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The legend of the hearth, the tavern and the chess: really play a more important role in the "self playing" game.

Rather than "hearsay legend" has launched a self run chess, it is better to say that the legend of hearthstone has given a new way of thinking. From the inside to the present, the most attractive part of the legend of the hearth is its special mod

chuappgame @ 2019/12/10

"Jedi can't survive"? "2077" limited host 100 thousand auction! TGA will announce 15 new trips! "Weird hunt" ice field achievement real clothes! Steam sales list!

Steam sales list last week, "aura: chief official collection", "wilderness big Bodyguard 2" landing Steam officially launched, two games also occupy the first and third place in the sales volume, VR equipment ranked second. Among them, 

steamcommunity @ 2019/12/09

Uzi lost the all star Solo Championship: it's awful. It's a little dizzy.

Source: Penguin little cat race Uzi micro-blog screenshot:

txgames @ 2019/12/09

Which family is stronger? Blast Angela to help you! Diamond Star Express train

Hello, Hello, everyone, gentlemen, I am the author of palm tour treasure: the era of electronic competition. In this era, we recommend a star wizard, the most powerful wizard, Angela. Hero: Angela is one of the few exploding heroes of the king Rong Yaozho

wzry-zyb @ 2019/12/09

The new RMB hero has been on the experience suit! During the Spring Festival, the time of skin lifting was confirmed. She welcomed the tenth continuous enhancement.

Hello, Hello, everyone, I am a weird guest ~12.6 experience dress for a small update, to Gen Gi Khan, Angela, Jiang Ziya, Ying Zheng four heroes have been adjusted. Then we'll see how it is adjusted. Hero adjusts Gen Gi Khan's strange guest analys

djgk99 @ 2019/12/09

In 10 days, you can play Xiao Zhan's endorsement of the new smile.

The perfect world game is the new generation of chivalry, a new generation of martial arts tour. It's a new look at the December 19th. Jin Yong authorized the whole story animation, the construction of stylistic Guofeng vision, classic professional co

youxixinwenlianbo @ 2019/12/09

"Heroes alliance" traditional AD road under the path of ecological worry, law, nuclear and road rise again

With the advent of the 9.23 version, a lot of armor piercing equipment has been added. This greatly improves the operational ability of physical assassins, making it difficult for Sagittarius heroes to survive in space. Therefore, the status of traditiona

dcn-123456 @ 2019/12/09

King glory: the fastest growing hero of the top bureau is born. The goddess of the sky shows Luna at third.

There are many matches in the glory of kings. But to say what competitions are the best, it is the KPL professional league. In this league, every hero has different functions. So let's take a look at the fastest growing heroes. TOP 5 Li Yuanfang fifth

yourenguanok @ 2019/12/09

This popcorn is cool. The audience is not so good.

Speaking of the brave game series, it is estimated that many people's childhood memories. The protagonists started a fantastic world adventure because of a magic flying chess. As the game goes on, all kinds of fierce animals begin to pour into the rea

biaojieyingping @ 2019/12/09

Development log: the birth of the Dyson ball project!

In the future, mankind will enter the advanced civilization, create the virtual world, and successfully transfer the consciousness. In order to ensure the operation of the virtual world, man made the first Dai son ball to provide energy for the supercompu

indienova @ 2019/12/09

How many records have been released in the first year of Nintendo?

Now, the sale of "SP" is just over 1st anniversary. Over the past year, "big fight SP" has caused a lot of impact in the game industry, but also won a full load of awards and honors. In addition to the award, SP has broken many video game

missdong09 @ 2019/12/09

Not the fighting fish, tiger teeth, the League of heroes, the exclusive broadcasting rights of the world finals, belong to B station.

The 2019 S9 final of the League of heroes has just come to a close. In December 3rd, media reports reported that the B station has won the exclusive broadcast copyright in the three years of the "League of heroes" finals in China at the price of 8

ds-focus @ 2019/12/08

Under what circumstances do you think playing games is like work? Asking for touches

The question and answer interactive column is launched every Sunday. Each issue raises a question to invite you to answer the interaction. If you have any good questions you want to see, you can also tell us in the background. Good readers! In the last is

chuappgame @ 2019/12/08

In the cold winter, come to these VR fitness games!

Winter is coming out of thick clothes, and is it far away from summer? There are 2072 words and 19 diagrams in the text. It is estimated that the reading time will be 7 minutes. As the temperature drops, the winter is coming. Every autumn and winter, with

VRPinea @ 2019/12/08

At the end of the match, he recommended two times, and now he was over qualified.

Hello hello, everyone, this is the strange guest king! According to the end of the game, the end of the game is about 1 and a half months from the end of the S17 season. The S17 season has also gone through several relatively large version changes and her

djgk99 @ 2019/12/08

Nintendo, which has sold more than 36 million Switch, opened its first flagship store in Tokyo.

Even if you don't play games, you should know the existence of TA. As of June 30, 2019, Switch has sold 36 million 870 thousand units worldwide. Nintendo, a Switch owned company, finally opened the first flagship store in Asia, Nintendo Tokyo, in Japa

new_shop_ @ 2019/12/08

The movie version of GTA? Cyberpunk 2077, the world map was picked up! M stands for the best game ranking in ten years! Envy! VR experience the flute of time! There is no sequel to the "Kent card&

Cyberpunk 2077 is not so small in the world map. The world map of cyberpunk 2077 has been divulging. Some people feel that the map looks small, but in fact this map should be very large. Reddit netizens observed the E3 2018 trial demo, and compared the le

steamcommunity @ 2019/12/08

This is the best way to reach the top. Certification 6 skills all red hit the book, what's the result?

Hello everyone good evening duck, today's protagonist is very fond of personality, with a bubble to find the anchor to want to put in a book, this attack capital looks comfortable, and the result is? Let's have a look. This bubble is highly qualif

yzzyouxi @ 2019/12/08

The "hero" road of young players

A red carpet, a full dress teenager, a busy fan... If not understood in advance, it might be considered a grand fashion festival. As a matter of fact, this is the first All-Star banquet of the players of the China competition arena heroes League, the LPL

esquirecn @ 2019/12/08

GameRes November hand travel replay: 422 game tests, domestic Galgame dawn to come again?

According to the data collected by GameRes, the number of game testing products has come to a slight outbreak in November 2019. A total of 460 publicly announced new travel test information has been collected from the GameRes database. After eliminating m

GameRes_youziwang @ 2019/12/08