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Limit! ZTE report revealed strong 5G (full of track highlights the president's speech)

clc10001 @ 2019/03/28

Compared to 2017 sustainable development report, the specific achievement report of ZTE 2018 years more in 5G:

- 5G more than 2000 patent applications, patent application terminal is about 20 thousand;

- In the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC), ZTE to end its technological innovation strength on the 5G side, Informa won the technology innovation award "best 5G (Best Technology Innovation for 5G)";

- The joint China Telecom, opened the world's first 3GPP based on R15 standard 3.5GHz First Call;

- To ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute 3GPP 5G (SEP) disclosure of the first standard essential patents) more than 1200 people;

- The United Chinese Unicom, 5G terminal and network system of the world's first 3.5GHz NSA network end-to-end transfer;

- China Mobile and Qualcomm, completed the world's first 2.6GHz band with 3GPP independent 5G data network connection of the new air interface specification.

In March 28th, ZTE released the 2018 annual report and 2019 first quarter results.

In 2018, ZTE achieved operating income of 85 billion 510 million yuan, net profit attributable to ordinary shareholders of listed companies to -69.8 billion yuan. ZTE explained that the performance was mainly due to the company in June 12, 2018 issued "on the progress and resumption of major issues notice" the $1 billion fine, and in May 9, 2018 released "progress on major issues notice" the matter led to business losses, losses caused by withholding.

Despite the loss in last year, but in 2019 disclosed a quarterly notice, owned by the parent is expected to achieve net profit of 8~12 billion yuan, a loss of 5 billion 400 million over the same period last year.

A notice, is bad to do. Today morning, at harvest limit, the limit price 29.34 yuan / share, led the entire 5G collective stocks strong move.

ZTE said, 2018 continues to focus on the technical field of taking 5G as the core, to further increase the 5G investment in research and development, R & D investment of 109.1 billion yuan, accounting for revenues of 12.8%, accounted for the same period last year increased by 0.9 percentage points. In 2019, ZTE 5G will continue to increase investment in research and development, adhere to the technology innovation, continuously improve customer satisfaction, enhance the market share.

ZTE also revealed that the first half of 2019, ZTE 5G mobile phone will be commercially available.

ZTE also revealed that in the first half of 2019, ZTE 5G mobile phone will be commercially available.

Behind the spot trading

The limit behind, we see ZTE in the annual report and the sustainable development report revealed the bright spot.

Today, ZTE also released the 2018 sustainable development report "for communication and trust everywhere". With the sustainable development report 2017, the biggest highlight of ZTE 2018 report in the 5G of a lot of achievements.

In the sustainable development report, the third part is the part of the content aspect, the title is "the network is connected with the world, to lead the future of innovation".

The report said, ZTE adhering to the communication and trust everywhere vision, persist in innovation driven, actively explore the new technology, the practice of "network connected world, innovation leading the future" the mission field continued to invest 5G wireless, core network, access, load, chips and other core R & D work.

In 2018, ZTE adhere to the "5G pioneer" strategy, grasp the 5G commercial opportunities, through the independent development of the main research, structured, scientific innovation system, sustained investment, made a series of major scientific and technological achievements in the field of technology development. At the same time, we have to work together to achieve technology specific scenes, create greater social value.


In 2018 5G

What are the performance?

- 5G more than 2000 patent applications, patent application terminal is about 20 thousand;

- In the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC), ZTE to end its technological innovation strength on the 5G side, Informa won the technology innovation award "best 5G (Best Technology Innovation for 5G)";

- The joint China Telecom, opened the world's first 3GPP based on R15 standard 3.5GHz First Call- to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute 3GPP 5G (SEP) disclosure of the first standard essential patents) than group 1200;

- The United Chinese Unicom, 5G terminal and network system of the world's first 3.5GHz NSA network end-to-end transfer;

- China Mobile and Qualcomm, completed the world's first 2.6GHz band with 3GPP independent 5G data network connection of the new air interface specification.


What are the 5G strategy?

How the interconnection of all things?

First of all, ZTE said the development and application of 5G technology in information society is a subversive revolution, 5G roaring, the birth of hitherto unknown opportunities for innovation, communication bridge the things, to establish joint access and people, people and objects, objects and things all interconnected world.

All things Internet, need to have a 5G end to end solutions.

In 2018, ZTE focused 5G end-to-end solution, in the 5G terminal, wireless, core network, vertical bearing capacity and application of the 5 key areas of complete product layout, diversified solutions, rich business ecosystem, is the industry with the end-to-end 5G core solution provider ability.

