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A good example of "face to eat" is car silver excellent.

In the Internet age, plain face has almost become a test that artists can not escape. After all, in front of the "microscope" netizens, photo peeling is normal. If your old photo or plain face is not widely circulated, it can only explain one thin

mr_kira_xoxo @ 2019/10/17

Music is always heard.

Editor: Zhang Guan looks back at Vol.653 music in the past. Why not listen to the young music early? Why Vol.652 music listen to the rainbow arcs Vol.651 music early listen to the alley youth.

musicradio2002 @ 2019/10/17

"How is your stomach changed?"

(today's fitness song recommendation, one mouth is attracted to ~) Hello, Hello everyone! I am a pretty girl. (anyway, I believe in myself.) Speaking of beautiful girls, who do you think of first in your mind? I believe everyone has an answer in his h

JS00005 @ 2019/10/17

In the distance, Ma Yili was laughed at by the group: I am old, so what?

Middle school classroom learning essential (massive learning resources) attention to the author: kapok sister source: ID:mumianshuo (1) recently, after Ma Yili divorced, the first TV drama "in the distance" is hot. Acting as a female college stude

zhongxue100 @ 2019/10/17

The life of misunderstood "Shirley"

Author: Xiao Zuo source: iiidaily. Shirley is dead. On the two floor of his home, the suicide of hanging above ended his short life. What makes a girl who is called a little princess will choose to end her life at such an age. I found the answer in her IN

yilinzazhi @ 2019/10/17

Has Stephen Chow made a will? Cecilia Cheung three will get all the inheritance? Official voice and rumor

Cecilia Cheung has been able to win the red and purple. Stephen Chow has made her achievements. Because of the special relationship between two people, teachers and friends, after Cecilia Cheung admitted that he had three sons, many people suspected Steph

bg7576 @ 2019/10/16

Who will pay attention to the psychological state of entertainers in the death of Shirley?

"A person produces negative emotions. If he can not be released, the negative energy will turn around and attack himself. There are no third ways. " Recently, Shirley, a 25 year old Korean artist, was confirmed dead. After preliminary investigatio

Imuhou @ 2019/10/16

Whose cheese did she stir?

Yesterday, Shirley committed suicide. The peach peaches were always left at the age of 25. They could not help but sigh about the suicide. There are mainly two kinds of statements on the Internet, two of depression and conspiracy theory. There are two kin

YuLeKuaiBaoNews @ 2019/10/16

Goodbye, Shirley, "do what you want to do in that world."

14, according to Korean media reports, Shirley (formerly known as Cui truth) broker on the evening of 13 and Shirley made the final call, then no longer contact Shirley. On the afternoon of 14, the agent went to Shirley's residence and found him dead

hanguome2day @ 2019/10/16

Plagiarism for 10 years, "love apartment 5" will you see it?

As early as 17 years, there was a constant announcement that "love apartment 5" has been filmed. Netizens were divided, resolute, and expecting to return. However, none of them will affect the official record of the play in 18 August, and this yea

baguashushu @ 2019/10/16

Dream 1985: Beatles copyright fell into his hands. Madonna's wedding was besieged by paparazzi.

As mentioned in the first paragraph, 80s is the golden age of music, and the most famous one should be the Live Aid, an African charity concert. We are also glad that guns and roses can survive in a car crash, leaving us with so many classic works. This a

Rock-Heaven @ 2019/10/16

(Mirror headlines) will also break out of the tribute film: moving with emotion, but also based on reality.

Wen |kaola the strongest national day has come to an end, and in the drama market, the tribute is still continuing. Beginning in August, in order to celebrate the 70th anniversary founding of new China, the 100 day broadcast has begun. As the anti Crime D

yusanpang2015 @ 2019/10/16

Hot spot "song of five rings" has been accused of infringement. Yue Yunpeng's name is on fire.

After the movie "pancake man" was released, Yue Yunpeng, MCHotdog's chorus of the movie "five rings" has been popular. However, the film production Fang Wan film and television media Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Wanda"

zuowensucai @ 2019/10/15

Reappearance of God Acting! Will he seal the gods from now on?

This year's National Day is a thing of the past. Although there are many good films released, the three most important circles are "my motherland and I", "captain of China" and "climber". Word of mouth may not have been achieve

gitv520 @ 2019/10/15

Liu Shishi? Liu Yifei? Small stuff?

Q: Liu Shishi? Liu Shishi has been particularly interested in her fashion resources since her comeback. Her agent recently greeted several public relations brands. These brands now have activities to put Liu Shishi on the first choice list, which is all t

CommentBrother @ 2019/10/15

The fifth season of love apartment is coming!

The fifth season of love apartment is finally coming. The fourth season ended abruptly, leaving many viewers with regret. Is Hu Yifei ever with Xiao Lan? Is there any pregnancy in Mega? These are all announced in the fifth quarter trailers, and the audien

baxingren888 @ 2019/10/15

Another official's announcement! Wei Chen, 33, is successful. The woman is a college student who has been in contact with us for many years.

The entertainment circle has also announced a happy event to the officials. Yes, the 33 year old male singer Wei Chen. At zero o'clock in October 15th, Wei Chenfa micro-blog "Yes, I do", and drying out the seabed marriage video. Video can be s

yule127 @ 2019/10/15

What did Li Xiaolu do when he disappeared?

Q: what psychological qualities do you need to survive in the entertainment industry? Ma Su gave a demonstration recently. A few days ago, Ma Su made a short video on the jitter, and the content was nothing special. It didn't attract much attention, b

dsgz2019 @ 2019/10/15

Shirley left. Why did 25 year old life end abruptly?

Up till now, I still can't believe that, who likes to dye her hair in a variety of colors, dare to openly announce the girl's "No Bra freedom" in the program. Shirley, who is always smiling in the picture, let her life stop at the best 25

qqfashioncom @ 2019/10/15

The death of Shirley declassified! Is there any secret behind it?

The micro-blog server collapsed again, which really startled the sky. What was the big surprise? Careful search, it really makes people sigh, Shirley died... Before the empty air dispatch, the police have ended the investigation and evidence collection ag

big322 @ 2019/10/15