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A quiet way of speaking.

There are always two "quiet sisters" in "the elder sister riding the wind and waves", which can be called hot search manufacturing machine. This time, let's not mention another sister Jing. The hot search made by tranquility alone can&

mr_kira_xoxo @ 2020/07/11

It's going to explode! Ex wife running with the ball, he and the head change baby do it?

Do you remember Yu Na's childhood? A few days ago, a netizen ran into Yu Na and found that she was no longer what she remembered. Yu Na, who was born in 81, is also 39 years old this year. Judging from the birth chart, the overall maintenance is good.

fcwm520 @ 2020/07/11

Stand still! Friends premiered at 8:00 tonight, happy family helps 32 new people grow up

National variety show "happy camp" this summer Innovation Limited work, special planning "stand firm! Friends will "open the examination" in advance at 8:00 this evening. 32 variety shows from Haixi media, Hesong media, Jiaxing media,

happychina1997 @ 2020/07/11

After six years of separation, Zhang Han rarely said: "goodbye, Zheng Shuang"

Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han are reunited? Recently, the media revealed that Zheng Shuang and Zhang Han entered the same hotel one after another, which caused a heated discussion on the Internet. Their CP fans shout that spring is coming again. Because they

isslash @ 2020/07/11

I want to sing a song for you

Sing a folk song to the party. My mother and I taught me a song. Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China. My motherland and I can't be separated for a moment. Looking back on the past and cherishing the happiness of today's life,

musicradio2002 @ 2020/07/11

What's the secret of "the rules of" except for those who know the secret

It's not an excuse. ——I don't want to talk to you today. "The elder sister who rides the wind and waves" is popular in half of the microblog. Even tranquility said that at the beginning of the program, I thought it was about to "pinch&

renliziyuanguanli @ 2020/07/11

Did he use the demons to disintegrate the Dharma? Did he want to die with his colleagues?

Today's joy comes from Tong Zhuo's Micro blog. This studio, which was established after Tong Zhuo's farewell to the entertainment industry, has been blogging frequently since last night. The most intensive one is one in five minutes. It is ful

mengdamingbai @ 2020/07/11

Compared with Chen Jianbin's hard match with Li Yitong, the double label operation of domestic drama "love forgetting" is more suffocating

The original content of jialingjie6 is prohibited to be reproduced without permission. Please email 18310230939 @ for reprint and cooperation. Welcome to share this article with friends. Recently, there is a domestic drama, which has caused seriou

jialingjie6 @ 2020/07/11

"It's nice to laugh" Liu Wei's words didn't agree, so she danced and blew up the whole audience. Tan Jian saw her parents encounter a "no lie" test for the first time

Today, at 20:10, a large-scale comedy creation show jointly produced by Hunan Satellite TV and happy media, Shuhua lactose free milk is about to broadcast its tenth program on Hunan Satellite TV. The second stage of the game is coming to an end, and the g

happychina1997 @ 2020/07/10

Tong Zhuo, a studio in xiaoku daily, questioned Zheng Yunlong's paper fraud and claimed that he was not a legal person

Tong Zhuo's studio called Zheng Yunlong late at night. In the early morning of July 10, Tong Zhuo's studio published an article revealing that Tong Zhuo would return to work, and called Zheng Yunlong again. He said that he would check the duplicat

yuletudou @ 2020/07/10

Playing bass like this at the age of 9, you'll never be short of girlfriends when you grow up!

It is said that bassist is the rarest peach blossom in the band. If you play it like this 9-year-old child, you will not lack a girlfriend when you grow up! I can't believe this little boy is only 9 years old! Looking at the flexible little fat hand s

allworldmusic @ 2020/07/10

For 20 years, the aesthetic of straight men in China is still Gao Yuanyuan

City Pictorial cityzine (ID: cityzine) the fifth tiger pounce goddess competition has come to an end. Gao Yuanyuan, who won the fourth runner up, defeated Li Qin, the black horse, by 27704 votes. Since the opening of the first competition in 2016, now it

YuLeKuaiBaoNews @ 2020/07/10

Without Li Xian's River God, can you really see it?

"River god 2" Douban finally opened, so far the score of 7.6, compared with the first quarter of 8.2 is indeed a little lower, but in my opinion, it is better than expected. Because "river god 2" from warm-up to broadcast, are deeply trapp

huihuofun @ 2020/07/10

What should I do if I didn't succeed in my early 30s and I didn't get married? Take a look at their lives in sister Lang

Click to see Meng Jia, Wang Feifei has been moving step by step since 2009. Editing hard is a beautiful thing in itself. The author / Yu Wei editor in chief / MI Niang's 10:00 video original "sister riding the wind and waves" is the latest iss

sdvideos @ 2020/07/10

Yang surpasses gnaws the spareribs, the fierce female eats the law to hit how many female star's face!

Zhang Yifan's debut in the 7th place made many people dissatisfied. Xu Yiyang, who had a beautiful face, was placed in the 8th place, and he was defeated. Everyone thinks that Zhang Yifan, who sings and dances in general, is the daughter of geese. Xu

funzui @ 2020/07/10

How popular was Yi Nengjing when he was attacked?

The other 10% of what you say about what happens in your life is made up of 10% of what happens to you What happened recently by Yi Nengjing is a good proof of this statement. After the topic of "Yituo", she became a character of C. It's just

yingshiqianyan @ 2020/07/10

The masculinity of "sister Lang" is also a kind of feminine beauty

"Sister" has become the key word in wenmoyi's "elder sister" this summer. We can see too many things from it, such as the beauty of the sisters, their love for the stage, their undisguised "want to win" heart, the calm attitude

IrisMagazine @ 2020/07/10

Let's have a look!

Today Xiaoqi will give you a big one! (you'll be happy after watching it!) I'm ready to meet you in the future The variety show gives you enough new joy. The first thing to come to daga is the long-awaited variety show Miss The9, and the entertain

iQIYI2010 @ 2020/07/10

From "husband and wife's world" to "Power Tour", there are always some people who can't avoid the curse of the unfinished ending

Please click on the video to watch the full content of this issue. Before the beginning of today's article, I would like to ask you to spend 3 seconds to help do one thing: 1. Click the blue word "four flavor poison uncle" at the top; 2. Go to

siweidushu @ 2020/07/10

20:00 pm on July 14

Twenty years old is an age that can't be explained to anyone in a word. The confusion of this age is gradually obtained through countless trials and errors and insistence. The youth inspirational growth drama "twenty is not confused" was annou

happychina1997 @ 2020/07/10