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[full beauty Vol.4] Kangxi's secret visit: classical beauty 101

qqlive_TV @ 2020/05/22

To say that beauty is gathered, it is also the most prosperous part of the imperial body, the fourth phase of the "full beauty". The goose takes you to check the beauty of Kangxi.

"Full beauty" fourth bombs

Kangxi's visit to private clothes

In the first broadcast in 1997, there were 4 beauties, including 13 stories, Kangxi's private suit.

Yi Fei

Jie Deng

Jie Deng, a female one, plays Kangxi's favorite pet Princess concubine in the play.
Jie Deng gave most of the impression that she was smart and capable, but in "Kangxi's private interview", she played a bit more dignified than she did on weekdays.

Luo Jin Hong

Hong Tao

Hong Tao with deep eyes and highly recognizable appearance is not only beautiful in modern clothes, but also handsome in costume.
In the plow head, Luo Jinhong had a very strong smile, so that the audience and Kangxi could see it unforgettable.

Zhu Yun Qiao

Jiang Qinqin

Jiang Qinqin, who has the characteristics of Oriental beauty, is one of the most representative women in ancient costume.
Elegant and refined, Zhu Yunqiao, who plays the role of "eight treasures porridge", has a fresh and unique smell of rain in the south of the Yangtze River.

Yue Qing er

Zhao Wei

Unlike the little swallow in the "Huan Zhu Ge Ge", Zhao Wei plays Kangxi's delicate Yueqing son.
At that time, she had bright eyes, white teeth, youthful moving, and a pair of big eyes.


Ruoxi Yang

Ruoxi Yang played three roles in Kangxi's private interview. Each role is exquisite and transparent, and each of them has different flavor.
Cute and cute.

Fang Xiao Ya

Xu Lu

Xu Lu, playing the role of Fang Xiaoya in "Xia Ji Ji", is also a cloud in love and rain.
Xu Lu's facial features are gentle and moving, but he is so cool that he can not stop loving others when he sees them.

SA Lian er

Yang Ming Na

Yang Mingna's costume is very elegant and clean and comfortable.
In the fourth "tea notes", one of the people who decorated the two sides of Sam Rong and Sha Lian, the acting is exquisite and in place.

Lu Zhu

Zhu Yuanyuan

Zhu Yuanyuan played Lu Zhu, who appeared with a simple bun and elegant makeup.
She looked very sad but very moving. Her eyes were filled with tears.

Such a lineup, the group draft "Kangxi micro suit private visit 101" also can not go too far. If One pick, who would you vote for?