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Imagination and Prejudice: India in the textbooks of the Republic of China

Write: Chen Jianwei's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory 1927 late primary Mandarin textbook reads: "the people of India!" You have the vast land opened up by your ancestors; you have the great culture handed down by your ancestor

ohistory @ 2020/03/26

Jiang Hongda's mutual relationship between state and market: re examination of salt monopoly in Ming and Qing Dynasties

State and market: Study on salt trade in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Huang Zhongxin published 340 pages in January 2019, 58 yuan - - - Wen, Jiang Hongda, Qing Dynasty, Jia Qing, twenty-one years (1816), June, Guangdong salt merchants Pan Jin (1767-1837) sudd

shanghaishuping @ 2020/03/26

Rongxian County: ancient architecture wonders, real Wu Pavilion, amazing overseas Chinese, sago, pomelo, soft and sweet.

CCTV-102020.3.25 at 15:38, "Guangxi records of the Chinese image", the Rongxian County volume of the Rongxian County chapter, has been attracting attention from many scholars for many years. Since 1976, Rongxian County has unearthed a series of ho

cctv10_kejiao @ 2020/03/24

From tonic to antidumping products: twists and turns of opium poppy and opium in ancient China

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account, comment on topic area. How do you see the rapid propagation of opium in ancient China? Opium poppy, as a plant, was discovered in the Neolithic Age on the east coast of t

lengpaolishi @ 2020/03/24

Chen Huanzhang and his forgotten masterpiece

Written by Ouyang Zhesheng: the Oriental historical review WeChat number: ohistory: This is the first Chinese economic thought masterpiece published by the Chinese scholars in the early 20th century. It is also the earliest masterpiece in the various econ

ohistory @ 2020/03/24

The first battle of Datang: when the boss suspects you, he will win the battle again and again.

Today, let's talk about Li Jing, the God of war in Datang (571 - 649). In the novel and the romance, Li Jing is one of the "three heroes of the wind and dust". He has a red bosom friend, who is the king of toda and Na Zha's father. But the

solovehistory @ 2020/03/22

Who is taller than the Japanese and Chinese?

It is an enduring topic for the Japanese and Chinese to be taller. On this issue, both countries have shown the humility of the East Asian region. Most Chinese netizens are convinced that "the Japanese are now taller than the Chinese." and the Nik

ribentong-517japan @ 2020/03/22

Art born in the history of pestilence

The history of mankind is the history of the coexistence of disasters and development. In the long history, there are some terrifying, unforgettable and unforgettable disasters, which have always been deposited in the memory of mankind and spread from gen

cnartist @ 2020/03/22

Our restaurant has been exported since ancient times.

As early as Shang and Zhou dynasties, there was a form of meal sharing in China. For example, Zhou Tien needs "nine tripod eight", and the princes are "seven tripod and six pits". They create a rigorous atmosphere together, and order is in

xhmrdxwx @ 2020/03/22

The empire is sleepless: people are sick, do they know?

Today's article, with video, click to see! Song Taizu and Zhao Kuangyin were sleepless after being taken up. History records that he often can not fall asleep at night. He simply gets up and goes to visit the minister in Beijing. Many high-ranking off

solovehistory @ 2020/03/21

Unexpected Guo Ziyi

Author: Huawei 552 source: ermeng20180705 (1) of history. Some people say that in ancient China, people could play their hands in the palm of their hands, and their hearts were like candlelight. No one passed Zeng Guofan. Now I can walk into every booksto

gumoshe @ 2020/03/20

The plague of human history

Plague is epidemic infectious disease. The plague epidemic not only endangers the life and health of individuals, but also profoundly affects the development process of human history. Plague was an important reason for the decline of ancient Greece and Ro

qstheory_001 @ 2020/03/20

His reform spawned a great power, but I was killed and criticized for more than two thousand years.

Sima Qian wrote an extremely dramatic and satirical plot in Shiji. In 338 BC, after the death of Qin Xiao Gong, a group of old nobles accused Shang Yang of wanting to rebel. The new successor King Qin Hui Wang sent people to arrest Shang Yang. Shang Yang

solovehistory @ 2020/03/20

How miserable is Serbia with tears to help China? Born in Europe but abandoned by Europe

The president of Serbia, who is tearful to China, has been on the Internet these days. Maybe many Chinese people are not familiar with Serbia, or even where it is. Today we are going to talk about Serbia's history. A set of x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

sl3min @ 2020/03/20

Yang Jing - "the disgusting girl" in the French Revolution

Trial Queen: 14-16 October 1793 [Law] Emmanuel de Warechiel, Zeng Zhao Yue, translated by Shanghai people's publishing house, published 355 pages in November 2019, 68 yuan... - Wen Yang, Yang Jing from Mary Antoinette (1755-1793) was sentenced to deat

shanghaishuping @ 2020/03/19

The battle of Baixiang: the establishment of the five generation and Ten Kingdoms of the kingdom of Sha Tuo

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see the reversal of the group from the state of Sha Tuo to the Bian Liang group? In the early days of the late Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, most of the

lengpaolishi @ 2020/03/19

Li Gongpu and Zhenjiang

Li Gongpu (1902 - 1946), the Wujin people in Jiangsu, the great patriot of modern China, the determined democratic soldier, the social educator, and the early leader of the Chinese Democratic League. In July 11, 1946, he was killed by the Kuomintang secre

wenshiyijia2016 @ 2020/03/19

The evolution of "symbol" in the Republic of China

Writing: Sun Jiang's oriental history review WeChat number: ohistory Lacan's compatriot, semiotics, Roland Barthes (Roland) has written a little book about Japan, called the symbol empire. Roland Bart believes that in Europe, the spiritual world t

ohistory @ 2020/03/18

31 Wuhan city business cards.

Yesterday, medical personnel from all over the country began to evacuate in batches. Since the outbreak of the outbreak, more than 42000 people from 31 medical teams in the country have been helping Hubei, and each team has its own code name. Beijing: 121

allworldmusic @ 2020/03/18

Why is life unhappy because Su Dongpo has not read it?

There is no rain or sunshine. Every Chinese has a Su Dongpo in mind. Lin Yutang said he was an optimist who was hard to change. He was a morally good moralist. He was a good friend of the common people. He was a great writer, painter, calligrapher and poe

wudaoone @ 2020/03/17