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milkelise @ 2019/10/09

Last time I wrote Chanel vintage, many sisters asked about the purchase channel. Then this recommendation recommended several famous Vintage sea scouring websites, ranging from luxury goods to dozens of knives.

Many people are against the second-hand goods, but now many of the vintage's sales sites have done well in quality assurance, and the cleanliness and whether they are genuine products are guaranteed.

Buying medieval times is actually for those styles that can not be bought, and it is a beautiful thing to collect and leak.

Look down.


Vestiaire Collective


Vestiaire collective, one of the largest medieval websites in Europe, has a high positioning and sells only luxury brands.

Every brand's style is very special, such as LV's old flower bag.

Vestiaire collective is sold by the seller personally. After the transaction, every item will be sent to Paris or New York website headquarters to check the quality, quality and authenticity of the products.

After the website is confirmed to be genuine, it is forwarded to the buyer. If the inspection finds that the seller is not consistent with the description, the option is given to the buyer. Although the process is a bit long, the quality is guaranteed.

After the order is confirmed, the seller can cancel the order within three days without delivery. This also avoids waiting indefinitely.

The price of goods in the website seems to be a little higher. Don't be afraid. You can bargain!

Vestiaire Collective must be sold with sellers.

For example, this Emporio Armani suit, 309 euro, haggle directly on the page message.

The price limit of the website can not be less than 30 percent off of the seller's offer, and the buyers and sellers have three counter-offer opportunities. Luckily, this 216 euro can be bought.

In this way, impulse shopping is impossible. Ha ha.

This website has many styles of special vintage jewelry. Discount is very cost-effective.

The budget is only a few hundred yuan, but also to the lovely jewelry.

There is another 20 knife discount for new user registration.

Support for global mail and no tax.




GRAILED's location is Chao men Vintage website, mainly selling Supreme, AJ, Rick Owens all kinds of tide card vintage.

There are also luxury brands such as Alexander, Paris, Burberry, etc.

Girls can also stroll around! There are some oversize clothes that are really special. They usually look good when they are used together.

Pricing is also reasonable. Hundreds of dollars to buy. To LV Necklace

Each year's tide brand joint name, limited, can be found on this website.

For example, the website has made an integration of all supreme related music associations, and the classification is still very fine.

GRAILED can also be used to find all kinds of latest limited money.

For example, it was on sale two days ago.

Supreme and The Velvet Underground series shirts

There are many searches on GRAILED, and the website will give a reasonable reference price range.

Also support online bargain, because it is individual sellers, shipping, shipping, direct mail or transhipment can also be negotiated with the seller.

However, the website will not focus on the quality inspection of the products, there is not much guarantee for the authenticity and quality, so we must be cautious when buying.

Look at some of the details of the photos, it is best to have the original packaging and tag, and then take a look at the seller's credit rating.


The Real Real


This is the most professional luxury Vintage website. This year, The Real Real is consulting with LVMH group and Kai Yun group for cooperation, and plans to go public in the future.

The name is working hard. "We are real!"

Besides, they only sell luxury brands, including clothing, jewelry, watches and even furniture.

The website flow is like this: The seller should first send the goods to the The Real Real inspection. After testing, it will be cleaned up and then hung out. Each item will be marked on the sale of goods, where there is wear, grading of color: good, very good, excellent and so on.

This year's hot Dior saddle bag.

Fendi's stick.

All kinds of special Vintage Chanel.

There are also very new models in recent years. If you ever want to buy, you can't buy / exceed the budget limit. You can search this website.

The real real also has app. The new user has a discount of 25 knives for the first time shopping.

The platform also has a long term effective 20 percent off code "REAL", which can be used in the whole field, except for a small number of expensive products with more than 1000 knives.

It's more appropriate to fold the price.

Most of the items on the website can be directly sent to Hongkong, which needs to be transhipped to the mainland.


ASOS Marketplace


Asos specializes in selling Vintage's website. Sellers come from all over the world, including small shops and individual sellers.

The website's overall style is retro and punk. It's not just secondhand goods, but also many new clothes. Even the new products have the feeling of 8090s.

The prices are really friendly.

Especially 90s's Levis jeans are worth buying.

In addition to clothing, there are many cheap and nice trinkets.

The super type glasses are only more than 100 yuan, and the small jewelry is also tens of yuan to one hundred or two hundred.

It's very suitable for student party shopping. Rather than the vintage website, it's more like a retro commodity market.

The website can be mailed worldwide and shipped within 2 days. Specific postage and whether there is a need for transshipment to ask the shopkeeper, are personal shops.

Hai Tao uses a credit card that can be settled in US dollars to bind Paypal accounts, and the US dollar payment is the most cost-effective.

What do you need to pay attention to when buying Vintage?

Take Chanel Vintage for example:

First of all, vintage has many fake products. Don't covet cheap.

Mini Chanel Flap is about ten thousand yuan, and the medium Flap with good quality is also hovering between 15 thousand million yuan RMB.

There are only a few thousand pieces, either because the color is very old or fake.

Just looking at pictures can deceive people. Make sure that the size is the size you want. For individual sellers, you can ask for more pictures of merchandise details. If the stitches are crooked and not aligned, 8 is a fake package.

There are many refurbished bags in medieval bags, and some sellers will not tell you. Ask in advance if you have done any refurbishment, or what defects have been replaced by hardware.

In addition, all Chanel packages after the mid 80s should have corresponding serial numbers. Https://, a website in the United States, summarizes the serial number range of Chanel produced in each era and the style of stickers, which can help identify the false serial number. Chanel Kazakhstan only)

Heh heh, after reading this article, you can get rid of your favorite Vintage!

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