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Experience dress Meng Tian dark change, secretly strengthened? Wuling Xian Jun optimization announced this week, ready to return?

Hello hello, everyone, this is the strange guest king! Yesterday evening, the official announcement of the king's glory was just a large hit scene. In the end, Meng Tian didn't go on line. The strange guest was beaten again. But it was good for th

djgk99 @ 2020/05/26

Steam "Detroit: change man" and so on three first exempt! The goddess 6 is released! This 18+ game is really exciting for three people interaction. The Holmes series is back to 21!

01Steam on the shelves "Detroit: changing people", "supernatural twins" and "rainstorm", STEAMDB shows three games from Quantic Dream: "Detroit: changing people", "supernatural twins" and "Torrential Rain" w

steamcommunity @ 2020/05/26

Fighting fish Quarterly Bulletin: profit nearly 300 million year-on-year increase of 741% against super tiger teeth

Lei Di net Lei Jianping reported May 26th game live platform fighting fish. NASDAQ:DOYU Today released its first quarter 2020 earnings report. According to the results of the report, the performance of the fighting fish in this season exceeded expectation

touchweb @ 2020/05/26

Why do humans need MOD?

I believe that playing games basically knows what is called MOD, that is, the simple three letters, so that many of the games which are not very popular are turned into inexplicable and very playful Masterpieces (there is absolutely nothing to say about w

maxsun-2002 @ 2020/05/26

What has happened to the gaming industry abroad?

Recently, influenced by the new crown epidemic, many countries have developed a social isolation policy. People have to stay at home and spend more time playing games. But after the epidemic is controlled, can the gaming industry continue to maintain high

shouyoujuzhen @ 2020/05/26

OMG Guan Xuan LPL summer list

Source: OMG E-sports Club [2020 heroes league professional league (LPL) summer series OMG squad list]

txgames @ 2020/05/26

Does free sending games change your habit of buying and playing? Asking for touches

The question and answer interactive column is launched every Sunday. Each issue raises a question to invite you to answer the interaction. If you have any good questions you want to see, you can also tell us in the background. Good readers! In the last is

chuappgame @ 2020/05/24

The early assassin creed did not have a branch line task. The developers added it in five days.

We often hear some development secrets behind the games, some reveal little known insider, others are developers' Tucao, and the story behind the recent sub mission of the early assassin creed launched 13 years ago is even more wonderful. When answeri

VGTIME2015 @ 2020/05/24

King glory: Cheng Jin Jin - rabbit skin preview, which is the skin of a fierce man.

Speaking of the most Sao hero in the glory of the king, I believe that most of the players will first think of Cheng Jin Jin - love and justice. The green sling, the double axe and the sexy red lips of this skin make countless straight men unable to bear

wangzhepai @ 2020/05/24

Regiment war seven will not die if we enter and seven out, so we must play this game.

Recently, the hero of the mirror frequently boarded the KPL stage, which has become a new trend of the race. But a lot of small partners said that when playing with mirrors, it was often easy to "die". In order to solve this problem, Lao Si specia

wzgank @ 2020/05/24

Pascal contract begins with Android, "under one person" and "strange stories of strangers" online! New Trailer notice

After reading, I think Thursday and Friday are busy. On line notice Pascal contract date: Android launched in May 29th, the first offer price of 25 yuan (iOS has been online) game type: action tag: TapTap exclusive hard core high quality reservation numbe

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/24

QQ can finally be passed on to Jiabao! If you have no car and no room, leave a few game accounts to your son.

"What do I do with my QQ account after I die?" The "soul question" in the Internet age may now be able to find the answer. Besides QQ accounts, can game accounts be inherited? Because many netizens who love to play games have tens of thous

TechWeb @ 2020/05/24

The Western dream chaser, the player plays the book, needs to be surprised. The devil is directly in two directions. The last one but chose to give up?

At the end of the article, there is an opportunity to draw 100 point card Hello, everyone. Good evening duck. Today's protagonist has a need for tears. Her skills are still unawares. The French book Taishan, if you take a high magic heart, you can use

yzzyouxi @ 2020/05/24

"Bean man" 40th anniversary presents, NVIDIA uses AI to learn 50 thousand times to create "PAC-MAN".

In recent days, NVIDIA has announced that the 40th anniversary generation of the classic video game "PAC-MAN" will be transformed by using artificial intelligence (AI) to celebrate the arcade games. NVIDIA researchers trained a NVIDIA Gam in 50 th

MC-1981 @ 2020/05/23

What to play on weekends: a new work from loye company, Tim Burton's dark fairy tale

We recommend "ruin library", "Neversong", "comprehensive tank simulator", "snake bus" and "all love you". What to play on weekends is a weekly game recommendation from touch music editors. Every weekend, we will eac

chuappgame @ 2020/05/23

A person opens the plug, many people are called? The accelerator's BUG is even so stupid!

Recently, there are many players. That's when I was playing Valorant, because I used an accelerator. Resulting in the absence of a link to be labeled. What's going on here? The accelerator is certainly not strange. Some time ago, when the cloud to

gao7_com @ 2020/05/23

The Yellow tour you may have played has a series of interesting sequels.

You must remember that yellow, which was very popular a few years ago, is trying to turn the screen into yellow at every level. It is a wonderful and interesting way to kill the time. In fact, after this game there are sequels, also named after the latest

TapTap_Game @ 2020/05/23

Even in the universe, you can be an elite.

It was in the summer of 2006. In the advertisements of magic, sage, sonic and MMO games, I saw the poster of EVE Online national costume on the eve of starry night. In a vast expanse of Starry Sea, a silver warship with modern post-modern technology was s

yzzyouxi @ 2020/05/23

XR Intelligence: how can you open your favorite tune in Beat Saber in ten minutes?

Hello, everyone, welcome to the XR Intelligence Bureau. I believe that the little partners who like to play the VR rhythm game Beat Saber know that you can play some self-made checkpoints on them. Compared with the official checkpoints, you can find more

qingtinwang @ 2020/05/23

No injuries, consumption, no CD revival, "elevator flow", can you play?

The "elevator flow" system formed by the combination of Big Joe and the public sun was born in the KPL League, but only occasionally appeared in the high-end Bureau in the passer-by Bureau. Many small partners inquired about the system's play

wzgank @ 2020/05/23