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NEWS, new mainland finance won the "special contribution to industry" and "excellent wind control Award".

This issue: Guangzhou Small Loan Industry Association recently announced the "Guangzhou micro credit industry innovation and Development 10th anniversary evaluation first prize activities" award list, the new mainland finance was awarded the "

newland000997 @ 2019/12/10

China XinDa is awarded the two awards of "China top 100 enterprise award" and "China moral enterprise award".

In from December 6 to 7, 2019, the nineteenth hundred Summit Forum of Chinese listed companies was held in Shanghai. China's XinDa has won the two awards of "China top 100 enterprise award" and "China's moral enterprise award" with

chinacinda @ 2019/12/10

The latest and the most complete! Brokerage performance in November ranked first, CITIC fourth, the first is!

According to the November net profit ranking, GF Securities ranked first in 592 million, Merchants Securities 5.51 ranked second, Guotai Junan ranked third, CITIC fell the top three, ranked fourth. Brokerage performance in November ranked as the evening o

zhitongtouhang @ 2019/12/10

Focus 2020: will the world economy be all right?

There are 1643 words in this paper, and the reading time is 3 minutes. Key points: in 2019, the global economy and trade are facing downward pressure. Experts admit that the global economy is still in a downward orbit, and it is hard to change in the shor

ydylgov @ 2019/12/10

Investors fear that a year from now is betting on hedging risks.

Hedge risk, stock market investors are now hedging against the terrible events that may happen next year, which may be related to the results of the US presidential election. BTIG stock and derivatives strategy director Julian Emanuel (Julian Emanuel) sai

yocajr @ 2019/12/10

How are those unprofitable pharmaceutical companies going to Hong Kong listed?

Before 2018, innovative pharmaceutical enterprises had been faced with a common pain: financing difficulties. According to statistics, the average age of innovative drugs from compound discovery to listing is about 12 years, and the profit cycle is very l

XKJ0101 @ 2019/12/10

No danger, no break, one sign can earn 90 yuan! 10 trillion Big Mac A shares debut, the critical moment three agencies hit 1 billion 560 million "guard"!

Taylor, a reporter from China fund newspaper, came to play at last. People's attention, the total assets of over ten trillion giant postal savings bank today officially landed on A 10 shares, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, code stock code "

chinafundnews @ 2019/12/10

Pork prices rose 110.2% a year, CPI hit a new high of nearly 8 years, after 4, how do prices go?

Experts said that the increase in CPI was mainly affected by the rise in pork prices. At present, the effect of pork prices has been transmitted to other poultry, beef and mutton demand has risen, prices have risen, coupled with seasonal factors, fresh ve

financeapp @ 2019/12/10

Break the record! 19 consecutive trading days net inflow of more than 93 billion 600 million yuan north capital admission

Xu Yiming, a newspaper trainee reporter, in December 10th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets in the two cities opened up in a narrow range. By the influence of MSCI Na A factor expansion, the Securities Daily reporter found that the net inflow of A

securitiesdaily @ 2019/12/10

Weigh! Financial data rebound in November, strong infrastructure and lower credit cost

After the downturn in October data, the financial data in November were fully recovered. The yuan loans increased by 1 trillion and 390 billion yuan in the month, an increase of 138 billion 700 million yuan compared with the same period last year, and the

FN_FinancialNews @ 2019/12/10

New three board buyback enthusiasm has been activated! More than 20 companies have announced a buyback plan, with stock surging over 90%.

Since the start of the new three board reform, the listed companies have seen a buy back boom. More than 20 companies have released the share buyback plan, and the confidence of the new three Board companies has improved significantly, and at the same tim

zqsbxsb @ 2019/12/10

Northeast old state-owned enterprises get out of trouble

Rationally and constructively, from the state-owned enterprises with "socialized" functions to "pure and operating state-owned enterprises", the scale of the main business income of the whole group is less than 400 million yuan, increasing

eeo-com-cn @ 2019/12/10

The capital needs lightning protection. The shares of Hong Kong stocks are flashing. Why is "heavy eyebrows and big eyes" also a thunder? How to avoid it?

A sharp drop of 90% a day, this case not only appeared in some Hong Kong stock stocks, but also recently appeared in some "thick eyebrows" of Hong Kong stocks. At present, the mainland's funds have accumulated more than 1 trillion Hong Kong do

wwwstcncom @ 2019/12/10

Anticipation, disobey!

The close of the day is again close to the highest point, which is a long way to avoid short selling. The closing is similar to yesterday. Yesterday, we said that the market was strong, but there was also fear of high capital. After all, the gem index was

pk9995 @ 2019/12/10

The annual performance of listed brokerages has shown that 36 companies earn 11 yuan in 78 billion 600 million months.

Wang Siwen, our newspaper reporter, and the performance of listed brokerages in November, the annual performance profile of listed brokerages has gradually emerged. Overall, in the first 11 months, the performance of 36 A share listed brokerages grew by d

securitiesdaily @ 2019/12/10

Jia Yueting: give eight point five more hundred million, bring FF back to China together!

Maybe the American soil and water really raised people. After 2 years of Jia Yueting's Exodus, a lot of Jia Yue Ting appeared in the public eye. This is Jia Yueting's recent creditors' hearing. At 10 a.m. Eastern time on December 6th, the Jia

Eautofan @ 2019/12/10

In the era of neighbourhood, the stock market is expected to accelerate after December 9th.

Wang Xiaoyue, our newspaper reporter, after the listing of Baoli property, another Chinese holding company in the Tai Wan District Housing enterprises era also split its property management company in the era of neighborhood listing. In December 9th, the

securitiesdaily @ 2019/12/10

Millions of people are watching! Postal savings bank went public in December 10th, and billions of dollars went into battle.

People's attention to the postal savings bank to usher in the listing time, many initiatives to protect the stock price: controlling shareholder holdings not less than 2 billion 500 million yuan, "green shoes" funds 4 billion 300 million yuan,

windzxsh @ 2019/12/10

20 billion fireworks business: thousands of enterprises gather 400 thousand practitioners, environmental protection industry pain points

Liuyang, Hunan, has the name "fireworks kingdom". Previously reported, Liuyang has a total population of more than 140, of which 400 thousand engaged in fireworks industry, a total of more than 1200 fireworks and firecrackers. In December 4th, fir

ENNWEEKLY @ 2019/12/10

Enhanced RMB exchange rate flexibility and automatic stabilizer function

Since 2019, the two-way floating of RMB has obvious characteristics. In the first three quarters, the overall fluctuation of the RMB against the US dollar was relatively large, with the fluctuation range of 6.68 to 7.17. In the first three quarters, the a

FINANCIALNEWS2011 @ 2019/12/10