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Ten moms, eight long? Men also grow "stretch marks"? Sorry, this wave of popular science is late

Expert in this article: Zhou Xiaobo, medical doctor of Shanghai Jiaotong University, is a female friend. After all, she has to go through the stage of motherhood. But as mothers during pregnancy, the first gift many people receive is pregnancy marks. Preg

Science_China @ 2020/07/11

Pregnant women infected with new crown, to terminate pregnancy? Here comes the expert answer

This afternoon, the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the work related to consolidating prevention and control achievements and ensuring maternal and child health. Can pregnant women continue

hbrbgfwx @ 2020/07/11

Is the probability of having a boy or a girl high in summer?

Although now with the progress of society, people are not very persistent in giving birth to boys, but I believe that every family hopes to have both children. Therefore, some topics about whether to have boys or girls have always been out of the hot stat

byun98 @ 2020/07/11

"Keep it for my mother!"

Recently, a teacher in Xinxiang, Henan Province, found that when students were eating watermelon, a female student didn't eat it. The teacher asked, "why don't you eat it?" With a shy smile, the girl replied, "keep it for my mother!

rmrbwx @ 2020/07/11

After two abortions, she finally gave birth to a fat son! Hainan is so inspirational!

"When I finally got to you, I didn't give up!" After some twists and turns, Lan Tian (pseudonym) likes to be a treasure mother. At about 16:00 on July 6 this year, she specially came to Hainan obstetrics and gynecology hospital with her fat 5-

ngdsb966123 @ 2020/07/08

How much do babies know about allergies? Have you got all this protection knowledge

The first 1000 days of life are very important, which is related to the health of the baby's life. Especially for the allergy, once the allergy process is started in the early stage, the baby is likely to have different allergic symptoms at different

babytreemika @ 2020/07/08

How to escape the hot pot?

Is your family a hot pot? Are you an ant in the hot pot of family? Do you want to scramble out of this place where you're so busy and overwhelmed? How can we escape from the hot pot of family? Claudia really escaped. She ran away from home many times,

hinabook @ 2020/07/08

Give birth to a healthy and high intelligence baby, do 3 things before pregnancy!

-This is the 1760th day of pregnancy with you. ——Wozkyshod, do you understand? Our common people's great event is to build a happy and happy small family. The big thing for you two is to have a smart, beautiful and healthy baby! We must prepare for th

yixuebeiyun @ 2020/07/08

Audio Science: dog tongue out

Nature and science popularization in the world, flowers and plants, birds and insects, children's eyes to see, curious, want to ask, all here. Listen to and listen to the funny explanation of a theme in each issue. Nature is around us in July midsumme

haizi_zazhishe @ 2020/07/08

Two parents rescued their children, but 3 drowned... These "invisible killer" must be vigilant.

Blue words concern CCTV news. In the evening of June 25th, two men and a child were drowned in the Ba River Ecological Wetland Park in Xi'an, Shaanxi. Witnesses said they were suspected to be friends and family gatherings, but did not think of the acc

cctvnewscenter @ 2020/06/27

The 14 year old girl has a stomachache. Don't let the children drink this again.

After drinking pearl milk tea, the 14 year old girl did not defecate and stomach ache for five days. CT examination revealed that the gastrointestinal tract was full of round and dense shadows. The stomach was full of "Pearl" at 9 o'clock on M

yeysg8 @ 2020/06/27

The newborn has three days' ration. Why is it that the first three days, the mother has little milk, and the baby is hungry too!

In delivery room, some of the newcomers who are new mothers are most worried about their lack of milk. They are worried about starving babies. Some even cry directly. We often tell these mothers, don't worry, don't worry about your milk, baby is h

jieshengpo120 @ 2020/06/27

"You're pregnant, don't eat this!" What are the dietary contraindications during pregnancy?

This is the 1748th day to accompany your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a major event in life. So when anyone in the family plans to have children, the whole family will eat and drink without paying any attention to it. It is certain that we should pay attention

yixuebeiyun @ 2020/06/26

The mother picked up her doll and picked up her daughter after school.

Every happy mother has found the occasional surprise and ritual feeling in strength life in "mother university", which will give children enough sense of intimacy and trust. Recently, a mother picked up the video of her daughter's school at th

muqindaxue @ 2020/06/26

What time does your baby sleep best at night? Better to go to bed early than to go to bed late? Do not you sleep long enough? Authoritative answers come!

There are answers to common diseases in Cui Yutao's education park. When it comes to sleeping problems of children, I will tear the bitter tears one after another. My daughter has been sleeping late lately, sleeping every day and dancing at the head o

cuiyutao2015 @ 2020/06/26

We don't have organs in mom's eyes!!!

Mother used to tell us the classic quotations. In mother's eyes, we may not have organs.

WeiGaoXiao @ 2020/06/25

Electric mosquito repellent incense, mosquito repellent liquid, mosquito repellent bracelet. Can it be used for babies? Maybe you've always chosen the wrong thing!

There are answers to common diseases in Cui Yutao's education park. What is the most annoying animal in summer? Yes, mosquitoes, especially mosquitoes that bite babies. In the end, how to prevent mosquitoes and mosquito repellents, which is the parent

cuiyutao2015 @ 2020/06/25

Frequent micturition, fart and less stool during pregnancy are such abnormal reactions to normal pregnancy.

During pregnancy, women may experience various symptoms due to physical changes, such as morning sickness, loss of appetite, insomnia, and so on. They are common pregnancy reactions. There are also some symptoms which are embarrassed and cannot be exporte

jieshengpo120 @ 2020/06/25

Huashan's Jian Jian is written on Anne's birthday: life is so hard that every birthday is worth remembering.

An An: today is June 25, 2020, Dragon Boat Festival. In a blink of an eye, you are all one year old. Indeed, a year ago today was like yesterday. I remember clearly the panic, nervousness, uneasiness and anticipation at that time. Originally, it was not t

iauto-ilife @ 2020/06/25

The 8 things in summer are not to listen to the old man, but to do so is to harm the child.

Communicate with your heart and love these children. I hope your parents can read them patiently and let your baby pass the summer safely. The weather is hot, shaving head @K mother came back one day when he discovered that the old man had shaved his chil

yuernizaomaci @ 2020/06/25