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A driver with a guide dog was refused to take a taxi. Driver: you can't drive a dog with him.

mumu8com @ 2019/12/21

We know that raising a dog is a very troublesome thing, but because of the love of dogs, many people can not help but join in the ranks of shovel excrement officials.

Not for anything else, only for a warm quilt when it's cold. There's a dog in the lonely time. For these owners, their original intention was because they liked it, so they chose to keep dogs.

But there are so many special people in the society. They may not have liked dogs at the beginning, but they never left them again. Such dogs also have a lot of identities - seeing eye dogs.

The name of the guide dog seems to be very far away from our lives. We can not even imagine how important a guide dog is to a blind person. But it is such a dog who silently pays for mankind, but people have little acceptance of it.

For example, what we are going to talk about today is going out for a ride. Although the relevant laws and regulations support, but lack of implementation details, in reality, blind people with seeing eye dogs still suffer from "riding hard" phenomenon.

Dogs with a guide dog were refused.

The dog in the picture is called "66". It is the first guide dog in Wuhan. Its owner is a teacher in Wuhan blind school, whose name is Zou Shiyong. Because of special eye, he can not cycle by himself.

Therefore, like ordinary workers, he has to get up early and even get up earlier than others to catch buses and take the subway. And he went to work with his dog, 66, as a guide dog. 66 in addition to bear the experience of being surrounded and touching, the biggest embarrassment is to refuse to load.

According to his recollection, he had just arrived in Wuhan, and had taken 66 of the bus and the subway station without eating too much. Fortunately, in recent years, because of the influence of Jeanne, a guide dog, more people have noticed that every blind person is not easy. Relevant departments also issued special cases for dogs such as seeing eye dogs.

Nowadays, "66" has seldom encountered obstacles in public transport. When it's raining or if you can't catch up with the car, you have to take a taxi. But what the master never thought of was that he had taken the bus, made the subway, and finally got stuck in a taxi.

Perhaps it is natural to be afraid of dogs and fear that dogs may dirty their seats. Many drivers don't want passengers to take dogs on board in time. Basically, a dog can't drive a car with a dog.

Many netizens are mixed about the driver's practice, but more people prefer to be on the side of the host. When it comes to taxi refusal, Xiaobian is the most profound experience. In fact, it is fear that dirty seats will affect business.

Fortunately, in the past one or two years, in order to keep the car clean, the backseats of the basic taxis were all covered with white cloth.

Why most drivers refuse

Don't even talk about dogs. Even when you take a child out of the house, you have to be nagged by the driver when you are sitting in the car. Although it is not easy to understand the masters, the blind should be more tolerant to them as a special group.

To speak straight, white guide dogs are the eyes of blind people. There is no reason to take off their eyes when taking taxis. Moreover, seeing eye dogs have been trained strictly, and in today's world, there have never been any cases of seeing eye dogs hurt.

For the blind, the luckiest thing to do is to have a seeing eye dog. Because it is not easy to have a seeing eye dog. Even the owner waited four or five years to get 66. For him, 66 is the eyes that bring light and warmth in his life.

In fact, this is not the first time that the seeing eye dog has been refused to load. Behind the rejection is the lack of knowledge popularization. It is necessary to say that this aspect of knowledge needs to be further strengthened. If so, are you willing to give the guide dogs a bit more tolerance? What is the opinion of the partners in seeing the dog being refused? Welcome to comment area message!