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[Great Han Feng Yun] ascended the throne (next)

Bo Zhao came to Changan mainly to interview one person, imperial defense minister (Tai Wei) Zhou Bo. Zhou Bo is sincere to support Liu Heng as emperor. He treats his uncle, Bo Zhao, naturally and carelessly. The high standard reception is not only delicio

shimiyangtai @ 2020/04/26

A man must have a mansion, and he must do something in his work. (depth text)

All we have to do is to try to be successful, to plan and to be rich. There are two kinds of people in the world. One is led by the nose and the other is by the nose of others. The former is the majority, the latter small part, only then has the poor rich

zjzc625 @ 2020/04/26

The African War ended in 2002, with civilian casualties 6 million.

What is the history of the Ming Dynasty? What is the history of the Ming Dynasty? How wonderful is the great Yan country to be restored? What is the value of the ancient Chinese nomads? How much is the value of the ancient one or two silver? Why do we giv

lishi139 @ 2020/04/26

Ma Yili X Li Xiaoyi: what is reading without definition?

This picture is selected from the stills, the related historical figures, the paintings and pictures of the hit TV series Qingping le. Click on the audio below to listen to Mr. Tong's warm reading / radio soundtrack: Jeff Chang's white moonlight,

lixiaoyilhyxqdnz @ 2020/04/26

Nearly 200 thousand death. Who is the death knell for the tragic world?

As of 12 April 25th, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia has reached nearly 2 million 800 thousand and the death toll is nearly 200 thousand. For China, a difficult spring is coming to an end, but for the world, it is still full of great

zhczyj @ 2020/04/26

Peak Maple Bible and violence (II): Bible Archaeology and the killing of imagination

A Book of Joshua in the Old Testament of Feng Feng, written by Wen Feng, records a series of expedition by ancient Israelis in Canaan. Joshua massacre several Canaanite cities and kill all the population in the city, old and young. This bloody killing can

shanghaishuping @ 2020/04/26

Lenin's past in Russia

[Global Times comprehensive report] in April 22nd this year, Vladimir Lenin, the Russian revolutionary, the organizer of the October 1917 revolution and the founder of Bolshevik party, had a 150th anniversary birthday. Lenin has undoubtedly had a great im

huanqiu-com @ 2020/04/26

Why is Du Fu's poem in his late years short of 28 words?

In Tang Dynasty, there are two monuments that can not be moved. They are poetry fairy Li Bai and poet Du Fu. In the Tang Dynasty, where the poets walked all over the place, Li Bai's two men's strength was so dazzling. Li Bai and Du Fu are differen

D596255607 @ 2020/04/26

This drama is definitely a domestic product, but it is a bit "biased".

Recently, a Song Dynasty palace drama was launched. Wang Kai and Jiang Shu Ying starred in the 69 episode of the ancient drama "qingpingle", adapted from the romantic novel "isolated city closed." Song Renzong is a historical figure who is

bgdy888 @ 2020/04/25

The wife woke up and said, "father, you will win the world!" Why did the husband cut down his wife immediately?

One sentence is repeated many times, that is to accompany a gentleman like a tiger. In order to supervise the courtiers, some emperors have no need for their courtiers not only to worry about the emperors, but also to guard against the emperors. Otherwise

D596255607 @ 2020/04/25

Jiangxi, a province full of businessmen

Over the past forty years since reform and opening up, various policy areas have been widely distributed. In fact, their spiritual connotations are basically the same: they are delineating a region, circling one side of the land, testing different economi

eeojjgcw @ 2020/04/25

The ancient city, which has been annihilated, is famous for its ancient poetry.

There are many places that are popular with Tang poetry, but no place has ever been like Yang Guan: it was abandoned in the early days, but suddenly revived in Tang poetry, and then chanted and sung through the past dynasties. All of this is due to the cl

solovehistory @ 2020/04/25

Chinese, do you really understand the Song Dynasty?

The country is strong, but many people find this is not enough. For example, more and more Chinese people began to think that we were the first in the Song Dynasty, far more than Europe at that time. If we do not say martial arts, but only talk about Wen

SouthReviews @ 2020/04/25

[Chu Shi] Chu Chu Hsiu, the police lamp was first grateful to the morning sun.

Chu Cheng: his name is Tu Yun Bridge, consultant of Jiuzhou poetry, tutor of Training Department of red leaf Poetry Society of the PLA, specially invited editorial board of red leaf, director of poetry branch of national public security Literary Federatio

wenxuechunqiu @ 2020/04/25

Island's view of the Heavenly Kingdom: the change of Chinese image in Southeast Asian countries from the perspective of address

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see the relationship between East Asia and Southeast Asia? Once upon a time, Siris, Qin Na, Qidan, peach blossom stone and Sinian were all foreigners' name

lengpaolishi @ 2020/04/24

Some people love to die, some people are bored to death. This hot play's word of mouth is interesting.

Five years without marriage? This is probably the "post emperor CP" of Qingping music. The emperor was forced to marry the queen of "distribution". He thought he was ugly and sneaked away on the night of the wedding night. The second day s

if_fashion888 @ 2020/04/24

Little fan Xu Shuzheng's book and Book Collection

Xu Shuzheng (1880 - 1925) was one of the most popular figures in the Northern Government period. He played an important role in carrying out the policy of unified force, the withdrawal of foreign powers and the war of direct war. Although he was a politic

wenshiyijia2016 @ 2020/04/24

How miserable was Qi Jiguang in his later years? What is the reason?

Author: our team's number of words: 1913, reading time: about 5 minutes. How sad is Qi Jiguang's old age? What is the reason? A: as a legendary warrior in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, "the size of the land and the hundred battles", th

ailishi777 @ 2020/04/24

When you feel confused, you might as well read Wang Wei's poem to help you get out of the valley and succeed.

Wang Wei, a famous poet in the Tang Dynasty, is also a painter. He is known as "the devil of poetry" by the world. He is almost equal to Li Bai, a poet. From the perspective of poetry attainments and popularity, perhaps Li Bai is slightly better t

D596255607 @ 2020/04/24

The county magistrate oppressed the people and was bound to the capital by the old peasants. Zhu Yuanzhang: who dares to move the old peasant, I destroy his nine people.

In ancient times, more than five hundred emperors, Zhu Yuanzhang was not the most accomplished, nor the most famous. However, if we talk about the determination and means of punishing corrupt officials, Zhu Yuanzhang said second of all emperors of the pas

D596255607 @ 2020/04/23