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Why is it so difficult for cable companies to make some money in the trillions charging pile Market?

I remember that at the end of 2017, the head players of charging piles in China held a press conference, and the keynote speech was "Rixin is the way, stability leads to the future". Why can we change the title of "water charging" to "

cdzvision @ 2020/07/11

Mercedes Benz's latest 4 recalls: involving C-class, E-class, S-class, GLC and other models!

According to the regulations of the State Administration of the people's Republic of China on the recall of automobile defects, the General Administration of China has implemented the regulations on the management of recall of automobile products at t

benzzjia @ 2020/07/11

Legend will continue to improve the advanced and safety, CR-V version of the listing

This article by the car power original, the author big mouth music, reprint please indicate the source! From the initiator of urban SUV to its continued popularity and popularity, Dongfeng Honda CR-V has been leading Chinese consumers' urban SUV life

chedonglicq @ 2020/07/11

SAIC Volkswagen: "those who are in a state of thunder and have a heart as flat as a lake can be worshipped as a general"

This article is original by car power, author Yang Leyi, reprint please indicate the source! As the old saying goes, "if you have thunder in your chest and your face is like a flat lake, you can worship a general". Conversely, it can also be said

yuguo20141021 @ 2020/07/11

Last month's best selling SUV is still it! It's worth noting that the sales volume in 100000 has increased by 6 times

Warm tips: This article has 1782 words and 13 pictures. It takes about 5 minutes to finish reading. The sales data of SUV in June this year have been published. The total sales volume of SUV models was 772000, with a year-on-year growth of 1.9% and a mont

yicheweixin @ 2020/07/11

Competition for market share in June: independent brands have dropped to a new low in recent years, and luxury car market has reached a new high

In recent two months, the situation of domestic automobile industry has improved, but it is worth to be vigilant that the share of independent brands reached a new low in recent years in June. According to the data from the Travel Association, the sales v

pengpaiqichequan @ 2020/07/11

This is a flagship that disappoints me

The company specially reserved this lc500h for me to test drive. I drove out with enthusiasm and came back disappointed. It's really the least distinctive Lexus I've ever driven, and it's a bit cramped. What's more, because of its unique a

djcars @ 2020/07/11

Buy domestic SUV, but also air enough B grid? Hundreds of thousands to a million can satisfy you

Now, the basic condition for many candidates is to run for the atmosphere and be able to go to the B grid. Today, man Ge will talk to you about the large domestic SUVs from more than 100000 to nearly one million, and the B-type is not inferior to the big

autocomic @ 2020/07/11

Two responsibilities of beauty and strength, in-depth analysis of Changan new cs55plus blue whale version

On July 10, the new cs55plus blue whale edition invited two experts to interpret the design and technical highlights of the new cs55plus blue whale online in the form of "classroom". Through in-depth analysis of Changan new cs55plus blue whale mod

leningrander2408 @ 2020/07/11

First half SUV sales ranking | Harvard H6 sales plummeted 31%, still ranked first!

Not surprisingly, after a brief "Carnival" in May, domestic passenger cars were "dumb fire" again in June. According to the latest data of the passenger Federation, the sales volume of narrow passenger cars in the domestic market reached 1

cmm445 @ 2020/07/11

MPV launched in the second half of 2020: Roewe plays high-end, Datong uses hydrogen fuel cell!

Wuling Kaijie takes Wuling silver standard for the first time. Kaijie is SAIC GM Wuling's first new car equipped with its global silver standard. Moreover, its appearance design is different from other Wuling models. The split type headlamp and large

aimaiche @ 2020/07/11

2.0T big G, mo de soul?

In April, when equipped with the CLT low-key CLT model, it added the maximum 1-cylinder CLS + 260 engine for the low-key clt-5-cylinder model. Well, just like the C200. Of course, a lot of people think that the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Big

AM-automedia @ 2020/07/11

Q & a | which one is better, Chang'an Yidong DT or Chery arize 5?

[man Ge Yu] the new issue of man Q & A has arrived as scheduled. The way to ask questions is to leave a message under this article. Maybe your question will be selected next time. (man Q & A is a column with strong personal subjective judgment, so

CNWAUTO @ 2020/07/11

Production and sales hit a record high in June! Trucks become "sales king"! Car market recovered better than expected in the first half of the year

On July 10, the China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "CAAC") announced the latest economic operation of the automobile industry, bringing good news. In June, automobile production and sales exceeded expectations, with

zhongguoqichebao @ 2020/07/11

After the independence of FAW Pentium, the new senior management team appeared and brought this car representing the future

Affected by the epidemic situation, major exhibitions have been postponed or even changed this year. However, with the stabilization of the environment, domestic auto show began to be carried out one after another. On July 10, Changchun auto show, as the

allgoodcars @ 2020/07/11

I was cheated by the gearbox! On the eggs of the tenth Sonata

Although the snow in 2002 came later, it was quite early for Beijing Hyundai to start at home. After all, it caught up with several waves of upsurge. In the same year, the fifth generation sonata was officially launched for sale in China. Obviously, this

NextCarwin @ 2020/07/11

Battle power is on! Green box XXL is coming in 3 days. It's on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street!

At the gate of century square of Nanjing Road pedestrian street where Chaozhou people gather, a green box suddenly drops, which is very eye-catching. The appearance of the entrance wall is made into the track style of "full open combat power", whi

newsshanghai @ 2020/07/11

CAAC: Sales of 104000 new energy vehicles increased for 4 consecutive months in June

On July 10, 23, China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "CAAC") released China's automobile production and sales data in June. In June, China's automobile production and sales continued to pick up, reaching 2.235

xnyqcsq @ 2020/07/11

These several B-class cars with the highest cost performance ratio are as long as the price of A-class cars!

Source: chezaocha Author: Chen Liwen, there has always been a saying that "those who get B-class cars will win the world" in China's auto industry circles. In addition to explaining the status of medium-sized cars in the minds of consumers, it

CarLike @ 2020/07/11

[Video] one million kilometers club members only buy GAC Hino. Why is steel powder so exclusive

Friends of trucks original wechat public number: ecv360 Author: Chu Xiaowei editor: Wei Peng "what you dislike may be the most important to you!" If you find fault with GAC Hino 700 car body is not the lightest, then there will be s

ecv360 @ 2020/07/11