5G terminal : ZTE is actively developing all kinds of commercial 5G terminal, including 5G mobile phone, 5G tablet computer, 5G CPE, 5G indoor and outdoor mobile hotspot, 5G data terminal, and continuously meet the consumer demand of 5G intelligent application scenarios;

5G wireless access : In the technical field of ZTE Massive 5G wireless access side MIMO has been in the leading position, commercial deployment has more than 4 years, the cumulative delivery million units, which can meet the different frequency and different scenarios of wireless network coverage demand side;

5G transmission bearing : ZTE 5G first proposed in the prequel / pass / return uniform carrying scheme in fixed mobile convergence, ultra wide pipe, elastic slice, minimum delay, high reliability, high precision clock synchronization etc in the industry leading level;

5G core network : ZTE 3GPP protocol based on R15 standard, the first in the world to launch Common Core core network integration solutions, to achieve a variety of access convergence, reduce operating costs, enhance the user experience, improve the system resource utilization, and the application characteristics of 5G core network to the existing network;

5G vertical applications : ZTE joint operators and partners in AR/VR, car networking, industrial Internet, smart grid and other vertical industries, carry out "5G+" industry empowerment research, demonstration, hatching and other aspects of the work.


How to use 5G?

Through the cloud network integration and mobile computing, the edge of end to end network sections of core technology, to create a flexible, agile and efficient 5G network speed.

Such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Have great application value in entertainment, sports, education, medical and other fields, is regarded as an important mode of interaction of the next generation.

Limited by the current technology, AR/VR in actual use will bring a sense of vertigo and a series of discomfort, limiting the further application of technology. In order to solve these problems, need to delay, screen resolution, screen refresh rate on key technology breakthrough.

To solve the above problem, ZTE has a number of partners to determine the 5G cooperation program, to jointly promote the typical 5G application scenario of 5GMEC cloud VR and cloud based AR industry application.


What are our lives


ZTE said in a report, but also to explore and study more AR and VR in the project application technology in 5G era:

3 8K cloud VR live: multi view 8K VR broadcast based on 100Mbps uplink transmission rate over the image.

3 Cloud: cloud VR game VR game real-time media processing, GPU image rendering based on MEC, users do not need to configure the VR game console, only VR display unit.

3 Cloud VR/ AR Education: MEC implementation of low delay encoding based on GPU image rendering and recognition and analysis, to meet user VR education and watch the AR virtual model of interactive demand.

3 AR remote expert guidance: site operation personnel wearing AR glasses, 5G HD video through bidirectional communication with the remote expert, AR remote expert guidance.

3 The remote SLAM AR teaching based on: can be used in telemedicine and other specific business.


And then a little high

Is the application of Internet industry

With the development of intelligent manufacturing, 5G will be widely used in the industrial field. The boundaries between inside and outside the factory has become increasingly blurred, the factory is no longer closed separate entities, but a part of the huge value chain and the ecological system, the ubiquitous wireless communication will be the most convenient access way of industrial Internet, factories and enterprises, enterprises and users and product will be more use of wireless connection. To effectively enhance the network collaborative manufacturing and management level, promote the quality and efficiency of the workshop, but also may provide for the manufacturing industry to open up new business models.


In what areas to focus on developing the future?

ZTE said in a report, the future will focus on the development of 5G application research and practice in the following areas:

Create a 5G application based on industrial AR

Different from the 4G network of industrial remote maintenance bandwidth due to insufficient video and image cannot get clear feedback, 5G technology has the characteristics of high bandwidth in the industrial scene, makes the AR to achieve through product design, industrial scene remote training, remote monitoring and other aspects as possible, and improve work efficiency and product design, training and maintenance. Other aspects of the experience, reduce the cost of trial and error.

The development of real-time industrial control based on 5G

Strong real-time data acquisition and instruction sent to industrial control, low time delay characteristics of 5G for industrial control scene, which contributes to the construction of real-time industrial control based on 5G, has the profound influence to promote the deepening of transformation in the field of industrial control.

Construction of AGV cloud based on 5G

Vision or laser navigation AGV requires a large number of sensors and strength calculation unit based on cost is too high and can not form a collaborative scheduling. In the intelligent manufacturing scenario, using 5G low latency, high bandwidth and wide connection characteristics, use of the advantage of MEC the AGV required cloud of resources deployment, to achieve significant reduction in AGV monomer cost, achieve collaborative scheduling goals.

