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The seat on the Korean subway was finally asked to be "forced" vacant.

Here comes, every year to be dug out to discuss a wave of "Korean pregnant care mat" problem again... In December last year, a netizen in South Korea on a forum released a message about pregnant care table, who thought it has been burning to the p

wwwicnkrcom @ 2020/04/05

10 babies, 7 decayed teeth! This method can be prevented, but many parents have done wrong.

There are answers to common diseases in Cui Yutao's education park. The day before yesterday, we published an article about bathing. After seeing the message, we found that apart from bathing, mothers were also concerned about the problem of brushing

cuiyutao2015 @ 2020/04/05

Children alone wrote homework monitoring exposure: half of the mothers in the country discovered that they had seen their children.

A netizen left the child alone to do his homework, and secretly recorded the writing process of the child by mobile phone, causing many parents' sympathy. Dad said, "hurry up and write your son," and went out. The child really started writing

chinaejzh @ 2020/04/05

Urgent reminder! 7 days and 8 starts!

All parents attention! Children at home must pay attention to safety. The emergency department of Jiangxi children's hospital received 8 high falling patients in one week. The 4 year old boy fell into a severe coma at high altitude. Multiple fractures

bandaochenbaowx @ 2020/04/05

A hospital has received 8 patients in 7 days. For the same reason, tens of thousands of children have been optimistic about their children at home recently.

Due to the epidemic reason, there is still a period of time away from school. The safety problem of children at home must also be emphasized. Recently, the emergency department of Jiangxi children's hospital received 8 high falling patients in one wee

hangzhoudaily @ 2020/04/05

How irritable is mom's temper? Ha ha ha ha ha is too true. It's my mother's fault.

Do you make children? ID:yuernizaomaci, ID:iiilass, the author of the introduction: Rabbit sister, VIP member of the cosmological pain wife Association, the most popular beauty comic artist, the girl who understands the girl's heart most: the young gi

yuernizaomaci @ 2020/04/04

Tears running! Wuhan's 8 year old boy brings his parents Ashes: we can only fight the world with bare hands.

Source: Harvard's good mother (ID:hfhm99) source: Harvard's good mother (hfhm99) uses small comics every day to find children around her. Accompany baby grow up on the road together to make a different mammy!

ci1906 @ 2020/04/04

How to judge the level of intelligence is shown in the fetal period. These 3 characteristics are mostly very intelligent.

For original articles, welcome personal forwarding, please do not plagiarize without permission. Almost all parents want their children to have a bright brain, which will be more smoothly and freely in learning, life and work in the future. So, when you k

GZASER @ 2020/04/04

These foods are listed as child care blacklists, which are not long after eating, and lead to delayed development.

In Chinese medicine, there is a saying that everyone's childhood is laying the foundation for the health of their whole life. At this time, we should be very careful and pay attention to diet. Parents should avoid giving children frequent food problem

GZASER @ 2020/04/03

Why are there more and more people with infertility around them?

At this time, I can always hear people around me arguing that no one can afford to lose children. Looking around, it seems that there is such a feeling that more and more people around her are often frustrated in the matter of getting pregnant and pregnan

byun98 @ 2020/04/03

What is the growth of allo?

After reading the articles on bamboo pouch in recent weeks, many fans may have a question: what is Ai Luo growing up? Today, we will answer questions and answer questions for you. Let's talk about Aiello's growing up. Parents are a direct job with

zhudou0919 @ 2020/04/03

How old is a child? Not 1 or 2, but this time!

There are answers to common diseases in Cui Yutao's education park. Hello, everyone, you science popularization, sand sculpture as a supplement to the mother again. Yesterday, I was also chatted by my girlfriend for 10086, because she was tortured by

cuiyutao2015 @ 2020/04/03

It hurts more than giving birth to a child.

Do you think everything will be fine after the long October pregnancy and the pain of childbirth? Wrong! In the coming days, many new mothers will suffer from a period of pain when breastfeeding. It is even more disparate than childbirth pain, which is &#

klyy-yx @ 2020/04/03

Bao Ma share: let the children finish reading 120 thousand of the kindergarten a year, I regret it!

There is a question: what is the experience of letting children read tens of thousands of international kindergartens? There are tens of thousands of commentaries on the bottom, some of which are good and unworthy, and some are waiting for their mothers t

babytreemika @ 2020/04/03

When your baby speaks late, will you grow up? Never be deceived by "good faith".

I remember a parent who said, "my children are over 3 years old, and feel that language is far behind that of their babies. At the moment, they will only say simple fathers and mothers, and occasionally say grandpa and brother. Every time I say I need

jjkkczj @ 2020/04/02

[pregnancy mother welfare] in the city's recruitment plan, birth check delivery benefits are worthwhile.

In order to help more mothers and mothers establish correct conception of conception, enhance confidence in natural childbirth, reduce unnecessary medical intervention during childbirth, and promote the social environment of natural childbirth, Fenghuang

xjfhyy @ 2020/04/01

The daughter-in-law cried in her confinement, and asked her husband for help: don't let your mother enter the house.

Xiao Chun wants to divorce. The reason is not breaking up with her husband, but because of her mother-in-law. It seems that Xiao Chun is making a lot of trouble, but in fact, in China, the divorce case due to the relationship between mother in law and dau

GZASER @ 2020/04/01

These 5 kinds of dad hurt children most! I hope your family does not!

As a dad, no matter whether your age is mature or not, whether you are mentally prepared or not, you have to assume the responsibility of a father. At least you should be able to afford the title of father. 01 where did dad go, at the door of a kindergart

chzhbid @ 2020/04/01

"Tired of taking a doll is a pretence?" The father took the baby 32 hours later and cried for work.

Which sentence can easily drive a mad mother? "Don't you bring a baby? "Some people even said," Why are you sick? How do you take care of your child? How can you not care if your child cries? Don't you just look at a child? It can'

babytreemika @ 2020/04/01

Sell for 40 years, character develop picture book, specially treat baby timid, not independent, love to lose temper.

Do you create children? ID:yuernizaomaci many new mothers say that when their children are 2 years old, they suddenly change their styles and love to sing a different tune. Call the children to eat, TA will answer "do not eat"; let the child take

yuernizaomaci @ 2020/04/01