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C engine or a bridesmaid at the gearbox station?

A good engine can make a car. A bad gearbox is enough to destroy a car. Gear, bearing, transmission shaft oil seal and complex mechanical structure, different combinations can produce unexpected huge differences. There may be a dynamic system of understan

bachedao @ 2020/04/06

China Insurance Research announced the results of the collision, the original hot B grade joint venture cars are very safe.

"You can rest assured that the collision test will not be recharged, because many insurance companies are formed. In order to protect the interests of the insurance company, only by making more vehicles safe and secure, can the interests of the insura

juccbb @ 2020/04/06

More fuel saving than don DM! BYD will launch a new DM-i platform.

The most authoritative official car exchange platform teaches you to use cars, take you to understand cars and help you buy cars. Recently, the driver of a car friend learned that BYD will add DM-i platform models on the basis of the existing DM 3 plug-in

qichetoutiaozixun @ 2020/04/06

X5 to increase the price, ES is about to stop buying imported cars.

The epidemic is spreading all over the world. There are over 120 automobile factories in Europe, America and Japan, which stop production and stop production. The supply chain of domestic automobile enterprises is facing severe test. What is worse, the im

buycarjun @ 2020/04/06

Only it has exclusive modern G80.

Whether it's modern fluid sculpture or KIA's roar, it starts with the appearance design and lets itself get rid of the sense of cheap, which is almost the development track of all Asian car brands. The modern high-end brand, hard steel BBA, is als

i-Geek @ 2020/04/06

Hard core play car little sister sitting on 3 Mazda rotor, personally change the car will drift.

"Here is a collection of millions of reformed car lovers." every day, you can provide the following highlights of the hottest information, the interactive source of case videos, the modified car (micro signal: iModifiedCar), the author: Xie Yue (p

iModifiedCar @ 2020/04/06

A new generation of amazing Jung! Or will be equipped with Mercedes Benz 1.3T engine!

The focus of the new car is 3D new rendering. The new generation of Jung imaginary map is updated after CR-V and RAV4 successively completed. Recently, foreign media exposed Nissan's model document submitted to the government of Brazil, including the

luobobaogao @ 2020/04/06

NBA's tyrant world: Jordan garage 40 super runs, James luxury car money is also difficult to buy.

As one of the highest paid sports alliances, as long as they can reach the quasi all star level in NBA, all of them are rich or even millions of millionaires. Even for most people, their efforts have not yet made much money in their games. Have a look

nba096 @ 2020/04/06

This kind of magic car is popular in 90s, but now it is declining to sell the last empty shell.

In March 12, 2020, FAW Xiali announced the announcement on the progress of the implementation of major asset reorganization. The announcement showed that in February 21st, the Ministry of ecology and environment had changed the enterprise's environmen

pcautoweixin1 @ 2020/04/06

I admit that I have "gambling" ingredients. MK8 R32 dare you believe it?

Anyway, the commune monarch is not convinced, ha ha ha! Why do we push today's article about golf R32? Because in the morning, the commune gentleman is still recalling a previous article about golf past and present. Golf eight generations together, do

dazhonggongshe @ 2020/04/06

Domestic product SUV competition, brand new tiger 7 Comparison Pentium T77 PRO

In the past March, the compact autonomous SUV market ushered in two heavy vehicles, Chery brand new tiger 7 and Pentium T77 PRO. The two cars are all in the fashion sports style and the price is similar. The consumers who compare the two cars with each ot

speecar @ 2020/04/05

"Green light" deducted 2 points penalty 200! 90% of these drivers don't understand.

Everyone knows the traffic rules of "red light stopping, green light". But today, we want to tell you that it is strictly prohibited to "break the green light" to ensure that the traffic lights are allowed to be smooth before the intersect

FM993czsh @ 2020/04/05

The sale price is 27800 yuan! Sanyang DRG is on the market.

Motorcycle information at home and abroad! In the evening of April 1st, a picture came out of a friend's circle. At the beginning, Xiao Bian thought it was a joke on April Fool's day. Now, the San Yang DRG158, the mainland sells a price of 27800 y

I-MOTOR @ 2020/04/05

More exercise and younger A4L changed.

For Audi's car camp, it has always been popular with consumers because of its strong sense of technology, high cost performance and good mechanical quality. This can be seen from the hot sale of A3. A4L, as a stronger vehicle than A3, is also very muc

gzwctv @ 2020/04/05

Take stock of 5 classic JDM cars that you may never have heard of before.

As a car enthusiast, we all know that JDM represents Japan's domestic market, and Japan has intentionally or unintentionally created an interesting name for cars. Today we'll take a look at 5 classic JDM cars that you may have never heard of befor

NextCarwin @ 2020/04/05

Is agge private? Guang Qi Chuan Qi GA8 face BYD, brand flagship models dare to play plagiarism?

Shanzhai is not terrible, who is ugly, who is embarrassed! There are many car parks in Shanzhai. Today we will talk about the new generation of Chuan Qi GA8. The new generation of Chuan Qi GA8 was unveiled at the Guangzhou motor show last year. However, d

chejingshe @ 2020/04/05

Geely buys Volvo for ten years: left hand globalization, right hand localization

"Taking the step of acquiring Volvo, I don't know what the outcome will be, and we may be faced with the choice of life and death. The current situation is neither advanced nor backward. If we withdraw from the takeover, the society must think tha

gasgooweb @ 2020/04/05

Sales continued to decline? Elaborate on Mazda's "six deadly sins"

Recently, Mazda released the sales data of the Chinese market in March, which sold 12958 vehicles, down 28.3% compared to the same period, including FAW Mazda's sales volume of 5314 and Changan Mazda's sales volume of 7644. From January to March t

autocomic @ 2020/04/05

Next car industry's "little blue cup"? Lu Zhengyao's "capital move" of capital car

Seize the draught, "story telling" financing, burn money expansion, and quickly seek IPO. Capital player Lu Zhengyao has created two Chinese Listed Companies: Shenzhou excellent car and Shenzhou car rental company. Wen / Yin Limei, on the evening

ZJCSJ2014 @ 2020/04/05

Can the new Audi A4L forget the 3 series and Mercedes Benz C class this time?

This article is original by car power, author Deng Ruipeng, please indicate the source. In April 3rd, the new Audi A4L was officially released, with a total of 9 new models, with a pre sale price of 30.80-40 million, which will be officially launched in A

yuguo20141021 @ 2020/04/05