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89. Mixed personality and industrial wind. The "tattered" TV background wall is very handsome.

sh_home @ 2019/10/09

Da Shen home

Let you change to decorate the person!

The overall design has distinct personality, natural original cement wall, marble sofa background, log moving door, three-dimensional floor tiles, etc., all kinds of tidal current elements mix and match, personality and harmony.

The selection of guests and restaurants is of distinct quality and color. Emphasis is placed on the division of the regional sense while retaining the integrity of the TV background wall, both practical and beautiful.

The living room and dining hall are divided by different ground laying functions.

Natural primitive wood is used directly in furniture, but it can bring some unique beauty. For example, tea tables and wooden stools, together with comfortable sofas and carpets, are extraordinarily quiet.

The TV background wall is old and full of retro nostalgia.

Wood grain TV cabinet + partition design, storage and display two is not wrong, and a stronger sense of hierarchy.

The nostalgic decorative painting is consistent with the old background scenes, bringing people's thoughts back to the good old days.

The design of food and kitchen is in line with the modern young people's lifestyle and fashion trend.

Three dimensional ceramic tiles extend from the ground to the wall. People with dense syndrome should be careful to use it.

The kitchen is surrounded by restaurants and island towers, forming an independent kitchen space.

The rectangular wooden table is placed against the wall, matching with the black cabinet, it is natural and warm, and the fashion is cool.

The background of the main bedroom made of solid wood and Tani Kuramo is a visual highlight. The log has a strong sense of integration in the black-and-white gray environment. The unique material makes the room far away from the "mediocre" and sexy.

Natural wood and gray bedding create a natural tranquil sleep atmosphere.

Natural light shines on the bed through the windows. It is lazy and comfortable.

The dressing table at the bottom of the bed is simple and individual, and the shape of the trunk is very unique.

The bathroom uses separate bathtub and luminous platform to divide the dry and wet area.

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