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Is it worth buying a car like FS?

Wen and Martin watched the production quietly, without permission, declined to reprint. Why should we buy FS? If you put hundreds of models on a large reference frame, you may find it along such a path: 1. budget? 6-10 million. It may be a graduate or a s

chetuteng @ 2019/10/18

Ranking of auto value preservation: Japan continues to dominate.

With the popularity of cars, the demand for new cars is getting higher and higher. In addition to price, configuration and motivation, the rate of car maintenance is also an indicator that can not be ignored. Indeed, everyone wants to sell their cars at a

czznwx @ 2019/10/18

Beijing will add 26 thousand new energy vehicle indicators in October? The city traffic Commission responded formally: This is reassuring.

In October 11th, a public announcement about "new energy vehicles in Beijing will be released in October 20th" will prompt many indicators to be excited by the new 26000 source drivers of the top 26000. The screenshot shows: "October 20

diandongbang2014 @ 2019/10/18

What about video wives choosing GLC? Don't panic! After reading this, Y car reviews.

Y car reviews yautoshow take away the facts and leave the idea behind. If your wife or girlfriend chooses one of the three brands of SUV, which car do you think she will choose? If she chooses Mercedes Benz GLC, let Mei Hui tell you what kind of a girl fe

liyangpingche @ 2019/10/18

Save money, really can't wait! Spending money is also!

Pop music pioneer, My Radio, click the blue word to pay attention to the homepage jam. Have you ever experienced anything because you have missed it? The plan and so on will be written again. As a result, the conference will be ready to buy eleven pairs o

yinyueyouhuashuo @ 2019/10/18

How did it manage to dominate the United States for 42 consecutive years?

In the rims, the top sales list of the month can be called "net red car". For one or two consecutive years, the cicada can be crowned as a "car for exploding cars". If there is a car that has been slaughtered for 42 years in the sales volu

ex-thunder @ 2019/10/18

Production and marketing "three down", the new energy automotive industry will shuffle the view: the industry is still available.

Is the new energy vehicle cold? On the afternoon of October 14th, the China Automobile Industry Association held an information conference in Beijing. In September this year, the sales and sales of new energy vehicles were 89 thousand and 80 thousand resp

xnyqcsq @ 2019/10/18

This dripping driver is very skilled. It makes me comfortable.

A lot of friends first cars are uploaded by their parents. In simple terms, they are an abandoned aunt / uncle car. These cars usually have one characteristic, that is, very ordinary, full streets are the kinds of cars, such as Camry, accord, Han Landa, T

modiauto2004 @ 2019/10/18

Audi: let me take a look first. 5 years later, 30 electric cars!

Kick the car to help you just love the car! Reading in Bavaria, southeast Germany, Audi showed a series of ideas about the future of electric vehicles and intelligent travel in Ingolstadt. Although these ideas are very bold now, they will soon be realized

tichebang @ 2019/10/17

The five is omnipotent. This is the glory of the king.

Even in the "cold winter" of the car market, which was brought down by the "technological change stage", in the sales figures of the domestic automobile market in September and the first three quarters released by the China Automobile Indu

lachezu8090 @ 2019/10/17

[car scene] "double exploration of technology" Infiniti 30th anniversary city tour officially opened

Related content [car TT] motion gene continue to write Legend - ten generation Civic driving test [car boom] "technological innovation and cultural heritage" dual core drive Dongfeng Nissan wisdom into the future [car roam] a brand new Camry dual

cheshijie_autoworld @ 2019/10/17

On accelerating capability, these four 200 thousand class cars have the most say, and 6.9s is the slowest.

No one wants to be the backward one. How can he become a winner on the road and ride on the road? The acceleration ability of a vehicle plays a vital role. The inherent idea of many consumers is that high performance often belongs to those expensive vehic

csh_csz @ 2019/10/17

Double clutch gearbox setbacks and defects, why do domestic cars wait for their first love?

People who are concerned about the automotive industry know that in recent years, new domestic cars listed on the market tend to use dual clutch gearboxes, including star -TX, Jili, Vietnam, Haff F7X, collar 03, Pentium T77 and other popular models. When

FM993czsh @ 2019/10/17

Listed soon, Tengshi X announced the appearance of the map

From the perspective of market performance, the development of Teng's brand is not smooth in China, and product strength is an important factor. When many joint ventures started to launch various new energy vehicles, the problem of Teng potential seem

youmenr @ 2019/10/17

Car market "Tung" inspection: Wei Lai adds a "final exemption" "empty cheque" can be fulfilled?

"Internal and external troubles", using this idiom to describe today's Wei Lai car may be more appropriate. According to the earnings information released by Wei Lai automobile last month, the net loss of Wei Lai car was 3 billion 285 million

yihaocar @ 2019/10/17

Nissan releases IMk pure electric concept vehicle to highlight the concept of zero emission in urban areas

Recently, Nissan officially released the compact concept vehicle - Nissan IMk pure electric concept car. The model combines chic design, cutting-edge technology and strong power assembly to create the concept of "city commuting". Nissan IMk pure e

huanqiucheping @ 2019/10/17

Wuling Hongguang PLUS is listed; BMW releases 2 series Gran Coupe official map; BEIJING brand concept car ILLUMINATE unveiled.

Today's morning peak car reading price 6.58-7.98 million yuan Wuling Hongguang PLUS listed yesterday, Wuling Hongguang PLUS officially launched in Qingdao, Shandong. The new car has launched 5 models with a price range of 6.58-7.98 million yuan. Wulin

CAD-Daily @ 2019/10/17

The strongest surface 1.5T engine localization, the public sword, sheath layout new round of competition.

As we all know, electrification is an irresistible trend, but in the current situation, fuel vehicles are still the main sales force in the future automobile market. However, under the increasingly stringent environment of the global emission regulations,

aimaiche @ 2019/10/17

Want to drive the car safely to the limit? YYP teaches you step by step.

* this article is about the brand of car brand. Today, what we need to do is to drive the car safely to the limit. This is my daily work content, but today, unlike usual, I want to share with you how I did it so that qualified friends could try it togethe

djcars @ 2019/10/17

Independent brands prevail / Cadillac reverses the 3 line? Domestic new car spy inventory

Monday morning to Friday, at 7:30 in the morning, the Tencent car will bring you the latest information on the day. It may be the exposure of the hot models, or the trend of the famous car companies, or everything you want to know about cars and technolog

qqauto @ 2019/10/17