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Angelababy, Jiani Zhang's down jacket is just too much to say. Can a female star be a bit of an idol?

The children in the north are always going to have a temperature drop, and for girls and girls, the most difficult estimate is how to pick a down jacket that can keep warm and wear down. But I wanted to see if you were able to give some inspiration to you

raylicom @ 2019/12/23

Let's hear the news, Christmas Carnival. Are you ready?

Christmas is coming! Are you ready? Wear beautiful clothes and beautiful friends together to go shopping, afternoon tea, dinner party so... Don't say much together, let's see this week's news soon. ~01Coach curiosity hits the concept store in

Apex_Manual @ 2019/12/23

What will I wear next week? You missed the difference of 2000 yuan between China and Europe.

2019 is the world of hobo. Looking at the street for the first two days, I found that my little sister who had never been able to wear did not miss hobo. If you wrap it in a thick winter, it will be exquisite to carry such a handbag. Che Jingyuan, Zheng S

cosmochina @ 2019/12/23

I really don't understand. What is the significance of the small and expensive mini bag? Well, it's delicious.

If you want to be fashionable girl, please use "star standard" to keep me! I believe that those who are keen on surfing the Internet must have discovered the most popular package this winter. In the impression that he has always been the old canva

rayli_2013 @ 2019/12/23

Male doctors mistakenly swallow jujube nuts, and laugh at the national netizens: ha ha ha is so cute.

Source / Concord Tan Xianjie, Dr. lilac, the heroine of this article, is the chief physician of Peking Union Medical College Hospital's Department of Obstetrics and gynecology.

ymq120 @ 2019/12/23

Why is the "fierce" girl like Zhong Chuxi getting more and more popular?

Sisters, happy weekend! These two days bud bud and good sister Kaka go to chase stars. Ah ah! This time the star of our star squad raid is her red carpet killer and photo killer. "Zhong Chu Xi", the "goddess" of all kinds of "killing&#

meiyaapp @ 2019/12/23

100 times more fashionable than down! Buy this super warm coat first.

Good evening, good luck. Today, koala is also hosting the eight point: although Guangzhou has recently returned to the weather of "wearing less to prevent heatstroke", I know that friends in the north are still in need of various kinds

koreanidol @ 2019/12/23

Wu Yue, 47 years old, had a dark complexion in the shape of the village girl, and it could not cover up her good temperament.

Wu Yue is 47 years old. It's hard to imagine. It's going to be nearly half a year. Although being a female star, it has a good regulation of the skin and physiological state, but it can't be seen like Wu Yue till 47 years old and still can not

nvb333 @ 2019/12/23

Liu Xiaoqing's recent photo shows that this picture is very real. It's better to wear warm clothes than to dress up beautifully.

Before Liu Xiaoqing was told by many people that he liked to dress up deliberately, every time he wore clothes, he felt very strange. Because those colors are really colorful, and they seem very different from her own age. This time she had a picture in t

dpsapp @ 2019/12/23

Can it be a Christmas gift? A few 1000 dollars recommended for sneakers.

In the general market situation of sports shoes such as stocks, the ups and downs of prices can be changed rapidly. But it is also true that nothing can sustain long prosperity. You should also feel that the heat in the shoe market at the end of the year

nowre_official @ 2019/12/23

Fairy ironing + sweater, Lob head + sweater... 2019 the fashion is so popular!

Jessica id:mmnn2080 is authorized to reprint the recommendation of Vivian id:cocov360Hi. Today is the magic collocation teacher Jessica~ said that some time ago, she saw the new hairstyle on the Jennie, and it was beautiful, instantly stunning. Indeed, th

cocov360 @ 2019/12/23

Ni Ping is not only thin, but also very fashionable.

As we all know, Ni Ping has no conception of fashion. Once I also reported by netizens that Ni Ping was wearing sex on her lap, so Ni Ping did not have much modification in putting on his clothes. Now Ni Ping is not only thinner, but also very fashionable

dapeijineng @ 2019/12/23

What points do small boys need to pay attention to?

In the autumn and winter, it is not very friendly for small people to wear heavy clothes. So how can we wear it correctly in autumn and winter? 1 the main way to improve the visual center of gravity and improve the visual center of gravity is to allow the

nz1900 @ 2019/12/23

This year's coat is so high that it shows a long leg and brings a sense of superiority.

The temptation of cat claws to pay attention to me. Tina sister id:tina20199 grass planting id:tina20199, authorized to reprint the recommendation of Vivian id:cocov360, good morning everyone! During this time, all kinds of promotion, even my buddy who wa

hzjq360 @ 2019/12/23

When the year of the mouse is coming, do you still remember the fear of being controlled by the Spring Festival limited amount?

Unconsciously, it will be more than a month before we celebrate our lunar new year. At this time of the year, all the major players will make every effort to fully prepare for the CNY Chinese New Year every year. In order to pay homage to Chinese culture

if_fashion888 @ 2019/12/23

Please accept the most fashionable thick coat.

Hello, new week. Is the weather in your city cold today? When it comes to winter, immediately thinking of the coat, especially the cold weather, thick coat is even more important. Today, I'd like to talk about some outfits that just need to go out eve

rdapei @ 2019/12/23

Wearing a fur coat in autumn and winter is too fashionable and too "skin".

The United States and China are cool to estimate the return rate of fur clothing this winter. 98% Yang Mi Yang Mi wears a fur coat full of air and looks sharp and domineering. Using leather shirt as a bottom is also a good choice. Super A's independen

minazazhi @ 2019/12/23

To transform the thin boys, you and the stars are just dressed up!

Many skinny and fat people are very resistant to shorts. Actually shorts can improve people's waistline and temperament. You can try bravely. Maybe it's different from what you think. The style of inxxstreet is very sweet, and it's like puttin

menstyle2 @ 2019/12/23

Is Yoko heading for fashion? Wearing orange and black, exaggerating the length of the long skirts, "double sister makeup" eye-catching.

When it comes to Yoko, you should be able to think of some films and dramas that she has starred in, such as "life to me", "fat action team", "home has a fairy wife" and so on. Recently, Me Yoko's "acting school" did no

yncdhk @ 2019/12/23

Originality, beauty, win win future, Mcgilli's 2019 grand ceremony ended successfully.

In December 21, 2019, "the heart and beauty, win the future" Mai Jili's 2019 grand ceremony ended successfully at the Fuzhou Strait Olympic Sports Center Stadium. The stars, bright stars, Mai Jili brand spokesperson, Wang Likun Mai Jili collag

xintukefu @ 2019/12/23