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82 years, never forget! Don't forget! Don't forget!

Today, our country's sixth statutory Nanjing massacre victims, the National Memorial Day, we honor the 300 thousand victims in the name of the state. In December 13, 1937, the Japanese invaders captured Nanjing and made a terrible massacre. Over the p

dysj2003 @ 2019/12/14

10 poems, memorial to the victims of the Nanjing massacre, we weep, we write poems.

Pay attention to Chinese poetry net, let poetry light life! 82 years ago, in the cold winter, 300 thousand compatriots were killed under the butcher's knife of Japanese invaders. Less than 80 survivors were alive. In December 13, 2019, sixth Nanjing m

CNshige @ 2019/12/14

In the outlaws of the marsh, only 3 people could choose 40 rounds with Lu Jun Yi. Lin Chong was not among them.

As we all know, there are several figures in the outlaws of the marsh, such as Chao Gai, Song Jiang, Lu Junyi and so on, especially Lu Junyi. He is not only Wu Yi high - strength and kindhearted, but also almost made the master of Liangshan. It turned out

D596255607 @ 2019/12/14

After being driven away by Tang Xuanzong, he built a freeway to continue his life for the Tang Dynasty.

The author of Zhong Yi, "we love history", is the number of media signing the headlines. 2335, reading time: about 6 minutes, Kaiyuan flourishing is the peak of the development of the Tang Dynasty. However, under the flourishing age, the crisis of

ailishi777 @ 2019/12/14

Nanjing fell! He opened Buddhism and accepted 24 thousand refugees.

Follow the rainbow to see the world's photography, tourism and interesting museums in various countries. The author: Rainbow shot the headlines in Kursk: the only aircraft carrier in Russia is on fire, and the fire area is over 100 square meters, so i

asef15 @ 2019/12/14

Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan? We may all think wrong. It's related to the three countries.

From the point of view of world history, many historical events have gone through years and history, but until now, many historical facts are hard to be known, and this has become a great mystery. Why did the most typical Soviet Union launch the Afghan wa

hylszx188 @ 2019/12/14

So cruel, so painful, but why remember?

In November 29, 2019, 10665th names were engraved on the "Wailing Wall" of Nanjing for 82 years. We are still looking for more than 10 thousand names of 300 thousand victims. These figures remind people of more heavy suffering and wait to pursue.

xinhuashefabu1 @ 2019/12/14

Today, please stand silent at 10:01: those who forget the past are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

Today, please observe the world at large. Today, please stand silent at 10:01: people who forget the past are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. This year is the massacre of Nanjing massacre. 82nd anniversary today, December 13th is the Sixth National Da

wanbaoweixin @ 2019/12/13

At the age of 36, she shot herself.

82nd anniversary massacre in Nanjing. Over the past 82 years, the roads in Nanjing are very crowded on this year. Because 300 thousand people are going home. Those who survived in the havoc hang down. This year, time has taken away 13 survivors. At presen

solovehistory @ 2019/12/13

82 years passed, and there were only 78 survivors.

The plane roared and sparkled for 82 years. It was like the killing of yesterday's Delta on the riverside. In December 13, 1937, the Japanese invasion of Nanjing captured more than 40 days of brutal and brutal shock. China and Japan were killing the w

beijingqingnianbao @ 2019/12/13

What does Nanjing massacre have to do with you and me?

Although gloomy, it is the most real and painful history; though heavy, it is a truth that must be remembered forever. Today, December 13, 2019 is the Sixth National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing massacre and the 82nd anniversary sacrifices

ahsgqt1 @ 2019/12/13

Killing stars and descending to the world: the ending of the golden age of Mongolia and the end of Central Asia's Golden Age

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account, comment on topic area. How do you see Mongolia's western expedition and the failure of Hua La die? In the early thirteenth Century, Hua La Zi Mo Dynasty was a new emp

lengpaolishi @ 2019/12/13

Half mast, mourning!

December 13, 2019 is the Sixth National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing massacre. At 8 in the morning, the flag raising ceremony and the flag raising ceremony were carried out at the memorial hall of the victims of the Nanjing massacre of the

anhui908 @ 2019/12/13

His name is not "Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall"!

December 13, 2019 is the Sixth National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing massacre. On 2014, the seventh session of the twelve NPC Standing Committee voted to set up December 13th as a national memorial day for the victims of the Nanjing massacr

qingchunbeijing54 @ 2019/12/13

Today, please stand silent for 82 years ago.

Source: the people's daily WeChat (ID:rmrbwx) is owned by the original author. Today, it is the sixth national statutory memorial day for the victims of the Nanjing massacre in China. In the name of the state, we laid a memorial ceremony for the 300 t

hntv-ws @ 2019/12/13

Today, in the name of the country, we must sacrifice our dead compatriots.

Sunshine life yangguangyisheng today is the Sixth National Memorial Day. In the name of the state, we commemorate the about 300000 dead compatriots. In 2014, China's first Nanjing massacre National Memorial Day ceremony, we commemorate the compatriots

sdjd626 @ 2019/12/13

The man arrested 9 Japanese female prisoners and gave birth to more than 70 children in 19 years. He was sentenced to 12 years.

Today, I want to talk about a real story that happened in the end of World War II. The protagonists are: the fighting race of the young men and the cherry blossom countries (and the many bear children they raised). To put it simply, the story goes like th

carranking @ 2019/12/13

The sixth national memorial ceremony: remember the history of ningju peace

Today, December 13, 2019, the Sixth National Memorial Day of the victims of the Nanjing massacre. 82 years ago, Japanese invaders invaded Nanjing, and about 300000 compatriots were killed by Japanese invaders. Every year today, we offer public memorial se

longhoo-net @ 2019/12/13

Clockwork stop today, the National Memorial Day, let us remember history.

December 13, 2019 is the Sixth National Memorial Day for the victims of the Nanjing massacre. Remembering history is not for continuing hatred, but for those who love peace, taking history as a mirror and facing the future. Clockwork will stop for a secon

webgame07073 @ 2019/12/13

In ancient times, why did empress dowager often Regent power, but the queen was often abandoned.

Editor of the Great Hall of history: Yali rain editor: LIS is talking about the difference between ancient Chinese empress dowager and Empress Dowager. In fact, many people will be puzzled. Throughout the history of the world, China's empress dowager

lishi1600 @ 2019/12/13