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Daily financial highlights: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

The development and Reform Commission (NDRC): in the three quarter, the economic growth slowed slightly. The price of gasoline and diesel is coming down. China submitted to the WTO to join the GPA seventh bid. Bureau of Statistics: in September, the price

FINANCIALNEWS2011 @ 2019/10/22

Too weird! The account disappeared, and 800 million of the assets were gone. Private tycoon cheated to play with money? In the A shares created a myth of wealth, 16 months, 100 to 100 million

In the currency circle, where the water is as deep as the sea, a strange case happened. Yang Yongxing, a 25 year old private equity manager who realized wealth and freedom in A shares, told a Chinese reporter of securities business that he was "embezz

quanshangcn @ 2019/10/22

The 14 provinces announced the first three quarters of GDP: the per capita disposable income of Beijing and Shanghai exceeded 50 thousand. What about you?

Click on the top of the "economic reference" attention to me recently, the three quarterly reports of all sectors of the economy have been announced. According to incomplete statistics, at least 14 provinces have published GDP data for the third q

jjckb-wx @ 2019/10/22

A big loss! Tri ray 51 credit card, the listed company float about 1 billion. Many large organizations lie guns, private big guys Wang Yawei, Sheng Xitai also recruit...

China fund newspaper reporter Lingyun 51 credit card has made new progress. In the morning of October 22nd, 51 credit cards issued a notice explaining the situation of the company and its employees, and his founder, sun Haitao, also issued an apology. Zho

chinafundnews @ 2019/10/22

This week, the pressure on new stock subscription will drop sharply. The purchase rate of Zhejiang Merchants Bank was postponed.

Authoritative, deep and practical financial and economic information is here, this week, the purchase of new shares ushered in a small peak, causing great concern in the market, and even caused some financial worries. According to the preliminary arrangem

shzqbwx @ 2019/10/22

Regulatory intensive voice, the deepening of the new three board reform is imminent! The industry expects the plan to be...

Recently, the regulatory leaders have mentioned the new three board reform. Insiders told reporters at the Securities Times New three board forum that the current reform is imperative and deepening reform is also in the firing line. Recently, Xu Ming, gen

zqsbxsb @ 2019/10/22

Hundred billion brokerage giant suddenly fell! Because of GDR's cross border conversion arbitrage, how big is the space and who's next? A stock valuation system or therefore change.

A valuation system or change. Influenced by the global depository receipts (GDR), Huatai Securities A shares opened sharply lower in early trading today and remained at a low level, closing at 17.19 yuan / share, or 5.7%, with a total market capitalizatio

wwwstcncom @ 2019/10/22

Urgent insert! Anhui's oil price will be adjusted immediately. The province's friends immediately forwarded!

According to the national development and Reform Commission, a new round of oil price adjustment window will be opened today (October 21st) at 24. According to the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission, international oi

anhui908 @ 2019/10/22

Net loan risk is resolved. Shandong, Hunan banned institutions within the jurisdiction, Guizhou 41 P2P exit

There are only 268 P2P net lending institutions clearing up and accelerating in normal operation of P2P lending institutions nationwide. A few days ago, Hunan banned the 24 net loan institutions that were included in the administrative verification. Shand

IFNC2013 @ 2019/10/22

Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commission: the first three quarters of the total disposal of non-performing loans of about 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan in the first 8 months, the new small and

Huang Hong: in the first three quarters, the total number of non-performing loans handled was about 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan, which was disposed of more than 176 billion 500 million yuan over the same period. Huang Hong, vice chairman of the CIRC,

FN_FinancialNews @ 2019/10/22

Chongqing coordinated the establishment of Lifan's "debt Commission" and asked banks not to lend money, to keep lending, to lend money, to predict cars.

This led to the establishment of the debt Commission and released the signal that Chongqing coordinated the relevant financial institutions to stabilize Lifan's credit support. Author Zhang Kun, editor, Wang Xin. October 21st, relevant media reported

qcyyj123 @ 2019/10/22

Predictions come true! The price of oil is going to drop tonight. (prompt for limit number)

According to the national development and Reform Commission, a new round of oil price adjustment window will be opened today (October 21st) at 24. According to the price monitoring center of the national development and Reform Commission, international oi

hbjtgb992 @ 2019/10/22

Making money out of the window is as quick as injustice, and making money in it seems like a fight against money.

-Tips: Download [market value APP], wonderful content preemptive look - the author of the wooden fish process editor Xiao Bai as early as 2010, the chairman and the real controller of 002334.SZ, Huang Shen Li Huang, issued a speech at the annual sharehold

mvlegend @ 2019/10/22

The 330 billion bubble burst, the most miserable "unicorn" of 2019.

Where there is money, there will be bubbles. But the bubble will eventually burst. Source: Panoramic financial (ID:p5w2012) author: all small view, in September 2019, the valuation of the once more than 47 billion U.S. dollars (about 332 billion yuan) of

bestIB @ 2019/10/22

Macao PK Hongkong international financial center?

This is the 2942nd original article of the first round. 4k+. Attention to Qin Shuo's circle of friends ID:qspyq2015. Last week, the news of the Macao stock exchange is expected to be widely reproduced in the circle of friends. In the eighth session of

qspyq2015 @ 2019/10/22

Practical: Thailand bank detailed account opening guide! Take you to know 9 big banks quickly.

Ai Thailand Thailand media if you plan to stay in Thailand for a long time or study, you will never be able to avoid using bank cards, especially when you are used to paying for the domestic e-payment. You are not always used to carrying cash. So it is ne

aitaiguobang @ 2019/10/22

After the stock price has continued to rise, shareholders have dropped the reduction plan. Is the decline in performance, liquidity, and reduction because of the retreat?

Guided by the company survey: Bo Tian environment was reduced by the shareholders' reduction plan, Volkswagen 30: focus on the industry leader - Haida group (002311) market analysis: pay attention to the three directions of the future market, look for

justdzzq @ 2019/10/22

Weigh! "Two high and two departments" issued an opinion: the annual interest rate of 36% is the standard of illegal lending, and the acts of violent collection will be severely punished.

In October 21st, the national anti vice office issued four legal and policy documents that severely punish public officials' involvement in black related crimes and criminal cases involving illegal lending. Among them, the most directly related to the

gjjrb777 @ 2019/10/22

Through the fundamental logic of speculation, we can understand the true meaning of trading.

Source: Sina blog is worth reading by all futures people, no matter what level or stage we are in, if you want to live in the futures market for a long time, until the day you want to quit. It is possible to reach the state of the author of this article.

wallstreetclub @ 2019/10/22

China is visiting Wei Jianguo: the economic situation will improve next year.

The most difficult time has already passed. In the first three quarters of the year, after the announcement of China's "economic report card", there were worries and calm minds. What will happen to the economy in the fourth quarter? Will the e

WednesdayNews @ 2019/10/21