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S17 Canyon event, Na Zha winning rate of more than 60, shooters collective rise!

Before the S17 season was updated, countless players were waiting with anticipation, hoping that he could arrive early, so that his game experience could rise a lot, and the duo could also be improved, and the richness of the game also increased. But when

wzry-zyb @ 2019/10/21

This is the most important game advertisement I have ever seen.

"Big and big, you're an enlargement." How many people have been playing games with their little friends all night? This youth memory is so beautiful and unforgettable. "Why are you playing games again?" Is the game really more importan

ggtoutiao @ 2019/10/21

The income of players is 4 times that of F3 drivers. What is the attraction of foreign competitive car racing?

In the competitive arena, excellent performance often brings huge bonuses to the team. The S9 world finals of the League of heroes is on the high side. The race to catch up is also about inspirational and novel business stories. Although racing electric r

V_eSports @ 2019/10/21

Nearly 1 billion of the box office, known as the rise of the country's work, still can not afford to adapt the game.

This article is reprinted from ACGx. Even if we allow you, you can not reprint it. The title is adjusted by hand tour matrix. The game of "the return of the pilgrimage to the pilgrimage to the west" has been received by many domestic ACG lovers. T

shouyoujuzhen @ 2019/10/21

This game has been developed for 15 years, and the sale of Steam is hot.

There are pictures and truth, not an egg! Hello, everyone. Here is a good game every Monday. I am just surprised. When we come to the day of watching pictures and picking games, we don't talk much anymore. "Lost Castle": 91% of the domestic in

wxshouyou @ 2019/10/21

Ali game to push the new tour of Changan fantasy world, to attack the two yuan encounter the word of mouth landslide game line

Photo / Changan fantasy world / big pink 2019 the last three months is the time for new travel to get together. According to media statistics, there will be more than 100 hand tour plans on the line in the fourth quarter, and some companies with relativel

eplay520 @ 2019/10/21

The African boy coming out of the refugee camp realizes a life counter attack by a game.

Game headline micro signal: gametoutiao (long by copy) China's first consultative new media customization is your own media content introduction: great changes in life are earned by himself on a computer and a game. Radu Main, 24, is the president of

gametoutiao @ 2019/10/21

Lu Benwei is back! Former LOL professional player, he formed a DOTA2 team, but also turned the world champion.

Since Lu Benwei was banned from broadcasting, all kinds of grapevine news about Lu Benwei's repetition have happened over the past year. Lu Benwei, from time to time, forwarded on micro-blog and praised some positive energy content. It was also like a

gao7_com @ 2019/10/21

200 thousand times, the winning rate is less than 1%? Be careful! Your teammates may be man-machine in the new season.

Do you know why the event prevented you from playing volleyball in the new season? Especially in the first weekend of the new season, I have tried the water, the result is too bleak, in short, no matter what you play, you can not escape a word of "los

wzgank @ 2019/10/21

How do we play Halloween? BIOSTAR lets you enjoy the APEX hero.

Timed game mode is now more and more game manufacturers accustomed trick, although conventional, but players eat this set! After all, the game mode, reward and game art experience of time limited mode are different from normal ones. Recently, APEX hero an

BIOSTARCHINA @ 2019/10/21

Return to the game world: the return plan for disabled players

Let players become players. Mark Barrett (Mark Barlet) is a veterans. In his spare time every Friday, he often plays online games "endless Mission 2" with his friend Stephanie Walker (Stephanie Walker). They spend a happy time together. However, o

chuappgame @ 2019/10/21

On the first day of his S17, he died, and the second day was cold. And the strength of the 13888 heroes exceeds the standard. Sooner or later, they are cut.

Hello hello, everyone, this is the strange guest king! After the opening of the new season 17, many changes have taken place in the environment of the canyon, and the most direct way is the change of shunting. After the update, the hero also experienced s

djgk99 @ 2019/10/20

Steam welfare weekend! True Three Kingdoms series new history low! The new Gospel of cat lovers! In the killing space, the start-up company is a prison architect. You must not miss it!

The honorable "true and Three Kingdoms matchless" series launched an ex gratia event on Steam. The latest series of works, "real and Three Kingdoms 8," 50 percent off offers, including the "true Three Kingdoms unparalleled 7", whic

steamcommunity @ 2019/10/20

No console after PS 5 and X Box 2?

Editor of the left bank editor Qin Qin source: understand notes, "temporarily do not consider, now the hands of PS4 Pro and Switch are very comfortable. Looking at the future of new products in the future, let's wait and see for a while, especiall

dongdong_note @ 2019/10/20

365 days later, RNG still did not escape the curse, but this year they really tried their best.

A year ago, they reached the decisive match, but they didn't get through it. A year later, they were once again faced with the life and death bureau which was related to the number of places. However, they still did not go over the ridge. Coincidental

txsports @ 2019/10/20

After I got through this game, I wrote an apology letter to Keanu Reeves.

Dear Mr. K: Hello! I am a Chinese movie fan. The first time you saw your performance was the "speed of life and death" shown on TV. Although I was young, your handsome face still brought great shock to my young soul. Many of your works I like very

VGTIME2015 @ 2019/10/20

What excellent derivative games have you played? Asking for touches

The question and answer interactive column is launched every Sunday. Each issue raises a question to invite you to answer the interaction. If you have any good questions you want to see, you can also tell us in the background. Good readers! In the last is

chuappgame @ 2019/10/20

Broke the news! The king gorge has another heroine, a white haired and high cold princess!

After watching the reworked master Luban, does anyone think he has become garbage after redoing? Actually, no, he can play very well, but playing the same bad will also become a pit mate artifact. After all, he can send you to the other party in minutes.

wzgank @ 2019/10/20

The hero behind the call of duty -- saving a game with strength

Map / mission call is a very important milestone in the historical change of shooter game. From 03 years of call of duty to 18 years of mission call: black action 4, a total of 15 outstanding works have been made, each generation has its own characteristi

eplay520 @ 2019/10/19

The new season has turned wild into a wage earner, but he has the power of making the hegemony wild area.

Hello, Hello, everyone, this is the wage earner. In the past version, the field is cleared up the side of the wild monster, and then go online gank. Gank to pick up a wave line and clear up a wild monster, everything is gradual and natural. And in this ve

djgk99 @ 2019/10/19