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Jin Yinan shocked the speech: studying entrepreneurship with the Communist Party

The founding of new China, 70th anniversary, is also the last hundred years of the Chinese Communist Party's trials and hardships. Every step leaves traces. The history of yesterday is a reference for today. Professor Jin Yinan spent 2 hours to enumer

clc10001 @ 2019/10/14

Zeng Guofan: patience is a great necessity.

High is in tolerance, in good, nothing is arrogant and impetuosity, no struggle, no pride, no sadness when frustrated, arrogant people will lose, sad heart failure. Those who are fed up will become the first generation of the Huai army. The three talents

Djlbqz988 @ 2019/10/14

What good ending can we get from someone else's death?

1. The first living Buddha of Liangshan Po reads "the Water Margin". He loves Lin Chong and Lu Zhishen best. He also likes the first Wang Jin and his disciple Shijin. These four men are capable, sympathetic, loyal and open hearted. Wang Jin's

ipress @ 2019/10/14

Constellation easily moved after breaking up

Wulanchabu (Ulanqab), a city under the jurisdiction of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is located in the north of China and the central part of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The geographical coordinates are 39 degrees 37 '- 43 degrees 28

tianjinwanle @ 2019/10/14

Sima Yi's two words are enough for the workplace to last forever.

Sima Yi's life was no doubt successful. Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Quan were three big men fighting for the rest of their lives. There are opportunities, but more powerful. If we compare the Sima family to a wolf pack, Sima Yi is the wolf. There are two

sysw66888 @ 2019/10/14

Shaanxi is out of breath.

Author: founder of Wang Zhigang Chi Gang think tank: IC photo source: ID:zhenghedao is thick and heavy, is a synonym. There is no doubt that Shaanxi is the most profound place in China. And the people of Western Shaanxi are a group of people who are heavi

zhenghedao @ 2019/10/13

Teacher Bu Shixia: the battle of "Zuo Zhuan" and "gentleman is not seriously injured"

Bu Shixia, a research center of folklore and literature in Beijing Normal University, is not serious. Abstract: in the twenty-two years of Zuo Zhuan Xi Gong, there are two explanations for "gentlemen do not seriously hurt": one is "injuring th

zhanghuangguoxue @ 2019/10/13

Henan Museum: old and rare jade show

The Henan Provincial Museum is a state-level large modern comprehensive museum located in Zhengzhou City, Henan province. It is one of the national key Museums, and its predecessor is the Henan Provincial Museum. In the summer of 1923, Li Rui, a gentleman

yuqilaofashi @ 2019/10/13

Why did the first batch of international students in the late Qing Dynasty be forced to suspend their studies? Short historical records

In August 1872, 30 young children embark from Shanghai port to the United States. In the next three years, 1873, 1874 and 1875 each year, a group of 120 children (aged 10~16 years) went to the United States to study. The study year is limited to 15 years,

tengxun_lishi @ 2019/10/11

God rewards the diligence, rewards the good, rewards the humanity, and rewards the business.

"God's reward, diligence, reward, and reward" are the most classical expressions of Chinese traditional philosophy. He who gains his marrow can not only be alone but also help the world. The reward of heaven's reward is "Heaven's r

CQGL1588 @ 2019/10/11

Eight classical poems, reading Du Fu's life

Yu Qiuyu said: "there has never been a scholar in China, like Du Fu, using so many verses to tell the whole society, the position and form of suffering, the innocence and helplessness of those who suffer. In his writing, the bitter things, the bitter

zwzdbs @ 2019/10/11

Guan Chuanyuan Wang Chuanshan: the end of the anti Qing Dynasty and the end of Ming Dynasty.

First: Guan Shanyuan, the author of the supplement to the new daily telegraph in October 11th: the 400th anniversary day of Wang Chuanshan's birthday, he looked back at his legendary life. In the first half of his life, he passed through time and spac

xhmrdxwx @ 2019/10/11

From the theory of sleeping lion in China: take-off China, peace and lovely civilization

They are talented, intelligent and self respecting, and will never be enslaved by the British or any other Westerners for a long time. "Wake up lion" has become a symbol of awakening the nation, struggling to get rid of Western slavery and strivin

zgjjjcb @ 2019/10/11

The swallow does not know the ambition of the swan.

According to the author of the book, "Chen Shih Shih", a Tencent scholar, Chen Sheng once worked with others when he was young. Once he stopped farming and went to the highlands on the ridge. He sighed for a long time because he was disappointed.

ruxue_qq @ 2019/10/10

Mogao lectures! Mr. Wang Ning: Chinese characters are the cornerstone of Chinese culture.

Today, our Mogao Chinese character and traditional Chinese culture are officially spoken. Listen to your partner, you can read the bibliography. Let's read this article together with Ben meow in the ten lecture on Chinese characters and Chinese cultur

zhanghuangguoxue @ 2019/10/10

Chairman Mao asked, "who is the parent?" Is it an official or a people?

Before the national day of 1968, the Central Committee informed the CPC Central Committee and Chairman Mao to invite workers from all over the country to attend the National Day ceremony at Tiananmen, Beijing. Liaoning was then the major industrial provin

weiren-kc @ 2019/10/09

Red tide Shantou, the revolutionary cradle, the red gene of great Beishan forever spread.

For thousands of miles, Rongjiang is the jade belt. The great Beishan in Jiexi is a red land. It was the cradle of the Chaoshan revolutionary struggle during the domestic revolutionary war, the war of resistance against Japan and the war of liberation. Du

@ 2019/10/09

Kangxi and Qianlong flourishing years, China's lost 134 years

1 Kangxi, the grandfather of Qianlong, claimed to know science best among emperors of all dynasties. It is said that in order to understand human anatomy, he himself dissected a hibernating bear. He used to be a Belgian missionary Nan Huairen as his astro

solovehistory @ 2019/10/09

Why is Ahmadinejad called a poor protector? Because he has done a thing, so far loved by the people.

From the point of view of world history, as a leader or president of a country, it needs to represent the interests of the country as a whole. Its greatest aim is to make the country strong and the people rich. But in reality, the presidents of most count

hylszx188 @ 2019/10/09

[classics reading] Water Margin (first lecture)

Dear parents and children, Hello! Welcome to the parents' home to read the small classroom. This period we read the masterpiece is "Water Margin". Today's first lecture: the outline of the author and content of the outlaws of the marsh. Th

jiaxiaoxue100 @ 2019/10/09