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Zhang Zi Island announced three quarterly report, the deficit continued to expand compared with the semi annual report, debt ratio of nearly 88%.

fengshengyanqi @ 2019/10/24

On the island of Dalian, the aquaculture enterprise in the northeast of China has attracted widespread attention in recent years due to the fact that "scallop has run away" and "scallop starved to death" has resulted in a huge loss of performance. In today's three quarterly disclosure of the time window, Zhang Zi Island completed the 2019 three quarterly report in the evening of October 23rd.

The report shows that in the first three quarters of this year, the operating income of the island was 2 billion 11 million yuan, down 4.44% from the same period last year, and the net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was -0.34 billion yuan, representing a profit of 23 million 381 thousand yuan from the same period last year. In the three quarter, it lost 10 million 440 thousand yuan, relative to -0.24 billion yuan in the semi annual report. In the three quarter of the three quarter of the island, not only did it not complete the task of losing money, but it lost more. The situation faced by the enterprises was not optimistic.

As for the reasons for the loss of performance, Zhang Zi Island explained in the three quarterly report that the main reason was that the production cost of the scallop was reduced, the fixed cost of the corresponding depreciation and amortization, and the use of gold in the sea could not be diluted, which led to the increase in unit cost of the products.

In the final analysis, it is also related to the yield of scallop. At the same time, the island was also an agricultural white horse stock on the A share market. However, since the outbreak of cold water regimen in 2014, the company's scallop has run away, resulting in a huge loss of performance. The monitoring and management of the "bottom scallop" scallop has not yet been able to form an effective plan. The company's "announcement on the results of the sampling test of the scallop in the autumn of 2017" is called by the SFC, and the company's relevant announcement is suspected of false record. Recently, the letter from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange indicated that the production of scallop in the first three quarters decreased by 73% compared with that before the disaster.

Over the past 5 years, the net profit from 2014-2018 years to the parent company's shareholders has been -11.89 billion yuan, -2.43 billion yuan, 80 million yuan, -7.23 billion yuan, and 32 million yuan respectively. During the five years, the loss was over 2 billion yuan, and the total loss was more than 2 billion yuan. In the first three quarters of this year, it lost 34 million yuan.

Prior to that, it was planned to plan a major asset sale item and sell the subsidiary company -- selling 234 million 500 thousand of the 100% stake of Dalian Xinzhong seafood Co., Ltd. and holding 90% stake of new China Japan Co., Ltd. to Asia fishing port (Dalian) Food Co., Ltd., which will alleviate the liquidity problem of the enterprise's capital chain and help the company's 2019 annual report turn round the deficit. However, because the company was investigated by the SFC, the transaction has also been cancelled.

Along with the cancellation of the transaction and the adverse effects of the daily operation, the capital chain pressure of the island is increasing. As of the end of the three quarter, the total liabilities of the company reached 2 billion 986 million yuan, and the asset liability ratio was 87.63%. However, the money in the company's account was only 382 million yuan. If the scallops under the company were rioting again, I'm afraid it would be hard for them to resist.

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I hurried to the bank by bike, and I quickly went to the card to check the password.

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