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Tencent musician force party enjoys music live in the live season S2 City awakening season.

tingkuwo @ 2020/05/22

The summer wind makes the city very dry, not only the green plants grow strong, but also the small restaurants call for the door, and the breath of life is warm.

Slowly, in the evening, there was a big grandpa pulling the erhu beside the holly, and the chic and strong string, could not wait to play the fresh "sound" which was growing after the city cracked.

Whether the city is fresh or not, the sound is clear.

Wake it up by music. " Wake up with a song "!

Based on this idea, Tencent musicians hand in hand with cool music "Tencent musicians force team live season S2 City awakening season", Many famous musicians were assembled. from May 19th to mid July, 8 weeks in a row, every Tuesday to Sunday evening. 50 wonderful online concert live for fans.

Every Sunday will be more 5G special Liveshow To present a high standard of audio-visual feast for people. While traveling around the city, poetry and music, with your eyes and ears, explore the beauty of the city.

Music + scene & Benchmarking + cutting-edge

One week's review of the first theme "divine Tour"

This season " Tencent musician force party live season S2 City awakening season " Following the excellent voice of last season, maintaining a high standard, we will continue to work on the concept. "Monday theme" Multidimensional Interpretation "Awaken" Concept.

among First week "Divine Tour" theme Through the musician scene live show, take you truly "to swim" the landmark building of a city, do not stop music culture, and city story to tell you!

5.19, starting week - first Fugue Beijing Standing, Zhang Yifan, Ma Tiao, law More Feel, Song Daiting comfortable voice.

Leisurely walking in the alley of Beijing flavor, folk songs sung as people. Zhang Yi Fan The prelude to the force party was opened. When you meet a few bosom friends, you can talk about music stories, while you walk, you can see the possibility of music coming into contact with your life outside the room.

Folk music school representative music musician Horse stripe He chose to drive to the wetland park which he liked, and sang a masterpiece of "giving" and "blockade" with his lingering and passionate explosions, blowing the wind of early summer, explaining his interpretation of music life.

A unique couple singing as a team. " Murphy's law More Feel " Continue to pick up the voice, encounter the good scenery along the way, the car will be there, the imagination of the sky and sky and the literary temperament, listen to their "Camellia game" and "love story". You can feel something.

Independent musician Song Dai Ting Bright and bright, playing guitar in the Olympic Park, playing lightly. Style is like her own, the modern sense of lightness and the magic of thick interweave, "Mars night", "hello" and other original hot songs contain another attitude.

The second leg of the tour reached the colorful Yunnan. As one of the folk ballads in China, King Zhou Lao Hu Not only love folk songs, but also a heart of hot rock. On the evening of May 20th, he brought the original idea of "indulging in autumn" and "astringent", with a low keynote, with the vicissitudes of life and experience.

Different interpretations. Tie Yann (Tie Yang) The style is pure and lively, with her appreciation of music aesthetics, independent and free, breathing with nature.

Last night, I went to the third station: hard core northwest. "Hot blood soldier" The Chinese people It is also the contemporary military type of music flow, which brings the audience "comrade in arms" and "love in Xi'an" to the audience.

Also accompanied by the walls of Xi'an and the spring of Qujiang, and the music representatives of Shaanxi district. Cheng Bo Zhi His "song of the people of Xi'an" catchy, the familiar scenes in the lyrics match reality, and sang a local friendship.

5G Holdings Sunday

Theme concept upgrade

First article "Divine Tour" We have been led by musicians through Beijing, Yunnan and the northwest. We have built a bridge between cities through the main line of music.

At eight o'clock tonight!

Will grow up by the seaside. Guan Jin Liang I want to show you how peaceful and beautiful the city of Guangdong is.

Street GDC be Let me take a look at the Cantonese city with strong regional characteristics and youthful hippy vigor.

Of course, crossover music man combination " Combination of thunder and lightning "It will help you explore the integration of cities from third angles.

Sichuan, Chongqing and Xiang Chu are like several kinds of boxes. Square box The creation of this story comes from every ordinary story around here, with strong regional characteristics, and will be shown to you tomorrow night.

There are also independent musicians. Jun Lin Liu With his personal thoughts on music and his experience of collecting sounds from the public, he will be there tomorrow night. Chuan Chu Chang !

Again, what is worth mentioning is! For 8 weeks Of "Tencent musician force party live season S2 City awakening season" Every Sunday brings special results. "5G special"

The force party will be united. "THE BOXX & Fairy" The site is supported by live broadcast using 5G equipment. Super fast, no delay, stable and clear. The super audio-visual experience, restore Livehouse immersive music experience!

The first 5G live broadcast is at 20:00 this Sunday evening. , 8 group Orchestra, Stu Heron, Dong Xiaohe Shawn, Tngahook These strength will sing "ShangHai Railway Station"! Then we will enjoy it together. Shanghai Oh ~

In the first quarter, the "force party" was successfully held. 12 wonderful cloud live, attracting nearly 1 million people to watch After that, it brought the live to the Internet again, and discussed the music and life with everyone in the form of cloud interaction.

This music cloud party between Tencent musicians and Philharmonic people is not only " Benchmarking Collocation Cutting-edge "More innovative." 5G live broadcast form Blessing, feelings full, but also for everyone to send positive energy!

In addition to the first "divine Tour", there are still weeks to come. Horizon and innocence Many themes, many excellent singing, many original works, a variety of quality experience, " Tencent musician force party live season S2 City awakening season "!

For original music empowerment, for life light, you also add a fire ~

Let's make an appointment with cool music.

Chinese:腾讯音乐人原力派对直播季S2·城市唤醒季 | 享受音乐live,跟着城市去云游