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Huang Xiaoming: knowing that there are tigers in the mountains,

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jialingjie6 @ 2020/04/06

To go to a draft show is not necessarily a friend.

Since the reunion of the Red Mansion drama group of art life, all kinds of programs have not been creative enough to be reunited, some of them are in tears, some are at a loss, and at the end, they are filled with emotion. Think of it only in a project te

mengdamingbai @ 2020/04/06

How does the marketing of "yellowish long skirt" circle and "youth have you 2" go to the "spectacle" of mass carnival?

First, I do not know what I mean. As early as March 12th, when the day came, it was learned that this year the public market of the idol show market would be "more and more enchanting". Most of them were worried about whether the 300 girls in the

yuledujiaoshou @ 2020/04/06

Bob Dylon's new song is just in time.

The past may be the best guide for the future. Although all the tours in Japan in April had to be cancelled because of the epidemic, Bob Dylon still compensated the fans in a more pleasant way. On the afternoon of March 27th, Beijing, Bob Dylon announced

wepingwest @ 2020/04/05

Front facing? Xinyi Zhang and many other actresses were angry at Li Jing late at night. The real reason was speechless.

On the evening of March 30th, Xinyi Zhang, Lou Yi Xiao and Jin Chen suddenly delivered their papers on the personal social platform. Qi Qi AI host Li Jing said Li Jing wanted to dig up their own materials, and threatened to "find opportunities and mee

baguayuletoutiao @ 2020/04/04

The tour group took the first "victory" of the band in the singer.

Last night, "the year when the singer was playing" ended the ninth phase of the competition. It may be that although this season introduced the surprise attack system, but the initial elimination rate was not high, the program group suddenly annou

Rock-Heaven @ 2020/04/04

"The temple is not the Begonia red" broadcast so far, this drama is not the explosive works.

This article was originally created by Lusheng, the star fan group. Before the broadcast of the TV drama "temples not Begonia red" without permission, many people viewed the play from the stills and publicity. They all felt that the play would bec

QQstarfans @ 2020/04/04

I've been exposed to 89 boyfriends and I've been sexually harassed: the humble women are miserable.

Source: good girl is brilliant. Id:laoyaohuibaofu, who can't envy Taylor Swift? She is beautiful, good figure, rich, talented, and successful. Even the men who have fallen in love with her are all the best. All the girls dreamed of, she had it. Using

huazhuang_nvwang @ 2020/04/04

Zhong Chuxi and foreign boyfriends in the past Hotel intimate exposure, the man's face is not lost, gossip boyfriend Li Xian

On the evening of April 2nd, a well-known media broke out the intimate photos of Zhong Chuxi and his foreign boyfriends, which attracted many netizens' attention. First of all, the media exposed Zhong Chuxi to take a picture taken in the hotel. From t

ylbg2599 @ 2020/04/04

Won't you listen to the "home Divine Comedy" of poke?

Yesterday, the new Take Yourself Home was launched on QQ music. The song was co authored by JE and Oscar G o rres and Tayla Parx. By noon, the comment volume of this song had broken through 3.5W. While praising the cover modeling, many listeners also

qqmusic @ 2020/04/04

Chan's first net play must be seen at her.

Recently, domestic theaters have been in a state of stagnation. You can only kill time by killing time. Fortunately, the domestic drama has been very frequent. No, last night, another blockbuster new drama, "Chenghua fourteen years" Xiaobian also

gitv520 @ 2020/04/03

Why did A Jiao let Edison Chan take a picture instead of stopping it now?

Why did A Jiao let Edison Chan take a picture instead of stopping it? Now it is finally clear that Edison Chan is married and has children. But when he first took part in the X shooting incident, even though it has been going on for many years, it will st

jyj011 @ 2020/04/03

Lang Lang wife Gina collapsed? Is it simple or too cruel?

Pillow reading, click blue, and pay close attention to our author: Platycodon grandiflorum source: Pillow reading (ID:xinyuboss) 1 since Lang Lang joined the program, Gina has been constantly praised, but recently word of mouth has turned the trend. The r

fashion_icon @ 2020/04/02

"Please listen to your friends," Sheenah sent Zhang Jie's "wonderful flower" gift to laugh.

The original voice interaction with the reality show "good friends please listen to" is hot. Today (April 2nd) 22 points will be on the fourth phase of Hunan satellite TV. In the program, "three real fires" warm reunion, Sheenah exposes Zh

happychina1997 @ 2020/04/02

Don't argue, Jia Lingcai is the ten player.

Jia Ling, a magical woman. As early as two months ago, the public's impression of her was still on the queen of comedy, her Comedian with funny physique, and the Spring Festival Gala, Jia Ling, who began to perform the hot search of her mother. But yo

cypuzi @ 2020/04/02

Yang Mi Wei Dun, micro-blog official Xuan formally married?

Wei Daxun finally caught up with his idol Yang Mi for 13 years. Recently, some media photographed Yang Mi and Wei Daxun living in the same hotel. They deliberately avoided the camera one by one, without following the assistant. Until the second morning, W

baguayuletoutiao @ 2020/04/02

Forced marriage failure! Another pair of sweet siblings love be?

The latest episode of my daughter has been honored again. I can't remember that this is the first time that I have changed my guest. In the latest program, Kan Qingzi has been replaced for a long time. Compared with other guests who are being Tucao, K

fcwm520 @ 2020/04/02

The gods sing, they are always tested!

Recently, he has opened the Internet hot search list, and many netizens are also Commenting on Amway's favorite idol. Then, follow the little editor to feel their classic cover up. 01 in May, the song "not for whom" was written by Axin X monst

qqmusic @ 2020/04/02

Lu Han Wu Yifan co operated with song, Starbucks and Rui Xing to pay the bill? Live long!

This April Fool's Day is doomed to be extraordinary. Everyone is waiting for Luo Yonghao's live broadcast at 8 in the evening. The crowd said, "it's too fake, the next time is really compiled," and the voice of "weak and weak"

weiguanggao @ 2020/04/02

17 years, why do we still miss Leslie Cheung?

"I would like to commemorate Leslie Cheung who left us for 17 years." April 1st is April Fool's day. It should be the day when people laugh. But since 2003, there has been a lot of sadness on this day - brother Leslie Cheung died. On this day,

hibienao @ 2020/04/02