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Sneak VR game "Espire 1:VR Operative" get started: fun but not enough.

Hi188 E3, editor of the sneak VR game "Espire 1:VR Operative" published on this year, has been officially launched not long ago. As a FPS shooting game, this action is naturally concerned by many netizens. Let's take a look at the following. B

qingtinwang @ 2019/12/15

The most dung fighting game in 1994, how to rely on human connections to land on the SNK platform [chief executive chatting on arcade 14]

Ladies and gentlemen, good weekend. This is the president. Yes, we are going to start talking about arcade games again. It has been nine months since the last one, and many friends have greeted the president in the background. They have asked to listen to

yysaag @ 2019/12/15

To make dryness, ROG DAY fans Carnival set off the 2 era.

In December 14th, the Chongqing Tiandi high-end business district on the banks of the Jialing River in Chongqing, China, ushered in the "ROG DAY" Carnival activity with "2019 degrees of impatience". It was also the scene of a large-scale g

CQCPCW @ 2019/12/14

The beginning of returning to legend -- evaluation of "Halo: Zhiyuan star"

For many mainframe players, apart from services and performance, the exclusive content that the host can provide is one of the important references for them to purchase. Now, as one of the three host companies of Microsoft, Microsoft has made a lot of ach

play163 @ 2019/12/14

Fengyi's edict ushered in the prediction of second new skin S18 heroes.

The S17 season is coming to an end. S18's new season's official skin burst has been confirmed as the chess game of chaos. Although the hero of the game star is very cold, but after seeing the special effects, he can't help playing the hero. Th

wzgank @ 2019/12/14

TapTap * COMICUP 25 super large linkage sweeping the whole field, depending on the liver or relying on Europe, you choose!

Two, please look over! Players please see this too! Passing... By the way, do you have a look? It's time for Carnival, TapTap Christmas season, open! On this year's CP25, the largest exhibition booth linkage is coming! 19 booths, 19 games! Christm

TapTap_Game @ 2019/12/14

S17 can not be ignored in the season, Sun Shangxiang, the great God attack.

Hello, Hello, everyone, I am: the king's post. Speaking of Sun Shangxiang, it is well deserved to be the son of the S16 season's version, and it's not a joke with a kid. But at the beginning of the S17 season, Sun Shangxiang faced a wave of we

wzry-zyb @ 2019/12/14

Nintendo Switch's experience in the World Bank: it's been a long time ago.

I am looking forward to it. I hope that the footsteps of winter are approaching, and the version of Switch is finally on sale. After the news that Tencent will surrogate Switch on the Internet, the players in mainland China are unable to sleep. As a world

cnmo2013 @ 2019/12/14

"Death Lap" breaks the VR racing car competition, the trap, guns, artillery all!

Can't keep up with the technology? Then let's do something hard! There are 1629 words and 10 diagrams in the main body. It is estimated that reading time is 5 minutes, and the racing game with intense excitement is always a project that players ar

VRPinea @ 2019/12/14

The news of the super strong anti armor is about to go online, the 50% injury bounce, and directly shoot the little Luban!

Hello hello! This is the strange guest king! Recently, near the end of the season, it will probably be a month away from the end of the S17 season. For the new heroes and new skins that will soon be launched on the new season, the weird guests have basica

djgk99 @ 2019/12/14

The wolf decapitated the TGA annual game award game.

In 2019, the TGA awards ceremony began in the morning of Beijing time in December 13th. I believe that many gamers and melon players were risking their classes and playing with mobile phones, and the risk of paying off their wages by watching fish at work

maxsun-2002 @ 2019/12/14

Oscar in the game world! "Wolf"! TGA game! DLC is hopeful! "Blood curse" regret finally perfect! Congratulations on Miyazaki British Gordon into the altar!

Yesterday, TGA2019 came to a successful conclusion. "Wolf: Shadow two degrees" has been running along before, and the heart of the club has been growing cooler. It's like returning to the live broadcast of the 2015 blood source. In the final a

steamcommunity @ 2019/12/14

Simulation battle weekly: Tanzania warriors are stable, and players are secretly happy.

Statistical time: December 10th -12 12, Hello, I am Picacho of canyon. I formally serve hundreds of salted fish. The simulation war has been on the king's official service for a long time. I don't know if you are familiar with the simulation game,

wzry-zyb @ 2019/12/14

Fist, is this going to happen? LOL new tour has just been released, it was simulated by players Tucao to imitate Blizzard and Nintendo.

Hello, everyone. This is a startled game. I am a frightened little brother. Speaking of the world's most famous "music production company" fist, we must not be strange. As a game company, it has released 412 singles and 173 albums in ten years

wxshouyou @ 2019/12/14

Microsoft announces Xbox Series X, AMD Zen2+ dragon, RDNA, supports 8K, 120 FPS!

Microsoft officially announced the next generation of Xbox, known as Xbox SeriesX. Microsoft shows this game machine on today's Game Awards. Xbox SeriesX looks more like a PC than the previous Xbox. The host is very compact, with a CD-ROM on the side,

cd_yofann @ 2019/12/14

Do not do IP "rich two generation", "Yin and Yang: hundred letter card" good?

In 2017, a "coming Kun card bar" went all over the river, so that countless players and NPC in the game "throw away the industry", enjoy this, and open an alternative way of product promotion. IP derived card game has also become a reliabl

GameLook_News @ 2019/12/14

Doinb becomes a LPL local player: he will spare no efforts to defend the glory.

On the evening of December 12, 2019, the FPX E-sports club announced the announcement that the single player Doinb became a local LPL player. The following is the screenshot of micro-blog Announcements: Doinb herself later said: for this moment, I fought

txgames @ 2019/12/14

In 2019, hand travel channels have been constantly changing: how can they change if they have low traffic and low conversion?

How does hard core alliance think about reform? Wen / dragon's heart, if we make a summary of the game industry in 2019, "warming up" may be one of the key words of the year. Despite the brutal market environment, the number of quality games t

youxiputao @ 2019/12/14

Your upcoming season's skin poster and Mongolian skin primer are coming!

Today, after the update of the king's glory experience dress, the new hero Meng Ying officially entered the experiential clothing test. Before it was introduced to everyone, Meng Chao was a Sagittarius hero, and Gatlin could take a wide range of guns

wangzhepai @ 2019/12/14

TGA 2019 awards ceremony ended: "Wolf: Shadow two degrees" won the annual game.

The TGA 2019 awards ceremony has come to a close. The annual game is taken by "Wolf: Shadow death two degrees". The following are the specific awards. Annual game: Winning: Wolf: Shadow death two degrees best action / adventure game: Winning: Wolf

sinagame2014 @ 2019/12/14