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Expose the new progress of flash memory technology. Toshiba memory CTO will address CFMS2019 in person.

chinaflashmarket @ 2019/08/23

In the first half of 2019, prices of NAND Flash and DRAM chips continued to fall, while the market reversed in the second half of the year, but demand was still weak. high The atmosphere of unease, such as inventory, production reduction, trade conflicts and so on, is full of the whole industry, and at the same time, it also brings great challenges to enterprises.

China, as an important application market, is also an important strategic layout object for Toshiba memory. In order to further promote the expansion of company business and company philosophy, Toshiba Memory Technology Executive Shigenori Yanagi will attend September 19, 2019 The China Flash Market Summit (CFMS), held in Shenzhen, China, Future What will happen if Toshiba memory is renamed? expect Mr. Shigenori Yanagi Wonderful speech!

Nirvana Rebirth: Toshiba memory has been renamed "Kioxia" since October 1st.

Toshiba Memory Corporation (Memory Corporation) has been fully independent since June 2018, and is committed to the production, development and sale of flash and solid state drives (SSD). As the next step in the development of the company, it will be officially renamed as Kioxia Corporation since October 1, 2019. Toshiba Electronics (China) Co., Ltd. also plans to rename the armor Electronics (Shanghai) Limited in the spring of 2020.

The word "Kioxia" is composed of two words: "kioku" in Japanese and the word "axia" in Greek. Integrating the dual meaning of "memory" and "value", Kioxia represents the company's mission of "storage" to help the world develop. It promotes the development of the world through the promotion of "storage" technology to meet the needs of people's daily life, and the use of advanced storage technology as the core to provide products, services and systems, so as to create a vision of choice and new definition for the future.

CFMS2019: Toshiba memory CTO delivered a speech explaining the deep meaning behind the rapid iterative flash technology.

Toshiba memory Corporation is a leader in NAND Flash technology. Since 1987, it has developed NAND flash memory products and launched the latest BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory, which has greatly promoted the development of flash memory technology. In 2017, Toshiba memory successfully developed the first 96 tier 3D NAND in the industry. In 2018, new technologies were imported into mainstream products such as UFS and SSD. In 2019, the new XL-Flash technology was introduced.

With the continuous emergence of new technologies such as 5G, Internet of things and cloud computing, human society has created more and more active data, and the demand for memory and storage is far ahead. In order to meet the challenges of the market and provide the currently not met needs, KIOXIA came into being. As the industry pioneer and persistent development leader of flash and solid state drives, Toshiba memory has been fully prepared to help digital society enter a brand new storage era.

At the same time, in order to further promote the company's business and renamed the concept of expansion, it also represents the importance of the Chinese market. Toshiba Memory Technology Executive Shigenori Yanagi will attend September 19, 2019 At the China Flash Market Summit (CFMS), held in Shenzhen, China, and delivered as a keynote speech delivered by speakers, "rapid iterative flash technology to meet the continuous innovation of applications", Toshiba memory describes the development of flash technology.

From the data center to consumer customers, Toshiba memory's full range of SSD appeared in the exhibition area.

In the era of big data, from data center, enterprise storage to consumer customers, the demand for data storage is growing rapidly at an alarming rate. In addition, as soon as we enter the era of 5G, various fields put forward more stringent and more diversified storage needs for high-performance, high quality, secure storage and other storage requirements.

SSD, as the leader of current storage products, is competing. In September 19th, Toshiba memory company will display its full line SSD product line on the day of CFMS2019 activity:

Enterprise SSD: CM, PM series. It is suitable for high-performance Tier-0 computing, high-performance servers and large storage systems. Equipped with self developed flash memory and main control, with power failure protection (PLP) and encryption technology.

Data center solid state hard disk: CD, XD, HK series. It is suitable for entry level servers and cloud data centers that require low power consumption and high performance. Equipped with self developed flash memory and main control, with power failure protection (PLP) and encryption technology.

Consumer level SSDs: XG, BG series. Compared with the traditional mechanical hard disk, SSSD has the characteristics of fast read and write speed, impact resistance, light weight and low power consumption. Toshiba memory consumption solid state hard disk is equipped with self-developed flash memory, which can cover the wide application of mobile computing to entry-level servers, including self encryption (SED) models that require security systems, and has a variety of dimensions and interfaces to choose from.

* The Toshiba memory exhibition area is based on the actual exhibition product.

[about CFMS2019 ]

The 2019 China Flash Market Summit (CFMS2019), hosted by Shenzhen flash market information limited, will be held in InterContinental Shenzhen Hotel in September 19th. Not only do they gather together to store the heavyweight guests in the industrial chain such as the original plant, the master control module, the application industry, but also focus on the core hot topics of the industry.

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