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The University issued a fake announcement.

At the end of the year, candidates who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination and the first examination of Arts and arts are in the final stage of sprint. However, Communication University of China recently released an official "fake&

zqbcyol @ 2019/12/10

Two years after accounting, my view of consumption has changed dramatically.

This article is authorized by the bean seed user @ Su Lizhen to issue the original title: the recent consumption concept, thanks to the author for providing high-quality original content for the bean paste. About 4-5 years ago, my consumption concept was

douban @ 2019/12/10

How did the illusion of "my child's excellent" come from?

We must have heard such a feeling: "now the children are really smart, really powerful, really not easy." Then, from the bottom of my heart, I felt that the child was "burdened with burden" and "to lose weight": after all, "I d

unclehuige @ 2019/12/10

How can you handle offer without IELTS?

For the British students, the most embarrassing and saddest thing is to have the conditional offer holding your favorite university, but you can't get the qualified IELTS score for CAS. Don't worry at this time. It's a good choice to go to the

uk-xinquan @ 2019/12/10

Chinese students are reinventing western retail media: strong purchasing power.

Reference News Network reported on December 10th, Hong Kong media said wealthy retirees, European tourists and local fashion enthusiasts will still swarm into London department stores. But apart from them, there are also Chinese students with pocket money

ckxxwx @ 2019/12/10

Is it difficult to find jobs in Canada? Let's take a look at the colleges with the highest employment rate.

Top1 - University of Toronto, University of Toronto (University of Toronto), originated in 1827, the king's College King "s College", is the world's leading public research university, the world's leading institutions of higher learnin

easy-ke @ 2019/12/10

The more you growl, the worse your child's performance is! It's better to do this than to yell at one thousand.

Recently, many parents have reflected to me: Children's grades can't be raised, discipline is still rebellious and contradict; (puberty) often can't help shouting children, the more they shout, the worse their grades are; (roaring children) tr

jsjs1011 @ 2019/12/10

December 22nd - the mother's dream of mother's dream forum is first in Anyang.

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". Anyang is one of the eight ancient capitals in China. It is one of the historical and cultural cities in China. It is one of the centers of Chinese civilization. During the Three Kingdo

muqindaxue @ 2019/12/10

Hebei Medical University implements the "three teachers" system to open up the blind area of Education

Hebei Medical University has taken many measures to bring together the "three teachers" of education and teaching to break through the blind spots and breakpoints of Hebei education. (reporter Marley) since the launching of the second batch of 

hbrbgfwx @ 2019/12/10

Guan Xuan! The central subordinate colleges and universities no longer increase! How can we fail to go to the subordinate colleges and universities? These 14 universities are very valuable.

According to the affiliation, universities in China are divided into central subordinate universities and local provincial universities. The universities with a small number of related countries and the industry with special characteristics are managed by

jinkaojuan @ 2019/12/10

Fudan students "pig raising", is it a waste of resources to take the initiative to "sink" the top students?

Previously, the news of "Henan's 100 billion richest man has 20 thousand monthly salary to recruit Fudan University Students" has been brushed in the circle of friends. What attracts more attention is that the main business of this enterprise

malashen @ 2019/12/10

Ma Meimei's music lesson is noon.

Ma Meimei's music lesson photography, Zhu ink writing, Liu Ziheng's golden sunlight shone on the road, surrounded by endless loess hills. The road is built on the mountain beam, and people share a road with the car. Ma Meimei was close to the road

noon-story @ 2019/12/09

Shocked! This year's college entrance examination 1 million 800 thousand people read again, dare to ask where the new way is.

First of all, I am shocked to see this figure. 1 million 800 thousand, we all know that the number of college entrance examination in 2019 is 10 million 310 thousand, which indicates that the number of repeat students in 2019 is as high as 18%. Repetition

tengyuangaokao @ 2019/12/09

The Ministry of Education issued a circular: half of the children will not go to university, if your child has not yet been in the college entrance examination, please spend three minutes to see!

Do you know? New regulations of the Ministry of Education: from 2021 onwards, Beijing entrance examination English will increase oral test, listening and speaking total 50 points. It means that Chinese dumb English is hard to score. Many smart parents are

jiazhang20 @ 2019/12/09

After the abolition of two or three copies of the college entrance examination, the students are the worst. The sooner parents know, the better!

This year's primary and secondary education reform. Is your child still like this? Every day after school, he plays with his cell phone, watches TV, lazier and lazier. Homework does not work every day, but he does not learn. Not only your family, but

chzhbid @ 2019/12/09

"Iron", "steel" and "third grade" can be "loud and clear". Attachment: junior high school in three years

Recently, many parents wrote to Xiaobian that their children's performance is much different from that of primary school. What should we do? Faced with a new environment, new teachers, new lectures and ways of communication may be appetites and may no

czxxdck @ 2019/12/09

In the middle of the night, colleges and universities sneak into the teaching building, sending mysterious gifts to the students of the postgraduate entrance examination.

2020 the national postgraduate entrance examination has entered the countdown time. All the students are busy with the final sprint. Recently, Jiangxi Agricultural university has sent over 1200 postgraduate warmheartwarming encouragement packages to the s

rmrbwx @ 2019/12/09

Certificate cancelled! Please stop immediately preparing this certificate. The ten high salary certificates officially announced in 2020!

There is no gold content in the certificate, it depends on the policy tilt. Some time ago, the bacteria were seen in the CCTV exposure training institution. Let's see it together. CCTV exposure, this certificate do not test again! CCTV news exposed a

gaoduncpa @ 2019/12/09

Four grade 425 points all rely on Mongolia? How did he do that?

~ and the last 7 days will take the 46 exam. How about Yu Xi? Is reading wrong? Can't write? Translation is all right? So I came to rescue you again. Yes, today's update is the most powerful version of PS.. This strategy is purely metaphysics. I&#

xyCET46 @ 2019/12/09

The seventh phase of the seventh season of "Youth Learning" in Jiangxi province is coming. Appendix: WeChat rankings

In the past week, we have studied the basic economic system of socialism with the league and the league in the seventh quarter. The sixth phase "Youth Learning" network theme group attracted the participation of 554 thousand people in and outside

gqtjxsw @ 2019/12/09