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"The boy said": Xinjiang Meng baby brother and sister dance to the courage, Chen Ming marveled at the three sisters of learning hegemony.

Last week, the teenager said Macao's return to the 20th anniversary special program was broadcast in the mainland and Macao through Hunan satellite TV, Macao lotus TV, Hunan international channel and mango TV international version APP. The program rec

happychina1997 @ 2019/12/23

Bosco Wong, who has split his legs for 6 times in 7 years, can not change the stink of flower heart in his whole life?

The 8 wind exposes interesting / chatting / chatting girlfriend. The reality story of the entertainment circle is really much better than that of the TV drama. This time the Eight Diagrams male actor is the TVB goddess of dew. Bosco Wong, yesterday, the H

entifengvip @ 2019/12/23

Connotation of Chen Yao's marital derailment, being scolded by Xiao San's Yifei Tang in the back pot man?

Speaking of Yifei Tang, many people are not really familiar with it. She has appeared in the drama of war and even in the days of career development. She chose to marry Ling Xiaosu and return to her family. Now she is the mother of the child. At that time

baguayuletoutiao @ 2019/12/23

Dissatisfied with Hong Kong opera, people say it's not good. TVB gold medals are separated for 16 years.

TVB, the Taiwanese Opera "the multifunctional wife" is on the hit. Chen Baohua, who has written many gold medals for the TVB TV series, has recently returned to the Hong Kong opera in 16 years. The producer of the multifunctional wife has attracte

tvbjps01 @ 2019/12/23

In the past few months, the "private sleeping AI bean" incident brought out a new melon.

I don't know if you still remember the story of micro-blog's hot September "Japanese A actor's private rejection after cosmetic surgery to catch up with B male stars". Making dragons and Hashimoto Ryo is the protagonist of the story. T

cj10141234 @ 2019/12/23

Soft rice man, being eavesdropped and finally married to a man? Li Xiaoran's love story is good.

Recently, "a celebration of the Qing Dynasty" a big fire, many starring were caught in the "ride", active in the hot. Li Xiaoran, who played the long princess in Qingyu year two days ago, was praised by netizens for his good skin condition

baguashushu @ 2019/12/23

The scene of the wedding was exploded about P video.

Late at night, in an apartment. Several friends who met from high school are holding a classmate party. Except for the usual practice of getting together, this time it's a little different. One of their friends, pure son, is going to get married. A fe

meijutvb @ 2019/12/23

Baoqiang Wang wrapped up in the late night, and went to Ma Rong's house to pick up his son. Ma Rong shouted, "you will come in a big way!"

Recently, some media photographed Baoqiang Wang appeared. On the same day, Baoqiang Wang wrapped tightly, not only in big cotton clothes, knitted caps and masks, but also scarves. Baoqiang Wang's three floors outside the three floor looked a bit myste

shenyebagua @ 2019/12/23

Listen to music Open down

Editor: Zhang Mian reviews Vol.717 music in the past, listens to snow white, you Vol.716 music listens early, borrows me Vol.715 music to listen early, the heart has a distance.

musicradio2002 @ 2019/12/23

Yang Mi and Wei Daxun add a new hammer. Why do female stars love men more and more?

To know the latest developments and participation in the offline activities of Jie Yi, eemoviekf06, who is so special, how can I be disappointed? At 9:30 a.m. every day, Yi Jie is waiting for you to add a stone hammer to her sister Zhou Guiyi, Yang Mi, We

eemovie @ 2019/12/23

Zhao Qi: I hope "adventure life" can knock out some walls.

After the first season of "adventure life", the score of 9.2 was the highest in 2018. Zhao Qi is the chief director, and this is his first variety show. Prior to that, Zhao Qi was the producer of the documentary "return train", "hammer

renwumag1980 @ 2019/12/23

Bosco Wong split the leg.

On the 22 day, according to Hong Kong media, Bosco Wong, the actor and actress, stepped on two boats, and Chen Jiaheng, who was also an actor, was in love with honey and honey. When you were young, I didn't expect my girlfriend Zhang Sha Sha to "c

bg7576 @ 2019/12/23

Since the onset of mental illness, the whole population has become more energetic.

A man who has seen the truth and has never seen such a silly man. Foolish, just stay in the suspense drama of Han Han, can not help people doubt whether the man can live to the last episode. Here is the suspense comedy, the psychopathic diary, which is mo

yulechaichuanjie @ 2019/12/23

Yiwei Zhou responded to Zhu Dan's embarrassment and was scolded by 10 million people. "My wife is disgraced. What does it matter to me?"

Zhu Dan has always been a very good professional host in my eyes since she started "I love lyrics". Recently, however, she has frequently searched hot, mainly in the two parties. In the COSMO fashion beauty ceremony, Zhang Lina was called Zhou Lin

huazhuang_nvwang @ 2019/12/23

Carnival is not NG! This music festival in Xiamen is wonderful. Let's have a look.

Everyone hurried over to see this year's year-end grand ceremony! Fine! Color! Now! In the evening of December 21st, more than one thousand teachers and students gathered together to attend the "music covenant" of the theme of "youth prelu

xiamenribao @ 2019/12/23

"Masked singing will guess and guess" tonight, Yang Di will be sung by fans to show his love.

The 11 phase of the program, accompanied by nearly three months, dozens of outstanding singers, Jiangsu satellite TV "masked singing will guess guess" tonight will usher in the ending of the battle - "the night of the grand ceremony". On t

JSBC-JSTV @ 2019/12/23

Does candy Quixote Wu Lei feel handsome?

New programs are opening up again. In addition to "Kangihand" every Saturday 12:00-14:00 continue to broadcast, the new program is in motion 101 (FM 101.7) launched "101 love fashion", the time is 20:00-21:00 per Saturday! Remember to list

mr_kira_xoxo @ 2019/12/23

Wang Yibo's "up to the day" and "domineering" speech Wang Ju Cao Lu "date" every day brother

At 22:00 this evening, Jin Sha, Wang Ju, Cao Lu, Xing Yue, Zhang He and Wang Jiayu went to Hunan satellite TV to "go up day by day". Together with "everyday brothers", they explored the secret of being single, and experienced the novelty o

happychina1997 @ 2019/12/23

18 years old peak suicide, leaving behind a bunch of mysterious stories. Is this sweet female idol a human face curse?

The 8 wind is interesting / interesting / interesting / interesting. I wonder if you have seen the horror movie "the curse" series, which is known as the first national vote in Japan. Baidu encyclopedia's explanation of "Curse" is the

entifengvip @ 2019/12/23

Wang Yuan and Gloria Tang beat the stars to push the list of singer singers. Congratulations!

After 7 days of hot hitting the list, Tencent entertainment white paper annual celebration X star pushed the list of singers. Congratulations to the champion, Wang Yuan and Gloria Tang won the champion of men and women in the singers respectively. Congrat

txent @ 2019/12/22