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These babies suck too much! These parents will teach better!

The beginning of the matter is very simple, a beautiful pig portraits from the network outflow, instantly hit the winter night surfing Xiaomei's heart, the speed of storage can be compared with the love beans in winter and the United States. Although

yulechaichuanjie @ 2019/12/09

Huang Zitao also escaped the online star Jay Chou, too fast to express it, like a tornado!

Huang Zitao, a famous boy in the entertainment circle. Before Huang Zitao persuaded the fans to be rational and star catching, he was hit online. After all, no one escaped Jay Chou. It's too fast to speak, like a tornado! Huang Zitao said on the progr

hzjc5566 @ 2019/12/09

For the first time, I would like to watch domestic meat producers.

Not long ago, the Zhang Yishan version of Lu Ding Ji will be released in 2020. Well, another Wei Xiaobao is about to come out. Sir saw this news, many faces flashed before, Tony Leung, Stephen Chow, Li Xiaofei, Jordan Chan, Dicky Cheung, Huang Xiaoming...

dushetv @ 2019/12/09

Gao Yixiang fell for 17 minutes before he was rescued? Jam Hsiao told us the truth of the program. No wonder he missed the gold rescue.

In the face of Gao Yixiang's death, Zhejiang satellite TV made a voice of three degrees, and the two statements in front of him were rather indignant. The third statement, the head of Zhejiang satellite TV, claimed that all the evidence at the scene h

shenyebagua @ 2019/12/09

She broke the big secret inside the circle.

The entertainment industry is a job in front of the lens. The stars compete for resources in order to grab resources. On the two day, Shen Mengchen broke the news on the program. When she was filming, she was late. In the evening, the producer called and

ibajie2017 @ 2019/12/09

Koreans are crazy about this reality movie.

This year, a Korean reality theme film has just been announced, and it has raised a wave of public opinion in China, even allowing men and women to stand on the opposite side. Recently, the film has been released in South Korea. Indeed, it has gained the

youbudianying001 @ 2019/12/09

TFBOYS took the energy ball in the music festival, and came back with a wave of memories, killing and crying.

In December 8th, the TMEA Music Festival was held in Macao. Many guests were invited to this event, and the most notable one was TFBOYS. In the past two years, with the development of the three members of TFBOYS, the number of them has been few and far be

ouxiangshuo @ 2019/12/09

"Tucao conference" said to "come true", so "Zhen Zi Dan" is coming.

Donnie Yen spoke at Tucao conference. Kam took this Talk King. During his performance, there were moments when Donnie Yen was not able to understand the meaning of each sentence because of the speed of speech, but he laughed very much like everyone else.

new-weekly @ 2019/12/09

"Day day up" Wang Yi Bo Su Yin played "mattress" Shen Mengchen became "old" overnight.

When online shopping is becoming more and more popular, have your parents joined the online shopping corps? At 22:00 this evening, Hunan TV's "day to day" "Mom and dad shopping cart" hot box! Xu Lu, Ai Phu Jani and Wu Yi came to the ho

happychina1997 @ 2019/12/09

What is the most popular fabric in this winter?

New programs are opening up again. In addition to "Kangihand" every Saturday 12:00-14:00 continue to broadcast, the new program is in motion 101 (FM 101.7) launched "101 love fashion", the time is 20:00-21:00 per Saturday! Remember to list

mr_kira_xoxo @ 2019/12/09

In those years, the combinations we had pursued were in today's "masked singing, guess and guess".

In retrospect, there are always a few music combinations that are full of our youth, accompanied by singing and growing up with us. The process of composition is very pure. Sometimes, when listening to a song, fans will start to repeat their albums. If th

JSBC-JSTV @ 2019/12/09

63 years old? He said, 36 years old, some people believe it.

Editor: Ah Mei saw "Tucao assembly" last night and found a star who ate antiseptic. Ray Lui, 63 years old, dare you believe it? I thought I was only 36 years old. (using exaggerated modifiers here) is more than half a year younger than peers. No a

juziyule @ 2019/12/09

Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi took the lead in the annual TV drama actor and actress.

After 7 days of hot hitting the list, the entertainment white paper annual ceremony is launched. Let's congratulate the champion, Satan, the winner of the annual TV drama actor, Yang Zi won the annual TV drama actress champion, congratulations to the

txent @ 2019/12/09

Lang Lang was crumble, Deng Chao was ridiculed by the whole network: Sun Li and Gina, who is the biggest winner?

Source: the creative society ID:ichuangyi991 Lang Lang has collapsed. Since June this year, Lang Lang, who has married Bai Fu Mei, has been criticized for many times. Just because he was photographed empty handed at the airport and did not take the initia

ylstucao @ 2019/12/08

TFBOYS, Chen Linong, Meng Meiqi and other stars attended the Tencent entertainment festival; Cai Xukun and Xu Weizhou attended the closing ceremony of the Hainan Island International Film Festival.

Chinese star one day important journey summary 20191208ai love Dou bean Ni de Zhui Xing Xing Yu Yu n garden activity 01 Tencent music entertainment grand ceremony held in Macao, TFBOYS, Chen Linong, Meng Meiqi and other stars to attend the Hainan Island I

idolAPP @ 2019/12/08

As the first South Korean ancestor to open the activity in China, the love bean combination, they are now...

In the past two years, many of the first generation of the Korean wave of love beans and singers have carried out stage activities in different ways after many years. This reminds Xiaobian of the New Radiancy Group, a popular idol of the past generation.

hanguome2day @ 2019/12/08

For more than 30 years, it was Donnie Yen's most wanted action.

The "Tucao conference" has done four seasons. The main restaurant has more than 30 guests, hundreds of guests. What kind of characters have not seen in the entertainment circle? Tang Guoqiang, the old artist Fan Er, went farther and farther away o

tanziyule @ 2019/12/08

CCTV strongest presided over the day regiment.

To talk about the most popular variety show CCTV's host contest, there must be a place from the contestants to the judges, and then to the commented guests. They are carrying guns, witty words, and strict logic. They are praised by the netizens as the

cctvnewscenter @ 2019/12/08

Sunday's nine popular stars

1 before the first big flower, he was drunk by HK's elder brother. The photos were found on the Internet. The big flower and the elder brother were very open, and there was a big kiss on the big brother's face. However, although two people had an

bbaqds @ 2019/12/08

Baby business people set up a complete failure, was Huang Xiaoming's forces silent kill, turn around hopeless!

Although the baby at the end of the year, the Daqing grand ceremony, was full of clothes, the clothes were gorgeous, the people were beautiful enough and the topics were enough. It seemed that there was still a touch of beauty. But compared with the past,

gifssss @ 2019/12/08