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In November, some new energy vehicle enterprises: subsidised off the slope for nearly half a year, BYD / Geely is still affected?

In December, the major car companies gradually released their sales report cards last month. In 2019, the new energy subsidy policy has been implemented for nearly half a year. Some car companies have been slow, while some car companies are still affected

aimaiche @ 2019/12/10

Unlock the old flavor of Yu Yuan Road and restore the new fashion of Cadillac XT6

In late autumn of Shanghai, from the beginning of the fall of Chinese parasol trees, I started to pick up a car every month. The old and fashionable fool garden road has a history of 100 years, spanning two districts of Jingan and Changning. It connects J

EngineCode9 @ 2019/12/10

What will be the size of China's car market in 2020?

Entering the December, the auto industry has also reached the critical moment of next year's annual inventory plan. The coming 2020 is not only the year when many car companies realize their ideals and goals, but also the end of the national "13th

autocecn @ 2019/12/10

Dongfeng Kai Chen launches the first pure electric SUV T60EV and the new car manufacturing enterprise is positive.

Economic Observer network reporter Zhou Ju five years ago to test the water in the pure electricity market with the morning wind, but the Dongfeng Kai Chen, who had been defeated, opened the strongest electric vehicle offensive after five years. In Novemb

eeo-com-cn @ 2019/12/10

How does it feel to drive to 100 at the speed of life and death?

1997, pay attention to the industry, never stop the motorcycle has lighter weight and relatively heavy weight ratio than the car, only need a little power to make the speed reach a higher speed. So the general public upgrade motorcycle (1 of the displacem

mtuocom @ 2019/12/10

SUV can also be called GT? Do you want it?

Point out Baidu encyclopedia, enter GT, explain to it is high-performance sports car, it can be said that in a very long time, the tail of the car can carry GT two words is very strong witness and strength. But now many sneak backs SUV have also been crow

AM-automedia @ 2019/12/10

It's a foregone conclusion. Will there be anyone buying the A7L of Audi's tail?

Due to the relatively early entry into China and the historical accumulation of brands, Audi has become a luxury brand in China. When it comes to the launch of the new Audi A7, the body, the arrogant front face and the taillight of science fiction can not

xiaohansongcar @ 2019/12/10

Spend half of the money but get two times the enjoyment of the new Qin fuel to fight the Volkswagen sagitta, the latter is a bit hung up this time.

Although the competition for compact sedan chairs is about 10-15 yuan, the competition is fierce and even bloody, but the major manufacturers are all ahead of the market. And in the years of market precipitation, BYD's products will gradually become m

qchgcj @ 2019/12/10

SAIC Audi: how to maintain "marital relationship" while splitting the leg

Wen Li Qingke, Audi's Audi real hammer in 2022, has another record. In December 2nd, SAIC Volkswagen announced that the number of international bidding for the "CP3 AudiA7L automatic stud welding project" was 31 sets. Yesterday, it was the dea

autocarweekly @ 2019/12/10

The road ahead of Skoda is like a fog yesterday.

The total 857th phase of the full text is 1752 words. Reading takes about 3 minutes. The editor in chief, Ma Liming executive deputy editor, Tan Tan Yang is responsible for editing and editing Zhang Yu. Yesterday, Chengdu fog. To what extent, it is no exa

maliming1112 @ 2019/12/10

SAIC Group sales in November, GM and Wuling are all down.

A few days ago, many car companies announced the performance bulletin in November. According to the data released, most of the car companies appeared to be warmer. But for SAIC, the situation is not optimistic, and the downward trend is still continuing.

wschecom @ 2019/12/10

Headlamp test: all are LED, but the new Tiguan L's headlights are better tuned than the old ones.

Lab black technology guided vehicle headlamps also have safety tests? In the vehicle safety test of Wen / Zhang, the two aspects of active and passive safety are the focus of attention, but another is an important part of the vehicle safety system, and th

autolab @ 2019/12/10

MITSUBISHI's new strength shows Chongqing's regional listing.

In today's domestic market, when it comes to Japanese cars, the first thing that comes to mind is Nissan, TOYOTA and Honda. It is also because their intensity is too strong that other Japanese brands are a bit weak, but in a Japanese model, each brand

xiaohansongcar @ 2019/12/09

What is the way to help SAIC to stabilize its market position?

In 2019, the outcome of the whole car market downturn has been irreversible. However, as the head car company of China's automobile market, SAIC Volkswagen can still maintain a stable position. On the one hand, it is inseparable from the whole generat

allgoodcars @ 2019/12/09

Video, who's the luxury SUV? Lincoln MKC compares Audi Q3 Y car reviews.

Y car review yautoshow took away the facts and left the viewpoint behind. This video suggestion is to be watched in Wi-Fi environment. We will bring the match between Audi Q3 and Lincoln MKC to us in this fight. The driving test models are the new Lincoln

liyangpingche @ 2019/12/09

Leading new car appearance, the momentum does not lose BMW X4, interior design evolved again.

This year is definitely a new year of SUV. Not only the big brother BMW X6 in this subdivision has completed the replacement this year, even Porsche has launched the Cayenne Coupe to cater to the needs of consumers, and the three brands of its own brands,

czznwx @ 2019/12/09

Determine! This is the homegrown civic information we have excavated.

A few days ago, Dongfeng Honda held a media Symposium. It was rare for them to get their leaders' collective presence. The rutting topic that the rutting gentleman wrote before is the topic of the hatchet Civic Forum (transmission door "manual hig

cartracks @ 2019/12/09

Special vehicle back to sharp weapon experience Passat 280TSI Elite Edition

According to the latest sales data available at this time, Passat ranked the top of the B class car sales in October with the sales of 20716 vehicles, leaving behind accord such as accord, A4L and Mai Teng. It can be said that Passat has been in China for

wubache @ 2019/12/09

Do you have more children to fight, and two cars to make money?

I made a mistake recently. The company's TOYOTA iA5 has been in the air for half a month, and I have never had the idea of trying to drive, because I think it is exactly the same as the Aion S of GAC, just changing the new energy standard. This car an

xinchepingwang @ 2019/12/09

Wei Landa "Wei Feng" appeared in Guangzhou TOYOTA Guangzhou star lineup to cheer players.

In December 8th, the 2019 Guangzhou marathon officially opened fire. It is reported that the number of entries is nearly 120 thousand this year. There are 20000 runners competing for the whole marathon, and 10000 runners for the half marathon. The total d

lswbauto @ 2019/12/09