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Look forward to it! The reference value of related items for elderly people in China will be released as soon as possible.

The results of the multi center and big data analysis of the elderly population in China will receive more and more attention in the field of geriatric medicine. Appropriate laboratory examination is an important means of monitoring, early warning and dia

DDM-labmed @ 2020/05/27

When a man goes to the toilet, he fainted, and the result is cerebral hemorrhage. Doctor: this kind of people should be especially vigilant.

A lot of people will be nervous when it comes to big things. But when someone comes to the toilet, he will faint. He is 36 years old. Mr. Zhao, who is troubled by Changsha this year, is 36 years old. He began to faint in the toilet when he was urinating t

zjol-health @ 2020/05/27

One thing in summer, let the blood vessels break down, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, sudden death. It's all about it. Don't do it!

In the summer, due to the accelerated metabolism of the human body, the relatively reduced blood supply to the heart and brain will aggravate the hypoxic and ischemic reaction. Coupled with low air pressure, massive sweating, loss of body fluid and blocke

sybaike @ 2020/05/27

How to meet the inflection point of cardiovascular disease? These experts gathered together to talk about new ideas of prevention and control.

People's health, all for the sake of people's health, and all for the happiness of the people, recently held by the people's network and people's health, the 2020 "two healthy Chinese" series round table forum was held. Since 2016,

rmwjkpd @ 2020/05/26

Is vegetarian easy to reduce blood sugar? To tell you the truth, these 2 kinds of vegetarian diets increase sugar faster than meat.

Diet control is a very important part of diabetes treatment. In fact, in the final analysis, it is necessary to control the total daily calories. This has also led to many diabetes patients who believe that if they are vegetarian, they can control their b

tangniaobingluntan @ 2020/05/26

Relationship between social relationships and cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality

Those who are isolated from society are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attack or stroke) than those who are socially integrated. 40%. The data of 4316 individuals (mean age 59.1 years) who were recruited to participate i

gh_fee8090d3c77 @ 2020/05/26

Sweating more in summer and drinking salt soda? Don't forget to limit salt in diabetic nephropathy.

Summer is coming and sweating frequently. Some people like to drink some salt water to supplement the lost water and salt. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the common complications of diabetes. After many of the friends got the disease, high protein diet wa

jkcfzk @ 2020/05/26

[experience] talk about the feeling of vitiligo after 1 and a half months.

From Yuxi, Yunnan, Ms. Zhang shared: vitiligo on the back of my hand was caused by a trauma. It has been for many years now and has not been very sensitive to phototherapy, so the treatment has not been much improved. Melanoma cells were cultured in April

bdf-120 @ 2020/05/26

An important reminder for doctors: don't ruin your kidneys in summer because of a small diet. There have been many strokes.

With the gradual increase of summer temperature, more and more patients with foodborne diarrhea are receiving out-patient clinics in the hospital, so they even enter the intensive care unit. Partners on the kidneys, listen to the important reminder of the

shensx2016 @ 2020/05/26

The two sessions will focus on the reform of disease prevention and control system.

At 19:00 on May 26, 2020, the online symposium on "click healthy China" will be convened by the Health Press, health China and China Health magazine. The theme of the online meeting is "reforming the path of disease prevention and control syst

jkb1931 @ 2020/05/26

Heavy file release, private Chinese medicine development usher in an unprecedented good! (full text of policy)

In May 25th, the Shanghai municipal Party committee and the municipal government issued the "Implementation Opinions on promoting the inheritance and innovation development of traditional Chinese medicine". The "opinions" made 25 detailed

hxyjwcom @ 2020/05/26

Is it possible to have kidney stones without urination? I knew I would have a good physical examination.

A person who is frightened by "kidney stones" raises a small hand.

baikmy @ 2020/05/26

Summer cold dishes, stewed vegetables hidden trouble? Expert: match it to eat, protect you tasty worry free.

Nagaki Kajiangkang: in the streets full of life in Shanghai, you can often see all kinds of shops selling brine, spicy duck neck, chicken feet, roast chicken, stewed beef, cold peanut, Yuba, kelp silk... Just think about it, saliva has begun to secrete un

kangfuzazhi @ 2020/05/26

Summary of high score: primary biliary cholangitis (PBC)

Primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) is an autoimmune liver disease characterized by cholestasis and biliary fibrosis. Its lesions are caused by immune mediated bile duct injury and may eventually develop into cirrhosis. Although the prevalence of PBC is low

medlive-hepatology @ 2020/05/26

What is the compliance of schizophrenia patients? A gold standard based meta analysis research express

This study may be the first meta analysis based on the golden standard of electronic compliance monitoring (EAM) to explore the compliance of schizophrenic patients. The results showed that when adherence was regarded as a continuous variable, the complia

medlive-psychiatry @ 2020/05/26

Newest! The last 1 new crown patients were discharged from Liaoning, and all cases in Shenyang and Jilin were cured.

At 14 hours in May 25th, the Sixth People's Hospital of Shenyang and the new type of coronavirus pneumonia in Liaoning province concentrated on the treatment of the Shenyang center, and another confirmed case of the new crown pneumonia was cured and d

xbf_23186688 @ 2020/05/26

A large number of two hospitals are in trouble. Experts recommended transformation

At present, there are generally two or less hospitals in China, such as fewer patients, insufficient workload and benefit bias. The source of medicine is to see the medical profession (ID:vistamed) clicking the blue word above and paying close attention t

vistamed @ 2020/05/26

The two sessions represent heavy voices. Violent injury to a doctor is a crime, a "medical attack" and a "attack on the police".

The introduction of effective prevention of violent medical injuries has once again become the focus of attention of NPC deputies and CPPCC members. During the two sessions of the National People's Congress in 2020, Cai Weiping, director of the Nation

huayiwang91 @ 2020/05/26

Do not eat the VS of patchouli Zheng Qi liquid.

Summer is coming, and the medicine of patchouli is rising. In clinic, we often encounter patients asking whether it is the same as "Huo Xiang Zheng Qi" and "Xiang Xiang Zheng Qi". Although the name is very similar, there are two totally di

gh_6179f6a944e0 @ 2020/05/26

Regardless of cost, how much is the cost of rescuing new crown pneumonia patients? He counted the accounts.

Chen Jingyu, the deputy to the National People's Congress and vice president of Wuxi Municipal People's Hospital, is the top lung transplant expert in China and is known as the first lung transplant person in China. In the past few months, Chen Ji

cctvnewscenter @ 2020/05/26