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What about less than 80 thousand of pure trams? The 2020 one is N01.

Previously, the old style N01 in Guangzhou has been accompanied by the red dot of the car market and the new energy Xiaobian of red dot for a long time. Its performance in energy consumption and endurance is excellent. It left a very deep impression on Xi

cheshihongdian @ 2019/12/23

One hundred and fifty thousand medium size SUV how to choose? BYD Tang VS Jie Dao X95

In November 28th of this year, the flagship model of the Czech route, X95, was officially launched. The price of the medium sized SUV was just 9.99-15.29 million. There are only a handful of medium SUV available in the next 150 thousand, and BYD Tang fuel

pcautoweixin1 @ 2019/12/23

The "reliable maker" in the "new power making car", AI Chi U5 listing

"Users do not pay for entrepreneurs' feelings, they only choose for their own product experience." The new term "new power building" has swept the Chinese consumer market a few years ago. It has become a synonym for the "very cool,

motivo_mag @ 2019/12/23

Dare to join the joint venture, and the results are pretty good, these 3 domestic SUV hard gas!

As we all know, as the leading collision testing organization in China's insurance industry, the testing system of China Insurance Research Institute is stricter. The collision standards conform to the authoritative institutions such as IIHS and E-NCA

btllsj666 @ 2019/12/23

Is it a special fate for a couple to bump across the road?

Recently, a woman in Yichang, Hubei, was knocked down by a normal driving vehicle after crossing an electric vehicle across four lanes. 10 minutes after the police came to deal with the accident, the husband who was called by the woman phone was knocked a

luobobaogao @ 2019/12/23

It's coming! 3 million of Lexus's "minibus" will be launched in February next year. reported on December 22nd that Lexus's first luxury MPV model --LM was announced today. It plans to announce the new car pre-sale price in January 10th next year and open the pre-sale, and the product will be offline in February 3rd,

haochenews @ 2019/12/23

In the 19 year, the new car sales came out of the king, 7.5 seconds broke, 35.9 meters stopped, and 100 thousand sold.

The most recent new car is undoubtedly CS75PLUS from Changan automobile. Since it was launched in September, orders have been broken for 19 days, and sales in the 2 months have been broken by 40 thousand. In the November sales volume just released by the

autocomic @ 2019/12/23

Charging pile faucet calls for "safety" and "danger".

After experiencing "industry shuffling" and "market cold winter", under the dual drive of policy and capital, this year's charging pile market shows different weather. Wen Jie Chen Maoli recently released the "further strengthening

ZJCSJ2014 @ 2019/12/23

Comprehensive fuel consumption 35L - in China turbine rotor MX-5 NC, really tired and happy @Lota P2 cool Project

Author / Lota tells her story of long story, adding WeChat Constantineliang to the above two-dimensional code. Be sure to note: contribute + WeChat nickname + vehicle type * otherwise, add Lota that may be very slow, click on Lota to chat with her, 13B-RE

cl_auto @ 2019/12/23

Why is the face of the "five drop in" trend of new energy vehicles calling investors "the best time to enter?" Jing Jing car

Abstract: compared with the subsidy stage, investors will tend to invest in smart electric vehicles rather than simple electric vehicles. At the same time, compared with the downstream vehicle enterprises, the upstream and downstream parts enterprises wil

autoeeo @ 2019/12/23

How much is the sales target set at the beginning of the year when the new power of the new car force is coming to an end in 2019?

Lab how much should we observe the sales target in 2020? Wen / Baiyang, another week, the hard 2019 of the auto industry is coming to an end. After this bitter spell, it will usher in a more bitter 2020. Let time return to the beginning of this year, in t

autolab @ 2019/12/23

Everyone owns luxury cars but not dreams.

This title is taken from the circle of friends of the big businessman, but when the city is off the market, it does not need to join all kinds of general micro teams, and it can also gradually achieve the goal by moving bricks and hands. According to the

qichebatan @ 2019/12/23

It has improved, but it has disappointed me.

Before driving the CS75 Plus in Changan, Lao Xie praised the car's appearance very high. It was called the most beautiful SUV of the new generation of its own brand. But some friends disagreed, and thought it was somewhat similar to Lexus. It was call

djcars @ 2019/12/23

It's all over now! About 150 thousand of the biggest SUV are here. There must be something you want.

Due to the lack of adequate car buying experience and systematic car selection methods, Chinese consumers often take "big is good and great beauty" as the guiding principle when buying cars. For the right or wrong, the professor will obey you this

cmm445 @ 2019/12/23

The "ideal city" of Chinese express.

An attractive film often has such an experience in the process of watching the movie: from the beginning of the cloud to the fog, with the development of the plot, the clue and thread of the story become clearer. At this point, I look back at the previous

Eautofan @ 2019/12/23

2020 local personalized motorcycle three pillars, spring breeze vs Benali vs infinitely, who do you prefer?

Motorcycle information at home and abroad! Looking back at 2019, the major domestic manufacturers are competing to release their own large displacement vehicles. The newly released models are mostly distributed in 300-500cc. To be frank with you, most of

I-MOTOR @ 2019/12/23

The seventh generation Porsche 911 has been shut down; German regulators have paid close attention to Beiqi's holdings of Daimler shares; FCA passenger car will adopt PSA platform structure.

The seventh generation Porsche 911 of today's morning peak automobile book was closed down recently. With the last 991 generations of Porsche 911 Speedster off the production line, the seventh generation Porsche 911 (991) officially declared a shutdow

CAD-Daily @ 2019/12/23

30 minutes, see TOYOTA's ten years of prosperity and mystery.

Behind the rise and fall of enterprises is the huge hand of civilization. Ten years ago, Akiotoyoda took the power of TOYOTA automobile in the form of "big government return" and seized the expectations of the family industry. Go through the diffi

iAUTO2010 @ 2019/12/23

Is Han Han's choice of love restrained or restrained?

There are many ways to express love. But in the car circle, love is divided into two categories, Volvo and others. As the 2019 draws to a close, Volvo's new S60 interprets "love" in the most literary and artistic way this year with a warm and

EngineCode9 @ 2019/12/23

2020 Ward's top ten engine came out, and Volkswagen / TOYOTA failed. The hottest one was less than 200 thousand.

Ward top ten engine Ward's 10 Best Engines Ward top ten engine came out, Volkswagen / TOYOTA failed, general modern winner. The Ward top ten engine is a list released annually by the US authoritative magazine "Ward's Auto World". Because o

carfanr @ 2019/12/23