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Joke: a cigarette from the doorway was pointed out by a couple who were quarrelling.

xiaohua8864 @ 2020/05/17

Joke NO.1

Just a cigarette from the door of the bar, I saw a couple quarrelling. I looked around. Suddenly the woman pointed to me and said, "if you want to have 1/10 of him, I can't quarrel with you." the man said, "jokes, I want to have him 1/10 handsome, I can still see you!" Your sister, I smoke a cigarette. I'm asking who to blame me.


When I heard the knock on the door, I asked, "who?" No one should raise the tone and ask: who? Or no one to talk to me, I was a little angry, roared: who! Just listen to a girl outside the door angry, said: did not knock on your door!


For the first time in Guangdong, a friend from Guangdong invited a friend to the restaurant. He had to order himself, and he said to the waiter, "six of your best dishes." After 20 minutes, six pots of soup were served, and my friend in Guangdong stretched out his thumbs and said that the brothers really understood our Cantonese feelings. My poor friend, after drinking for three hours, drank the six pots of soup. On the second day, he went to a friend's house in Guangdong, and Guangdong friends gave four pots of stew and two bowls of rice. The brothers looked at the soup straight and dizzy. After coming back, who dared to invite him to drink soup, who would he hurry with?


A gangster broke into Lao Wang's home with a knife. The gangster shouted, "give up all your money, or I'll kill you!" Lao Wang said helplessly, "sorry, I have been out of work for half a year, and I have no money to give you." The gangster was furious: "you lazy slacker, I just lost my job last month, and I'm going to be robbed this month."


Scientists use astronomical telescopes to explore the boundaries of the universe, and I use my constantly growing body.