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"Stock god" also cut meat, not at the moment, "long line is gold".

"Stock god" Buffett also had the "sewer turnover", this time just bought the aviation class stock, hastily cut off the warehouse. Even if the loss is huge, we will not hesitate to do so. Copy the bottom copied to the halfway up the mountai

daomawuyu @ 2020/04/06

This week, the four core contents of the global market are forward-looking. How to invest in April

Last week, with the publication of multiple data, the impact of the epidemic was gradually revealed in many countries in March. However, the global market experienced a sharp fall from late February to mid March, and it began to rebound in late March. Las

windzxsh @ 2020/04/06

Stock god also planted, copied to the halfway up the mountain, revealing a major signal.

WeChat searches for public numbers: the era opens the journey of wealth and freedom of life. Recently, global stock markets fell into the bear market at the fastest speed, setting a record in history. Buffett, known as "greedy at the time of panic,

jingji-xinli @ 2020/04/06

Weigh! Wuhan will focus on launching a number of major projects in the near future.

On the afternoon of April 5th, Hubei's new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention command headquarters held sixty-fourth press conferences to introduce the orderly resumption and resumption of production of key industries in Wuhan. Wuhan's effo

hbjs_87311111 @ 2020/04/06

Huzhou launches "nine lakes" to invest 100 billion capital to create business environment

Huang Yifan, an economic observer network, visited Huzhou 3 days later. In April 2nd, Huzhou issued a new policy for tackling key projects and attracting new businesses in Huzhou. It decided to launch nine policies and invest over 100 billion yuan to crea

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/04/06

Shenzhen reform to activate market enthusiasm, 7 companies to change the way of trading! This year, 45 new market makers were created, and the broker took 8 orders in one breath.

The new three board reform has been comprehensively promoted, and the confidence of enterprises and market makers is increasing day by day. The way of market making transfer is favored by listed company again. 7 enterprises have changed to market making m

zqsbxsb @ 2020/04/06

Do you have coffee? That's worth 35 billion.

Did you buy coffee? Do you use coupons? I believe that the day before yesterday, many people hurriedly ordered a cup of coffee. Takeaway runs a long queue of broken leg shops, creating this wonder that is to recognize the financial fraud 2 billion 200 mil

busan-movie @ 2020/04/06

Epidemic prevention and control in Beijing will normalize, and will not end soon.

Recently, Beijing held a news conference on the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia, and introduced the related situation of epidemic prevention and rehabilitation. 01 it is impossible to end the epidemic prevention and control in Beijing

audiotj @ 2020/04/06

Collision between China and America! Watch out for the crisis. The US is desperate. (strongly recommended)

Source: Kunlun Institute of policy, the whole world is on the eve of great change. Under the pressure of the epidemic, a worrying trend is gradually taking shape. Whether or not the current virus is involved in conspiracy, we must face up to the fact that

car698 @ 2020/04/06

The recovery rate of such enterprises in Wuhan is 97.2%, and the epidemic situation will not change the momentum of Wuhan's take-off.

In April 5th, Hubei held a news conference on new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work to introduce the orderly resumption and resumption of production of key industries in Wuhan. Data 1: 97.2% Wuhan rules the rate of resumption of industr

whcjrb @ 2020/04/06

Through the headlines, China's ventilator manufacturers break through the overseas market. This high-end manufacturing battlefield has only one chance.

The demand for rational and constructive outbreaks is an opportunity for domestic ventilator manufacturers to reach the European and American markets. It is also a great test. Under the condition of relaxing the market access threshold of medical equipmen

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/04/05

The outbreak of the new crown virus has exposed the vulnerability of Vietnam's manufacturing sector, but it may also be able to break through its two pulse.

Author: Lu Xin source: mechanic intelligence (ID:jg-info) Vietnam is the fourth country after China, following Thailand, Japan and South Korea, the emergence of a new crown virus epidemic. As of April 1st, Vietnam has identified 212 cases. To this end, th

@ 2020/04/05

Best memory: do not let go of any crisis.

Macroscopically, it is data, and how many families are joys and sorrows on the micro level. Looking forward to the future, we choose to believe in the progress of the times. We believe in the power of dreams and believe in the light of freedom. Even in th

mycaijing @ 2020/04/05

Is there a company that relies on heaven? This listed company raises the question of raising capacity and digesting deposits.

Reading guide IPO: Rainbow's electric appliances raising capacity and capacity digesting question column: "financial fraud" has made investment prudent. 30: jinlang technology has risen more than 10% points this week. 01 focus on IPO, rely on

justdzzq @ 2020/04/05

China's breathing machine "sea test": credit must accumulate bit by bit, there will be no second chance.

Guide: in the relaxation of market access threshold for medical equipment in various countries, whether China's breathing machine can take advantage of its quality and build up international credit in China is a battle that is no less than epidemic, b

eeojjgcw @ 2020/04/05

New infrastructure in-depth report: in-depth study of seven industries (with PDF)

Source: Qian Tang big data in 2020, from the central intensive deployment, to the capital market hot, "new infrastructure" officially stood on the draught. Compared with the traditional infrastructure, the new infrastructure is based on high-tech

AItists @ 2020/04/05

Donated 5 billion 300 million of Vanke and 2 billion 200 million of fraud.

Titanium media technology leads the new economy, a Chinese enterprise, with a "take away" attitude to donate 5 billion 300 million to the whole world, and a Chinese company to cheat 2 billion 200 million at the speed of "blitz"

taimeiti @ 2020/04/05

Northern capital net inflow a week, what stocks to add?

Authoritative, deep and practical financial information is here in March, north to a large and continuous net outflow of funds. This week there was a turnaround, and the northward capital finally recovered to a net inflow. From March 30th to April 3rd, a

shzqbwx @ 2020/04/05

The national pipeline company will open a preliminary design review conference. 21 participating companies will be injected into the first phase.

Economic Observer network reporter Gao Song April 5th, economic observer network reporter was informed that the National Petroleum and natural gas pipeline network Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the national pipe network company) will hold a prelim

eeo-com-cn @ 2020/04/05

Nine hexagram assets panic, deposit emergency, small and medium-sized banks digital transformation "life and death war"

The first "challenge and responsibility: War" epidemic "catalyzed digital bank" essay contest was successfully concluded. The competition was jointly sponsored by XinDa and nine hexagram financial circle in February 2020. The financial res

jiuguajinrong @ 2020/04/05