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No fear of heat or fear of frost. How did the "steel armor" of the Camry double?

In other words, there are too many films on the National Day archives. Just a few days ago, the car uncle just finished reading "my motherland and I". After many friends recommended it, he went to the "climber" again, and was deeply moved

cardianping @ 2019/10/22

Notice of invitation to attend the 2019 annual meeting of China Automobile Circulation Association

(invitation to participate in the annual meeting of the 2019 China Automobile Circulation Association)

xch201509 @ 2019/10/22

Maybach GLS/ willda / new star, 2019 new Guangzhou Auto Show

In 2019, the last major international auto show in Guangzhou will be held from November 22nd to December 1st. A month away from the opening of the Guangzhou auto show, many manufacturers have been eager to seize the opportunity of the Guangzhou auto show

myautolive @ 2019/10/22

For details, see the real chapter, the new Lexus ES300h.

Chatting about the ES model, there are friends who want to buy or have bought this model. They usually know some of them from their chat or car experience, so today we will personally experience this ES300h as the top matching car. The appearance is forme

CarBuyer @ 2019/10/22

What is the use of vehicle purchase tax invoice? What if I lose it?

What if the invoice of vehicle purchase tax is lost? To WeChat public "windmill shop" click on the above green sonic, listen to three flavors and you chat! Not only does it cost us a lot of money to buy a car, but this procedure, process and docum

qingfengchepu @ 2019/10/22

The total penalty is more than 30 billion euros! Plug into the European car enterprises free of punishment "life-saving grass"?

Less than 3 months have passed since Europe's stringent new emission regulations, but European automakers seem to be unprepared. By 2020, the 95% new cars produced by European manufacturers will not exceed 95 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. By

ev-qiche @ 2019/10/22

The best indicator of a good car is good driving. Haff H6 platinum version test drive

"You win, the takeaway is for you." A bet with friends that if the twin killer is not good enough, Dapeng brother will lose him net red milk tea. Not wanting to belong to the same 120 frame technology "Billy Lynn's midfield war", "

dear_auto @ 2019/10/22

Compete for MVP! Dongfeng Kai Chen "five star safety SUV family" strength geometry?

The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup was held in China as scheduled. A wonderful and memorable basketball feast made many basketball fans hooked. Although the 2019 FIBA world cup has come to a successful conclusion, there are also 2019 3x3 golden leagues of

wowoauto @ 2019/10/22

Under the trend of electrification, GAC Honda VE-1 will not give way to the new force of car manufacturing?

"First, I want to ask you a few questions at the beginning of the article. Would you consider buying a pure electric vehicle? If so, what choice will you make between traditional car companies and new car drivers? For many potential consumers of pure

MalaAuto @ 2019/10/22

Buy a car to choose "chicken head" or choose "Phoenix Tail"? Don't buy cars if you don't understand these.

Now we have to go to the old driver's second gun driving time. Today, we still follow the old routine and pick up the problems of several riders. Buy a car to buy "chicken head" or buy "Phoenix Tail"? Let's give you an example of t

btllsj666 @ 2019/10/22

How much progress has been made in the new era of Qin EV? Y Car Reviews

Y car evaluation yautoshow took away the facts and left the viewpoint different from the first generation of Qin's main PHEV plug-in hybrid models. The new generation of Qin mainly used pure electric (EV) and fuel version models. We have experienced t

liyangpingche @ 2019/10/22

Small body, or 3 cylinder, Germany tries the public T-Cross, can it please domestic consumers?

The fifth SUV T-Cross of Volkswagen was released in October 2018. The MQB A0 chassis is also the smallest member of the SUV family. It can be regarded as a high version of Polo. But in addition to heightening, personality has become completely different,

UCARCN @ 2019/10/22

In fact, people and cars need a process of growth.

BRZ is a two door sports car after Subaru's shutdown in Alcyone SVX more than 20 years ago. It is also a rare Subaru FR car. Of course, it is compared with the TOYOTA 86 which is the same root next door. Subaru has not been idle these years. Whether i

modiauto2004 @ 2019/10/22

BMW BMW VISION iNEXT unveiled the world Internet Conference

In October 20th, the sixth World Internet Conference was officially opened in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. As a diamond partner of the conference, BMW unveiled BMW VISION iNEXT, an intelligent network vehicle, which showcased BMW's leading position in the field

lswbauto @ 2019/10/22

Lab test: why is Honda VE-1 fast charging electromagnetic radiation so low? See second understand

Lab test guide is easy to understand. You can interpret the charging process as inverted beer. Wen / Zhang Yi 1, E-NCAP latest collision results came out, BMW 1 Series 3 series five stars, Jeep free light four stars 2, standard Tesla MODEL 3, Geely's

autolab @ 2019/10/22

Warm tips: cold is coming, shop to replace free frostbite glass water! Four cleaning half price concessions!

[twenty-four solar terms frost down] winter is approaching, Sheng Road car has warm reminder: from today until the end of this month, free replacement of winter special glass water, and four cleaning half price concessions! Sheng Road winter warming time:

lihongxin19 @ 2019/10/21

In the seven years since its founding, MITSUBISHI has been reviewing its achievements and looking forward to the future.

Editor Dong Mengfan, the editor in chief of the Chung Hun Kun, the report from the car gourd, is different from the six or eight, and the figure seven between the two figures can always give people a very positive effect. One theory is that the seven char

holoauto @ 2019/10/21

KIA KX5 "engine accelerator": new car quality champion, four years four recall, year after year regular holiday.

Schwarzenegger's famous real lie is about a super secret agent, Harry, who lies in his family for his reasons for hiding his identity and so on. His wife, who has no taste in life, returns true lies. By chance, he found that his wife, who had no taste

eautochina @ 2019/10/21

Guangda screen is not enough. The system is practical. These four SUV cars are enough for you to play for one year.

The domestic automobile market has gradually entered the era of intelligent automobile. People choose not only the performance of the vehicle itself but also the experience of the vehicle system. Nowadays, many cars on the market have already equipped wit

csh_csz @ 2019/10/21

In 2019, who was more popular among TOYOTA and the public?

Chinese consumers like to buy Volkswagen. This seems to be the consensus reached by the Chinese people. After all, every month, the FAW Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen are separated by one or two, and the sales volume is huge enough to envy a lot of car co

FM993czsh @ 2019/10/21