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Behind the star's fight is the variety show that has been bloated in the cold and winter period.

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Author: Ye Yuchen
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The winter of film and television is even colder.

In November 27th, at the scene of "chasing me", Wang Lichuan, the actor who starred in "meet with Gao Yixiang", collapsed in the running. Unfortunately, sudden cardiac death occurred in Taiwan. There are more than once incidents of entertainment "death". Netizens began to question, where is the boundary of entertainment?

Behind the star's fight is actually the personal survival war after the industry slump. Since last year's tax breaks, the film and television industry has entered the cold winter.

Partly canceling the announcements published by the film and television company in the Yili daily. After last year's tax breaks, a large number of film and television companies registered in Huoerguosi, Xinjiang, were written off. This is seen as a reflection of the movie industry and the star capital entering the cold winter.

"The theater group in Hengdian has almost halved compared with a few years ago." A Hengdian film and television staff who declined to be named told reporters. The dynamic announcement of Hengdian film and TV city official website shows that in November 21st, there were 21 start-up groups and the same period from 2016 to 2018. This number was 39, 33 and 38 respectively, and a series of supporting services such as hotels and restaurants in the movie city had been closed in advance to prepare for another war in the coming year. At the same time, the number of archival and video productions recorded on the website of the SARFT decreased by 27% compared with the same period last year. Data from the eye also showed that since 2019, 1884 film and television companies have been shut down, specifically written off, revoked, liquidated and closed down.

"A large number of practitioners have been accepted by Internet Co and the game industry." Another producer, who did not want to be named, said. His film and television company can deal with the preparation, construction and start-up of three groups of TV series before 2018, but this year they only opened a new drama, which is also a great choice for script and actor.

There are also positive results. For example, the cautious market has produced a number of excellent products such as "all good" and "little joy", forcing the industry to gradually return to the right track.

But unemployment is inevitable. Employees can change careers. For artists, especially the "waist" artists, the winter comes more thoroughly. All year round, there is no difficulty in filming. Variety has become the best way to find out the live selling. Their sense of crisis forced them to cherish these hard won opportunities. Overnight recording became almost the norm for all the variety shows. Gao Yixiang also became the epitome of every overworked "social animal".

The device for chasing me has been partially demolished.

Every time the economic downturn is the most prosperous period of entertainment industry, history has repeatedly verified this point. For the capital side, compared to the 35 year production cycle of film and television drama and the lack of on-line policies, The risk of variety is more controllable and capital recovery is more rapid. Most of the platform's variety projects need to be pre inviting before launching. When advertising revenue and production cost remain unchanged, they can be launched. So it's not hard to understand why. What is more flourishing than film and television industry is the variety craze.

At first, the TV variety was dominated by games and puzzle questions. After that, the transition to Hunan TV's "Super Girls" era shows the rise of reality TV shows. With the support of Internet capital, the forms of video design after the entry of video websites are emerging one after another. The private lives of celebrities are carefully shown in front of the audience from tourism, children, love and even pregnancy.

All these shows seem to have nothing to do with artiste's job (acting or singing), but they attract a large number of entertainers because of the popularity and popularity of celebrities themselves in the show. Nowadays, these ways of exposing artists' personal lives to the public seem to be no longer effective.

So this autumn's hottest program is the actor's acting skill, which reflects the current situation of Chinese Performing Arts. In the fourth quarter, there were 4 files of the same kind of official publicity. In addition to the third quarter of Zhejiang TV's continued launch of the third season, "I am the summit of the actors", the Tencent video, Iqiyi and Youku also developed similar projects in an attempt to show the story of the entertainment industry in a serious way.

Tencent video is good at manufacturing topics. When the actor is in position, the debate between Li Chengru and Guo Jingming about the IP of youth literature and film has become the core topic. After that, the prince of Taiwan idol drama sobbed up at the end of the performance of the actor, saying: "I am Ming Dao, 39 years old, playing 15 years, this is my first play this year." And put the program on top.

"Actor in position" has been constantly discussed since its launch.

Youku's "acting school" is not as prominent as "actor in position" in terms of concern, but it achieves 7.8 in the bean score and gets the highest score in similar projects. In the program design, Youku gave up the mode of using PK and schedule to set up this kind of acting program in recent years, chose the idea of observing variety, and recorded the whole process of 30 new actors from entering group, building group, selecting, trying to play to fixing the corner. "We want to do the reality show at the origin of the documentary, to observe a group of interesting people and let them do something. Show the audience the living condition of the audience. Song Binghua, general manager of Ali great entertainment and Youku variety monitor center, remember person Say. Yu Zheng's crew became the best entry point. The program also moved the studio from the studio to the real Hengdian studio.

The end of the film director has also become the sign of this kind of art attracting traffic. "Actors in position" invited Kaige Chen and Li Shaohong, the "peak diagonal" more exaggerated, attracted from Zhang Jizhong, Xu Anhua, such as the old director, to Lu Chuan, Tian Yu Sheng and other explosive film director, also introduced Xin Yu Kun and other literary director to join, in the actor's confrontation is more like a director's PK.

All along, the characteristics of the domestic variety market are: After a certain type of program has been verified by the market, there will be a large number of same subjects coming in. Unfortunately, after such intensive output, it is easy to cause the audience to have an aesthetic fatigue for a certain type, forcing the program planner to constantly develop new forms of entertainment, and the comprehensive N generation programs also need to constantly design new links to stimulate the audience's hi.

"Chase me" can be regarded as another upgrade of Zhejiang satellite TV to running. Running in the third quarter (the seventh quarter of the "running Men series") has experienced massive changes in the members. Compared with the previous few seasons, the ratings dropped to third in the same period, and another trump program "2019 China good voice" also did not progress because of the quality of the program.

"Run it" in the third quarter has experienced members' big change of blood.

The ambition and pressure of "catch up with me" is self-evident. The program tries to attract the limited attention of the audience by designing plum blossom piles, climbing walls, climbing the tall buildings with bare hands and so on.

Zou Shiming, a professional boxer, has lost consciousness in his running leg and needs to be saved in the sea ball.

But in fact, the program group did not receive the audience's attention. The negative emotions of the audience in the design of this link have been fully erupted in the Gao Yixiang incident. Let's take a look at this year's acclaimed variety show. Maybe we can find some common points. The second season of adventure life is getting better. The third season of "yearning for life" has satisfied everyone's desire for "slow". This kind of presentation of some people's internal psychology and feelings, and reflects the social problems of the variety began to get everyone's attention.

The second season of "adventure life" has been improving in recent years.

In fact, Tencent video has planned to launch more realistic programs that are related to life and emotion, such as "refrigerator" and "heartbeat signal". "Now is a turning point in China's society, growth is slowing down, and companies are laying off workers, so they will pay more attention to the emotional life of ordinary people." Qiu Yue, manager of adventure life, general manager of penguin film studio remember person Say. Iqiyi's tonality has been the continuation of the "growing trend of young expression", "wonderful flower" after the sixth quarter of the line still maintained a good topic.

After experiencing the Gao Yixiang incident, in addition to the safety of the program, whether the entertainer or the producer, What needs more reflection is the present situation of Chinese variety.

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