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Depth of the new round of game to sea, see Tencent NetEase how to fight!

In November, NetEase, the second largest game company in China, held a 2nd Anniversary line of thanks on its hand tour "wild action" in Japan. Nearly 1000 players celebrate the "wild action" in the exhibition hall of landmark building in T

caixintmt @ 2019/12/16

S18 optimization foresight: new rules hang up without stars, MVP enjoys exclusive display.

Hello, Hello, everyone, I am weird guest ~12.13's experience clothes not only adjusted the resources of heroes and wild areas, but also made a lot of adjustments to the reputation system, qualifying match and game room display. Today we will introduce

djgk99 @ 2019/12/16

Translation: how to design a level for platform games?

Diorgo Jonkers original address: link address in last article, I told you 11 tips for making interesting platform games. The article introduces the widely used game design. This article introduces in detail the process of designing the level for platform

indienova @ 2019/12/16

Striker glory adds new members! Mongolian online experience wear! Will four heroes adjust your hero?

The following are the events of the king, the time, yesterday, the experience, and the test. Did the students discover that this version, which is the glory of the shooter, has welcomed the second spring again? Since you can't beat it, then keep up wi

wzgank @ 2019/12/16

Switch and Xbox adaptive handles are selected for the ten best electronic products of 2010s.

Time magazine recently named the top ten electronic products in 2010s, and Switch and Xbox adaptive handles were selected. For Switch, Time magazine said: when it comes to games, there will be nothing beyond Nintendo's record since the 1989 low-key Ga

VGTIME2015 @ 2019/12/16

Deep integration of brand stars and hand tour of "Fantasy Westward Journey" & Zhang Yixing's new pattern of brewing linkage

Today, "Fantasy Westward Journey" hand in hand spokesperson Zhang Yixing released a new posters, posters from fashion photographer Chen manzhang mirror, created a dream of magic fairy new national wind blockbuster. Since last October, Zhang Yixing

GameTHK @ 2019/12/16

Five essential knowledge and detailed analysis of the king (phase 1)

It can be said that the operation and consciousness in the glory of the king can be strengthened through a large number of matches. But there is a lot of cold knowledge in the glory of kings. Even if you go through the battlefield, you may not be able to

wzry-zyb @ 2019/12/16

The glory of the king: after the AG super game will win the championship, the 5 benefits are good.

Wang glory KPL professional league 2019 autumn games in the attention of everyone finally fell to a curtain, AG super play and QGhappy war is also let everyone look at the hoarse, finally AG super play will be successfully won this long lost champion, the

yourenguanok @ 2019/12/16

Even a fierce man, playing this super cute little game will reveal the heart of a girl.

Lovely things are liked by everyone. I believe that even if some of my friends bear the reputation of straight steel, they will not be able to resist some of the sprouting things. For paper people, for meow stars, it's the same for games. Let's re

shoutanhanhua @ 2019/12/16

King glory: the 4 most recollection images, the novice knows nothing, but the old player has tears in his eyes.

After 4 years of development, the glory of the king has also undergone numerous updates. Although the game is becoming more and more perfect, renewal means gains and losses. Maybe a new hero and new skin will be on the update. Maybe some updates will dele

wangzhepai @ 2019/12/16

The name of Xbox Series X has been equivalent to the confirmation of multiple models.

One of the biggest surprises of this TGA is the appearance of next generation Xbox. Previously, the mysterious Xbox Scarlett officially met with you, showing the shape design, also officially named Xbox Series X (series X). From this name, we can almost c

sinagame2014 @ 2019/12/16

On line four days, ranking the top five of the best seller list. Will "Fantasy Westward Journey three dimensional version" become a bomb? Grape point of view

"Grape view" is a column that is launched every weekend. An interesting viewpoint is invited to discuss through an article. What is the height of this dream IP new product launched by NetEase? "Fantasy Westward Journey" after nearly 5 year

youxiputao @ 2019/12/16

Aura: collection of officers and men, IGN 9.5! Biochemistry 2 is now pleasantly surprised! TIFFA's wife! The 2OL of the wilderness is updated! Half life: Alyx cancelled!

"Half life: Alyx" TGA cancelled the exhibition. I remember that the TGA producer told the players half life: Alyx on twitter very interesting, but we did not see this work at the TGA awards ceremony. A few hours before the opening of TGA, V issued

steamcommunity @ 2019/12/15

What are your best games in the year? Asking for touches

The question and answer interactive column is launched every Sunday. Each issue raises a question to invite you to answer the interaction. If you have any good questions you want to see, you can also tell us in the background. Good readers! In the last is

chuappgame @ 2019/12/15

S18 look ahead: Six heroes adjust, experience gains from road confrontation, and wild areas usher in great changes.

Hello, Hello, everyone, I am a strange guest king ~12.13 late night King glory experience costume carried out a big update, this update is not only on-line new hero Meng, but also for six heroes, wild area and confrontation road environment optimization,

djgk99 @ 2019/12/15

AI playing the game of "eating chicken" will avoid navigation and help teammates. This is the Orion alpha of reinforcement learning training.

Heart of the machine report: Zhang Qian has eaten chicken Games many people have played, but have you ever met AI in it? Recently, Xishan residence is developing a chicken eating game called "glory sea". For this game, super parameter technology h

almosthuman2014 @ 2019/12/15

The "werewolf duel" opens the fourth test. Will the card network rely on this CCG to create the "War Within Three Kingdoms" peak?

When it comes to the travel card network, I believe that the first reaction of many friends will be War Within Three Kingdoms, which is a famous strategic card game. It is the witness and witness of the development of the domestic table tennis market. In

sykong_com @ 2019/12/15

Congratulations AG super play will win the 2019 KPL autumn championship, AG bull!

Beijing time 20:30 on December 14th, 2019 KPL autumn finals finals AG super play vs QGhappy battles the 5 game, finally AG super play will win the game by 4:1 score, congratulations AG super play will win the 2019 KPL autumn competition champion! AG super

wangzhepai @ 2019/12/15

"Hero League" on the road eco mage became the mainstream of the highest victory rate.

In traditional concepts, the list is usually AD fighters or front row meat shields. But in version 9.23, more and more mages are starting to take the road, and the road is relatively safe, and there are more single belt development time. Therefore, AP her

dcn-123456 @ 2019/12/15

After stopping the delivery

It is known that whenever I do not want to update, I will sacrifice my stop book and write down four big words to stop. But today when I want to do this thing, I suddenly thought of stopping it. I sent it on the last live broadcast. Drop! Now! The fan cam

unclehuige @ 2019/12/15