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"Lifting the ban" and "conditional release" national security examination into American chess pieces

jinriyazhou @ 2019/07/13

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No data leakage, Dajiang UAV approved by the US Interior Ministry

China's Dajiang UAV, which has been accused by the US of the risk of information leakage, has recently passed the strict test of the US Department of internal affairs and is also allowed to use it inside the US government. At the same time, the United States has the conditions to release HUAWEI. When the Sino US trade consultation is expected to resume, the way of global digital economic development is still uneven.

According to the July 12th report of the Nikkei Chinese language network, DJI, the world's largest UAV manufacturer, will strengthen its business in the US. In addition to discussing new UAV assembly plants in the United States, it will also strengthen sales to government agencies and so on. The new plant will use existing warehouses located in California to assemble spare parts supplied from China, the report said. This will become the first UAV assembly base outside China.

On the 9 of this month, Dajiang announced that its security solution was approved by the US Department of the interior. According to the information disclosed by Dajiang, the United States Department of internal affairs conducted a total of 1245 tests and 538 hours of test flights on the two UAV models during the testing period. During the testing period, the data leakage was not found, and the UAVs worked well. The US government agrees that the government edition UAV system is used within the US government.

It is worth mentioning that the US Department of Homeland Security issued a memorandum of warning to US businesses in May, calling the risk of information leakage from China made drones. The product safety performance of Dajiang is approved by the US government, which is a powerful refutation to the earlier doubters.

In its official account of social networking, Dajiang company introduced its software and hardware solutions, which can strictly comply with IT and data security requirements, while allowing government agencies to use UAV technology at ease. The relevant solutions are called "big government edition" or "government enterprise version".

The United States has the conditions to release HUAWEI: Sino US technology game under the name of Guoan

At the same time, the United States has the conditions to release HUAWEI. The US Commerce Department 9 said it would grant some American companies permission to continue to do business with HUAWEI China, which is listed on the "entity list" of the US Department of Commerce, provided that these businesses do not pose a threat to the national security of the United States.

In fact, during the Obama administration, members of Parliament refused to shut HUAWEI out on the grounds of "threatening national security". By the time of the Trump administration, the United States still refused to enter HUAWEI market for such reasons. The United States has repeatedly called HUAWEI a threat to national security. However, this did not block HUAWEI's cooperation with other countries.

On the 12 day, HUAWEI released the "2018 sustainable development report". In the past 30 years, HUAWEI and operators have built more than 1500 networks, providing network services to 3 billion people in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Facts have proved that these networks have not suffered extensive network paralysis, there is no malignant network security incidents, and there is no evidence that HUAWEI's equipment has a backdoor. HUAWEI chairman Liang Hua also said that HUAWEI did a lot of innovation in the process of 5G product development and engineering, and realized 5G single station energy consumption as a whole was 20% lower than the industry average level. HUAWEI 5G device energy efficiency 4G increased by 10-20 times.

Some comments have pointed out that if HUAWEI, as the United States said, would threaten national security, how could HUAWEI acquire so many orders in the world? What the United States calls "national security" is more like an excuse for saying "no" to HUAWEI.

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