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Will morning 0527? Will special treasury bonds be marketed?

"The key recommendation is" FICC, the chief analyst of Mingming securities company, "S1010517100001". According to the 2020 government work report, the scale of the special national debt of anti epidemic is set at 1 trillion, which is roug

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Why do we have to mention Fen Liquor for the sample of Shanxi's SOE reform?

This year's two sessions of the State Council, the reform trend of state-owned enterprises has again aroused concern from all sectors of society. In May 22nd, the government work report put forward to enhance the effectiveness of state owned enterpris

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The 17 limit is not open. This new stock is up to date. Today, 3 are waiting for the purchase, and there are high school sign rate new shares on the road.

Half is seawater and half is fire. Some of the IPO went on board for second days, and new shares even pulled 17 limit UPS, or up to 500%. Today, there will be 3 new shares. On Wednesday, this week will become the largest number of new opportunities this w

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Chen Haijia, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and President of the company, as soon as possible

The comprehensive deepening reform of the new three boards will further enable the functions of the new three board market to be further brought into full play and enhance the level of quality development of the service entity economy. On this basis, Chen

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1 new cases in Shanghai! US stocks rose, European stocks rose, oil prices rose and market optimism rose. Why?

The Ministry of Finance and civil aviation has issued a circular recently that the central finance will arrange funds to support Chinese and foreign air transport enterprises in order to respond positively to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic

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Yi Gang weighs loudly. About digital renminbi, he disclosed.

Source: CCTV finance and Economics (ID:cctvyscj), the people's Bank of China published today's official website of Yi Gang, governor of the people's Bank of China, in response to reporters' questions. Reporters: the Central Bank of China h

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How can the nine hexagram bank solve the digitalization difficulties of the document business?

Author: Wu Yongwei (ICBC international settlement document center) editor: Yan Shijie source: Nine hexagram financial circle 2020 Spring Festival, the new crown pneumonia epidemic unexpectedly arrived, to the normal operation of all walks of life, press t

jiuguajinrong @ 2020/05/27

Hong Kong stocks re opened: Hang Seng Index rose more than 400 points, market risk aversion eased

Under the help of strong sectors like blue chips and consumer stocks, Hong Kong stocks rose by 400 points today. At the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 1.88% to 23384. Luo Shang Pu, director of development of galaxy securities business department, said th

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On behalf of the members of the two sessions, we talked about the reform of state-owned enterprises: solving the problem of "big pot" and introducing various kinds of external capital in many

Click on the "economic reference daily" above to focus on my focus on the two sessions and the government work report on SOE reform. Three years of implementation of the reform of state-owned enterprises. We should improve the supervision system o

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Exclusive release! April 2020 Hayes trade index

There are 2968 words in this paper, and the reading time is 7 minutes. In April 2020, the maritime Silk Road trade index (STI) released by the Ningbo Shipping Exchange showed that the import and export trade index was 124.21 points, up 1.36%, up 4.81% fro

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Weigh! Yi Gang responded to eight hot topics: monetary policy, statutory digital money, and interest rate marketization.

Click on the top economic information daily to pay attention to my next stage of monetary policy orientation. What is the monetary policy tool to innovate directly into the real economy? When will the digital currency be launched? What is the next step in

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Russia returned to China's largest crude oil supply to the national treasure seat. Chinese buyers received the first batch of US crude oil this year.

According to the Reuters think tank quoted by China Petroleum Corporation in May 21st, China's crude oil imports will increase by about 2% in 2020 as oil prices fall, and the apparent consumption of crude oil will increase by 1-2%. The think tank also

bwchinesewx @ 2020/05/27

Soaring 360% in less than half a year! Who made the first bull stock?

Authoritative, deep, practical financial information is here, this year to now, which stock has risen the most in the A share market? It is neither a short circuit, a 10 link board, bazawan electric company or a ring pharmaceutical company. It is not a wh

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Plunge 97%! Another one should be delisted: Jay Chou, Jimmy Lin endorsed, hundreds of millions of people have used it! Today, over 10 billion of market capitalization "ashes to ashes".

Under the outbreak of China fund newspaper reporter Wu Yu, the tourism industry is sluggish: some bankruptcies, some closures, some layoffs and struggles... The latest news is that the domestic online travel giant, the way cattle, or will be delisted: sto

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Wang Junjin, chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and Jun Yao group, suggested that the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council should be institutionalized so as to prevent

Economic Observer network reporter Shen Yiran May 26th, reporters learned from the Jun Yao group, the CPPCC National Committee member, Jun Yao Group Chairman Wang Junjin at the thirteen session of the three session of the CPPCC National Committee, propose

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Speculators aim at Hong Kong dollar and focus on capital outflow.

Aiming at Hong Kong dollar, worries about capital escaping Hongkong can be seen everywhere in Hongkong's financial market, but the Hong Kong dollar is still strong. Speculators bet that the value of Hong Kong dollar derivatives will depreciate signifi

yocajr @ 2020/05/27

What is the innovative monetary tool mentioned by Chang Gang?

In 2020, it must be an unusual year for the economic columnist to be affected by the new crown pneumonia. China's economic and social development is facing unprecedented risks and challenges. To cope with this situation, under the leadership of the CP

KANDONGJINGJI @ 2020/05/27

The total number of pension service enterprises in China has increased by 12 times over the past ten years, and the joint venture recommends 6 blue chip stocks in the related industry chain.

Ren Shibi, a newspaper trainee reporter, has grown rapidly with the rapid growth of the elderly population, giving birth to huge demand for the elderly. According to the National Bureau of statistics, in 2014, the proportion of the population aged 65 and

securitiesdaily @ 2020/05/27

Qing blockbuster released the provincial and municipal venture capital data and series research, and revealed the depth of regional equity investment.

The new economy is experiencing rapid development and change in China and the world. As an important support force, equity investment has gradually moved from behind the scenes to the spotlight. Under the policy support and capital assistance, Kita Kamihi

pedata2017 @ 2020/05/27

Just now, Yi Gang weighed heavily. Economic data show improvement trend, monetary policy will be more flexible and moderate. Some small and medium financial institutions need to be concerned about the

In May 26th, the central bank governor Yi Gang interviewed the media during the "two sessions" and responded to many hot issues. Yi Gang's current economic situation at home and abroad, the next direction of monetary policy, how to innovate mo

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