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Rich and deep! Bea Hayden's premarital checkup has many diseases that will affect his children. Samukai Ta's reaction is totally different.

Since Jacky Heung and Bea Hayden's public love affair, the two have been tied up in different kinds of art. Now, whenever you have a variety of lovers, you will find that these two figures are very similar to those in the entertainment circle. Recently, t

yanyizhoukan2013 @ 2019/08/23

After listening to these inspirational songs, I brush ten sets of questions in one breath.

Xiao Teng is my friend. Many of you know this. But I didn't expect him to be more red than me. Do you take a look at this message? So I didn't put it out to him and put a mosaic on his fans. Though he pleaded repeatedly. It is very convenient for contempo

tengyuangaokao @ 2019/08/23

On strong plot, big layout and good structure of TV play

The structure of TV play refers to the way of story construction. What kind of way a screenwriter adopts to build his own story depends on his understanding of the story and the determination of product goals. (1) the story layout story attracts audiences

dianyingzhipianren @ 2019/08/22

Unexpectedly, it became the highest childhood drama with the highest reproducing voice.

There is a topic of conversation on the Internet recently. What kind of TV play do you want to replay in your mind? A Divine Comedy came up unexpectedly. Remember a line that had been burning for a long time? "Before I exert myself, you fall down." This s

wangyixinwen163 @ 2019/08/22

Where does the adult version of "daddy go?" the mango new ensemble "all the way to you" is a fixed file.

The pioneer of pop music, My Radio, clicks on the blue word and focuses on the homemade jam, mango table, and a new homemade ensemble. However, it is not the same thing that the five groups of stars and daughters invited to the group will go to four diffe

yinyueyouhuashuo @ 2019/08/21

Like daughter two like sun Ya Ya Che, I like 8 times at a time.

You are all in love with your daughter. Let me hold on to that girl two. COCO has come to update the new drama. Have you read the "raging military academy"? Kai oppa's face is really good. After watching a few episodes, COCO discovered that not all the dr

cosmochina @ 2019/08/21

Hu Ge, a stubborn man, refreshed my awareness of the stars again.

Hu Ge got hot again, this time because of his eloquence. At the thirteenth FIRST youth film exhibition the other day, Hu Ge was temporarily appointed as the host as a guest, giving a very good opening speech. He shaved off his moustache for more than a mo

hgmall @ 2019/08/21

SM women's group returned to mediocre, Bighit earned 200 billion. Do SM have a sense of crisis?

I don't know if my partners remember that yesterday was the day of Red Velvet's return. After the song came out, some people could arrive at get, while others could not hear it at all. But the overall evaluation did not make much progress compared with th

hanjushe6 @ 2019/08/21

NCT DREAM open youth vitality pictorial; Red Velvet "Umpah Umpah" has won iTunes in 36 countries and regions of the world.

NCT DREAM open youth vitality pictorial, NCT DREAM, 6 person 6 color charm pictorial open! Transformed into the hero of the novel! The perfect appearance attracts the eyes. "The most important thing is to repay the fans." NCT DREAM is a young pictorial. N

idolAPP @ 2019/08/21

Let go of the children! The kid is only 8 years old. He has smiled and wrinkled. Arale is sensible but makes people feel bad.

You may not know his name Gavin Thomas, but you must have seen this face. The smirk boy quickly fired at home and abroad with his "professional smirk". Just 8 years old, he has got the peak of his "career" in China, and the announcement has been busy with

yanyizhoukan2013 @ 2019/08/21

Huang Jingyu? Chen Yao? Small stuff?

Q: Huang Jingyu? Nowadays, after the introduction of the mainstream aesthetic by the pink circle culture, the flow of entertainers, yin and Xiao meat, sprang up like mushrooms. But later, because of the so-called traffic for film and television drama, the

CommentBrother @ 2019/08/21

3 in case of Zhang Eason Chan concert tickets?

Eason Chan's red house Sao, the first day to sell the first day, the highest ticket price has been sold to nearly 30 thousand? Although the news of the 30 thousand votes sounds too exaggerated, but the opening of the ticketing network, the minimum price o

gdyuechaozhan @ 2019/08/21

In Hongkong, I watched a concert by Joey Yung.

If the flood is running, the information about Hongkong is dazzling. The position of news is numerous, and the accompanying interpretation is unavoidable. Many doctors who have been in prison for many years have brought out equipment to give Hongkong a pu

ipress @ 2019/08/21

The star pushes the list unprecedentedly fiercely: Wang Yuan Li now has two billion broken records.

The seventh weeks after the launch of the star show that they are really surging and surging. Congratulations to Wang Yuan, who has won the championship with a super high score of over 173 million heat. Lee also followed the 160 million hot push to win th

txent @ 2019/08/19

All wounds in love are cured by Stefanie Sun.

Stefanie Sun was 41 years old. 19 years ago, her first album of the same name was released. At that time, she wore short hair, wore a vest, was thin, with clean eyes, and a real smile, like every energetic girl in her youth. The difference is, "there is n

wangyixinwen163 @ 2019/08/19

Liu Yifei? Li Yifeng? Small stuff?

Q: Liu Yifei? After receiving the Hollywood film "Mulan" from the Hollywood, many of the advertisers sought to cooperate with her, because the Internet fever of the theme is still acceptable. Recently, some of the team members have left their posts, so th

CommentBrother @ 2019/08/19

"The rest of life, please enlighten," the official official declared, Yang Zi and Xiao war deduce sweet love.

"Please enlighten me for the rest of your life"! When the official micro message was released, the topic instantly boarded the top of micro-blog's hot search list, and we knew how much we expected for the play and the starring lineup. This summer, Yang Zi

xunyeestar @ 2019/08/19

When Billy grew up, someone became Spiderman, and some became prince.

The latest Spiderman movie, Spiderman: the heroic expedition, is starred by "Tom Holland" (Tom Holland, Holland). It is a hot end of the hero's expedition. In the play, the younger brother of Holland took over the iron man's mantle and regained his role a

Imuhou @ 2019/08/19

Shaping the most successful female two, even if the outcome is still a heart to heart.

Wen, who was originally created by the star fan group, can not be reproduced without permission. The female two in the movie and TV play is usually poisonous and black. All kinds of feelings that destroy the hero and heroine are extremely offensive. But t

QQstarfans @ 2019/08/18

It never occurred to me that watching the news broadcast one day was even better than the chase drama.

What is unexpected is that in recent years, even the pet industry has been driven by this wave of singletons. The so-called: you have children and two, I have cats and dogs. What is unexpected is that in recent years, even the pet industry has been driven

globalpeople2006 @ 2019/08/18