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The pregnant woman will take 2500 chest radiographs, the child will be teratogenic, the doctor exposes this set of data to be astonishing!

Source: Medical road forward Wei Zi Author: Wei Zi that day is my consulting room night shift, after midnight, the emergency patient is still very many, came to a pair of young couple, the man accompanied the spouse to see a doctor. The woman complained:

cmt_1999 @ 2019/10/22

Raise daughter money, raise son ha ha ha ha ha ha

Author: Miao little source: ID: kaishujianggushi has a young friend who asks me for advice from my family's sons and daughters: to raise sons and raise daughters, which is more economical? Wake up. It's the least worry that you don't have chil

qnwzwx @ 2019/10/20

"I didn't kill anyone. I killed my mother!" The 13 year old boy was cruel to his mother, and the truth of the horror behind him was revealed.

Some time ago, ID:hualala61 saw a female college student "accusing" her mother's news. It really made me laugh and cry. She complained in such a righteous way: "high school mothers are very generous," 4000 or 6000 of the cram school re

ddmmkt @ 2019/10/20

Li Ai: I want my children to grow up and fear that he will grow up.

When mom comes, sometimes there will be so much entanglement. We are looking forward to children growing up quickly, ending their daily lives around the child's excrement and urine, but on the other side, they are afraid that the children will grow to

xiaochoule78 @ 2019/10/20

Bizarre! When a security guard in Zhengzhou went to work, he actually picked up his son? The truth is outraged!

Heard "a pupil picked up a child" gossip, he rushed to check, the result is that the child is his own son! But shouldn't my son be in a kindergarten?! Mr. Chen, who works in a residential estate in Zhengzhou, is working on the first two days.

wwmove @ 2019/10/20

Kindergarten teacher's Day (cartoon version), a little bit sprouting and a little bit distressed.

Start a new journey in a hurry, then start with brushing your teeth... Actually, there are many young teachers who are also lovely children in their families. Accompanied by Chaoyang and crowded transport, pray not to jam, do not jam, do not jam, after 7

yeysg8 @ 2019/10/20

These 3 habits of parents may jeopardize children's lives and change them quickly.

There are answers to common diseases in Cui Yutao's education park. It is said that children are a mirror of parents, and parents' words and actions will affect children in a subtle way. Many times, you will find that children's behavior is li

cuiyutao2015 @ 2019/10/20

"Mother-in-law does not have children, should she support her later?" This is the most reasonable explanation I have ever seen.

Middle school classroom learning essential (massive learning resources) source of concern, super trouble mom and Dad (ID:cfnbama) following the eternal problem, "who do you want to save from me and your mother?" After that, another noisy question

zhongxue100 @ 2019/10/20

Guiyang one year old baby seriously ill, the body is always distorted into C shape. It's not easy to be born. Now parents are facing life and death decisions.

After ten years of hard work and yearning for her own child, she finally became a mother in August 26, 2018 and gave birth to a boy named Yang Yongfeng. But fate made a sad joke for her. The child was soon diagnosed with cerebral palsy, which made the mot

gywbgywb @ 2019/10/20

When children ask for money, don't do it! The shadow of a lifetime!

This may seem like an article about educating children. But here, sister Hui also saw many of us childhood epitome. In fact, this is not just an article about educating children, he is educating all of us. The story of five yuan is what a girl says: junio

gzxsjzh @ 2019/10/20

Mother exercises 9 year old daughter to go home alone but lost. Should parents exercise children to go home alone?

Do you make a child? ID:yuernizaomaci13, on the Zhengzhou bus No. 203, a 9 year old girl was crying because she was sitting in an anti car. The conductor asked the phone and contacted the girl and her mother to pick up the phone. The girl's mother sai

yuernizaomaci @ 2019/10/20

The success rate of this contraceptive method is 99.5%, which is safer than condoms and Sheung Wan. But no one knows.

Jtys1983 is about contraception. If young people are not ready to have children, they must know something about it. Methods of contraception, I believe you all have their own habits. Under proper use or taking, the effective rate of condoms was 98%, and s

FDHealth @ 2019/10/19

These problems can be solved by children who do not eat, do not sleep, do not obey or lose their temper.

I believe that all mothers and mothers are deeply aware of the fact that when they are mothers, they are not only full of annual rest but also a number of jobs. They are baby nurses and nurses who care for their daily life. They are cooks, bakers and nutr

CCTV-Children @ 2019/10/19

[family education] the 10 cartoons drawn by foreigners painted the millions of Chinese parents.

There are always many parents who complain that their children are not sensible, but it is hard for them to admit that these problems often arise from their parents. 01 children like to disturb you. This is the boat I made! Is it good? " "... Um..

swdt4006791987 @ 2019/10/19

Is there really a "folk prescription" for the birth of a boy?

When pregnant, most of my friends would think that if the fetus can give birth to a boy, it will be nice if the child can have a girl. That is to say, there is a certain expectation for the sex of the child. This expectation is not very significant on the

byun98 @ 2019/10/19

11 year old boy suddenly does not grow taller! The doctor discovered that the child had never chewed a whole apple.

My father is 1 meters tall, 82, and his mother is 1 meters and 63. By virtue of the high quality genetic gene, Hangzhou boy's Yangyang (a pseudonym) is growing gratifying before the age of 10. But from his 10 to 11 years of age, his height was almost

ci1906 @ 2019/10/19

The 5 year old boy touches his privacy, legs and covers. This mother's practice has made countless parents praise him.

Do you create children? ID:yuernizaomaci, kaishujianggushi, hfhm99, hfhm99: Harvard's good mother. Recommended in the past

yuernizaomaci @ 2019/10/19

What are the reasons why babies love to quilt?

Does baby always sleep in quilt because of heat? Actually, not all of them. Let's take a look with Xiaobian. First, the stomach is bloating when the baby is small, the intestinal development is not so mature, it is easy to be affected by flatulence. T

@ 2019/10/19

Mom, don't change clothes in front of the children. You can't imagine the danger.

Parents must read ID:jiazhangbid. This is not unusual: many mothers feel that their children are young, so they do not shy away from changing clothes in front of their children. Some mothers often take a bath together with their sons. Compared to their fa

yeysg8 @ 2019/10/19

How to educate children who waste food? This mother's practice is worth every parent's reference.

I don't know if there are such children in your family. They are always dissatisfied with the food that they have worked so hard to do. Even though, sometimes it is hard for them to wait until the children have eaten a few meals and wait for their chi

GZASER @ 2019/10/15