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Ni Ni's private clothes have always been the benchmark among female stars. Can you hold these clothes?

When it comes to shooting the queen on the street and dressing up, Nini is definitely on the list among many female stars. Ni Ni's style is very changeable, and she can also control a variety of styles, such as refreshing, casual, literary and artisti

yncdhk @ 2020/07/10

No, no, no! Don't you know that the Korean people who wear the top brand of entertainment are still in fashion?

"What's nerdy that's hot in South Korea recently?" Love beans often wear to record programs and the fire Street leisure brand nerdy! Although nerdy is concerned by the world with the negative view of "nerd", it will be found that t

wwwicnkrcom @ 2020/07/10

Is haute couture still worth money without the fashion show that cost money to dream?

This week, France's Gaoding fashion week was held online as scheduled. For fashion brands who have always been addicted to dream making, online publishing is undoubtedly a new change in thinking mode. Members of nefcha are forced to come out of the ol

fashionifeng @ 2020/07/10

Have you made a hot summer's little girl? Female head high top hair a little bit good!

One day, Xiao Yan plays Juxiang and yueniang, the daughter of Juxiang. Juxiang is gentle and moving, and yueniang is sassy. Xiao Yan easily switches between the two characters with high appearance and perfect acting skills. Sister o finds that Xiao Yan

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/07/10

Come on, Dad, get your sandals

In your ideal summer fashionable image of type, vigor and high, a pair of daddy sandals will never fail you! With the strong wind of retro style, the element of "Daddy" is still hot. Sandals home season, fashion star people naturally can not miss

rayli-herstyle @ 2020/07/10

Why is Zara Starbucks closing stores when luxury goods are more and more popular?

Author: Guo Xie 8433, source: Qin Shuo circle of friends (ID: qspyq2015), authorized to release. On the eve of the "618" of Jingdong and tmall this year, several young girls in the office are mysteriously discussing what luxury bags to buy. Think

Domarketing-001 @ 2020/07/10

Hong Yan: no need to base two wear striped flying sleeve summer shirt (with knitting illustration)

It's better to use the red thread on the front and back. It's just like I don't need the red thread on the front and back

bianzhirenshengcom @ 2020/07/10

What kind of fairy dress is "Daisy"? Foreign style and high-level, according to wear on the right!

I still remember that last year's fashion was so hot that florets and rainbows are all girlish elements. One of the most popular elements in the past two years, Daisy, is absolutely a sense of existence. And Lisa's sweet and cool dress can see the

nrnr88 @ 2020/07/10

The punk girl in Chanel's high setting lingers in this legendary dance

The extension platform moved to the cloud, Chanel held a grand dance! Sister o is surfing in the cloud with you! In Chanel's autumn / winter 2020 / 21 haute couture series, the creative director, Virginia Viard, drew inspiration from the 19th century

OnlyLady2002 @ 2020/07/08

Top news | Chinese consumers become the pillar of UNIQLO's performance growth; Hermes's sales in China soared last year; Dior's high subscription micro blog live viewing exceeded 10 millio

Chinese consumers have become the pillar of UNIQLO's growth. Under the leadership of Japan's richest man, liujingzheng, the parent company of UNIQLO, has accelerated the distribution of UNIQLO's parent company in the Chinese market in recent y

fzdmag @ 2020/07/08

The tall man is not a dream guide!

Some time ago, I introduced a few bloggers who wear chubby clothes (I can review the article by stamping the blue words). Many sisters left a message in the background saying that they want to know how to wear a petite figure. We always respond to every r

cydb555 @ 2020/07/08

Finally, Po Po's fifty is green

In recent years, the green watch has been unstoppable, especially the green diving watch. This year, Longines launched a green version of the kangas series diving watch, which sparked the topic. Now, bopper 50 is finally green. According to the latest new

watchtimes88 @ 2020/07/08

Star's "Rainbow head" hair color! High appearance value is to dye bright color!

Blacklink's return single "how you like that" has been released for more than a week. Due to its gorgeous shape, Mina has to review it several times every day ~ the fairy rose é has blue hair, turning into a cool girl, a charming blue enchantr

minazazhi @ 2020/07/08

Dior's latest series of fantasy movies

If you love me, you can hold me down. This is Jane's private wechat. Long press can add me as a friend. In case of passing, Dior released a new autumn / winter 2020 advanced customization series on July 6. Different from the previous star studded fash

yibaituansheji @ 2020/07/08

It's not easy to get rid of it!

As a matter of fact, many people become fat now, and their temperament will change with it. Just like big s, when she gets fat, the whole person will become a big mother. It looks very pure before, especially when she plays "meteor garden". After

dpsapp @ 2020/07/08

25-30-year-old man's summer wear, low-key men have taste!

Today, I'd like to share a few sets of clean, simple and business light familiar style collocation, so you can have a look at it. Summer is just as simple and clean as this. Let's have a look at the brown cotton T. maybe you can't see it, but

menstyle2 @ 2020/07/08

Ni Ping goes to the vegetable market deliberately to wear fashionable, although thin is beautiful, but the age spots on her face are obvious!

Although it is said that stars are public figures, their lives are relatively grounded. For example, this time Ni Ping went out to buy vegetables in the food market. Because everyone has to eat, they can usually see the stars go to the food market to buy

lma778 @ 2020/07/08

Put on the tall man's secret! Use the summer formula

Many boys have the same dream as girls, that is to have a pair of long legs, so that they look tall and powerful. But after all, "physical height" is that you cry all the time. If you hoarse your throat, you will not grow by 0.1cm. But the so-call

nz1900 @ 2020/07/08

He Jie does not want to cover thick legs, is not exposed legs will show shorter, her height was questioned 1 meter 5?

Stars in the entertainment industry are generally high in appearance, and their figure is the top one. They are white, beautiful and long legged cartoon figures. However, stars are only ordinary people's. In those days, the baby is as lovely as ever

nvb333 @ 2020/07/08

"Flax" is popular in the summer of 2020! Temperament full score!

When it comes to summer, my first reaction is hot. It is said that the summer of 2020 is the hottest summer in 200 years. In the first two days, the temperature directly soared to 35 degrees. The air conditioner gave me this life! Speaking of this, let

qqshishang @ 2020/07/08