supercharged, practical two children's home.

A kind of The use of 124 square, address: Beijing, this is a couple with a son and a woman's home, the original pattern is more promiscuous, the designer carefully analyzed the family's functional needs, with bubble induction method, step by step

zhuangxiu33 @ 2020/05/25

How big is a 8.8 billion house?

Losangeles's Bel Air's 2800 luxury luxury house is built on a nearly 5000 hillside. The scale of the landscape green space is unimaginable, and its selling price is as high as 880 million yuan ($125000000). The house is also designed by Paul McLea

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/24

Live in a gorgeous romantic day, fashionable Vol. 18

At the moment when Less is More prevailed, many people liked the family that was very simple. However, there are still many fans in the cracks. This time we went against the same path and flew to the dizzying destinations around the world to find the insp

AWHstudio @ 2020/05/24

Do not put these things in the bedroom, otherwise it will be "poor three generations", decoration Feng Shui do not believe it!

1, bedroom bedside should not be a virtual bedside suitable for real, not the virtual, bedside need to be close to the wall, can not rely on the window, if the bed does not depend on the wall, then need to have a bedside board, head can not be suspended,

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/24

Haining villa model area open, Wu Xiaobo has come! Amazing scenes.

Do you know Wu Xiaobo? He broke the Chinese habit of writing, but he was good at writing, but he was good at business. He was engaged in publishing as well as his habit of writing more than 6000 words a week. He was handsome, optimistic, modest and brilli

dachaohn @ 2020/05/24

Using brick, old furniture, plants to build a home, every 1 is a slow life!

"Distant mountains and green hills. We drift from a cluster of rosemary, lavender or thyme. This is the spring day of Provence written by Peter Mel, and is also the most fascinating everyday of the little N family. The romantic feelings of French past

trendshome @ 2020/05/24

Feel the beauty of design in the forest

Lush virgin forests, waves like the sea. The strong forest landscape provides the feeling of changing at the same time, at the same time, it can make people feel the microclimate. The 600 square meter independent villa is located in Zekeriyak y, a forest

miusi_design @ 2020/05/24

69, two bedroom, simple and high grade grey, so the design is stylish.

Every day I share with you a design inspiration. This area of 69.9 square meters is the home of a young couple. From the SI Interior designer, black and gray are chosen as the main colors, and the male's atmosphere is handled in a steady way. There is

insidehome @ 2020/05/24

118 flat modern style three room, simple and generous design, revealing fashion sense.

The living room's television background wall is paved with marble tiles, the floor is paved with wooden floors, and the opposite design of other families makes the living room unique and generous. On the sofa background wall, there is also a decorativ

jiawyk @ 2020/05/23

117. Retirement homes, which cover more than the housing area, can be used for everything.

APP Store, the number one household magazine owner, is retiring. The male owner works in a state-owned enterprise. The hostess works in a newspaper office. The house is the home where they live after retirement. They have a clear definition and yearning f

PChouse2012 @ 2020/05/23

In summer season, these plants grow more and more beautiful. ~

After the introductions, the footsteps of midsummer become more frequent. Everything tests the endurance of plants in the sun. When the temperature exceeds 35, even the drought resistant and good growing rose can't move. Therefore, during the summer s

gh_0367c5b3f26c @ 2020/05/22

Feng Shui old gentleman warned you: do not choose such curtains, bad feng shui affect fortunes!

The advantage of the curtain is to beautify the space and block the sun pass, and it is also a necessary decoration for every family. People usually choose curtains according to their preferences, but do you know? Behind this is Feng Shui's taboo. Now

zhuho168 @ 2020/05/22

Super villa is one with nature.

MK27, Brazil Planar villa in St Paul, Brazil, completed the design of a villa in MK27 studio, St Paul, Brazil, which is described as "a radical activity in the horizontal direction". The villa was properly named as "flat house" and was car

juzhukongjian @ 2020/05/22

Colorful, brilliant!

The collocation of whimsy brings vitality and freshness to life. Contrast collocation makes space more lively and hopping. Color matching is also the best method in many color matching methods. Good color matching makes space no longer gloomy and bright,

decorcn @ 2020/05/22

360, the local tyrant design, really bright eye!

Honorable hotline: 400-894-7773 the best life, only to meet the most understanding of you! In this era of popular simplicity and light luxury, this style of local tyrant painting is rare. It is evident that the designers are trying to do something less th

dexinsheji @ 2020/05/22

110, simple Nordic style decoration, comfortable and comfortable life.

After the update, many small partners said that they could not find greasy greed. In the vast sea of people, in order to prevent everyone from missing, please click on the "American style European style Chinese style decoration effect picture L" &

yuanbaomama889 @ 2020/05/21

94, the Nordic wedding room, 8W flower design + enlarged area, the effect is too amazing!

Attention's brother and sister-in-law have been together for 6 years, and the two parties feel that they can almost decide. The two sides decided to pay for the house together, and then decorate it by our man. After buying the house, there was not muc

jiufujiaju @ 2020/05/20

The living room is so tender and full of pink decoration.

Enjoy the design of Yi Rong, the private custom of your exclusive plan to see enough European style / American style living room decoration, does this gentle style living room capture your heart? More fashionable fashion designer pink is no longer confine

eronhk @ 2020/05/20

80 bedroom house, hidden kitchen layout more ingenious

Every day, I share with you a design inspiration. The 80 bedroom apartment is located in Odessa, Ukraine. By D3 Design Studio, D3 Design Studio is designed by Dumitru Martiniuc in 2016, focusing on residential and commercial interior design.

insidehome @ 2020/05/20