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30 minutes, see TOYOTA's ten years of prosperity and mystery.

iAUTO2010 @ 2019/12/23

Behind the rise and fall of enterprises is the huge hand of civilization.

Ten years ago, Akiotoyoda took the power of TOYOTA automobile in the form of "big government return" and seized the expectations of the family industry. Go through the difficulties, and walk through the forbearance of Tao Guang. Until now, TOYOTA has become the most powerful and best car manufacturer in the world.

Why is TOYOTA so cattle? This is no doubt about the performance of a single enterprise, it is also seeking the way out of the bottleneck and breaking the shackles for the entire automobile industry and even the manufacturing industry.

Naturally, Akiotoyoda, one of the most successful leaders in the automotive industry, has hidden the answer to the decision of TOYOTA. In order to find this answer, we buried the vast pile of data for the most profound research. We also set foot on the road of boundless Liao, from the former residence of Toyoda Sayoshi to the R & D center of TOYOTA Changshu.

Over the past ten years, TOYOTA has steadily moved forward: the desire for speed is not up to much, Xu Xu Naiji; rather than Akiotoyoda's personal mythology, it is better to say that the world balance is tilting towards the Oriental civilization again, and the great force of the times has created the situation by the hand of a hero. The future is perplexed and risky: green and yellow are difficult to pick up. Similarly, Akiotoyoda's handover test is like "crossing robbery" in the eastern culture.

In ten years' dream, Akiotoyoda led TOYOTA automobile to realize the magnificent dream of the past ten years. And the next ten years is a great dream or a dream shattered. This is not only a problem for a man or a man, but also a test for TOYOTA to cope with. It is the ultimate challenge for the entire automotive industry to be solved by the global mobile society in the future.

The danger of TOYOTA and the road ahead does not necessarily require us to display in specific words. It may help you find a more unique and more satisfactory answer in the engraving of the lens and the narration of the witness.

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