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Report, this man opened the physics plug-in!

One one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one, one. As we all know, Owen doesn't like wearing masks

USAKIrving @ 2020/07/11

Review of Marvel iron man VR

This game is provided by Sony interactive. The descriptions and opinions contained in the evaluation only represent the subjective opinions of the reviewers. The actual experience of the game varies from person to person. Compared with the super popularit

VGTIME2015 @ 2020/07/11

How much can a 30 minute press conference reveal? Touch music

The 2020 taptap game conference is probably the most efficient mobile game industry conference this year. I still remember that in 2015, an offline press conference involving more than 20 games usually took three or four hours. This year, even if the pres

chuappgame @ 2020/07/11

Dream journey to the West mysterious information film to watch first! When the new mount appears, the picture of summoned beast becomes a bright spot. Will baby wake up again?

Hello everyone, good evening duck. With the arrival of the summer vacation, the new materials of dream journey to the West will be met with you soon. At 19:30 on July 13, a new information film will be released at the brand conference of dream journey to

yzzyouxi @ 2020/07/11

Time magic? Why are more and more games "Reviving" on steam

Recently, the author was surprised to find that EA returned to steam's quality effect: Andromeda's evaluation in the store page quietly exceeded the special praise, and came to the 80 point file. Under the evaluation of store page, many people exp

GameTHK @ 2020/07/11

Want to be Nintendo?

Taptap game launch, "Nintendo in the future? Last night, taptap held a game Conference for the first time. The video conference was only 30 minutes, but the battle was quite luxurious: 17 products from Xinxin, Tencent, giant, MIHA you, Yedao, Chuang M

youxiputao @ 2020/07/11

The new season these mages strengthen collectively, or will become the black horse on the middle road?

Hello everyone, this is queke Jun! Yesterday, I gave you the news of Li Xin's world champion skin. Today is the second day of the new season. Strange guest came to summarize the changes of the new season for you. Although I had made the disclosure in

djgk99 @ 2020/07/10

The king glorifies the battle of the third

Source: glory of the king

txgames @ 2020/07/10

Hi plus four! Ubisoft 100 games free to play! Xia urges us to finish tonight and wait another year! This gentleman Social Security masterpiece is coming from the government!

Hi plus four! A small game of animation + 144 Movie Game? Today I bring you four types of white whoring in Microsoft Store. Among them, the first two are the hot Ninja movies. The original price of the two cartoons is 39.99 US dollars and 19.99 US dollars

steamcommunity @ 2020/07/09

The end of the college entrance examination should be happy, Mingxuan configuration recommended not to buy in vain

The end of the college entrance examination, compared with the students after three years of hard and hopeful study and exploration, has drawn a full stop with a clear conscience at this stage of life. Before the next stage of the holiday, in addition to

maxsun-2002 @ 2020/07/09

$4 billion market value of fish fighting in Japan

Lotte reported on July 9 that since the first quarter of 2020, Betta shares have continued to rise. As of today, the share price of Betta reached US $12.98, not only returning to the issue price, but also hitting a new high of $4.121 billion. Betta has th

touchweb @ 2020/07/09

Dragon Valley 2 mobile game was officially launched today. It was highly praised for rolling DNF and lol mobile games. Zhou Shen and Zheng Shuangqi helped

In recent days, Dragon Valley 2 mobile game is quite hot, many people are discussing this game, and today, Dragon Valley 2 mobile game finally ushered in the online. A month ago, Dragon Valley 2 mobile game only had a little news, but only one month, he u

youxixinwenlianbo @ 2020/07/09

Lol's new hero Lilia: dream of the future

Source: League of Heroes

txgames @ 2020/07/09

A conference, Tencent upgraded the game marketing.

Last week, Tencent game annual conference officially ended. As the highlight of the industry over the years, this conference has been adapted for the first time in line with the environment. It is also being launched by Tencent as an innovative opportunit

GameLook_News @ 2020/07/07

500 thousand savings overnight, family paralysis: how terrible is lasting pleasure?

Editor: man Jun: the source of the fat cat: ID:guoguan5000, please reconnect with the pictures of the National Library from pexels, which will keep you unhappy. 1 years ago, a sad thing happened. Liu Ge, a 14 year old girl from a middle school in Huludao,

renliziyuanguanli @ 2020/07/07

What can we expect from the wonderful expedition 2?

The second journey of Maschinen-Mensch is coming to an end, and the gamers' adventure is just beginning. "After a rough sea storm, a piece of land emerges in the sky. We cheered the boat off to the shore and started a new adventure journey - searc

chuappgame @ 2020/07/07

OL1 notice: wing shoes update & amp; store's comprehensive upgrade

The following is from NBA2K Online basketball online official website: Dear players, the mysterious shop of an Xiao Xi will be opened again within half a half of the year. In this event, the exclusive discounts and mysterious products that each player ext

wzsltx1314 @ 2020/07/07

Competition for electric power: new direction of urban industrial transformation

Wen / gyro electric competition recently, the Beijing electric competition Association instruct Beijing Star Alliance Sports Culture Co., Ltd. and signed a contract with Beijing Shunyi Olympic Park Company, Beijing Wen Lu era Convention and Exhibition Co.

V_eSports @ 2020/07/07

"Fantasy Westward Journey three dimensional edition", "Yin-Yang division" heavy linkage first exposure today, mysterious partners will enter three circles.

In July 15, 2020, the "Fantasy Westward Journey 3D edition" will officially open linkage with another classic IP product, Yin Yang division of the NetEase. It will bring a wealth of contents such as series restricted linkage play, mystical welfare

youxikandian @ 2020/07/07

Microsoft intends to heavily buy Warner Bros. Game Department

Last month, news of AT&T's intention to sell its Warner gaming Department spread like wildfire. At that time, several game giants including Blizzard and EA had already expressed interest in buying. Today, people in the industry say that another he

wangyouquannaxieshi @ 2020/07/07