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"Please don't annoy Russia's cat!!"

mon0896 @ 2019/12/22

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We all know that Russia is affectionately known as the "fighting race", the Russian bear. I think you have heard about it. Of course, when you go to Russia, remember that you do not arbitrarily pet your pet.


Don't easily fight with the Russians. You may not be able to drink even a Russian cat.


Little cocoa knows that Russians are fierce.

What bears bears, wolves, and snakes, but they seem to like cats very much. I thought tiger was something, but I didn't expect it to be shallow.


But in other words, the bear in Russia is fierce, but in front of the Russians, it is almost the same as a meek dog. When it comes to the face, it has to give you three points to say hello.


But the Russian cats are different. What is docile and obedient, they are not here. They often give you a bad mood now and then. The shepherd dog will give you a sheep, but the cat can also run a bear for you. Do you mean bull?


We have heard many legends that cats are patron saint, especially black cats. They can drive away evil things and bring fortune. But you can say that Russian cats can not only dispel demons, but sometimes dispel their masters.


I want to help you drive away the bear who stole the thing. In a good mood, your bear has to turn me into a licking bear, not to mention that when you are in a bad mood, you won't be able to lick anything.


In the suburbs of Russia, a cat must be raised, and the claw will become the boss of this one. Even the famous Russian lynx has to lick the fur for Laozi. Even if there is snow, there is no need to worry. A step can help you.


Our net red also needs to open the bottle, and the cat in Russia opens one after another. From time to time, we can still train you for a drink. What's more, it's better than a guessing game, and the most important thing is that they can help you tame your tame girlfriend.

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In order to better let everyone know more about the daily activities of the pet, in order to be able to First, learn about activity information. You can dig into the pits. Xiao Ke's new home Here, there are more adorable sprouts waiting for your attention.

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