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Neck, shoulder, waist and leg pain, do not think that carry on the past, the consequences may be unexpected.

Do you often have lumbago, leg pain, shoulder pain and neck pain? Head, dare not turn! Waist, dare not twist! Legs, dare not bend! How serious is it? It's not enough to lie in bed or move into hospital. It's not serious. This joint is painful. It&

Fitness88868 @ 2019/10/22

Global cancer burden report: you have 1/4 chance of cancer! Cancer academician summed up 4 "cancer prevention"

Recently, the Journal of the American Medical Association published the latest global cancer burden report. It analyzed the incidence, mortality and disability adjusted life years of 29 major types of cancer in 195 countries. The report shows that in almo

LT0385 @ 2019/10/22

Traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, treats diseases and prevents diseases. 5 practical diet formulas are taken according to needs.

October 22nd is the world traditional medicine day. Chinese medicine, as a cultural treasure of the Chinese nation, has gained widespread attention and application in recent years. Now, Chinese medicine has been used not only for curing diseases but also

shiyitangzhongyi @ 2019/10/22

What is the role of statins in the treatment of liver diseases? Expert Perspective

Yesterday, Xiaobian reported a study on the safety of statins in the treatment of patients with cirrhosis (simvastatin combined with Li Fu Xi Ming in the treatment of decompensated cirrhosis.) how safe is it? What is the optimal dose? (2) research progres

medlive-hepatology @ 2019/10/22

It's a mistake to wash vegetables. Vegetables change to "poisonous dishes". Remember these good ways to remove farm residues.

As we all know, vegetables and fruits can provide the human body with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The dietary guidelines for Chinese residents suggest that 300 to 500g vegetables and 200 to 350g fruit should be eaten daily. However, although v

jtys1983 @ 2019/10/22

People who do household chores earn money again! Even mop the floor can reduce the risk of death.

Who will do housework? To solve this first Century problem, countless partners fight for wisdom: guessing game, spoiled, throwing dice... In fact, doing housework is a good habit to prevent diseases and keep healthy. A new study by Suny Buffalo reminds th

LT0385 @ 2019/10/22

The national regulation has come! We should investigate these behaviors strictly, and emphasize the lifelong prohibition.

In October 17th, the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the State Administration of market supervision and administration and the State Drug Administration jointly held a press conference. Since ancient times, medicine has not separated from home, and th

preintell @ 2019/10/22

Below, "Puff puff" out of embarrassment! Women are too hard.

Do not want to miss the health knowledge of little nine? Click on the top right corner of the menu, choose "set star", we will be there! Sisters! Good Monday! On Monday, when we chatted, what kind of gynecologic problems could we remember to tell

health39net @ 2019/10/22

The real life of a prospective father is known to all sperm.

If you are a boy who likes to stay up late to eat junk food, do not like sports, overweight, smoking, drinking, and mental stress, your life trajectory will be remembered by your sperm, and then passed on to your child, are you afraid of it? Over the past

jkb1931 @ 2019/10/22

Laziness indicates your lack of energy. Hair loss indicates your blood deficiency.

First, it will be ill and ill after all. Popularly speaking, "empty" indicates that the body is short of vital qi. "Healthy qi is stored inside, evil can not be dried up". Only when the body is vigorous, can external defense be strengthene

yss691 @ 2019/10/22

The world recognized healthy lifestyle, benefit from life! Everyone should see it!

The best time for Internet is what time to do what is most appropriate and most conducive to health. Do you know the best time in everyday life? 01 the best time for mouthwash and brushing is 3 minutes after meals, because the bacteria in the mouth begin

werasee @ 2019/10/22

Regular infusion is not necessary! Some drugs increase creatinine! 3 common sense of medicine, every kidney friend is worth seeing!

The following questions are often asked questions about the kidney line, and many misunderstandings about the use of nephrology are summarized. These 3 important questions about common sense of medicine are welcome to everyone who needs to know. The safet

shensx2016 @ 2019/10/22

Have you ever seen diabetes patients suffering from frequent urination, urgency of urination and thickening of bladder wall?

Authors: Yang Jinfeng, Niu Ying and Xu Cuiping patients in the Department of ultrasound in Yingshang People's Hospital: type 1 diabetes mellitus with frequency of urination, urgency of urination and incontinent urine, male, 29 years old, diagnosed typ

dingxiangwang @ 2019/10/22

Diabetic kidney injury often occurs in silence, do these 4 points, away from the kidney crisis! [Xinmin health]

Diabetes related chronic kidney disease has become the leading cause of chronic kidney disease in China. An article published in the new England Journal of medicine "changes in the spectrum of chronic kidney disease in China" has sounded the alarm

xinminhealth @ 2019/10/22

The elderly keep in mind, remember 4 prime time moves here can also be health care!

People's health is all for the sake of people's health and for the happiness of the people. When entering the old age, many people's physical quality is not as good as before. Therefore, it is more important for the old to learn to keep fit. T

rmwjkpd @ 2019/10/22

Do acne, dysmenorrhea and mammary gland hyperplasia disappear after birth?

In China, giving birth to children is a magical thing. Apart from importing household products, it can solve many problems, including treating some diseases. In adolescent puberty, young women obsessed with acne often receive good advice from some elders:

jieshengpo120 @ 2019/10/22

Focus: why not many hospitals for gallbladder removal?

In recent years, the importance of gallbladder and the concept of gallbladder preservation have been gradually understood. However, when cholelithiasis patients were looking for some hospitals with strong technical strength to seek gallbladder preservatio

bjzsyyjkzx @ 2019/10/22

The 40 year old sister's intestines are full of "leopard print" because they eat this for a long time. Experts: don't trust health products!

Ms. Ho, who is 40 years old (a pseudonym), is a beauty lady. Besides shopping, she is interested in buying health care products for beauty and beauty. She has an intestinal health product. She bought a lot of times, saying that she went to the toilet to b

zjol-health @ 2019/10/21

[weight] the list of experts on the national influenza treatment expert group has been released.

Recently, the national health and Health Committee established the national influenza treatment expert group. The main responsibility of the expert group is to provide policy advice and technical support to the national influenza health care work entruste

jkxwfxb @ 2019/10/21

The fourth Shandong vascular surgery Symposium and 2019 Shandong vascular Congress successfully convened

"Inheritance, development, innovation and win win" is bright and golden autumn. In October 19th, Ji'nan, a beautiful historic and cultural city, was hosted by the Shandong Provincial Medical Association, the vascular surgery branch of the Shan

@ 2019/10/21