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A generation of killing: is he a hero or a sinner?

In 260 BC, in the area of Changping (northwest of Gaoping City, Shanxi province), the cold war was chilling on the scorching battlefield, and the trap of death was slowly spreading out in this ancient battlefield which made the descendants creepy. When th

solovehistory @ 2019/12/10

Democracy is not mistaken by "democracy".

Author: Zhan Dexiong (senior researcher of Chinese think tank and researcher of world affairs research center of Xinhua News Agency): Source: 2019-11-11, "Southern magazine" has witnessed decades of international situation and can not complain. Th

huayujunshi @ 2019/12/10

Sinicization of Marx doctrine: the creation of social science newspapers in the interaction of Chinese and Western Philosophy

The mainstream culture of contemporary China under the guidance of Marx is the greatest transformation of Chinese traditional mainstream culture in history, embodying the internal logic process of Chinese ideology and culture. The excellent project of the

shehuikexuebao @ 2019/12/10

In the Republic of China, these pieces of dog and dog are true.

Which hot story do you want to see first: is the history of those events in Ming Dynasty true? How wonderful is the great Yan country to be restored by Murong Fu? A minimalist history of Chinese nomads. How much is the value of ancient one or two silver?

lishi139 @ 2019/12/10

Ye Mingchen, a big cleaner in the Qing Dynasty, was really caught in the monkey exhibition in India.

1849, reading time: about 4 minutes. In March 12, 1858, the British fearless ship arrived in Calcutta, India. A 51 year old Qing official was escorted from the cabin. Then he was imprisoned in the William fort of Calcutta, the Grand Master of Daqing Jimen

ailishi777 @ 2019/12/10

China's strongest mother: the eldest son's president, the two son bank president, and the three son commander!

In the beautiful Shaoshan, there is an ordinary Jiangnan cottage, which is full of vigor and vitality. There lived an industrious and kind rural woman. After she was called Wen Qi Mei, people said that she was the most powerful mother of the Chinese natio

ruolan201703 @ 2019/12/10

Who is the successor of Lu Xun?

In October 19, 1936, Lu Xun, the left-wing literary leader, passed away. Who will inherit Lu Xun's legacy and status will soon become a thorny issue. Wen Xia Wu Qiao in the summer of 1938, according to Zhou Enlai's suggestion, the Central Committe

idxgh2013 @ 2019/12/10

Why did Kwan Yin ignore the death of the golden pond elders, but instead, he talked about the black bears that had stolen the kasu.

In the column of Fenglin dialect, we updated the history of the Great Hall of the school on Monday: the editor of Fenglin show: Lilith cloud: take care of yourself with a sense of shame, treat everything with fear, change your fate with a sense of heart,

lishi1600 @ 2019/12/10

Cai Dengshan's dusty sixty years' Jiang Menglin diary, 1957.

Jiang Menglin and Xu Xianle Wen Wen Cai Dengshan Jiang Menglin (1886-1964) formerly known as dream bear, word trillion Xian, Meng Lin, Zhejiang Yuyao people. Before and after 1898, he studied in Shaoxing West and East China school for two years. In 1904,

shanghaishuping @ 2019/12/09

The woman nurses cut off the national treasure class missile expert oxygen tube for the 100 thousand reward.

No matter when, talent is invaluable treasure. After the Second World War, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and other countries all put forward military compensation to Germany. Some of them demanded money and some needed equipment. Unlike others, the

lirenjunshi @ 2019/12/09

In 1810, China's last "One Piece" was put in place.

Qianlong claimed to have created and continued the flourishing age of China, but when he died, he placed his son and Emperor Aixinjueluo, the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, on the powder keg. Jiaqing, sitting on the barrel of gunpowder, faced with frequent

solovehistory @ 2019/12/09

Involving the whole city! Such secret is hidden in these 15 places of Haining! Shu Shan, Ma Qiao, Xin Cang, Xu Cun...

Haining has a long history and profound human nature. It is a story city. So we have to talk about Haining's place name story. Today, the spring tide is telling you about the origin of 15 place names in Haining. How did the Kashi stone come from the 2

dachaohn @ 2019/12/09

Today, there are still some people who dare to blow up the Yang Yang pills of Daming Dynasty.

The original title: "tonic" and "Zhuang Yang", Chinese medicine is a bit too crazy. The Royal noble's tonic medicine, the Ming Dynasty health home Gao Lin, in the "obey eight notes" has included an emperor's imperial poem,

ipress @ 2019/12/09

Family politics network in Wei and Jin Dynasties

Qiu Lu Ming's "political power and family network" in the Wei and Jin Dynasties did not go beyond Mr. Chen Yinque's view of the history of Wei and Jin Dynasties in terms of class struggle and rise and fall. The two major insights of this b

eeo-com-cn @ 2019/12/09

Why is the rise of China unstoppable? Because there are three congenital advantages, no one can.

The history of the world is actually a history of the rise of great powers, and a revival of great powers. Every rise and revival is a profound change to the world pattern, and a major adjustment to the division of power in the world. Because of this, the

hylszx188 @ 2019/12/09

What is unique about Qinling Mountains? It can be called the "dragon vein" of China.

< < encyclopedia > > little knowledge and much more attention to the history of the great learning Hall: Zhang Xiangwen, a black editor: in 1908, geographer, in the new edition of literature, pioneered the "North Ling Huai Shui" as

lishi1600 @ 2019/12/09

Why did Kangxi always make sarcastic remarks in "the Yong Zheng Dynasty"?

Q & A audio inquiry video rumor writer Zhang our team Zhang Zhang word: 1865, reading time: about 4 minutes, classical costume drama "Yong Zheng Dynasty", worth repeating many good lines, especially meaningful, is "recovery of state treasu

ailishi777 @ 2019/12/09

Would it be better for us to mold Hitler into a mental patient? Short historical records

This article is selected from the ninth, twelfth chapter of "the third empires" in history and memory. Richard Evans / Liang, Liang Bin Bin Sun Yun, translated by CITIC Publishing Group in 2019, has been authorized. The title is compiled by the ed

tengxun_lishi @ 2019/12/09

Explosion! Together with the "hero city" to cross the dialogue between time and space.

92 years ago, a gun shot in Nanchang uprising broke the silent night sky of Nanchang. Zhou Enlai led the Nanchang uprising oil painting mountain high road dangerous and rugged. He was strong and untroubled. A shoulder pole that picked up grain trail 91 ye

gqtjxsw @ 2019/12/09

Lecture notes: looking for the starting point and entrance of "cultural China"

Speaker: Liu Gang and Li Dongjun's "Oriental historical review" WeChat number: ohistory below is compiled from the 173 phase of oriental history Salon: "the three starting point of cultural China". Distinguished guests were historians

ohistory @ 2019/12/09