Advance of remote control and unmanned driving based on 5G

According to the engineering machinery in remote, toxic and hazardous and other special scenes (such as natural disasters), high personnel costs during the operation of higher risk, the use of 5G network with high reliability, low latency, high bandwidth characteristics, realize remote control driving, engineering machinery and other functions.

5G high precision positioning

Wireless positioning will be widely used in the industrial field, use 5G network of high precision time advantages, research and application of 5G wireless scene based on high-precision positioning, especially indoor equipment, goods and personnel.

The report said the hot

1 and ZTE together industry partners released the first NB-IoT based sharing standard air conditioning

In 2018, ZTE and Haier air conditioning, Chinese Standardization Research Institute, China Telecom, Shanghai Research Institute of Circular Economy Association, the Chinese energy efficiency technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. appliance shared member ecological alliance, jointly issued in Shanghai shared networking era the first air conditioning standard based on NB-IoT. After the implementation of the standards, will effectively regulate air conditioning, air purifiers and other equipment sharing market development, protection of users sharing the use of air conditioning experience, at the same time to fill gaps in the industry, which laid the foundation for the large-scale deployment of new business areas sharing household appliances.

Interpretation: NB-IoT, also known as the low power consumption can be directly deployed in wide area network, GSM network, UMTS network or LTE network, support cellular data in wide area network low power devices connected with strong coverage, low power consumption, low cost, large connection etc.. With the continuous commercial networking, various applications based on NB-IoT technology in various fields have gradually emerged, can greatly reduce the cost of management, so that network managers can master all kinds of operation data at any time.

The sentence is: The NB-IoT smart devices in real-time data through the NB-IoT network transmission will be active to the cloud platform, according to the mass of equipment to provide high precision, large dynamic monitoring data, realize the management and scheduling efficiency, reduce management costs, improve service quality and efficiency. Typical applications such as smart meter, intelligent water meter, intelligent gas etc..

2, to promote the safety standard of network 5G development

In 2018 at the 3GPP SA3#92 conference, ZTE as the standard NEF network editor, and 3GPP partners to jointly promote the research and development of a series of 5G standard to ensure network security. This specification is used to ensure that products meet the safety standards of the definition of 3GPP, the product line operators whether meet the security specifications to test guidance, product line operations must pass conditions, meet the requirements of 5G network security operations.

ZTE said the company has been actively involved in related work safety standard 5G, and will take this opportunity to join the industry to create reliable global users, secure 5G network infrastructure, to further promote the safe and reliable operation of 5G network products, building safer new 5G network to achieve the full confidence.

How to look at the market?

Through the 2018 storm, ZTE in business development has a lot of low-key, as revealed by the report this year and sustainable development report information, future 5G business will form ZTE and HUAWEI duopoly pattern.

Guoxin Securities research report pointed out that the storm has accumulated abundant research, taking into account the company's competitiveness, in the 5G network equipment, the company actively carry out international business development, in place of the whole industry chain layout, future performance is expected to resume growth.

Shenwan Hong believes that the influence of the United States embargo, the company operating income in 2018 years to pay a fine of $1 billion, the company's annual net profit year-on-year so a substantial decline. But after the storm, with the fall of embargo lifted the company back on track. To the operators used in the second half of the year gradually restored, the company's three or four quarter results will be significantly restored, the overall profit after deducting the penalty effect consistent with the trend for the better judgment of zte.

Tianfeng Securities report said, in the company's disclosure of information, ZTE 3GPP 5G SEP to the disclosure of the first ETSI (standard essential patents) more than 1000 people. Therefore, ZTE has become one of the four patents held more than 1000 new air interface standard patent family 5G. At the same time, the company is one of the few able to provide end-to-end 5G solutions for manufacturers, with commercial 5G gradually fall, company operators, consumers and other core business is expected to usher in a new development opportunity.

Speech by the president

In 2018, the fifth generation mobile communication technology (5G) standard formally independent networking freeze, to accelerate the release speed, national spectrum test of commercial, commercial terminal products gradually available, the government, operators and suppliers work together, the rapid advance of the process of commercial 5G.

The application of the network change rapidly emerge in an endless stream, will give the industry a huge development opportunities and new development space, and brings the revolutionary change for human production and life style. As the world's leading integrated communications solutions provider, information technology to accelerate the development of the world by ZTE is committed to innovation, continuous improvement to promote the sustainable development of human society and the process of human civilization.

We adhere to the "5G pioneer" strategy, focusing on 5G end-to-end solutions, comprehensive investment in standards, technology innovation, product development and commercial verification, deep mining customer demand and application mode, innovation and development to lead the entire industry.

