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Do you want to start manually with second gear? Why do old drivers always like to start with second gear?

qingfengchepu @ 2019/10/09

Do you want to start manually with second gear?

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To say that driving technology is good, the taxi driver in this city says second, I'm afraid no one will dare to say the first. In particular, sometimes these old machines will show off themselves. The starting speed is fast and the time is short.


How did it happen? Some people start on the second gear, so that they can save less time, step on the accelerator, and speed up the clutch. As long as the throttle fits properly, the starting speed of the car will be much faster than that of the first gear.


Because the second gear starts more than the first gear, the technical requirement for oil separation is even higher. Because the second gear has small torque, to make a stationary vehicle move, it needs to make the engine speed up and provide more power. Second gear, if not gas door, is likely to directly suppress fire.


However, there is a problem here. The clutch often starts with a second gear, and the clutch disc will burn up very high. If you see a car burning a clutch plate often, it is likely that he has the habit of starting a second gear.


Why? Because we just said that the second gear's torque is less than a torque, that is to say, to make the second gear rotate, it needs more engine power, and it needs to increase the throttle and improve the engine speed when starting. We thought that the engine speed increased and the clutch disc moved faster. It needs to be pressed together with the harder gearbox and drive it to rotate, so the friction between the two sides becomes larger. Coupled with the continuous half linkage, the wear of clutch disc is even more serious.


Therefore, although the second gear is a very technical operation, it is really more pleasant to start. However, the clutch disc is very damaging.


In addition, Because every time you step on the accelerator, it will make the engine idling. This short seconds will also increase fuel consumption. You may not be able to see it in a short time, but if there are frequent start stops and tortoise traffic jams, the fuel consumption of 100 kilometers will increase significantly.

I used to be the age of manually blocking buses. I remember there were many slogans beside the stalls of many buses, which were called "ban second gear start". Why is there such a hint? It's because some drivers are lazy and lazy. Using the second gear to increase the throttle start, though the operation is simple and easy, it does not hurt the car very much. The car is a bus company, so some companies will make such a provision.

Is this our manual block? What else should we pay attention to when we have a dual clutch car? Why are many dual clutch gearboxes easily damaged and easy to burn clutch plates?


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