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"Black cat is a kind of evil thing, can not raise!"

mon0896 @ 2019/12/19

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"Black cat is a kind of evil thing, can not raise!"

"Oh, it's a black cat."

"Black cats are not good-looking, abandoned."


For the black cats, there are too many bad rumors. We always like to judge a thing or animal with the rumours. But this is often the opposite. According to the British animal abuse prevention association, nearly 700 of the nearly 1000 protected cats are black cats every year.


In fact, little can not understand very well, what time is it? Some people will wear cats with colored glasses because of the color problem. They still think that "black cats are unlucky", "black cats will bring bad luck" and so on.


If you don't keep a black cat, you really don't know how good a black cat is!

The black cat's face value is super handsome, and the temper is also very good. From time to time, making some funny moves to make you happy, you will sell Meng will act like a spoiled black cat. Are you really not going to have one?


Let's take a look at the records of the ancients. The ancient books record that black cats are evil things for the town houses, or even things that attract money, but somehow they are now reduced to the evil things in the world's population. Therefore, there will be black cats in the evil places, which implies suppression of unclean things.


Do not discriminate against black cats by rumours spread by the Ming Dynasty, is not there a good saying? All things are equal, whether they are black cats, white cats or orange cats. Aren't they the loveliest kittens in our hearts? Every one is a lovely little angel.


The last thing I want to say is that everyone has their own likes and dislikes. We can not force him to like or dislike. Everyone has the right to choose, but life is equal. No matter what we encounter, we can not look at them with colored glasses. What do you think?

Shit officials see it.

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