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The mask time of the owner wants to laugh but he can't smile. It's really painful.

In the face book, a owner shared an interesting short film. The content was that a Kore originally wanted to look for his host to act like a spoiled child, and found out how his face was different from each other. The lovely kkey keeps making sure that th

whcwdrc @ 2020/04/04

Lick dog diary: a rolling word represents how much you miss me!

Today, lick the dog diary: Weather: heavy rain, you didn't even hear me last night. After my tireless harassment, you finally gave up to me. You said, "roll," which has some meaning. I think for a long time, it's a three o'clock water.

bxty88 @ 2020/04/04

The latest opening way of "yellow long skirt and fluffy hair"! Ha ha ha, was broken by this operation.

Although it has been 4 days since the "light yellow long skirt and fluffy hair" has been passed, meow does not allow anyone to know this stalk. I haven't seen it before. It's a yellowish long skirt and fluffy hair. But meow is never though

jianmeow @ 2020/03/29

Funny GIF: behind every beautiful woman, there are always a bunch of silly men.

At the end of the month, I was tired of eating the soil. What was the situation of exchanging hard vegetables for a change? Behind every beautiful woman, there is always a group of silly men. Is this student silly? The kitchen is loaded with new skills. T

bxty88 @ 2020/03/18

Korean students remember the first day after class online!!!

Korean university students first day after class, after class, remember, ha ha ha ha ha.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2020/03/18

These little movements of girls are the most exciting.

Gigi literal watermark, Kiki watermark, beautiful girls! Kiki text watermark watermark Kiki watermark, do you have any kind of girl around you, I can't tell you why, but I think it's very comfortable to get along with her. Maybe she is not very ey

czmzcz @ 2020/03/18

The great God satisfies the P diagram requirements of countless netizens, but refuses him.

Remember the great God James Fridman PS, who has been demanding for several years, and has worked hard to fulfill the requirements of P pictures of netizens. Let's take a look at this latest work: "big God, can you wipe out the people behind me?&#

meitian_PS @ 2020/03/14

The netizen opened a cat hole on the door. I didn't expect that two HA could not bear it after seeing it.

The netizen opened a cat hole in the bedroom door. I didn't expect to see it after being seen by two Kazakhstan. The brain circuit of this cargo was really not seen by anyone.

gougoumcw @ 2020/03/12

Helplessness of border farming

Bian: why should we provocate? Border Pastoral: too boring, must be provocative, ah, not bored bored dead Satan. Bian: you have legs, feet and balls. Why don't you play it yourself? Border Pastoral: oneself play... Oneself play is impossible, this lif

bianmuonline @ 2020/03/12

"Ten million! Don't quarrel with sports boyfriend! Otherwise... " Ha ha ha ha ha ha

Never quarrel with sports students. In 2020, you and your loved ones were offended to the "rational" double sign, who need to exercise their hearing. I heard that this is the real trouble for female students. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha tw

Sirtucao @ 2020/03/12

Online love? Open the video and pull the H...

Online love? Open the video and pull the H... [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] want to love online.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2020/03/12

A woman is not bad, just look at a place! "

Joke:...... after work, I was too late to go home, standing at my door, thinking about my wife's eyes.

eee4469 @ 2020/03/05

Exposure and X treasure customer service sand sculpture chat record!! Netizens comment on opening the world door haha ha ha!

As the saying goes, thousands of millions of X treasure customer service accounted for half of the port meow, there is every reason to doubt that one treasure has been buying Top1 for many years. One of the reasons is that there is a large number of sand

jianmeow @ 2019/12/23

The joy of stamping wool felt ha ha ha ~ ~

Recently, a netizen bravely Po came out of his own carefully made wool felt: what do you think this is after comparing the original picture? But is this handicraft level the only friend? Of course not! Next, please appreciate the failure of the wool felt

WeiGaoXiao @ 2019/12/23

I'm a medical student. I'm sick when you're sick. [embarrassing]

Welcome to this embarrassing picture of the embarrassing moment. Happy day, laughing is finished. Together, happy and ha: just woke up and woke up. I heard a Sichuan man shouting in the district: "kill! Kill! Fight in the dead! Mother sold the baton,

gao7_com @ 2019/12/23

The original flavor of ladies! A little curious about the smell.

Anglers love props. There's a picture. Every time I see the bill, I love the ladies! I am a little curious about this smell. You say big or not ~ women's money is getting better and better. Teach you how to kiss yourself. When women say they are c

gaoxiaokuaile @ 2019/12/23

Tell me about your most terrified experience.

At four a.m., I saw my mother come out and saw my mother standing in the dark with her hair in her pajamas and asked me how I could not sleep. The most horrible horror movie in the world is a mouse hiding in the clothes. Then I put on that dress. Ha ha ha

hahabzc @ 2019/12/23

My classmate's girlfriend is outstanding and has many pursuers, which makes him headache.

After I separated from my friends at the subway station, I walked out of the subway. In the cold wind I saw a pretty girl squatting on the road and calling her boyfriend, crying in a loud crash. Robbing the phone and scolding the man, I quickly ran away w

sogou-haha @ 2019/12/23

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2473

Cold rabbit slot, Ta doesn't like you, Ta just likes the feeling of "you like Ta". The day before the postgraduate entrance examination, Confucius was like micro-blog and his friends: Although most of them lost their mouths, they still hoped t

lengtoo @ 2019/12/23