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Before Hitler died, an order was issued. Germany had been in compliance for 73 years. Germany's rise was not accidental.

Germany was one of the axis powers in World War II. After the end of World War II, the German government began to compensate families who suffered from Nazi harm. Moreover, the German pension benefits for veterans are very good, and one foreign army has a

carranking @ 2019/12/06

Tang Xuanzong's last 6 years: power, love, dignity, freedom are gone.

The defeat of Tongguan's 200 thousand armies and the news of the fall of Gosuha brought the rebels' iron hoofs closer to Changan, the capital of Datang. This is the fifteen day (756 years) of Tianbao, a dark day in Tang Xuanzong Li Longji's li

solovehistory @ 2019/12/06

Emancipation for slavery: the anti foot binding movement under the rule of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account. Comment on topic area. How do you see ancient foot binding customs? Foot binding, an outstanding representative of the dross, originated in the Five Dynasties and ten cou

lengpaolishi @ 2019/12/06

In his later years, Zhang Xueliang commentaries on the political leaders of the Republic of China. Who are the "scorn list"? Short historical records

After his free life in his later years, Zhang Xueliang received many oral interviews and commentated many political leaders in the Republic of China. For example, he has compared the difference between Jiang Jieshi and Jiang Jingguo in their ideological P

tengxun_lishi @ 2019/12/06

Why did the coastal army of the Ming Dynasty collude or even join the so-called "Japanese pirates"? Short historical records

This article is selected from: the art of rule, [Song Yiming] / Zhong Yiming, / translation. The publishing company of post waves, China Overseas Chinese publishing house, was published in 2019 and has been authorized. The original title is "Zheng He

tengxun_lishi @ 2019/12/04

"Girl, take your sister home!"

A name, long as 82 years, is still a clear memory. In the name of the country, it is deeply engraved on the morning of the morning of December 3rd. The relatives of many victims before the wall of the victims of the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall of the J

xinhuashefabu1 @ 2019/12/04

The last imperial family in China: do not regenerate the imperial family!

In December 1911, Guardya Lan, the father of emperor Puyi, who resigned from the imperial regent, resigned power to yuan. After returning to his home, he said to Puyi's biological mother, "I can hold my child at home at the end of the day." Gu

solovehistory @ 2019/12/04

Watercress 8.5, a war movie that looks cool behind.

There are many films about the theme of World War II, but there are few films about German introspection and introspection about World War II. The absurd film "Hitler came back" in 2015 has made many people see the Germans' introspection and i

xjdfilm6688 @ 2019/12/04

Old neighborhoods are saved! Qinzhou's first local regulations on the protection of history and culture will come into effect next month.

In November 29th, a reporter from the South China Morning Post was informed by the press conference held by the Standing Committee of the Qinzhou Municipal People's Congress that the regulations on the protection of historical and cultural blocks in Q

ngzbnews @ 2019/12/01

The whip of God is broken down: this small town in the Southern Song Dynasty resisted the Mongolia army for 20 years.

Jin Yong's novel the divine carve is very famous when it comes to the end. Under the city of Xiangyang, the soldiers of song and Monggol were fighting, and the Mongolia Khan Mongol Leng was letting Yang Guo fly alive and killed. The Mongolia army was

solovehistory @ 2019/12/01

600 years of history: This is the right way to open up the great the Imperial Palace.

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude" signing account, comment on topic area. How do you see the 600 year history of the Imperial Palace? In the past two years, the Imperial Palace suddenly became the pronoun of "explodin

lengpaolishi @ 2019/12/01

Xu Ben: why the British monarchy can turn around peacefully, but France has erupted violent revolution?

In the first half of the eighteenth Century, the British limited monarchy and the freedom of the British were envied and hoped for by European enlightenment. The praise of Britain by volte and Montesquieu is the result of the comparison between Britain

ipress @ 2019/12/01

"Net red" is the biggest misunderstanding of the 600 year old the Imperial Palace.

In the past two years, the Imperial Palace suddenly became the pronoun of "exploding money". Kangxi Yong Zheng's expression bag, sold out of the the Imperial Palace lipstick, and round the Royal cat... The Imperial Palace will be 600 years old

asef15 @ 2019/12/01

The small western countries were dedicated to 1 fierce animals in the Ming Dynasty, and more than 700 sheep were to be eaten in 1 years. The minister suggested that he should starve to death.

To some extent, ancient Chinese history is also a history of the relationship between the Central Plains farming civilization and its nomadic civilization. No matter which dynasty, there will be inextricably linked with nomadic tribes and small countries.

shejian2china @ 2019/11/30

Grieved! Go all the way!

New China is hard won. We have to thank too much. Today, the hero is one of them. I regret to recognize you in this way. He is the last Red Army soldier of the Ministry of national security. He is a warrior born and killed on the covert battlefront. He ha

anhui908 @ 2019/11/30

The Northern Song Dynasty male god writer, someone praised him for literary fairy medicine, and some people called him love arsenic.

Wen / small bulb source: cherry and small light bulb (iamcherry2016) Gu Mo he is the first dream lover in Northern Song Dynasty. Male god, writer, super IP, new scientist, gossip King... For thousands of years, Su Shi praised him for having "Qu Yuan a

gumoshe @ 2019/11/30

"Farewell, Pu Jinhui!"

Pu Jinhui, former South Korean President, will be in prison for life. Whether the $five hundred million national compensation can make up for the injury of Park Geun hye is reported recently that Pu Jinhui will be acquitted and will receive a national com

JUNWUKU @ 2019/11/30

Bolt from the blue: Phocas rebellion subverting East Rome's national fortune

This account is NetEase News & NetEase's "attitude with each other". How do you see Byzantine decline and mutiny? As a reserve area of classical Rome, the Constantinople authorities in the East are miraculously extending the classic regime

lengpaolishi @ 2019/11/28

Why is Central Plains often attacked by nomads? A traitor, Shi Jing, knows something.

After the collapse of the Tang Dynasty, no one could inherit all its territory, because at the end of the Tang Dynasty, all the warlords took pride in themselves and separated from the other side, so when the Tang Dynasty disappeared, they began to fight,

sl3min @ 2019/11/28

Luoyang is too cattle! The twenty-four solar terms of "the world's legacy" originated from the Luohe River.

Has winter gone by the winter solstice? Luoning county Luo Ling Township Luoyang Tri Color international ceramic village (love and town) believe that on the winter solstice day, mother will remind you: "remember to eat dumplings, or freeze ears."

lywbqc @ 2019/11/28