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Accompanying my Nintendo game review this year, "I remember it very much after 2019."

The last few days will be over in 2019. Nintendo has recently launched the "Switch game recalling" function in 2019. After logging in, you can see how many hours you have played Switch in 2019, and which games have played the most. Web connection:

missdong09 @ 2019/12/23

"Times" awarded hundreds of best inventions in 2019: Sega Sg of Analogue company.

Reference News Network reported in December 19th, "the times" weekly in December 2nd, one of the 100 best inventions in 2019, including the eternal game -- Analogue's Sega Sg (Mega Sg). Reported that the Analogue company Sega Sg is able to pla

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/23

Indie Focus #97: active brain is no harm.

This time, Focus only introduced two games worth playing, because for a long time, they inevitably attracted my attention. Although there are slight flaws or regrets, the quality can be assured, and all of them need brains to play. Mindustry if you see fr

indienova @ 2019/12/23

Von temple's "B plan"

Authors: the source of salted fish and fish: the end of Wu Duidui (ID:esnql520) 2019, red people have their own new stories. Li Ziqi triggered a discussion on cultural output; Li Jiaqi also had his own voice navigation on the Tucao Conference; Papi sauce

iresearch21cn @ 2019/12/23

Another new skin online time confirmation! WeChat area QQ data broke the news, who is stronger?

Hello hello, everyone! I am a strange guest king. As we all know, the glory of the king is divided into WeChat district and QQ area. Most players should choose one of them as their main play area, and little is known about the game environment in another

djgk99 @ 2019/12/23

[OL2 / 2K20]: some surprise players & update of December 21st generation data to x 12

The OL2 data has just been updated and the data is updated again. This data does not have any effect on OL2, because the next update is three months later, I briefly summarize several issues, so that players can understand the changes of real-time data. T

wzsltx1314 @ 2019/12/23

How far is the e-sports entering the Olympic Games? Related companies began to beware of industrial blue ocean

Li Yong, our newspaper reporter, "is a step closer to making faith shine." In December 16th, the International Federation of electronic sports (GEF) was formally established in Singapore. As the world's chief founding partner, the phrase poste

securitiesdaily @ 2019/12/23

Small butter special! Only Optima can evoke Monday's sluggish me! Wake up! Steam has no butter at all!

Gentlemen, please come in! The rest of the staff will be dispersed. A wallpaper game still has no discount! The original price of "Mirror" -64% is 11 yuan, the current price is 4 yuan (low in History), which supports the traditional Chinese langua

steamcommunity @ 2019/12/23

King's small classroom: the rules of glory and the introduction of honor list

The glory of the battle, a matter no matter what the player is concerned about, is also a symbol of the second glory besides the duet. A hero's glory and combat strength represents the player's understanding of the hero and the technology and the

wzry-zyb @ 2019/12/23

2019 two yuan hand tour observation: Yin Yang division half year suction 2 billion 700 million

"After the Yin Yang division and FGO, is the new hegemony finally coming?" It is estimated that the reading time will be 8 minutes. The author / Soda is edited by the editorial department in 2019. With the gradual opening of the game number in Chi

Imuhou @ 2019/12/23

When the hardware is no longer decided, can the three big players of the console game be born "Xiang Yun"?

Editor of the left bank editor Qin Qin source: understand the notes of the soul game "wolf" finally defeated the "Nintendo star chaos 2" and other strong enemies, won the TGA (The Game Awards) annual game award, and Miyazaki thief also fro

dongdong_note @ 2019/12/23

In order to protect the NPC in the game, some officials have racked their brains.

1 someone once voted in a post bar: "if you become the NPC in the game, how much do you think your probability of survival is?" The message is clear that it is unlikely to survive, and a specific reply is, "when I used to play CS, I was all ri

TapTap_Game @ 2019/12/23

Fantasy Westward Journey computer version: ten new summoned animals suspected exposure! Attack and kill and strike.

Hello good evening, everyone. Recently, a new animal modeling, qualification and skill map has been released on the Internet. I really don't know whether it is true or not. Let's look at it first. First, listen to the blue fat "listening"

yzzyouxi @ 2019/12/23

Play cyberpunk in the hot pot shop? Sichuan players are too happy!

The two thematic exhibitions and hotels are not uncommon in cafes. As long as careful decoration, highlight the theme, it may attract some lovers to go around. But have you ever been to the hot pot restaurant of the game theme? 12.21 in Sichuan, there was

shoutanhanhua @ 2019/12/23

"Jedi survival" Community Manager complained about cheating rampant, week banned players exceed 10W

Since two years ago, "Jedi survival and killing" has been popular all over the world, cheating has always been the core issue of the game. Unfortunately, although the heat of the game has declined, the number of players has not been significantly

sinagame2014 @ 2019/12/23

True fragrance or blood loss? We chatted with those Switch warriors.

Their choice, rational judgment is better than whim. Wen / Fei meow is 12 double this year. Di Group intends to start Nintendo Switch National Mall on the shopping day. When the machine has not really started, he wants to gather experience in the same fie

youxiputao @ 2019/12/23

Qin Qin: when it became famous overseas, it is hard to find a sequel.

I once thought this was the beginning of a new era, but I did not expect it to be the last glory of an era. The beginning of the millennium is an era of singularity for domestic games. It's odd. There are several games that choose Qin as the backgroun

yysaag @ 2019/12/23

Guo Jingming wants to do the tour of yin and Yang?

TV Cat Video public number ID:moretv is concerned about the recent announcement of Guo Jingming's new film yin-yang master. This news has caused many gamers of Yin-Yang to begin to panic: will the film Yin and Yang master destroy their beloved spirit?

moretv @ 2019/12/22

S17 end time forecast, three new heroes exposure, targeting assassins, next week is expected to be online!

Hello, Hello, everyone, I am the king of the strange king Rong Yaoxin season is approaching, the new hero has been gradually exposed. Recently, the official exposure of the next Heroic mirror after the Mongol has been painted. At the same time, there are

djgk99 @ 2019/12/22

Online games delay, drop, card machine...... These routers allow you to have free game accelerators.

Hot chicken game, let the game accelerator from small to the public, compared to upgrading SSD, graphics card or even CPU, game accelerator has long been a lot of gamers' partners. In the market of just needed, the route of the game accelerator has be

dnbxman @ 2019/12/22