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After the winter solstice

The winter solstice is one of the most important solar terms in health studies, mainly because of the "winter solstice and Yang birth". In ancient China, the winter solstice was designated as the month of the year, that is, the beginning of a year

ezhensuo @ 2019/12/23

Who do diabetes like to hang around? (H5)

Who do diabetes like to hang around? (H5) - - Dr. Lanting medical health science Dr. 1866 tie Ma recommended how to avoid all kinds of pits on the road of diabetes prevention and treatment. Have you noticed the yellow light signal before the red light of

XHBKP2014 @ 2019/12/23

The latest announcement of the national health and Health Committee: medical staff Title Evaluation, bonus subsidy, and more assessment requirements!

HAOYISHENG lead is not punished according to the requirement. Recently, the general office of the national health and Health Commission issued the notice of the general office of the national health and Health Commission on further improving the selection

HYS980151516 @ 2019/12/23

The eyes are swollen and the scalp is ulcerated. Be careful! Many people loved to do this year ago.

The woman greeted the new year with her hair dyed, but her eyes swelled into a line. In the past week, more than 20 patients with hair dye allergy were treated in Department of Dermatology, Wuhan central hospital. "Does hair dye cause cancer?" Thi

nbtv967890 @ 2019/12/23

Academician Sun Yan, 90 years old, told me 10 cancer prevention wisdom and ninth to do it at once!

Introduce chief physician, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. He graduated from Yanjing University in 1951 and received his doctorate degree from Concord Medical College in 1956. Renowned in medical science and technology at home and abroad, i

zhongshanbajie @ 2019/12/23

Some people are alive, but the knee is dead. The 10 bad habit of joint life is the overwhelming majority of people!

Conclusion: as a doctor, it is a great charity to take the initiative to promote scientific knowledge and to advise everyone to avoid detours and avoid tragedies. This is also the first time that three fax has been upheld so far, and I hope I can help mor

sanjiachuanzhen @ 2019/12/23

Why more and more patients?

All the significance of early detection lies in the effect of follow-up interventions. If there is no effective follow-up intervention, the diagnosis of this part of patients is futile. Why is the "patient" more and more Wen / Tang Jinling hair in

chinanewsweekly @ 2019/12/23

How can early detection of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis occur?

Many patients know that chronic hepatitis B infection has hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer trilogy. Once cirrhosis occurs, it means that the progression of chronic hepatitis B disease is developing to a very serious level, and its prognosis is significa

ganbos @ 2019/12/23

Three high "10 high" patients can not do the most things! Otherwise, more medicine will be white.

For patients with high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia, lifestyle adjustment is very important. If life is not done well, eating more drugs may not be effective. Ten things that hypertension patients can not do: 1 drink strong tea 2 drink

spbcdc @ 2019/12/23

Precise targeting of rare RET mutations, this new drug is expected to bring treatment changes.

In the past two years, with the approval of three "unlimited cancer" therapies by the US FDA, human cancer therapy has entered a new era of precise targeting of "targeting cancer" into "targeting specific genes". As one of the impo

WuXiAppTecChina @ 2019/12/23

10 kinds of bad habits that most harm your body must be stopped.

Brand promotion, cooperation, please add WeChat (or QQ):214091783 source: Confucianism wind ID:rufengdajia, Chinese medicine, said: "Yang Qi, if the day and the day, lose its place, then life is not clear," raising life is actually Yang Yang. Mode

jiaolianjishu8 @ 2019/12/23

After the winter solstice, this regimen is healthy.

After the winter solstice, the climate has entered the coldest stage, that is, people often say "enter nine". Since the winter solstice, the number nine is nine days, which is divided into 99 days and eighty-one days. The 39 is the days when the w

zykxymzb @ 2019/12/23

When the child gets a cold and has a fever, what has he been doing after that cough? Let's finish with radish in winter.

Recently, there are many children who have caught the flu in the outpatient clinic, and many of them are very feverish. But the cough is not good enough. The child's dry cough occasionally has a bit of phlegm. At the same time, the Yellow child is eas

wuwenzhongyi @ 2019/12/23

Dialysis hypotension is an important risk factor for severe limb ischemia in hemodialysis patients.

Patients often ask why during the dialysis process, they use the non thermal spectrum to take care of their hands and feet. Some hospitals are also supporting the use of Lang Ting Quan in the dialysis process feet. Last week, BMC nephrology published a &#

TX4001899800 @ 2019/12/23

Polycystic girls: understand it and love yourself.

10% of women of childbearing age will be affected by POCS. 90% of women with less or amenorrhea may be POCS. 50%PCOS patients are obese. It can also increase the risk of insulin resistance by 2.48 times, increase the risk of diabetes by 4.43 times, and in

sbdfckys @ 2019/12/23

The 21 year old guy burst his heart and was taken out of 10 thrombus. The doctors couldn't believe it!

Night travel patrolling! If you have news clues, you can dial 045182898289 or leave a message or send your photos and videos directly to the WeChat public address. You are also welcome to join the family of "night air patting". WeChat search yehan

yehang82898289 @ 2019/12/23

The winter solstice is the shortest day of the day. A bowl of "angelica, Astragalus and mutton soup" is warm and warm.

The twenty-four solar terms are the creation of Chinese poetic dwelling. In 2019, life times (WeChat's internal search "LT0385" can be concerned) launched a series of planning "twenty-four solar terms soup", in the soup soup water, tas

LT0385 @ 2019/12/23

Practicing medicine for 68 years, 98 years old Chinese medicine: health, but the main road to Jane! Want health and longevity? No trouble at all.

Recently, two "health experts" who had just passed the year of fate died. Many people are thinking about a question: what kind of regimen is the real regimen? Of course, this topic is too subtle, no one can give it an accurate definition. Therefor

YANGSHENG-CN @ 2019/12/23

Some American adults are not aware of any symptoms of myocardial infarction.

Although the mortality rate of hospitalized patients with myocardial infarction (MI) is decreasing, patients with myocardial infarction continue to delay admission. A large number of patients die before admission. A key aspect of reducing myocardial infar

@ 2019/12/23

A 39 year old doctor died of a sudden illness.

It is a pity that a young doctor has fallen like this. Shi Jun, a 39 year old oncologist, broke the disease. Although the hospital organized a rescue effort, he still failed to save his life. On the evening of December 21st, the Gaoxian People's Hospi

yixuejiezazhi @ 2019/12/23