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Kangxi and Qianlong flourishing years, China's lost 134 years

1 Kangxi, the grandfather of Qianlong, claimed to know science best among emperors of all dynasties. It is said that in order to understand human anatomy, he himself dissected a hibernating bear. He used to be a Belgian missionary Nan Huairen as his astro

solovehistory @ 2019/10/09

Why is Ahmadinejad called a poor protector? Because he has done a thing, so far loved by the people.

From the point of view of world history, as a leader or president of a country, it needs to represent the interests of the country as a whole. Its greatest aim is to make the country strong and the people rich. But in reality, the presidents of most count

hylszx188 @ 2019/10/09

[classics reading] Water Margin (first lecture)

Dear parents and children, Hello! Welcome to the parents' home to read the small classroom. This period we read the masterpiece is "Water Margin". Today's first lecture: the outline of the author and content of the outlaws of the marsh. Th

jiaxiaoxue100 @ 2019/10/09

Zeng Guofan: mature people know everything.

Source: Confucian wind, everyone in the Qing Dynasty's strange book "the shadow of dreams" has a saying: "cloud reflects the sun and becomes the summer, the spring hangs the rock and becomes the waterfall." It means that with the setti

HuaZhuangJianDan @ 2019/10/09

Is it coincidence that the The Classic of the Great Wilderness and the bible record similar events at the same time?

The first book, the The Classic of the Great Wilderness, does not give much introduction. It must be familiar to everyone. But in the western world, there is also a wonderful book, that is, the Bible. Although there are great differences between eastern a

love_hhyz @ 2019/10/09

What is the difference between "ministers" and "slaves"? Shi Shi Tai Long

In fact, not all the Qing people could be called slaves. In the Han and Tang Dynasties, or the song and Ming Dynasties, the Minister of the Wu was called himself "minister" when he wrote the memorial to the emperor. Only the Qing Dynasty is an exc

nbweekly @ 2019/10/08

Historical rumor: Ancient Greece is not an industrial and commercial civilization in the modern sense. It has an essential gap with modern Europe.

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see the special development mode of ancient Greece? In common history textbooks, ancient Greece was described as a pure industrial and commercial civilization.

lengpaolishi @ 2019/10/08

Feng Liang Bai's poetic writing of new China's historical image: the epic character of the sons and daughters of striving for the sons of China

The poetic writing of the historical image of new China -- the epic character of the sons and daughters of striving for the sons and daughters of China, the chairman of the Chinese Dancers Association, the "Chinese sons and daughters of struggle",

chinaartnews @ 2019/10/08

Chung Yeung Festival: Legend of nine wine

The joy of Chongyang 99 is the Double Ninth Festival: "Nine" brings the beautiful meaning of the Double Ninth Festival. Chinese ancient people divide everything in the world into yin and Yang, and think that everything in the world is under the do

ruxue_qq @ 2019/10/07

The last ten great poets of Tang Dynasty: one after another, they took away the whole era.

Wedge: the death of Bai Letian, Tang Wu Zhong, in six years (846 years), and another emperor died in Datang. In a short span of twenty-six years, from the yuan and Zhongxing Tang Xianzong to Tang Wuzong who destroyed the Buddha, the Tang Dynasty changed f

solovehistory @ 2019/10/07

The deputy mayor who resigned to low wages is now sitting at the railway station with bare feet.

A picture of a man waiting for a train at a railway station is on fire! It is hard to imagine that he used to be a simple and plain green T black trousers, a barefoot, sitting on the wall and holding two bottles of drinks at hand. There seems to be no sho

worldnews-365 @ 2019/10/07

It was not until I was 50 years old that I discovered the secret of my father.

Dear all: some time ago, the story of Zhang Fuqing, a 95 year old hero, moved more than half of China. During the war, he won many military achievements. After retiring, he chose to dedicate his life to the poor mountainous areas. For more than 60 years,

ergengshipin @ 2019/10/07

Summary of discussion on reading class of "Da" in an Da Jian

Editor's note: "An Dajian's" reading class "group is the academic group founded by the Chinese language and Literature Research Institute. The initiating people are Meng Pengsheng and Wang Huaping, who are interested in discussing the

zhanghuangguoxue @ 2019/10/06

Li Linya, chatting about his name.

Zhang Yuxi, the name writer, Li Li Ya, saw a post on the top of the list. First, it was a string of names: ",", "Zhang Yuqi,", "Zhang Yixin", "Zhang Yixing", ",", "Zhang Yuhan", "..." Then there are

psxt818 @ 2019/10/05

Qian comments on the boundary that cannot be drawn by dividing the sand bar.

Dividing up sandbanks: Britain, France and the struggle for shaping the Middle East [James Barr] Xu Xu, translated by the social science literature press, published 524 pages in October 2018, 89 yuan - - Wen Qian Qian, Social Science Literature Publishing

shanghaishuping @ 2019/10/04

About Chairman Mao's seven major changes, reveal the big signal!

Source: the Oriental soul Memorial Hall for 43 years. Since Mao's death, people have been singing the commemoration of Chairman Mao again and again, but still can not stop some small night. These years, too many grievances people can not speak of... 7

weiren-kc @ 2019/10/04

For the first time, Chinese civilization was so clear by Professor Ho.

Wen / Tang Jiawen (Professor Jiao) ancient Chinese society is the only nation in the world that has never been interrupted by civilization. China has been defeated, but Chinese civilization has never been destroyed. Why is the history of Chinese civilizat

gumoshe @ 2019/10/03

What is the difference between the ancient "National Day" and the present day? What do ancient people do?

< < school encyclopedia > > little knowledge and much more read the history school: the editor: Lily, for today's people, National Day is a popular festival. After the founding of the people's Republic of China, we designated the y

lishi1600 @ 2019/10/01

Japanese media: mirrors unearthed from Cao Cao's tomb are "very similar" to those excavated from Japan.

Reference News Network reported on September 17th, Japanese media said that the mirror unearthed from Cao Cao's tomb resembled the mirror of important relics unearthed before the World War II in the ancient tomb of RI Tian in Da Fen county. According

ckxxwx @ 2019/09/29

The battle of Dandan Kan: the rise of the Searl column Empire and the acceleration of the Turkic process in the Asian continent

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see Turk expansion and power change in Central Asia? The battle of Dandan Kan in 1040 did not seem to be very famous. However, the significance of this war is

lengpaolishi @ 2019/09/29