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Don't underestimate your Fujian friends.

NetEase's upper class studios focus on young urban culture, and the interesting people around you are concerned about the upper class. WeChat: UpFlow (ID:heyupflow) Fu Jian is really too difficult. To resist typhoons and prevent Cantonese from catching fo

trendstraveler @ 2019/08/27

Mysterious female scientist in the Qing Dynasty: she lived only 29 years old, but amazed the world for more than 200 years.

Source ten points (sdrenwu): Men's characters are most common in the history of cheese and salted fish, but the famous women are rare. Women who leave their names are also related to their appearance. If they are not beautiful, they are particularly merci

taohistory @ 2019/08/27

New interpretation of the "Yunnan uprising" during the war of Liberation

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China, and also the 70th anniversary victory of the Yunnan uprising, which is of great historical significance to the liberation of Southwest China during the period of the Liberation War (hereinaft

wenshiyijia2016 @ 2019/08/27

Who is the happiest poet in Datang?

1 in the first year of Tianbao (742 years), Li Bai and Aichi Aki met in Changan. The two are all wild and heroic poets. They are also drunkard drinkers. Although they are 42 years old, they see each other at the same time. Li Bai, who first arrived in Cha

solovehistory @ 2019/08/26

Li Junru, former vice president of the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China: the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics is hard won.

Guest introduction: Li Junru, former vice president of the Party School of the CPC Central Committee and Dean of the Institute of socialism with Chinese characteristics, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong. The Tenth CPPCC National Committee member

zgjjjcb @ 2019/08/26

A series of cultures: Matteo Ricci's cultural hedging in the Ming Dynasty

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see the external mentality of the Ming Dynasty? Matteo Ricci is a typical member of the Jesus society. He is a wise, educated and knowledgeable Italy aristocrat. This man came

lengpaolishi @ 2019/08/26

Sha Qingqing commentary on Sakamoto Ryoma and Meiji Restoration, who stand on the opposite side of the Meiji Restoration.

Sakamoto Ryoma and Meiji Restoration [American] Marius Jansen, Zeng Xiao Chu translated by Shanghai Sanlian bookstore in May 2019, published 484 pages, 78 yuan - - Wen Sha Sha Qing, in the evening of June 3, 1853, four black iron boats with thick smoke ap

shanghaishuping @ 2019/08/26

The Qing Dynasty was destroyed by a group of big flickers.

Author: Huo Xiaoshan source: ID:mingqinghistory is authorized by the WeChat public number "ID:mingqinghistory". The "History Workshop" is a historical quality product that has touched hundreds of thousands of fans by profession and interest. In 1839, in H

taohistory @ 2019/08/26

The past and present of Yao Xilun Jun Jun Ping Street

Jun Ping Street's past and present author, Yao Yao Xi Lan, is 426 meters long and 20 meters wide in Chengdu Jun Ping Street, and East Shaanxi street. At the west side of the street, there are stone tablets: "this street is the site of Yan Zun, a famous we

psxt818 @ 2019/08/26

To liberate Cape Town Ritz Hotel from all over the world, the literary world is deeply committed to the indissoluble bond between Hemingway and Paris.

In August 25th this year, the world's romantic capital, Paris liberation 75th anniversary, a wide variety of celebrations in the community to commemorate Paris's Liberation and freedom from Nazi occupation in Germany. Some anecdotes about Paris's liberati

oushi1983 @ 2019/08/25

The ancients' sleepwalking '

"Tong Yin Qing Meng Tu" (Ming) Tang Yin's "sleepwalking" Liang Xiaonan's "sleepwalking" in the ancient the Imperial Palace Museum has a long history in Chinese culture. Shuo Wen: dreams, sleep and sleep. Sleeping and waking up, dreams are sent out by huma

chinaartnews @ 2019/08/25

In the past 100 years, people in Beijing have seen what they have seen.

In 1900, Wadesi, commander in chief of the eight nation allied forces, was escorted by the Allied military officers. The rate army crossed the Meridian Gate and entered the Forbidden City in Beijing. Author: ID:hjlaozhaopian: from the beginning of the 20

sheyingbao8 @ 2019/08/25

Don't say that you know all those tablets in the Imperial Palace.

In ancient times, it was used to express the meaning of "righteousness" and "emotion". Therefore, we can understand the meaning of the plaque in this way: hanging on the door screen for decoration, reflecting the name and nature of the building, expressin

Qiyejiashoucang @ 2019/08/24

He planned to spend 30 years in the world, but God only gave 5 and a half years.

Historians of the Song Dynasty wrote history. Song Taizu and Zhao Kuangyin once lost two teeth on the spot because they couldn't resist a "positive Gang". The servant kept his pain on the floor and picked up his teeth. Zhao Kuangyin mocked, "in what case,

solovehistory @ 2019/08/23

The source of history and culture can not be cured all the time.

The ancients said, "the world can not be cured regularly, but there are disadvantages when it comes to it." the Jews can not be Chang An, but they must be cured by diseases. Heal the sick and save the people. Where can we not take medicine? We must take s

zgjjjcb @ 2019/08/23

Iron hawk and iron float: East Asian heavy cavalry ecology in the two Song era

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account, comment on topic area. What do you think of the cavalry in East Asia before Mongolia rises? Military operations in the middle ages often rely on cavalry, and the elite heavy cavalry is t

lengpaolishi @ 2019/08/23

Who is the first tea in the world?

Chinese people have a long history of planting tea and drinking tea, which originated in the period of civilization and ignorance. The common people are simple, that is, Shen Nong discovered tea and could solve hundreds of poisons, so the world began to d

gmrb1949 @ 2019/08/23

9 historical passages, the human nature is everlasting!

Authorized by: history teacher Wang Hanzhou (ID:lishi139) reprinted, please contact the original author 01 Liu Bei occupied Jingzhou and want to develop, then consult with Pang Tong. Pang Tong proposed to seize Liu Zhang's Yizhou. Liu Bei said, "I am the

taohistory @ 2019/08/23

Shifang, China: image of love and miracles in Shifang, Sichuan Province.

At 20:50, CCTV-102019.8.24 broadcast the "Sichuan image of the Chinese image", the Shifang volume of the Shifang chapter, the stone pavilion River, which was originally called the "Jiang River" or "Luo Shui". It originated from the Jiuding Mountain in the

cctv10_kejiao @ 2019/08/23

The history of "Sino Japanese union" in the 1898 movement

In the year of 1898, Kang Youwei tried to carry out many imaginative measures. For example, (1) it is necessary to open the system bureau and Mao Qin hall as the new highest decision-making body, with the overhead military cabinet office and the six yamen

tengxun_lishi @ 2019/08/22