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In winter, these dishes can be eaten for a few yuan, but they can be sweet and healthy.

One winter, that is to keep fat, like to eat all kinds of gourmet accumulation heat, pile up fat resistance to the biting cold wind. The most favorite is yam, every time you eat hot pot, you have to come to the two big plate to get used to it! Moreover, y

can_video @ 2019/12/23

Christmas dessert collection, beautiful, super cute, different days need a sense of ritual.

It's Christmas in a year. Now the shopping malls are already full of Christmas atmosphere. Are you ready for the Christmas dessert? Today, I want to share with you some Christmas super cute little sweets. Different days require a little sense of ritua

xfhongbei @ 2019/12/23

Sweet, crisp, crisp and charming. It's so convenient and delicious.

Walnuts have a lot of nutritious value, but the peeled walnuts often have astringency, which makes children do not like eating. This astringency is derived from tannin substances wrapped in thin outer skins outside the walnut kernel. In order to get rid o

shiweipapa @ 2019/12/23

10 lazy breakfast: one minute to learn the same, all simple and easy to use, even for a week is not greasy.

I want to see more video jitter search: to set ID:33508313 in the morning, I must eat breakfast in the morning. When it's cold, it's standard for you to sleep late. So how can you get both sleep and breakfast? Today, I would like to introduce 10 l

yi_fuji @ 2019/12/23

The love for dumplings is in Chinese genes.

Two hundred thousand the spirit home of eating goods, remember Mr. Zhai Junjie said, if a person can call a mother, it is a very happy thing. If a person enters a door not only to call a mother, but also to eat dumplings wrapped by his mother, that must b

foodtonight @ 2019/12/23

The abandoned 10000 corpses are hidden in hot pot that everyone likes to eat.

1 recently, in a hot pot store in Shantou, there was such a scene: in the window of the hot pot shop, two mice were eating beef leisurely, and they were not afraid to stand and take photos. They even stood up and chewed up with relish. Law enforcement off

mmzhengnengliang @ 2019/12/23

Lemon Verbena as an innovative dessert, American women dessert cake sandblasting techniques to share!

If you want to do it, you can do it in a variety of ways. For example, this lemon verbena rhubarb mousse, please note that the method of making leaves on dessert will completely subvert your imagination, because this technology is similar to "craft sp

yeslicake-v @ 2019/12/23

Diabetes control breakfast with sugar!

For a sugar friend, breakfast is very important, and it directly affects the level of blood sugar control throughout the day. There was a study that divided the average age of 8 years into two groups, one group had breakfast, one group did not eat, and ob

tangniaobingluntan @ 2019/12/23

The new Macao snack in tun Li is rich and expensive.

- every day at noon, Beijing eats the food team to accompany you to eat. --- Macao owner opened in Sanlitun mixed cow and sugar shop to restore the flavor of Macao street night snack signboard, rich and precious Niu Za by Mr. Cai Lan pick ~ and INS in the

bjchihuo @ 2019/12/23

Baking circle: the key technology of frozen frozen bread making, Baker must!

Since refrigeration and refrigeration technology has provided great convenience for bakers, it is possible to complete the dough fermentation at any time. In the evening, the dough can be fermented in cold storage, and the product can be put on shelves in

bakery_ @ 2019/12/23

The characteristics of our diet area, do you have your hometown?

Chinese cuisine has many schools in cooking. Among them, the most influential and representative ones are commonly recognized by the society: Shandong, Sichuan, Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Hunan and Anhui. The formation of a cuisine is inseparab

shejian2china @ 2019/12/23

New Christmas at scone! 2 new Danish toast surprises, signing up for your winter happiness! (end benefits)

At the end of the article, he has seen the new products of people who are so popular with Xicheng. Now, when buying a new Danish toast, you can get 2 German pudding tin tin sisters. They came to Taiwan quickly, and found out that there were some new bread

lovewuxi0510 @ 2019/12/23

The most popular dumplings in winter solstice are here! Chef's special recipe for dumpling stuffing!

As the saying goes, "the winter solstice is not good enough for dumpling bowls, and the ears are frozen." Although there are many kinds of gourmet foods today, it is not a warm and warm meal for the whole family to eat dumplings together with the

renkoujiankang @ 2019/12/23

Simple homemade recipes make several delicious food for easy health.

Maybe every day, when we get up, we will get entangled with one thing, that is, what to eat today. What is simple to eat is not simple. The food we eat is not only delicious, but also healthy. Fried pork with green pepper, fish flavored pork, and so on. B

sijiys @ 2019/12/23

Potatoes do this to taste good, teach you new practices, crispy and tender outside, delicious to stop.

Pay attention to good beans, self-reliance and good food can affect people's emotional state and mental state. When you find that you are always in a trance and forgetful, it may be due to the lack of vitamin A and vitamin C in your body, or the intak

haodouw @ 2019/12/23

What if we don't have breakfast every day?

How important is breakfast? I asked 100 people why I had breakfast. Some people say: no food will be hungry! Some people say: if we don't have breakfast every day, the owner of the breakfast shop will be out of work. Others say that breakfast is the m

beitaichufang @ 2019/12/23

Do not, hungry, stomach, come in.

Coming? It's cold outside. Come in quickly and warm your hands. Don't you want to go? Hum, you can't walk away, because you are about to be inhaled, so that you can't stop the whirlpool of the chafing dish. 321 I want to start with the tom

rishi-ji @ 2019/12/23

4 kinds of fruits must be bought at home, all of them are serious diseases.

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meichutime @ 2019/12/23

How much soy sauce will turn black? Soy sauce, soy sauce, soy sauce, delicious. There are so many differences!

Soy sauce is one of the most common condiments, but rumors about it are always appalling. Injuring the liver and kidneys? Let the skin darken? What's going on? Let's see what it is! Soy sauce, soy sauce, old soy sauce... What is the difference bet

zjyjkgrt @ 2019/12/23

The rose apple pie, the method is simple, the value is overflowing!

Main ingredients: low gluten flour 150g red apple 1 Honey 2 tablespoons white sugar 3 tablespoon excipient butter 60g fine sugar 15g water 45g steps 1. butter softens, pour low gluten flour and fine sugar 2., knead until knead evenly, mix good flour like

i_dangao @ 2019/12/23