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Go to your friends, maybe you'll have a boyfriend.

Laugh at me, go to your friends, maybe you'll have a boyfriend.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2020/06/12

Joke: a cigarette from the doorway was pointed out by a couple who were quarrelling.

Joke NO.1 just took a cigarette at the door of the Internet bar, and saw a couple quarrelling. I looked at it nearby. Suddenly the woman pointed to me and said, "if you want to have him 1/10 handsome, I can't quarrel with you." the man said, &

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/17

Tell me about the embarrassing experience on the bus.

In the last row of the study, a roll of flowers rushed to the front row of the first row of aunt, and the aunt looked calm and asked, "whose flower roll?" When I was riding with my classmates, many people had no hands. I grabbed my classmates'

hahabzc @ 2020/05/17

The woman LZX played a lot of sports with her boyfriend at home because she was too big for her neighbor to call the police.

Tai Niu broke off a big house rented by a sister who lived in China, and he often played parties at home. Dialogue between contributors and friends: dialogue between contributors and girlfriends. Follow up (photo is not the younger sister in the story). I

gaoxiaokuaile @ 2020/05/17

Cold rabbit / trough NO.2618

Cold rabbit slot, I am not good at accepting hints. You have to tell me exactly what the matter is, otherwise I don't know. How do I know if I am ugly or ugly, I am ugly in my friends circle. No one says that I pretend to be forced. All of them are co

lengtoo @ 2020/05/17

The strongest industry Amway machine @ Zhu Guangquan blowing up the top stream days regiment, I suggest you understand.

Piggy page, bear bear with you, please input the excited heart, trembling hand is the sign language teacher whether there is a live broadcast of goods with a good grasp of the paragraph, really, please help me. "Invited today" (not invited) guest

ipandacom @ 2020/05/17

Ha ha ha ha ha, I laugh at the crazy wall, causing my family to become a single room.

As the weekend of May 1 is over, it seems that we just love us for a short time. Although we have reduced our rest, happiness can be doubled. The high energy warning in front of us suggests that everyone should play hahaha on the public screen. It is my o

douban @ 2020/05/11

What kind of experience does Mom look younger than herself?

What kind of experience does Mom look younger than herself? Let's shine on the most beautiful photos of mom.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2020/05/11

A lot of sand sculptures, are you laughing or dying?

Uncle loves Tucao micro signal: dashuaitucao as a kind of mentally retarded joke, "homophonic stem" is probably despised by academic pie enthusiasts. But if you pursue the pleasure of simple sand sculpture, will it be different? The following is a

legiii @ 2020/05/11

Funny GIF: every time an ice cream is produced, tota Lee king will lose a pagoda.

Street football players play your brothers. Hey... Do you have a girlfriend in this life? Let's go to the world. Every time we produce an ice cream, tota Li Tian Wang will be short of a pagoda. Amazing, it's time for my sister to show real skills.

bxty88 @ 2020/05/11

2020 the 100 most ridiculous pictures in the first half of the year.

Looking forward to it, looking forward to your bald head. It's finally coming! The sand carving brigade has many brothers. Please keep your hands steady so as not to laugh at the sand. The reason why they are so cute is that most of them are born in a

haoqi238 @ 2020/05/11

??? Good bald reply.

1?? Well, bald answer, @ bot2, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

@ 2020/05/11

"Do you want to die in the middle of the night?" On Mother's day, my mother said to me...

Cheap meow daily broadcast: May 10, 2020, May 10, 2020, the 17th day of the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar eight. It's better to be lazy, to smile, to turn around in circles, to avoid holes in trousers, to avoid farts, to avoid annoying mo

jianmeow @ 2020/05/11

Do you know how many of the 10 children are?

In the park, a child riding a bicycle almost hit me. (mild tone): you must bump into me and slow down. The neighbor loquat is ripe, and my sister and I joked that I want to eat loquat, oh, my sister in the middle class of kindergarten said: "it's

hahabzc @ 2020/05/11

[cold rabbit / trough] everyday cold NO.2612

The cold rabbit trough has no resistance to girls who have mothers. Micro-blog and Xue Hao write a bunch of grateful words in their circle of friends, instead of helping your mother brush the dishes tonight. When I saw this speech, my mother had finished

lengtoo @ 2020/05/11

The girls are really right now. This video is too unkind for boys.

Now girls really do not give up this kind of video to boys. It's no wonder to ask two sisters to talk about two. All the two scolded her. Now the royal family first came to see the process of analyzing the love routine with the first sister. Ha ha ha

gaoxiaokuaile @ 2020/05/11

Joke: three robbers are more famous than others.

Joke NO.1 three robbers are more famous than anyone. Robber A: "I have robbed a merchant ship with silver and girls on it. I am a famous pirate." Robber B: "I have robbed an official ship with treasures and princesses on it, but I am a pirate

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/11

Mother's Day is the best gift for mom.

When you tried to stick to what your teacher said, ha ha ha ha, the daughter-in-law was pregnant for eight months, and the action became more and more inconvenient, but she did not change her humorous nature. Once I went to the toilet, I only heard my wif

sogou-haha @ 2020/05/11

Funny GIF: after eating the dumplings, the elder sister said that this is how she dumplings dumplings quickly.

If I hadn't seen these hands, I would have believed that this was a dog. Who is playing tricks? Is the orange running by itself? It's fun. It's the brain's buzz. After eating the dumplings, the elder sister said that this is how she dumpli

bxty88 @ 2020/05/10

I send my underwear to my boyfriend, and he let me take care of myself.

The small Cao Ba news "top or star" will be the first time to read Wen Oh 01, I send my underwear photos to my boyfriend. 02 the best gift for mother's day? 03 where should I sit in a car for others? Running behind the car -- Ng Man Tat 04 is

tuxiaocaobaxinwen @ 2020/05/10