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Summer vacation tourism is playing "new tricks". The 89 thousand and 900 new Redline is making you feel bad.

As the saying goes, "reading thousands of books is better than going all the way." but at present, most children's world is small: dolls in the room, slide on the park and happy sheep on TV. These become the sight of their whole childhood. As a matter of

aimaiche @ 2019/08/23

The main SUV is recommended for 4 young athletes.

Monday morning to Friday, at 7:30 in the morning, the Tencent car will bring you the latest information on the day. It may be the exposure of the hot models, or the trend of the famous car companies, or everything you want to know about cars and technolog

qqauto @ 2019/08/23

[good car recommendation] Karen bin Wei B type car - Datong vertical bed with black gold interior decoration

[good car recommendation] Yan super high B RV, suitable for small family travel, look!!! Today, we also introduce a Karen B other type of RV, using Datong chassis, the vehicle has four kinds of layout structure, both have a vertical bed layout to accommod

rv_360 @ 2019/08/23

Car market down, joint venture brand layering

This year, car market sales continued to decline, July is the traditional off-season sales volume, and the car market just in June, "state five" clear inventory operation overdraft sales, so many analysts believe that July car market sales will be more "u

qichebatan @ 2019/08/23

"YYP's car" serial 11: only music, not as good as music!

This is the tenth YYP long serial. The first 9 are here: "YYP's car" serial 1: my first car, almost it? "YYP's car" serialized 2: my first love is a lifetime of "YYP's car" serial 3: those years, I had the privilege to meet your "YYP's car" serial 4: self

djcars @ 2019/08/23

Car age over 3 years of attention! Fuel consumption soared / power weakened / abnormal noise serious? You have to maintain this way!

Hello, everyone. I believe that everyone is not strangers. We have done a lot of sharing for our partners before, for example, to prevent everyone from getting stuck in the 4S shop, being in the pit, some maintenance and so on. It's mainly because we are

onion-automobile @ 2019/08/23

There are so many advantages of hatchback cars. Why are they not popular in China? Isn't that practical?

For most of the Chinese people, no matter what things like big, buying a car is no exception, it looks more atmospheric, and has independent large space, the trunk of the three compartment car is to cater to the majority of consumers' aesthetic and car ne

bfqx4006788888 @ 2019/08/23

Do you get a penalty for running a red light? The cold knowledge of these traffic lights must be known.

When we mention the traffic lights, we must be very familiar with them. After all, in this year, as long as we are out of the house, we must deal with traffic lights. Red lights stop and green lights are common knowledge for children. But do you know anyt

qqauto @ 2019/08/23

Black technology impressed the old driver, practicality is beyond expectation, test drive Changan CS75 PLUS!

The compact SUV market has always been one of the most competitive markets for independent brands. On the one hand, manufacturers continue to introduce new products in the niche market, and the pressure between competing products is increasing. On the oth

cheyiquan2016 @ 2019/08/23

Global car review meets tomorrow's demand -- test drive Changan CS75 PLUS

In the compact SUV market of around 150 thousand yuan, most cars are cost oriented, and the models produced are just one that can meet the needs of the users at present, that is, "just enough time to buy, and not enough after buying". In this context, in

huanqiucheping @ 2019/08/23

Luxury cars opened in the second half of the competition: Mercedes Benz and Lexus staged pursuit and counter pursuit.

As expected by the industry, the time node of "state five" switching to "country six" has injected a warm current to the car market in 5 and June, but the same has also overdrawn sales in July. According to the China Automotive Industry Association data,

buycars @ 2019/08/23

Still three cylinder machine, Changan Ford launched a new cross-border vehicle.

A few days ago, the new Ford Active of Changan Ford was officially launched in Shanghai. The new car launched two models, which are strong and vigorous. The new car is based on the Fawkes hatchback model, which is located at the cross border SUV, priced a

cqxiaoche5 @ 2019/08/22

The first trial of the German pure electric vehicle is coming soon. It can solve your concerns for new energy vehicles.

SAIC Volkswagen Langyi is known as the evergreen tree of China's automobile market. It has been selling well since it was officially launched in 2008, and has been the winner of the car market for many years. In 2019, even though the car market was going

myautolive @ 2019/08/22

No matter whether Citroen C3-XR version is really fragrant, at least the name is very legal.

"Since it is called" true fragrance ", then the performance of C3-XR is good enough. After reading, you know it. C3-XR is Citroen's first domestic SUV model in the Chinese market, and this small SUV has also chosen to enter the market in the hot 2014 of C

allgoodcars @ 2019/08/22

The next generation of Audi A4 will use a horizontal platform to drive the grid down.

Let's first trace back to a past scene: in your primary school, you met a girl in your class, and one day, when she was away from school, she saw her family driving a Passat to pick her up. As a small car fan, you know that Passat adopted the vertical eng

cartracks @ 2019/08/22

405km's pure electric MPV is officially mass-produced, Mercedes Benz EQV first.

Also remember that in March this year, Mercedes Benz unveiled a brand new large pure electric luxury MPV, which was designed on the basis of V level, at the Geneva motor show, but it was only a concept car stage. Now the mass production vehicle is officia

zdcar1 @ 2019/08/22

100 kilometers acceleration 5.9 seconds brake performance exceeds 911 gram 03+ new track car test

03+ can be said to be the most topic oriented car at present. This first batch of first performance cars sold in the first 3 seconds of net sales, the speed of 100 km acceleration in 5.9 seconds, and the stopping rate of 34 meters to 100 km to zero in Por

miaodongche30 @ 2019/08/22

Fashion luxury 19 edition of Levante

Martha Lahti, the centenary brand, does not need to say much about the influence of the automobile industry. Every move of it has attracted the attention of the outside world. In the era of SUV, Martha Lahti, a car company specializing in car and sports c

qcjh188 @ 2019/08/22

Waymo opened the pilotless test in Florida, just to run in the storm.

Previously, the Waymo automatic driving vehicle was going to the Michigan state test to test the ice and snow road. Compared with the ice and snow road, the heavy rain test is even bigger. In addition to its own algorithm, control and decision-making, it

zhinengqiche @ 2019/08/22

NEDC long mileage "really prohibit" pilot SAIC Vol. Lang Yi Chun

EV news, new car test drive experience, new car shopping guide EV observation Author: Yu Wenjuan EV knows original reprint, please indicate the source of SAIC Volkswagen Langyi, has become a generation of legend. Without saying anything else, it is only a

EVzhidao @ 2019/08/22