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Huo Siyan, how did you teach your son this? At the age of 4, you could rely on this "abnormal" education to learn to be a tyrant.

Children's psychological class, with you to explore the interpretation of children's psychology, reading, seeing, to say that the entertainment circle is the most enviable "other people's children", not Huo Siyan's all powerful sch

guanaibaby @ 2019/12/23

Learning things to stop halfway can not persist. Is this strange child or parent?

A few days ago, CC parents saw a woman leaving a message: when children were young, they took interest classes and changed a lot. Eventually, none of them persisted. At that time, they always felt that those children who were forced to learn by adults wer

supernanny-ipcn @ 2019/12/23

It is difficult to have a firstborn, but the second child is an accident.

Wen Jie, a pregnant girl, heard an interesting thing early in the morning. It was quite difficult when she was born, but when she saw that she had been with her child for two or three years, all kinds of examinations had been done, and the treatment was d

ark567 @ 2019/12/23

Can't anything be eaten before caesarean section without exhausting? Why can't even milk be drunk?

On that day, we received a maternity woman who was expecting to be born. She was physically strong and healthy. When asked, she was a retired professional wrestler and she was also the champion of the Provincial Games. Because of her age, the doctor gave

jieshengpo120 @ 2019/12/23

Is the baby getting a bacterial colds or a viral flu? How to distinguish? A confused look at parents.

Yu Xiaonan: a Post-80 pediatrician's mother, attending the children's Hospital of Zhejiang University medical school. Healthy Chinese excellent science writer, Sina child care mother child self media gold medal expert, ten best self media, mother&

doctoryuxiaonan @ 2019/12/23

If children have these kinds of behaviors, they will grow up more or less dependent on their parents.

Being a parent is not asking for anything in return for your child. But later, when we are too old to give any help to children or to help ourselves, we still want to have children to rely on. However, from all kinds of children who do not filial piety to

ark987 @ 2019/12/23

The mother roared the child, kicking the spleen by her husband: in fact, the best education is that the whole family listen to her mother.

The latest Chinese phonetic alphabet learning, first year Pinyin essential. The most complete English phonetic learning tutorial, seven grade English learning essential! The final version of the Chinese math and English examination and the key points of r

zhongguojiazhanghui @ 2019/12/23

The 17 year old boy's lung is blown to popcorn, and the culprit probably comes from your family.

Today's article 01, recently known as the "smoking cessation device" of electronic cigarettes, frequently boarded hot search. The 17 year old California boy almost died because of the continuous smoking of electronic cigarettes. The boy was ad

worldnews-365 @ 2019/12/23

Awakening parents, awakening education

Every happy mother has found strength in "mother university". If you do a survey, ask your parents: do you love your children? It is estimated that all parents will answer loving children. But if you ask your parents, do you know how to love your

muqindaxue @ 2019/12/23

Pregnant women in pregnancy, childbirth, confinement period, which need four "happy hormone" law?

"Red sister, I am pregnant for 3 months. Now I particularly like sweet food and snacks. Is there any problem with my body?" Many pregnant women suddenly like sweets during pregnancy, including snacks. After eating, they often blame themselves and

jieshengpo120 @ 2019/12/23

During the period of ovulation, is it necessary to get pregnant?

In previous knowledge of pregnancy, we have said that if the pregnant women want to conceive the baby as soon as possible, they must hold the ovulation period. For this reason, many couples quickly arrange their rooms during ovulation, but after two month

byun98 @ 2019/12/23

"Mom, are you in climacteric?"

The same world, the same mother, is your mother the same? (source: Tutu is TTSD-TTSD) youth learning editor, Liu Quan, solicitation, Wang Yun Kang, proofreading, Cao Shengnan examination, lollipop, mushroom, cool source, Tutu, ID:TTSD-TTSD.

ahsgqt1 @ 2019/12/23

Only four steps, ordinary small stones into a doll family, let the child love it!

When creativity and color collide, ordinary stones are also endowed with vitality to become children's toy cartoons Papa dad. Many people like how small stones change to Baba's family. Scan the bottom two dimensional code or click the end of the t

CCTV-Children @ 2019/12/23

Zhang Ziyi, the United States, has no shelf at all, but a long skirt is very big. At the age of 40, the second child is not fat.

Source: Li Shang 77 said that the biggest winner of the International Film Festival this year is not Zhang Ziyi. Guo Jizhang not only puts on the international red carpet, but also takes part in the variety show. On the same day, Zhang Ziyi is wearing a b

miaoshav @ 2019/12/23

Are there different ways of conditioning after abortion? How should the endometrium be restored to its original state?

This is the 1561st day to accompany your pregnancy - miscarriage - a nightmare that every woman can avoid. It is a matter that hurts and is sad for pregnant women. Expectant mothers who meet expectant mothers meet with a "fancy abortion" when they

yixuebeiyun @ 2019/12/23

Married men's survival illustrated, too real, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

The author is listening to INS, the source of ID: kaishujianggushi. More difficult than bringing children is to transform their children. Many fathers think that they are "family money warehouse", "wife's backbone" and "children

wera2014 @ 2019/12/23

90% what is wrong with my parents when I make a mistake?

Children's psychological class, with you to explore the interpretation of children's psychology, reading, see the author: fish dad pictures: pexels source: ID:breedboy (1) we often tell the child, "no excuse, wrong recognition, know the wrong

guanaibaby @ 2019/12/22

"Mom, can you stop talking"? Every mother has to learn to shut up.

Before, we mentioned in the mother's mouth, a feng shui of the family (click the link, recalling the foregoing), every mother's words can affect the whole family imperceptibly. A reader wrote to us: I am not a knife and mouth, but on the contrary,

askjane @ 2019/12/22

For the children, Sora Aoi got off all the works. A mother's love is neither above nor above.

When traveling abroad, you may ask your relatives and friends if there is anything you need to help, and different countries have different products. For example, when you travel to Japan, your girlfriends will ask you to bring cosmetics, fathers will ask

ci1906 @ 2019/12/22

Promising children come from these 7 families. Parents should be busy again.

The influence of family environment on children's future is not allowed to be ignored. If parents can set an example, their children will surely develop good habits, which will be the wealth that will affect their children's lives. Are these excel

jrjyks100 @ 2019/12/22