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Contemporary hard core bathroom artifact - should bathing bully choose warm or warm?

The first second is short sleeves + ice sucker, the next second becomes cotton padded jacket + autumn pants, and has not yet enjoyed the autumn's crisp autumn air. It has already begun to feel the chill of winter. Cold air always comes to people so un

Yitongguojijiaju @ 2019/10/22

Conceptual design of the futuristic design of homestay Master Series

Conceptual design Roman Vlasov (Luo Man Vlasov) is a designer in Ukraine. His designs are almost dreamy and ethereal concept buildings. It is a sense of the future. The future development trend of residential design can be used as reference. Source: Inter

minsuren-2016 @ 2019/10/21

THURSDAY / abstract

/ / you may like / / the changes of the motherland in the past 70 years are hidden in the cupboard of your home. What a fantastic experience for foreigners to eat Chinese food? Please allow me to laugh first and design respectfully, just like magic, three

trendshome @ 2019/10/17

Simple European style, luxury and noble.

Jane Ou inherited the classical European style decoration features. Compared with the strong classical European style, it is simple and simple, fresh and neat, which coincides with the Chinese aesthetic of introverted beauty. Jane EU abandoned the complex

miusi_design @ 2019/10/17

[car recommendation] import Iveco small forehead T RV, carrying 6 people, duplex upper and lower shop design

Today, China's RV network brings Wei Hao's Iveco small forehead T RV. This saloon car is built by the imported Iveco chassis. The appearance size of the vehicle is (5990 * 2300 * 2960mm), the body size is controlled within 6 meters, the blue C is

rv_360 @ 2019/10/17

Everyone loves the "net red wind"? "Net" is just a carrier. "Red" has its own reason.

(PChouse) the designer club is here to show you the design attitude of the PChouse Award private residence design award. The entry stage of the competition is coming to an end. Nearly 10000 sets of works participate in the selection, all of which show the

PChouse_design @ 2019/10/17

Two rooms change, a 50 flat private house with visual circulation.

APP Store, the number one home magazine, is extremely large in mini housing. The design strategy is to demolished the walls and light up, and demolished the three light partition walls (the kitchen side, two sides of the bedroom) of the original new housi

PChouse2012 @ 2019/10/17

[flower] Chinese flower art - {091

Restoring the number of "0" to get 10000 sets of soft material, the aesthetic connotation of the new Chinese flower art is very profound. Both the classical beauty and the bright and bright modern Chinese flower art are ingenious. The flower leaf

ixdesign @ 2019/10/17

41. Industrial wind LOFT, rough design creates different texture!

Every day I share with you a design inspiration. This loft is located in Kiev, Ukraine, which is built in twentieth Century. The landlord is a young businessman. He wants to make the apartment easy to transform. After that, the area of the apartment is re

insidehome @ 2019/10/17

The design of a homestay case is that the granary is converted into a homestay.

The project area is about 600 square meters including the corridor. Before 1990s, the granary of Moganshan town has been turned into a welding factory. Now it is a comprehensive combination of accommodation, light food restaurant, antique prop sale, offic

minsuren-2016 @ 2019/10/17

Villa living room, so that you have to love simple design.

Da Vinci, a private designer, said: "simplicity is the ultimate complexity." Simplicity is a way of life, laying down the complexity and discarding the old ideas and making the life simple and exquisite, and making the mood more pleasant, "les

eronhk @ 2019/10/16

Reading scenery

APP Store, the number one home magazine building, is located in the mountains and woods lined with green trees. The single storey residential buildings are not independent of the volume of the houses, but they are not only with the dense trees but also in

PChouse2012 @ 2019/10/16

Narrow frame line brings the sense of extension of light luxury style.

When decorating a new house, faced with the monotonous white wall, many people choose the old plaster and elegant European plaster line. But in addition to the European plaster line, there is a lower cost white wall decoration artifact narrow frame line.

miusi_design @ 2019/10/16

Shen man summed up the decoration of the 29 big pit! Almost every family gets caught. Will you make an exception?

Hou replied: "bedroom, dining room, living room, toilet, kitchen, wardrobe, balcony, porch, background wall, children's room, decoration style" and so on will receive relevant contents, covering 99% home decoration contents. Today, Xiaobian su

cyjjsht @ 2019/10/15

2019 bathroom decoration new trend, this is the bathroom!

Hou replied: "bedroom, dining room, living room, toilet, kitchen, wardrobe, balcony, porch, background wall, children's room, decoration style" and so on will receive relevant contents, covering 99% home decoration contents. When you wash up f

cyjjsht @ 2019/10/14

100, the new Chinese style decoration, using three walls to make bookshelves, this is really a Book family. New Chinese style

After the update, many small partners said that they could not find greasy greed. In the vast sea of people, in order to prevent everyone from missing, please click on the "American style European style Chinese style decoration effect picture L" &

yuanbaomama889 @ 2019/10/14

It is better to eat meat than to live without bamboo.

Armani 2015 advanced custom series, inspired by Chinese style, takes bamboo as the most important element of the series. The patterns on silk and the nails on gauze are all simulating the freehand brushwork of Chinese calligraphy in traditional Chinese pa

designtrip @ 2019/10/14

Senior grey matching is so beautiful!

Photo: Dong Wei PS: yesterday, many people were interested in my fingerprint lock. This is one of the products that I will organize to buy tomorrow. You can pay attention to tomorrow's tweets. Many people say that no designer is invited, and the bigge

zhuangxiu33 @ 2019/10/14

Small apartment dare not buy piano? The 37 flat family did not give up!

Young people's small apartment, no taboo, dare to dare to play! A small apartment dare not buy a piano? The 37 flat family did not give up! Benjamin Valle works in the Communications Department of a small non-profit organization in Chicago and is also

trendshome @ 2019/10/13

The balcony decorations are fastidious. Do you have the right clothes?

After buying a house, everyone also attaches great importance to the balcony decoration at home. To solve the problem of daily clothes drying, we should be able to satisfy all kinds of flowers and plants, satisfy the small tastes of personal life, and dri

sheji2022 @ 2019/10/13