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Holiday visitors are often uncivilized.

@ 2019/10/09

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Just past National Day holidays, scenic spots and scenic spots are greeted with large crowds of tourists and everywhere are filled with happiness. However, in some places, the few uncivilized behaviors also make people feel uncomfortable.

The National Day holiday coincides with the Double Ninth Festival. Many people come to Longquan to climb high. In order to maintain order, the scenic area set up a warning on the mountainside, and strictly prohibited all kinds of social vehicles without permits to go up the mountain, but there were still vehicles running through the forbidden line, so that climbers could not avoid it.

As I walked up the road, I saw four or five cars passing by, some driving down, and some driving up. If the performance of the vehicles is not good, the influence is very great.

- citizens

Most of the mountaineering forces can do civilized travel, but there are also a few people who do harm to plants, trees and litter.

Personal hygiene should be paid attention to. No tissue can be thrown away.

- citizens

During the long holidays, the parks were like tourists. Many adults bring their children to feed the fish near the lake. The steamed bread crumbs are everywhere on the lake. Some people also put melon seed skins and film bags into the lake.

Some people will be conscious, but there are still some people throwing things away, such as lunch boxes, and so on.

Sanitation workers

At the gate of Zhongshan Park, the sharing of bicycles is also more serious.

For standardization, it is best to place them according to the scribing area.

- citizens

In Times Square, the uncivilized behavior of carelessly trampling on the lawn also happens. Some people run to fly kites, others put on cloth, set snacks, and have a picnic on the lawn. It is also hoped that we should improve our quality, protect our environment and travel in civilization.

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On the last day of the National Day holiday, our city has reached the peak of its return journey.

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