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To switch freely between tough guy and tender baby daddy, what kind of SUV do you need?

Wen /Hanmeimei says that girls are not as good as boys when they pick things, but the opposite is true in choosing cars. Girls may be long enough to get high marks, but boys can always list a lot of requests. In particular, young baby dads need more: the

autolab @ 2020/05/26

Although the test drive is very hard core, it still has air conditioning.

What I want to make clear is that not all the air conditioners are available, as some Internet media have said, such as the Evora GT410 Sport air conditioner is much better than some European luxury cars. Actually, this is not the driving test we borrowed

AM-automedia @ 2020/05/26

NPC deputy Wang Fengying: encouraging the development of small electric vehicles and hydrogen energy industry

This period looks at the great potential of hydrogen energy in the development of the automobile industry. Wang Fengying represents: vigorously promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry. During the two sessions of the core technology breakthro

marketingauto @ 2020/05/26

Mercedes Benz CEO spoiler, new E class convertible and sedan run will be released tomorrow.

From Kang Linsong's sharing, we know that at present, the operation of Daimler AG is gradually returning to the right track. Most of the distributors in the world have resumed business, and the passenger flow is also picking up. Meanwhile, the global

benzzjia @ 2020/05/26

"New Chery" was silent for half a year, Yin Tong Yue first talked about the mixed change and finished at the end of August. He denied that he would fight in Qingdao.

Abstract: "mixed reform has not been completed, until the end of August this year, is still in the process." In response to the current industry's most concerned about the Chery mixed conversion process, Yin Tong Yue said. At the same time, it

autoeeo @ 2020/05/26

Quality selection vehicle: can the Jedi counterattack be able to win the price?

Changan Ford in the Chinese automobile market SUV vehicle just appeared the fever, it introduced the domestic winged Bo, the terpid type and so on, after that, along with 7 medium-sized SUV sharp boundary's listing, has officially reached the peak. Ho

qichezhiliang @ 2020/05/26

Ling Ling has been on the market for 6 years. How does this TOYOTA ace intermediate car keep high energy and hard core at all times?

Lei Lingyuan, TOYOTA's world's best selling intermediate vehicle platform, has been leading the trend of the times with advanced technology, extreme interest and texture design since its birth in 1972. Chinese people began to become familiar with

kcj966 @ 2020/05/26

Chinese people like to buy 5 SUV. These two Japanese cars are strong and expensive.

Warm tip: This paper has 1283 words and 10 pictures. After reading, it takes about 4 minutes. In the automobile sales list of last month, the SUV models of the Chinese people, besides the popular independent brand SUV, which we can guess all, there are tw

yicheweixin @ 2020/05/26

Burst! Shenzhen electric fire caused the driver to die, suspected electric Iveco

This is a rare accident caused by a fire that killed a driver. Wen Che Juice car news May 26th, today 6:45, a video was released on micro-blog. The video shows the intersection of Huanggang road and lotus road road in Futian District, Shenzhen. An electri

chedongxi @ 2020/05/26

Beijing modern tenth generation Sonata, B grade car new benchmark

Every successful automobile company has a "Key car" - the key vehicle. TA may not necessarily sell the most, but it must represent the brand's image, market position and the highest level of car manufacturing technology. For example, TOYOTA

dear_auto @ 2020/05/26

Holding three or four hundred thousand cars which can care for family and taste?

Speaking of the 30-40 class luxury cars, many people first think of BBA. Besides BBA, there are still some good choices. Boss, Lexus ES data you want to click to see the boss, you want the Volvo S90 data Click to see how the German Department of vs day el

gzwctv @ 2020/05/26

A new generation of 2008, Yi Ze led the new car review last week.

Hi, friends, here's our stationary column review of new cars last week. Last week, as a result of the "520", a large number of heavy vehicle models were listed on this day, including the Peugeot new generation 2008, TOYOTA yze pure electric an

qsjnmc @ 2020/05/26

1700 vanonsac, oil tube burst, fix thousands, maintain 280 thousand times.

As a supercar, Kony is more concerned than ordinary sports cars. Fans are no stranger to the Agera R+ in Chongqing. If it weren't for the traffic accident of Agera R in Chongqing, the car would not be born. Its predecessor was crashed Agera R in Chong

qczxnb @ 2020/05/26

BEIJING-X7 pre-sale of 100 thousand -15.00 million flagship models help BEIJING car brand up

BEIJING-X7 is the flagship SUV model of BEIJING automobile. Its appearance is full of aesthetic feeling, its interior is rich in texture, and carries a number of L2 class advanced driving auxiliary functions. The fuel version and plug-in mixing version al

EVcentury @ 2020/05/26

Mazda can't sell in China because the car is not good?

When it comes to the phenomenal brand of the automobile circle, Mazda is absolutely indispensable. Although its absolute belief powder may not be able to compete with Honda's large factories. But you can be sure that no matter who your fans are, as lo

luobobaogao @ 2020/05/26

Which maintenance items do not have to go to 4S store?

I often go to 4S shop to do maintenance. I believe that friends must have this feeling: clearly changing the engine oil, starting what kind of air conditioner cleaning, wiping brush aging, changing the bulb to one, adding glass water, and the original fiv

qcsstwx @ 2020/05/26

China's Volvo XC40 exports overseas, and these new cars will also "reverse export" the global market?

Joint venture brand domestic models exported to overseas markets are not new. We are familiar with Buick Ang Curvey (Envision), Honda (Fit/JAZZ) and PSA DS9, which are all important models of "reverse output". Of course, in addition to these model

myautolive @ 2020/05/26

It's 0 difficult to get started. Aion LX has the texture of the fuel vehicle.

Please watch the video. Please leave a message. This Aion LX is the nearest electric car in my recent test drive. It is the closest one to the feeling of the fuel vehicle. From this perspective, I still like it. From driving alone, Aion LX is really a sim

qichetv @ 2020/05/26

Video white car owners please get on the bus, media big coffee bring you fancy die 150 thousand SUV

"How much do you want to buy a car?" "10 to 150 thousand, no more than 150 thousand." Is this scene familiar? For most young novice drivers, because of the limited budget for cars, 150 thousand is the first choice. But there are many cars

amchejing @ 2020/05/26

05 grams of collar! Quality, luxury, individuality and technology are not rare!

In May 23rd, the CMA basic module structure of the leading car company was the highest in the market, and it was 05 in the northeast, and 05 in the lead 05. The price range was 17.58 - 212 thousand and 800 yuan. It is also understood that up to now, the a

lswbauto @ 2020/05/26