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The dinner was so successful that I just wanted to have my sofa paralyzed.

Every time you rest, you want to enrich the food on the table. If you are still crazy about what to eat, please go on and look down. Drunken shrimps, ingredients, dried shrimps 250G / Ginger 30g / garlic 30g 30g hot rice 30g / Hang pepper 30g / soy sauce

beitaichufang @ 2020/04/06

"At 3 in the morning, I dialed the phone number and turned out to be..."

Coming and coming, Changsha welcomes you. We all welcome you to say "hot halogen" is the characteristic food of Changsha. Actually, the practice is very simple. The hot halogen Liu has done homework in advance. The online comment is good. But afte

laobaixingdrugs @ 2020/04/06

Secret recipe for steamed vegetables is coming! 10 steamed vegetables let you avoid frying and stir frying, eating healthy and eating delicious food.

Pay attention to good bean Jun, self-reliance and good cooking dishes not only keep the original shape, original juice and original flavor of the dishes, but also steamed out of the dishes contain much less oil, delicious flavor, no fire, light stomach, a

haodouw @ 2020/04/06

New! Multi delicious food taste delicious tongue!

Good evening, everyone. Are you back to work? Now the domestic epidemic is coming to an end, and foreign countries have become the worst hit areas. As a travel industry, watching others return to work, Xiaobian can only secretly pray for the launch of tou

uniwaytravel @ 2020/04/06

Health home, buy vegetables, vegetables, there is a magic trick.

During the epidemic, we reduced the number of outgoing trips, and bought more vegetables every time we went out. However, how large would it be to buy large purchases without careful care? How can we buy vegetables and fruits scientifically? Nutrition, re

CCTV-channel1 @ 2020/04/06

The average price is 9 yuan! 6 kinds of new season of tea making season, the fourth one stepped on the thunder.

In spring, the days are full of green snacks, snacks, 778 soft tea, Oreo, Japanese style tea, chocolate biscuits, tea, red bean, ice cream, moon cake... In front of a little fresh, Oreo's Japanese style tea making chocolate biscuits OREO Oreo spring n

bj-meishi @ 2020/04/05

Why do people hate coriander? Why do you eat the Flammulina velutipes and pull it out? The truth is...

The source / family doctor, some people, do not see TA all the time claiming to be "eating goods", but the cognition of food is only "good or bad". Once you ask the question of "depth", you can't answer it. For example: why do

FDjkys @ 2020/04/05

Spinach plus one substance has become a cardiac stimulant and a suppository. Eat more quickly now.

Spinach is known as "nutrition model student". Its role can not be underestimated, or is it a strong heart and chemical suppository in plants? Spring is not a big loss. Spinach nutrition / natural "strong heart" / spinach is rich in coenzy

sjyang09 @ 2020/04/05

Do not knead the glove film can also be crisp dregs, so that yolk crisp, the level is clear, the novice can do well!

Egg yolk crisp is the favorite food of many people. The crispy skin is covered with salted egg yolk, and tastes super salty, and tastes super salty, especially the salted egg yolk, salty taste, salty and sweet crisp in the mouth. It's super delicious.

bake360 @ 2020/04/05

There are more than 1 million people worldwide. Net red shop, we don't line up, do you make the same money at home?

Today, we see more than 1 million of the total number of confirmed cases worldwide. Epidemic prevention can not be relaxed, avoiding people queuing up. April vacation did not go out, stay at home homemade milk tea, tossing for half a day or failed, angry

shaoyaoxiaojie @ 2020/04/05

The coffee bread with thin crust is delicious.

A very delicious coffee bread. Soft bread, crispy crust, and the intoxicating aroma of coffee. Strong and delicious. In the sunny afternoon, use it to accompany it! Of course, I don't like the smell of coffee. It's very simple. Just omit the coffe

junzsbakery @ 2020/04/05

The big food stalls in Hongkong are famous, and the sauce is added to it. Fresh, sweet and spicy, tender to juice!

I don't know whether you are like a flower or your sister. As a food, no matter where to travel, the most important thing is to eat everywhere. I remember the first trip to Hongkong a few years ago, and I made a careful food strategy. Which shops are

hsjiejie @ 2020/04/05

The rabbit neck, which is sold and exploded, let you enjoy your meal once a day!

I am so greedy!!! Whether it's a house chasing drama or a return to work, if you don't have a snack, you won't have the power to continue. What spicy beef, spicy rabbit head, chicken tendon, duck neck... I am too greedy! Finally after stepping

cypuzi @ 2020/04/05

How long is the "hard core reserve" in this kind of refrigerator?

Quick-frozen rice noodles are easy to prepare and have a wide variety of foods. Quick-frozen flour products mainly include quick-frozen dumplings, wonton, dumplings, dumplings, steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun, fried bread sticks and so on. According to

jtysbwx @ 2020/04/05

Net red Japanese style small cakes, salty and crisp, unique taste, many stars Amway it!

Recently, this Japanese style small round cake has swept the whole network, whether it is star or net red. Also said that delicious to stop! The chef was very puzzled and bought a bag. He tried to grab a piece of it and was robbed by his colleagues. The r

can_video @ 2020/04/05

Pineapple can still eat like this! The sweet and sour pineapple flavor makes people salivate.

Now it's time to eat pineapple, walking on the road, smelling thick pineapple sweetness makes people drooling. You know, pineapple can cook a lot of food besides eating raw food. Moreover, each of them tastes fresh and fragrant, tasty, not greasy, sou

foooodies @ 2020/04/05

Using these 5 kinds of vegetables to cook a pot of soup, fresh and sweet, nutritious balance also helps the body, many advantages!

Five row vegetable soup ingredients: white radish, white radish leaves, carrots, letinous edodes, corn excipients: salt and sesame oil 1.. Corn, radish, carrot, radish leaves washed and cut into pieces. 2. letinous edodes cross cut knife on the surface. 3

RUSURENSHENG888888 @ 2020/04/05

How can starch and starch be used? Be careful not to mix up. Mistakes will destroy a pot of vegetables.

I want to see more video jitter search: Chao Ji (ID:33508313). Recently, our little friends were at home, studying cooking skills, and the meaning of changing the chef. Dumplings, steamed stuffed bun, cold skin, cake and fire, are not good at pasta friend

yi_fuji @ 2020/04/05

Beauty to suffocation! These super art crafts chocolate, the secret skill is originally in a pen.

Chocolate is self indulgent and sensitive. Although the production method seems uncomplicated, it is extremely critical of details. Take the temperature, not only in the production of strict temperature regulation, the studio room temperature and humidity

yeslicake-v @ 2020/04/05

It costs only 50 yuan per person. It's only 1 days from the fishing port to your home.

Can you think of that? "The seafood that was jumping in the sea yesterday is already in your bowl?" It's less than 24 hours before and after that. I was shocked to hear this! Not at the seaside, eating seafood! Oyster, abalone, lobster, crab..

mengchongtu8 @ 2020/04/05