To the end of 2018, commercial products based on the latest international standard 5G terminal, ZTE and operators and industry colleagues, extensive field testing and verification, has made a full range of support and preparation for 2019 of the first year of commercial 5G.

We adhere to the technology driven, enabling industrial upgrading And the new ecological industry and actively create interoperability, explore and develop new business mode, more in line with the actual needs of the new.

We combined operators and partners in the AR/VR video, car networking, industrial Internet, smart grid and other vertical industries, carry out "5G+" industry empowerment research, demonstration, hatching and other aspects of the work, improve the industry operation efficiency, promote the interactive way to upgrade again.

At the same time, the accumulation of their own based on technology, provide the best solutions for the digital transformation of customers.

We will adhere to the green environmental protection as the core concept of development Last, design, production and delivery of green products, continue to provide solutions and green and efficient service for customers, to eliminate the digital divide in the regional economy and promote business prosperity at the same time, continue to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and well-being of mankind.

The ecosystem we adhere to create an open and win-win, healthy growth And with global partners to joint laboratories, joint innovation etc., to jointly promote the key materials of 5G standards, technology and patent application, vertical industry application exploration and practice; at the same time in a more open attitude to carry out industrial cooperation, build cooperative win-win industrial ecological chain, boost industrial upgrading and partners actively; participate in the cooperation and practice of the information industry in the context of sustainable development, sincere cooperation in product safety, energy saving and emission reduction and sustainable supply chain, in the realization of business value at the same time, the positive contribution of social value.

We adhere to the talent, compliance and internal control as the cornerstone of enterprise development strategy. Adhere to the "talent is the first productivity" concept, and constantly improve their experience, achieve individual employees and the company's overall growth; to strengthen the culture of compliance, improve the compliance system, improve the level of compliance management, to become the governance model for the industry; constantly improve the internal control system, improve the internal control mechanism and process. To strengthen internal control and empowerment, strengthening internal accountability, guarantee the health of corporations.

In the future, we believe that an all interconnected intelligent society in sight, we would like a deep understanding of the future development of information and communication industry, and from all walks of life to work together to promote the restructuring of the industry growth, build a smart home.

Network connection in the world, innovation leading the future, ZTE for a better world in continuous efforts.

Sustainable development executives represent speech

2018 years, ZTE update to determine the company's vision: "let the trust and communication, and everywhere" mission - "network is connected with the world, to lead the future of innovation".

Make communication and trust everywhere expressed through the platform of "individual, family, society and enterprises" information communication channels, to realize human mutual trust and harmonious society the expectations of society, which is ZTE as the world's leading integrated communications solutions provider in the play of this era and look forward to "join the world network; innovation, leading the future" expression of ZTE global pattern and ambition, committed to the global information network infrastructure construction, continuous innovation, beyond, this is a manifestation of ZTE has been the direction of our efforts and enterprise value.

With all stakeholders to work together

In 2018, we saw all the staff cohesion and action, which is the foundation of sustainable development; we see the community including customers, suppliers and partners to give ZTE support, this is the key to survival and development of the company.

The internal and external stakeholders on ZTE's affirmation, support and trust, let us inherit and strengthen the core value to support the company 30 years of development concept and cultural spirit, unswervingly take the social responsibility for the environment.

Continuous optimization of business and management

In 2018, we focus on the 5G industry in the main channel, grasp the 5G layout opportunities, to ensure stable operation; adhere to the leading technology, increase R & D layout and capacity, strengthen the core competitiveness of products and industrial chain collaboration and security, grasp the time window 5G.

In management, we clarify compliance compliance will be red, embedded in business processes, strengthen the compliance inspection, to achieve closed-loop control, build first-class compliance management system for the company to create value. Strengthen internal control, optimize the management structure, enterprise risk prevention, strictly investigate illegal behavior, build system of audit supervision system, clean operating environment, protect the value of the company.

Have the courage to bear the environment and social responsibility

In 2018, we fully identify the risk factors of the environment and society, the company established a policy and effective control measures, and strengthen cooperation in supply chain.

Improve the energy-saving emission reduction Committee, taken a number of measures to reduce the impact of the company's operations and products on the environment around the company; establish a talent, industry, construction, training, incentive and activated to support the company's future development personnel; to develop health and safety work vision, adjust the health and safety organization, appoint the chief security officer of health; focus on poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, education of medical assistance in three areas vulnerable to carry out public welfare activities, in the global spread of warm.

The future, ZTE will always firmly on the path of sustainable development, and all partners, continuous innovation and build a harmonious society.

Photograph: ZTE official website

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