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Welcome to the northeast for summer vacation!

Do you know how cool it is in summer in Northeast China?! In July and August of midsummer, when the southerners are in the air-conditioned room, ge you is paralyzed. We people in the northeast still need to cover the quilt when we sleep! No lies at all! I

Food_Lab @ 2020/07/11

Self made low-fat jujube Sikang, irresistible delicious, out of the oven was robbed

Sikang is one of tea tea's favorite British dim sum. It is simple and delicious. The failure rate of making is basically zero. You can add your favorite stuffing. You can also have your own shaping at will! Self made low-fat jujube Sikang, irresistibl

xinshouhongbei @ 2020/07/11

Top 8, which kitchen electric appliance do you like best?

Food is something that makes people feel happy. From the beginning of the epidemic to the present half a year ago, I'm afraid everyone's state is: reduce going out and avoid piling up; cook at home, take out lunch at work, and try to reduce takeou

trendshome @ 2020/07/11

Shanghai departure 42 minutes direct! This small town in the south of the Yangtze River is worth a new understanding!

South of the Yangtze River is rich in land and aquatic products. Naturally, there are countless kinds of delicious food. Tongxiang, located in the middle of the golden triangle of Shanghai, Jiangsu and Hangzhou, contains the essence of Jiangsu and Zhejian

fxsh021 @ 2020/07/11

Is the longer the soup is cooked, the more nutritious it is?

Ribs soup, pig's feet soup, chicken soup, turtle soup... Tut Tut, it makes people salivate when they think about it. Mother's soup is the happiest memory of childhood, nothing is more desirable than drinking a bowl of broth mixed with heat and aro

DZJ_com @ 2020/07/11

Just come out! Liuzhou people who love to invite rice get this "green card" with wechat! Can save a lot of money!

What is the fire in the circle of friends recently? This "name" must have a green card! This magic "food green card" is specially prepared for food. Take it to 60 + shops in Liuzhou and enjoy corresponding discounts and benefits. Once, thi

liuzhout @ 2020/07/11

This old state-owned shop has its own slaughterhouse. All the beef and mutton in Shanghai come from here!

What to do at the weekend? There is a beef and mutton company in Dabaoshan, magic capital. It is said that all the beef and mutton in Shanghai comes out from here. It has a super cold storage. The restaurant next to the slaughterhouse was originally just

zhoumozuosha @ 2020/07/11

No appetite in summer? A small dish of sesame paste for you with poor appetite, super appetizer!

Sesame paste, also known as sesame paste, is a kind of food made of fried sesame. It has fragrance and can be used as seasoning. Sesame paste is one of the most popular flavor condiments. In the north, the most common use of sesame paste is as a hot pot d

foooodies @ 2020/07/11

Braised vegetable meat with dried vegetables, salty and tasty, is a delicious food for supper

You can order me and watch the video. Main ingredients: dried vegetables, plain pork, dried chili, star anise accessories: soy sauce, plain oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar 1 plain pork slices, 2 hot pot cold oil, plain pork, fried until golden brown, 3 add

RUSURENSHENG888888 @ 2020/07/11

What kind of collocation can make Japanese Ramen more delicious?

Ramen is a very simple dish. As long as the "Ramen elements" are collected and the ingredients on hand are used, a bowl of ramen can be quickly produced at home that is not inferior to that of a special shop. And the ingenious food material colloc

zhi_japan @ 2020/07/11

Rather than eat meat in summer! 1 melon to remove dampness, 1 melon to prevent cancer, 1 melon to reduce fire gas

Source / family doctor (jtys1983) as the saying goes: "eat buds in spring, melons in summer, fruits in autumn and roots in winter." In summer, all kinds of melons come into the market one after another. Whether it is sweet and juicy fruit melon, o

FDjkys @ 2020/07/10

Sitting on the terrace in Beijing! 6% off!

Who said you can't eat hot pot in summer? A pot of steaming copper pot instant boiled meat can't be more comfortable to drink a sip of iced beer or iced sour plum soup. Of course, you can't do without the double set meal with the original welf

bj-meishi @ 2020/07/10

In 16 years, the price of flies never goes up in the alley!

Chengdu's biggest boss 100W year-end bonus, 16 years of food prices have never been increased, there are 20 + kinds of vegetables unlimited to eat Can you tell me if the boss is still hiring! The boss of the biggest party in Chengdu, a dish has been p

all028 @ 2020/07/10

Oh, don't miss the pastry!

High energy ahead, please pay attention! Like the taste of Matcha cute, do not miss this Matcha pistachio biscuit, gently bite, fresh and refreshing Matcha aroma lingering in the mouth! This kind of biscuit Matcha taste with slightly salty pistachio, tast

xinshouhongbei @ 2020/07/10

There are new ways to bring rice! Marinate and bake, smooth and juicy!

A few days ago, I made an improved version of scallion steak. The feedback was good. It seems that people still like meat, but some friends said that pork chops are too expensive to eat or want to lose weight and eat chicken. That flower eats the elder si

hsjiejie @ 2020/07/10

Memories of the mountain city, summer as long as 50 cents!

In the memory of old Chongqing, the happiness of fifty cents is as happy as ever in Chongqing. Although the rain has been constantly in Chongqing recently, summer seems not to weaken its power at all. It is still hot and humid. In the sleepy afternoon, I

inChongqing @ 2020/07/10

This bowl of soup "Offended" Shanghai, "angered" Beijing!

In the past few months, thinking about "what to eat" every day is going to be crazy. On the way to becoming the head of China, I also deeply understand the daily life of a housewife. Therefore, we found the Buddha jumping over the wall, which has

shquan001 @ 2020/07/10

It's wrong. It's boiled in water! I'll teach you a move. Noodles are not lumps. They are smooth and vigorous!

In summer, most people like to eat pasta, which is convenient and easy. Don't miss the trick of cooking noodles together! Boiled noodles

yi_fuji @ 2020/07/10

My father-in-law, take me to the same place

In the summer of 2020, the play is on fire, along with the "mountain climbing" stem. Picture 1 the publicity poster of "secret corner", ordinary people watch the "secret corner", and their forehead shed cold sweat; when they eat fo

Food_Lab @ 2020/07/10

Move the streets of Japan to the music house in Nanjing and let you cross to Japan.

(there's a surprise at the end of the article, don't miss it.) the lively and warm "late night canteen" is different from the usual elegant and cold Japanese food store. Coming to fuzui is like coming to Japan's fireworks world. Listen

xzsh025 @ 2020/07/10