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After the initial lifting of the ban, HUAWEI chairman gave the first voice to talk about hung Meng, 5G, talented teenager.

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"HUAWEI is in the leading position in the field of connectivity, intelligent technology and cloud computing. It needs a lot of scientists, experts and technicians to solve future development directions, path exploration and technical problems."

Wen Jie Liang Ruiyao, Chinese entrepreneur

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Since being listed in the US entity list, HUAWEI's every move has attracted the attention of the outside world.


In July 12th, HUAWEI released the 2018 sustainable development report (hereinafter referred to as the "report") in Shenzhen. This report, which has been continuously released for 11 years, is more concerned at this time.


In June 29th, President Trump relaxed at the G20 summit, and the official website of the US Commerce Department showed that some US companies were allowed to continue selling equipment to China. However, the Global Times reported that in July 9th, US Commerce Secretary Ross stressed that HUAWEI is still on the entity list.


"Trump's words have not changed materially. The entity list is unfavorable to either side, including the United States. "In July 12th, at the press conference, HUAWEI chairman Liang Hua said," we do not think it should be deregulation, but we should cancel the entity list. "


In addition, Liang Hua particularly thanked the US supplier of HUAWEI. He said HUAWEI understood American suppliers, thanked them for their long-term cooperation and promoted deregulation because of their own interests.


Liang Hua bluntly said that HUAWEI has been in the market for more than 30 years, and has maintained long-term cooperation with many customers to provide value for local consumers and markets. HUAWEI believes that customers can choose HUAWEI if they cannot choose HUAWEI based on law and other factors, so they will use their energy and resources for HUAWEI.


At the end of July, HUAWEI will announce its results. Based on the impact of the physical inventory, HUAWEI founder Ren Zhengfei said in an interview that HUAWEI Mobile has fallen by 40% in the overseas market, but the domestic market is growing rapidly.


For this, Liang Hua is very confident: "At present, the whole business is running normally. I can say that HUAWEI's revenue grew in the first half. "


Seek survival


Faced with the uncertainty of the US policy, HUAWEI chairman Liang Hua said that the uncertainty of the future will be dealt with by the certainty of the law.


HUAWEI operates in more than 170 countries. In response to uncertainties in the market and supply, HUAWEI launched the business continuity plan 10 years ago to cope with the natural disasters or the supply problems caused by wars. Now, the successive strikes in the United States have made HUAWEI more aware of the crisis, and once again launched the plan to put the risk in the management of sustainable development.


"In the past, HUAWEI wanted to develop. Now, survival is the most direct problem for HUAWEI. Liang Hua Qiang.


In July 5th, the HUAWEI community announced an interview with Ren Zhengfei before accepting the financial times. Ren Zhengfei revealed that HUAWEI has excavated a number of talented youngster this year and passed HUAWEI's unique examination system, which is higher than Google's salary.


Ren Zhengfei said that these talented teenagers are about 20~30 people. They will activate HUAWEI's organization like "loach". They will have a brand-new team in the next 3 to 5 years, and they will win the war.


It is expected that in 2019, HUAWEI will recruit 200~300 gifted youngster. However, considering that people with American status will accept long arm jurisdiction, recruitment of talents will not be considered in principle.


"HUAWEI is in the leading position in the fields of joining, intelligent technology and cloud computing. Many scientists, experts and technicians are needed to solve future development directions, path exploration and technical problems. In these processes, we need experts to play a role in these areas. Liang Hua told Chinese entrepreneurs that HUAWEI needed to solve some key problems in its survival.


"This industry is not a matter of running fast but not fast. "


In 2018, HUAWEI invested 13 billion 500 million in staff development training, including new recruits and in-service staff. In terms of health and welfare, it also provided relevant global insurance, physical examination and other related services for the global staff.




In 2018, after the 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia, HUAWEI became the first and only equipment manufacturer to arrive at the scene of the earthquake. Behind this is HUAWEI's global digital inclusion plan, TECH4ALL.


For this plan, Tao Jingwen, director of HUAWEI's board of directors and director of sustainable development committee, said that this is to make digital technology benefit everyone, every family and every organization. In 2018, the HUAWEI RuralStar solution alone provided a total network coverage of 40 million of the rural population.


According to the report data, 66% of the families in the world have no connection network, nearly 4 billion people can not access the Internet, and about 2000000000 of the population do not enjoy good mobile broadband services.


The digital divide exists not only in developing countries, but also in less developed areas in some developed countries.


According to the Arcep data of the French telecommunications regulator, as of 2018, there were more than 4000 "white areas" towns lacking the telecommunications network in France, accounting for 1% of the total population in France.


Liang Hua revealed that since 2011, HUAWEI has participated in the "white area" project launched by the French government, and deployed 3G network with operators in the "white area" of France. By the end of 2018, more than 3300 towns had achieved 3G coverage.


"Starting this year, we will start the 4G deployment, and we expect to complete all the" white area "4G network coverage in France by 2022. "


With the advent of the 5G era, the high-speed and large capacity network has worried the industry whether the energy consumption of 5G will reach more than two times that of 4G.


"One of the important concerns of future communication networks is energy efficiency, which reduces energy consumption through transmission of information technology. "Liang Hua stressed at the press conference that HUAWEI has adopted the 5G minimalist and all outdoor solution in the 5G site structure, and achieved a single station energy consumption lower than the industry average level by 20% as a whole.


With the changing international situation, HUAWEI's sustainable development strategy also meets challenges. Tao Jingwen pointed out two changes. One is to expand the extension of the strategy of "eliminating the digital divide" as "digital inclusion", and to emphasize "application and skills" on the basis of connection. The two is to deepen the strategy of "ensuring network stability, safe operation and user privacy" to "safe and credible".




Recently, speculation about HUAWEI's large screen terminals has been very loud. Not only friends but also traditional industries such as home appliances are on the sidelines.


The emergence of the spare tire plan has also made HUAWEI widely open business lines, including Hass chips, hung Meng systems and so on.


However, Liang Hua said that Hass can achieve the supply of main products in key components, but HUAWEI still adheres to the global industrial chain cooperation, including US suppliers. The existence of Hass is to deal with uncertainty.


At the same time, the Hong Meng system is developed for the Internet of things, which is used in automatic driving, telemedicine and other low latency environments. HUAWEI mobile still takes Android system and ecology as the first choice.


"The ability of any company is limited, and our business has a boundary, focusing on the basic area of ICT (information and communication). The core capability of ICT is to help us communicate with consumers. The field of connectivity is our main force. We hope to take the lead here. Liang Hua responded by saying, "we are developing fast because of focus. "


At present, the development of commercial space is booming, and domestic rocket manufacturers, satellite manufacturers, and various operators and service providers occupy the position.


Yang Feng, founder and CEO of Tianyi Research Institute, describes the next connection form after the Internet, connecting land, sea and sky by satellite and getting all the data. The arrival of 5G will further push the industry forward.


HUAWEI has not yet entered.


"Ground to air satellite connection technology has been studied by our team, but there is not much practical input. Liang Hua told Chinese entrepreneurs that HUAWEI's current priority is to build the ground network. The 5G network will further enhance mobile broadband services, as well as To B's Internet of things connection. It is HUAWEI's top priority to build the 5G network.


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